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Games That Pay Real Money

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Tired of hustling for extra cash? Consider getting paid to play games in your spare time. Here's how to do it.

It can be hard to save up for things you really want. Over time, small expenses can make a dent in your wallet. And you won't have any wiggle room to spend on leisure.

So why not use your spare time to do something productive and fun? Earn a few bucks during your breaks with mobile games. It's a great way to get extra cash for your groceries or coffee runs.

Answering surveys, playing bingo, or testing new games are just some options you have. Here are 12 apps that can give your wallet an extra boost.

What games pay real money?
Here are the best games that actually pay real money:

Best Games That Pay Real Money

GamesPlatformHighest Prize to WinPayout Option
Blackout BingoAndroid and iOS$5,000 from tournamentPayPal or credit card
Pool PayDayAndroid and iOSUp to $300 and 150 TicketzPayPal and Apple Pay
Bingo CashAndroid and iOS$70 from tournamentPayPal and Apple Pay
MistplayAndroid$1 per hourNo direct cash rewards; redeem gift cards from Amazon, PlayStation, etc.
21 BlitzAndroid and iOS$300 from tournamentPayPal or Credit Card
SwagbucksAndroid and iOS$0.40 per taskPayPal (or redeem points for Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, etc.)
InboxDollarsAndroid and iOSUp to $5 per surveyPayPal, gift cards, Visa
Bingo ClashAndroid and iOS$300 from tournamentPayPal
Dominoes GoldAndroid and iOSUp to $1,000 prize pool for eventsPayPal
MyPointsAndroid and iOSUp to $14 per survey (2,200 points)PayPal (or redeem gift cards and travel miles)
DropAndroid and iOSUp to $5 a week (5,000 points)No cash rewards; redeem points and gift cards from partner retailers
DscoutAndroid and iOSUp to $150 from live interviewsPayPal or Check

CreditDonkey GAME Rule: Genuine, Accessibility, Money-making, Entertainment

This rule helps you remember the key aspects to consider when choosing games that pay real money:

  • Genuine: Ensure the games are legitimate and have good reviews.
  • Accessibility: Look for games that are easy to access and play.
  • Money-making: Check how the games reward players and if the earnings are worth the effort.
  • Entertainment: Make sure the games are enjoyable and fun to play.

Best Overall: Blackout Bingo

In Blackout Bingo, you bet your money against other players in battles and get a chance to win real prizes. The best part? You don't have to suffer through lots of ads. It's a great app—unless you're not willing to deposit cash to earn money.

How Much You Can Make
Blackout Bingo has different game tiers, each with a higher price. But you have to pay a fee to play most games. Unlike your boring, old board game, the app has power-ups, upgrades, and multipliers you can use to get higher scores.

Here's what you need to do to earn:

  • Head-to-head battles: $0.60 fee for a chance to win $1[1]
  • Brackets: $3 fee for a chance to win $8
  • Tournaments: $5 fee for $5,000 cash prize
  • Friend referrals: Up to $20

You can practice for free and create strategies to win games. You can withdraw via PayPal anytime, but there's a $1.50 fee if you cash out less than $10. Payment takes 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.[2]

Player Tips
Blackout Bingo has a strong player community online. Make use of other people's referral codes, strategies, and advice to reach your goals faster. Once you've mastered the game's best practices, you can win rounds more easily.

Cash games are only available in some states. The game is only legal for people aged 18+, but it works on Android and iOS devices.

Is this your first time playing a bingo app?

Best for Unlimited Practice: Pool PayDay

Pool PayDay has free and unlimited practice plays. You can hone your skills before you move on to cash games. Plus, there are many ways to rack up your points—trick shots, special plays, and other bonuses.

How Much You Can Make
Pool PayDay has cash game modes where you can play and win money.

Similar to other apps, you would have to deposit first to play games. But don't worry—the app also matches your $10 initial deposit with $10.

This is how much you can expect to make:

  • Head to head: $0.60 fee for a chance to win $1 and 50 Ticketz
  • Brackets: $3 for a chance to win $8 and 225 Ticketz
  • Topaz 3-Round: $2 fee for a chance to win $300 and 150 Ticketz

Players can cash out their winnings via PayPal at any time. But a $1.50 transfer fee applies if you withdraw less than $10. Players can expect their money within 4 to 6 weeks.

Player Tips
Use the time in practice modes to hone your trick shot skills. You can also master angles and strategies so you'll have an easier time in the Pro Leagues.

Pool PayDay works on both Android and iOS devices. But, players have to be 17+ in order to play. Plus, their cash games are only available in certain states.

Best daily gifts and bonuses: Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash stands out for its welcome bonuses, friend referral programs, and in-game power-ups. They also offer tutorials to newbies on how to win games. It's a good app to start with if you're just a newbie.

How Much You Can Make
Their games are all under two minutes and ad-free, so you can also play during an office break. Players are also given varying welcome bonuses. For instance, Bingo Cash will give you $10 if you deposit $10 at the start.

You can expect to make some of the following figures:

  • Diamond Dash: $1 and 600 diamonds for a chance to win $10
  • Winter Clash Tournament: $4 for a chance to win $70
  • Friend referrals: $1 per friend

Players can cash out their winnings through PayPal and Apple Pay. Processing of requested funds may take up to ninety (90) days.[3]

Player Tips
If you don't want to deposit money, you can collect bonus cash instead. The more you join cash games, the more you risk losing the money you've made. Make sure to withdraw money when you earn a substantial amount.

Bingo Cash works on both iOS and Android devices. But, users must be 17+ to play. Cash games are not allowed in AZ, IA, LA, and SC, while card-based games are prohibited in IN, ME, and MT.

Best for Gamers: Mistplay

Mistplay is a loyalty platform that pays you to play games. The app hosts different games: virtual casinos, strategy, arcade games, and more.

It's an app you can leave running in the background because you earn more points by keeping it open.

How Much You Can Make
Mistplay pays big for their loyal players. It has a complex payment system that factors in how long you play.

The more game experience you have, the more units you win per task. Some tasks will have you play the game for three days, while others just require you to reach a certain level.

Here's a quick look at how much you can earn in the game:

  • Hourly rate: 300 units ($1) or more
  • Weekly bonus: Up to 14 units
  • Friend referrals: 100 units[4]

Mistplay doesn't give direct cash to their players. They give out gift cards from Amazon, PlayStation, Facebook, Google Play, and Sandbox that you can cash out for $5. It usually takes them 48 hours to process gift cards.[5]

Player Tips
Some games require more effort than others. The most efficient way to earn money is to choose idle games that won't require a lot of attention. Also, you should complete the weekly bonus.

Mistplay is available for Android and iOS users[6], and for players who are 18+. It operates in the U.S., Canada, and most countries in Europe. Users can only redeem rewards up to a maximum of $550 per year.[7]

Best Card Game: 21 Blitz

21 Blitz is a card game that offers a new twist by combining Blackjack and Solitaire. To win, you have to gun for making stacks of cards that add up to 21. But, players can also earn a bonus by building a stack of 5 cards, even if they don't add up to 21.

How Much You Can Make
21 Blitz games focus more on speed rather than skill. The app itself gives you various ways to win. The challenge is to find which strategy to use to complete a set in under three minutes.

The game also awards you for completing streaks and finishing before the timer runs out. But you do have to pay fees to enter games. Here are some figures to give you an idea of how much you need to play.[8]

  • Practice: $0 for a chance to win Ticketz and z-coins
  • Head-to-head matches: $0.60 fee for a chance to win $1 and 50 Ticketz
  • Tournaments: $175 for a chance to win $300

You can cash out for free if you have reached at least $10. Players will receive their money through PayPal or their credit card. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to get the money.

Player Tips
During practice matches, find the best ways to tackle the game, no matter what cards are thrown at you. Chances are, you'll be able to find patterns in how the game works. When that happens, you'll have a better chance of winning.

21 Blitz does not offer cash games for AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD.[9] The game is only for players aged 17+ and works on both Android and iOS devices.

Best Earning Opportunities: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best sites to get tasks done for money. Plus, unlike bingo or other casino-based games, you are assured cash once you've finished a task. It's a good option if you don't want the added risk of playing paid cash games.

How Much You Can Make
With a Swagbucks account, you can answer surveys, shop online, review products, watch random videos, and answer trivia quizzes. It's one of the earliest rewards sites, so they have tons of partners and tasks to choose from.

Here are some figures you can expect to make:

  • Daily Trivia Challenge: 10 SB points for 10 correct answers[10]
  • Swagbucks tasks: Offer rewards starting from $0.40 or more
  • Welcome bonus: $10[11]
  • Friend referrals: 300 SB for you and your referral + 10% commission on their earnings[12]

You can withdraw cash via PayPal, but you need at least $5 or 500 points. If you have less than $5, you can choose to get a $3 Dunkin' Donuts gift card or a $1 Amazon gift card instead.[13]

It can take up to 10 business days to receive your reward.

Player Tips
You don't have to complete all the tasks to win money. In your first week, test the waters and find the tasks that you enjoy doing the most. Also, Swagbucks offers a lot of limited bonus missions for its players. Keep an eye out for tasks that are beneficial for you.

Swagbucks works on both Android and iOS, and you have to be 13+ to play. It's available in the U.S. (and its territories), the UK, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, and India.[14]

Best referral program: InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a rewards site that pays you for every task. It's been in the business for a while and has a network of players worldwide. It pays more than Swagbucks, but new users may be put off by the $15 minimum cashout requirement for the first time.[15]

How Much You Can Make
InboxDollars is a platform to earn from little missions. You can get money from shopping, completing surveys, playing games, and even reading emails. But you can also invite your friends.

Here are some tasks and how much you can make with them:

  • Video tasks: Up to $0.04
  • Survey tasks: Up to $5[16]
  • Welcome bonus: $5
  • Friend referrals: $3 per friend plus 10% commission on their friend's earnings[17]

Player Tips
InboxDollars pays best on its survey tasks. It can be hard to qualify if you're not the right fit though. In that case, video tasks are a good alternative. Especially if you want a more idle play where you won't have to pay much attention.

You can also complete bonus tasks like signing up for apps, completing your profile, and watching the how-to videos.

InboxDollars works on Apple and Android devices. But, you have to be 18+ and U.S.-based to be eligible.

Best for beginners: Bingo Clash

The biggest standout of Bingo Clash is its free cash tournaments. Most bingo apps will only offer cash games once you've made a deposit. But here, you can win big for free.

How Much You Can Make
You can join tournaments, go on multiplayer mode, or do a 1 versus 1 battle to win cash. The game is similar to other bingo apps on the market, so you won't have a hard time catching up.

Here are some figures you can expect to make:

  • Head to head: $0.60 fee for a chance to win $1
  • Tournaments: Up to $300 in free tournaments

The minimum cash out is $5 and players can cash out through PayPal. Withdrawal requests may be subject to a processing fee and may take up to 15 days to process.[18]

Player tips
Most people don't want to risk a lot of money to join tournaments. The key is to cash out as soon as you have earned some money. You have to keep playing to have money to play. Make sure you have thresholds so you know when to stop.

Bingo Clash is only available for people ages 18+. Cash games aren't open in certain states. But the app is free to download for both Apple and Android users.

Best for Competitive Games: Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold is mainly a chill game, but it will test your ability to think and act quickly. To win, opposing players have to race to win a game in under 7 minutes. It's a great way to unleash your competitive streak with other people.

How Much You Can Make
You can battle against a real player or a robot. In terms of game features, you also get daily bonuses and power-ups. Dominoes is great if you have extra time, as completing rounds takes longer than most apps.

Here's how much you will need to play:

  • Head-to-head: $0.60 fee for a chance to win $1
  • Brackets: $120 fee for a chance to win $200
  • Events: Up to $1000 prize pool
  • Friend referral: Up to $10 on your first deposit

You can withdraw via PayPal anytime. But you have to pay a $1.50 fee if you cash out less than $10. You can get your cash in about 4 to 6 weeks.

Player Tips
In this app, there's no better way to win a game than from practice. Make use of their free practice matches to earn yourself some bonus Ticketz and z-coins.

Cash games are only available in some states, and the game is only legal for people aged 17+. It works on Android and iOS devices.

Best Payout Options: MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the oldest reward sites. With this site, you can earn your cash back when you shop with their retail partners. Aside from that, they have other mini-tasks you can complete for money. You can complete paid surveys and watch videos for points.

How Much You Can Make
Surveys can last anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes. On the other hand, MyPoints offers really great cashback offers. The game is best for people who want to save a little on their shopping sprees.

Here's what you can expect to make:

  • Surveys: Up to 2200 Points per Survey (approximately $14)
  • Cashback: Up to 20 Points/$ Cash Back
  • Fun & Games: Up to 4 Points/$ per Game
  • Welcome bonus:$5
  • Friend referral: Up to 750 points per referral (Unlimited) plus 10% of the purchase points your referral earns.[19][20]

The best part of MyPoints is that you can redeem your winnings in exchange for gift cards and travel miles for United Airlines. You can get cash via PayPal, but there is a minimum cashout of $10 (1,590 Points). You can receive your money in up to 10 business days.[21]

Player Tips
Because of the high minimum cashout for actual cash, most players prefer redeeming their points via gift cards. The point-to-money ratio differs depending on your payout method.

MyPoints is only available in the U.S. and Canada. It works on both Android and iOS devices, and it's open to players who are 13+.

Best cashback program: Drop

Drop offers gift cards and exclusive perks when you shop with their retailers. The more you shop and rack up points, the bigger gifts you get. It's an app you can download and forget—until you're ready to redeem.

How Much You Can Make
Users connect their credit or debit cards to Drop, shop as they normally would, and earn points. With the points, you can get gift cards for your shopping, travel, or grocery needs.

How much you can make depends on where you spend your money, as the value of points changes per merchant. It's important to note that Drop only releases gift cards and not real cash.

Here's what you can make:

  • $1 spent: 12 points in Trader Joe's; 2 points in Walmart
  • Friend referrals: up to $50 (10 referrals at $5 per referral)[22]

Player Tips
Drop is best used as an app that you set and forget. You can shop normally as you would in your regular stores. Use it alongside other rewards apps and count your points at the end of the month.

Players can only earn up to 500 points ($0.50) per week. Drop works on both Android and iOS devices. It's available for users who are 18+. For now, it's only available in U.S. and Canada.

Best survey app: Dscout

Dscout is one of the highest-paying survey apps available. In order to get big payouts, you have to try their live interview features, where you chat with researchers. If not, you can also give written feedback on products.

How Much You Can Make
Dscout's biggest moneymaker is its Live Option. But users have to apply to get chosen for this type of mission. Researchers will accept applications depending on your demographic and availability.

You can make some good money with Live:

  • Express missions: up to $25[23]
  • Diary and Live mission: average $25 - $150[24]

There is no minimum cashout using Dscout; you can cash out via PayPal or check anytime.

Player Tips
Dscout pays really well in their Live tasks, but it can be hard to qualify for them. You are competing with other players to get a chance to be interviewed. It may take time for you to get your first big break.

Scouts can be as young as 13 years old. Dscout works on both Apple and Android devices. It is available in most of Europe, Asia, and some parts of South America.

Are Paid Games Worth It?

Playing apps is no reason to quit your current job. If you're able to earn money with games without risking your own, then it's worth it. But if you're struggling to earn money, an app may not be the best choice for you.

There are different kinds of apps anyway. So, if you're just starting out, it may be best to experiment with which type of game suits you best.

You can experiment with survey apps (Dscout), cashback apps (Drop), and game apps (Blackout Bingo).

How To Know If A Game Is Legit

Don't give scammy apps the time of the day. At best, you waste a few hours to win nothing. But at worst, you might invest hundreds of dollars only to lose it all.

Look at User Reviews
A generally safe way to check if an app is a scam is to look at user reviews. App store reviews usually won't give you the full picture. It's much more reliable to check community threads on Quora or Reddit. A good place to start is r/beermoney.

YouTube is also a good place to look for user feedback and tips on how to get the most out of an app.

Watch Out for Cashout Complaints
Next, watch out for any complaints about cashouts. Some apps conveniently shut down when it's time to cash out. Other games require ridiculous amounts of points to cash out.

In some extreme cases, games will require you to watch hundreds of ads before you can claim your money.

Be Money Smart
A good rule of thumb with online games is to avoid spending money you aren't prepared to lose. Keep in mind that there is always a risk factor when playing paid games. Prioritize apps that have proven reliable to you.

Also, make sure that the app has fair policies and helpful customer support.

Other Ways to Make Money With Games

If you're not warm to the idea of playing through apps, here are other ways to earn with games.

  • Livestreaming: Playing live games online can bring in a hefty sum once you get a solid following. These days, the best streaming platforms are Twitch and YouTube. With their creator programs, you can build your subscriber base and eventually become a full-time creator.

  • Game tester: If you have attention to detail and a passion for solving puzzles, you can become a home-based game tester. Professionals can be paid anywhere from $12 to $25 per hour. It's not easy to get started in this field, but some job offers will only conduct a test to check your skills.

  • Pro gamer: If you are really looking to play games for a living, your best bet is to go pro. Of course, this isn't for everyone. But once you rack up your skills, you could be making a decent amount of money.

Bottom Line

To successfully enjoy and earn money, you have to find the right app for you.

Bingo games require a bit of a learning curve—you have to be ready to master the games in order to win cash. If you don't want to deposit money to enter games, you have to grind to redeem tickets for in-game cash.

If you want to try surveys, you have to find an app that gives you surveys that fit your demographic. And in order to take advantage of cashback apps like Drop and MyPoints, you need to make sure that you actually buy from their partner retailers.

There are many apps that give out real money, so don't force yourself to work for something that's not a good fit. It takes time to find the right app for your needs.


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