Updated June 23, 2022

How to Make Money on Facebook

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It's possible to make real money on Facebook. Here are 16 legit opportunities to earn real cash while you're scrolling through your feed.

Most people are always on their phones, whether it's looking for outfit inspo on Instagram or quick cooking hacks on TikTok. And honestly, YouTube is more entertaining than regular TV.

But what about the old standby, Facebook? It turns out, there are plenty of ways to turn your Facebook habit into a money-making opportunity.

Below, let's unpack all the ways you can make money off of Facebook.

1. Run Facebook Ads

Ever look up a cute pair of jeans online and then see an ad of the same thing 20 minutes later?

That's an example of digital marketing. And if you're Facebook-savvy enough, you could lend your skills to local businesses. They need help with social media management, writing blog posts, designing the actual ad, and so on.

You can help companies run their paid social ad campaigns and budgets for them. You can target people by their interests, location, and past search histories (kinda creepy, right?). Well, it's creepy, but effective.

Pay attention to these three items:

  1. Objective - Are you interacting with your audience in a brand-awareness way? Or do you want to make sales?
  2. Audience - Are you targeting a specific audience?
  3. Budget - How much are you willing to spend per day?

  • Earning potential: Most Facebook advertising agencies charge $100 - $200 per hour; many folks make $1,000+ per month on this side hustle.

  • How to get started: There are many courses online but read Facebook's guide on running ads first.

2. Invest in Facebook Stock

Millions of people use Facebook on the regular. And if you really believe in this company, consider buying shares of Facebook stock.

Facebook is a publicly-traded company on the Nasdaq Index. Look for the ticker symbol FB and purchase the stock with any IRA or taxable brokerage account.

If you haven't invested before, check out Ally Invest, Robinhood, and TD Ameritrade. These brokerage accounts have zero commission trade fees.

As with any stock investment, there's no guarantee of a return. Facebook's stock price can fluctuate depending on the market and the growth of the company. You may need to hold the stock to gain any long-term profit.

  • Earning potential: Depends on the stock market.

  • How to get started: Check out this list of investing apps, open an account, and buy a share of Facebook.

3. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to declutter your home. Depending on the item you sell, you could easily make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a day. Unlike other platforms, Facebook Marketplace has no selling fees at all.

These items tend to have strong resale value:

  • Bicycles
  • Furniture
  • Legos
  • Video games
  • Designer clothing
  • Apple products

With Facebook Marketplace, you can sell locally or offer to ship to buyers. If you're making a local sale, be sure to accept online payments (like Venmo) or cash. Always meet in public and never share personal information.

As a seller, you should be ready to haggle. Just remember to set a realistic and fair price, and disclose any damages.

  • Earning potential: Depends on the item you're selling.

  • How to get started: Take inventory of the stuff you're trying to get rid of and create a listing on Facebook Marketplace.

Note, you also have the option to sell on your personal timeline or in buy and sell groups (more on those below).

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4. Write a Facebook Post

It can be scary and unreliable to sell to total strangers. If you're newer to the selling game, consider selling stuff to your Facebook friends.

Just start a post in the "What's on your mind?" field and describe what you're trying to sell. Don't forget to include high-quality pictures. Your friends can help you get the word out by sharing your post.

Follow up on Facebook Messenger
If someone shows interest in your post, you can reach out to them on Facebook Messenger and see if they're serious about buying the item. This private chat lets you continue the conversation and keep in touch with previous customers.

  • Earning potential: Depends on the item you're trying to sell.

  • How to get started: Take a look at some of your friends' previous posts for inspiration and write your own listing in the "What's on your mind?" field.

5. Join local Buy and Sell Groups

You can expand your network of prospective buyers by joining local buy and sell groups.

As you make your listing, you can create the post in one group and choose to include your post in other groups. The more relevant groups you're in, the more Facebook members you can reach.

Garage sales and automobile groups are very popular. But every group has different selling policies, so you'll need to read the group lines very carefully before posting. If not, group moderators can delete the listing or remove you from the group entirely.

Create your own group
Don't see a group that fits the bill of what you're trying to sell? Then consider creating your own group! You can determine your own guidelines and niche market.

  • Earning potential: Depends on what you're selling.

  • How to get started: To quickly find groups near you, click the "Buy and Sell Groups" option in the Explore menu. You can also search for group names if you have a specific one in mind.

6. Promote Your Services in Local Groups

Are you into dog-walking? Or house-sitting? Resume editing? Pet removal business? Garden landscaping?

Whatever your special superpower is, you can market your services in local groups. Check the group guidelines to confirm business solicitation is okay.

  • Earning potential: Depends on your hourly or project rate.

  • How to get started: Join a Facebook group.

7. Earn Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

A lot of companies already know just how effective social media is in promoting their brand. That's why many of them are offering refer-a-friend bonuses when your friends join by social media.

For example, Rakuten provides refer-a-friend bonuses when you invite your friends to try out their services. You might already be using Rakuten to earn cash back on everyday purchases.

Ibotta is another app that'll give you $5 for every successful referral you make.

You can share the referral link over email or with the social media share buttons on your account. Lots of companies have refer-a-friend bonuses, so just check the next time you're using their services.

  • Earning potential: $5 - $20

  • How to get started: See which companies offer referral bonuses and start sharing. It helps if you're already using the product so you can serve as a brand advocate.

8. Enter Giveaway Contests

Here's another marketing tactic that can benefit you: Companies and blogs often run giveaway contests on social media. As a participant, you earn entries by sharing your link on Facebook or by following their Facebook page.

You can scour giveaways for new opportunities as well. Joining these contests are free of cost, but you'll need to put time into it.

Every contest gives away something different but many of them offer Amazon gift cards, cars, shopping sprees, and more.

  • Earning potential: Rewards can be as small as $50 or as big as a few thousand dollars.

  • How to get started: Join giveaway groups and pay attention to your newsfeed. Chances are, brands or friends will post about potential freebies.

9. Host a fundraiser

Are you deeply involved in a passion project? To get most initiatives off the ground, you need funding. Lots of it.

Facebook is perfect for raising money for a personal cause or nonprofit via crowdfunding. First create a fundraising page under one of these topics:

  • Personal emergency
  • Crisis relief
  • Health and medical
  • Education
  • International
  • Faith
  • Sports

Then, fill out your fundraiser page with details about why the cause is important to you. Be sure to invite your Facebook friends and encourage them to invite people, as well.

  • Earning potential: If you have a cause that deeply resonates with people, you'll get more support. You just need to reach out to as many people as possible. Some pages have crowdfunded over $100,000.

  • How to get started: Start a fundraiser page on Facebook, but you also look at other avenues like Kickstarter for your project.

10. Apply for a Job

You don't need to limit your job search to LinkedIn. You can browse for work right on Facebook's own job board. Go to the "Jobs" tab and you'll see open positions advertised by local companies.

Also, many groups will also list online jobs or provide insight into the application process.

Some work opportunities can be sketchy. Here's how to protect yourself against frauds and scams:

  1. If the pay is too good to be true, it is. For example, "$2,500 an hour" to deliver packages? Just say no.
  2. Avoid jobs that ask you to stuff envelopes, cash checks/wire money, engage in MLM (multilevel marketing or pyramid) schemes, or forward emails/packages.
  3. Check if the company has a LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or another type of accountable online presence.
  4. Do not provide an upfront payment (even for "training").
  5. Never provide your full birthdate or Social Security number until you receive a job offer.

Audit what you've posted on social media, as prospective employers may look you up on social media for your past behavior. Make sure what you've posted isn't too controversial or it'll reflect poorly on you.

11. Become a Social Media Manager

Listen up, writers and designers. If you've got a flair for brand marketing, you can make good money managing a company's corporate social media accounts.

You'll be in charge of projects like:

  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Responding to comments
  • Designing social media graphics
  • Monitoring ad campaign metrics
  • Building a company's audience size
  • Managing partnerships with influencers

You can bundle your services and manage additional platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and more. Strong copywriting and photography skills are a must. If you want to focus on customer engagement, show off your customer service experiences,

  • Earning potential: $15 - $60 per hour

  • How to get started: Build an online portfolio and start reaching out to local businesses around you. You can even go through LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter for job opportunities.

12. Promote Products with Affiliate Marketing

Do people look to you for product recommendations? Or vacation ideas? Being an influencer is big business.

The easiest way to do this is by posting links.

Partner with companies you love, and use a special tracking link and post it to your Facebook timeline. Every time someone uses your link to purchase the item, you get a small commission.

You can also try out this approach in Facebook groups if the guidelines allow it. As a guest in someone else's group, you need to be mindful of their rules. Many groups do not allow affiliate marketing links.

A simple workaround is to create your own group. But you'll also need to reach a critical mass of members to make real money off the sales.

  • Earning potential: If you have a large following, you could make a six-figure salary off of affiliate marketing links alone.

  • How to get started: Find your niche and build a consistent brand off of social media profiles. TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are great places to start. Post consistently and engage with your audience. Once you're ready, pitch your services to brands. Some may even offer you a partnership.

13. Create Facebook Live Videos

If you don't mind being in front of the camera, this strategy is for you.

Facebook lets you build a personal brand pretty easily. You can host a live Q&A session, talk about your day, or create videos to teach a new skill.

You need to reach the right mix of entertaining and usefulness to get people coming back. Your viewers can rate your content by giving you stars. You earn 1 cent for each star that you receive.

  • Earning potential: 1 star = 1 cent

  • How to get started: Build a personal brand and a large following. Then post about live streams. You can also mention any affiliate links and wait for the sales commission to come in. Cha-ching.

14. QA Test Facebook for Critical Security Flaws

Hackers can compromise user data for the biggest companies. Facebook is always on the lookout for ways to strengthen their website security.

If you like testing websites, join the Facebook Bug Bounty program.. You get to report coding flaws that need to be resolved.

You'll definitely be making a difference for other Facebook members.

  • Earning potential: Facebook offers a minimum payout of $500 for accepted bugs, and no maximum.

  • How to get started: Check out the Facebook Bug Bounty program.

15. Become the Go-to Expert in a Group

If you have a topic that you're deeply passionate or knowledgeable about, then it's time to turn that into a money-making machine. Astronomy? Mid-century modern architecture? Rockabilly music?

Whatever it is, find a relevant group and be helpful. That means chiming in when someone has a question and providing useful advice.

Once you build a reputation as an expert, you can sell services or courses on your personal timeline. Some groups might allow you to market your skills there, but be sure to check the admin rules first.

  • Earning potential: Depends on the course or service you're selling.

  • How to get started: Find a passion and join a few groups. Share your knowledge and experiences in a friendly manner. Once you build a network, you can start businesses like video editing, interior decorating, auto mechanic work, and more.

16. Work at Facebook

Facebook is also hiring for roles in accounting, VR, development, user experience, business operations, and more. And it doesn't hurt to have a major tech company on your resume. Check out their careers page for more information.

  • Earning potential: Some jobs pay over $100,000+.

  • How to get started: Look at Facebook's current open positions.

Get Off of Facebook and Go Outside

Does your neck feel stiff? Where did all the time go?

Instead of giving up more time into the wormhole that is social media, take a break. You can do something productive like sift through the mail that's been piling up. Or go for a pleasant walk about the neighborhood.

It can be addictive to check every notification. But there's a whole world out there.

Try to go one week without Facebook. You can deactivate your account as well to avoid any temptation.

This might be the best option on the list. After all, time is money.

Bottom Line

Facebook is a great place to make money if you have extra time on your hands. And there are so many ways to go about it. You can sell your old couch, promote a brand's products, or hunt for security flaws - the list goes on. You can even make consistent income with Facebook ads and turn that into a full-fledged career.

Don't use social media at all? No worries, you can make money with various odd jobs and online jobs for teens and college students.

Amber Kong is a content specialist at CreditDonkey, a personal finance comparison and reviews website. Write to Amber Kong at amber.kong@creditdonkey.com. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for our latest posts.

Note: This website is made possible through financial relationships with some of the products and services mentioned on this site. We may receive compensation if you shop through links in our content. You do not have to use our links, but you help support CreditDonkey if you do.

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