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10 Legit Game Apps To Win Real Money

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Don't want to commit to a side hustle? These online apps will let you earn some cash without the fuss.

Side hustles don't have to be complicated. In most cases, you won't have to leave your house to get money. And in times when you really need it, you can count on game apps for some extra cash.

With the extra money stream, you don't have to worry about overspending on your coffee habit.

These apps offer an easy and quick way for you to get some financial relief.

What game apps can you actually win money?
Here are the best game apps to win real money:

Top 10 Best Game Apps To Win Real Money

Going through heaps of games to find your favorite doesn't have to be tedious. Here's a lengthy list to help you out.

CreditDonkey WINNER Rule: Winnings, Interface, No hidden fees, Notifications, Entertainment, Reviews

The WINNER rule helps you remember the key aspects to consider when choosing a game app to win real money:

  • Winnings: Ensure the app offers substantial and fair winnings.
  • Interface: Look for an easy-to-use and engaging interface.
  • No hidden fees: Check for transparency in fees and charges.
  • Notifications: The app should provide timely updates and notifications.
  • Entertainment: The games should be fun and engaging.
  • Reviews: Look at user reviews to ensure the app is reputable and reliable.

Best for bingo: Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is the best option for bingo games. You won't get a huge payout just from playing bingo, but it's a reliable app that can give you around $5 a week. On top of that, it also has smooth gameplay and a fair win rate.

How to Win Money
To earn money, you have to enter and win cash battles against other players. They have head-to-head, bracket, and tournament modes. The higher the prizes, the higher the entry fee—but you'll also have to compete with more people.

Earning Potential
Your earnings will depend on your budget and skill. Here's a quick look at how much you need to pay and how much you can earn.

  • Head to head: Entry fee goes from $0.60 to $465 and prizes range from $1 to $755[1]
  • Bracket: Entry fee goes from $3 to $169 and prizes range from $5 to $330
  • Tournament: $5 entry fee to win up to $500

It's hard to earn money as a beginner, so expect to make less than $10 in your first week.

User Reviews
Most players don't shell out a lot of money. So, it can be hard to make money if you don't deposit first.

Quora user, Corinna Jacqueline said, "In my opinion, making money on Blackout Bingo cannot be defined by a particular duration that someone spends playing the game. Some people may never make money playing Blackout Bingo, but rather lose money, whilst some others can make money."

Payment Method: Blackout Bingo gives real cash payouts to its players. Players can cash out anytime, but they have to pay a $1.50 fee when cashing out anything below $10.[2]

Availability: Android and iOS

Best brain tease: Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube is a skill-based game that lets users win real cash. It has a reliable win rate compared to other games. There is a bit of a learning curve to win cash, especially if you're not familiar with solitaire. All in all, it's a decent game—whether you just want to play for fun or for money.

How to Win Money
To win, you need to beat your opponent in a match or tournament. Each game lasts five minutes. To earn real cash, you would have to deposit a minimum of $10 to commit to the Pro Leagues.[3]

You can enter some games by collecting tickets and coins, but these can take a really, really long time. And since 20,000 Ticketz amounts to $1, most players don't recommend collecting Ticketz to play free practice games.

Earning Potential
Experienced players can definitely earn more with Solitaire Cube. Here are some sample matches for reference.

  • Practice: $0 entry fee for a chance to win 1 Ticketz and 25 z coins
  • $3 entry fee to get a chance to win $65 and 225 Ticketz
    Royale: $12 entry fee to get a chance to win $260 and 500 Ticketz

User Reviews
Users think that Solitaire Cube has a pretty fair win rate. It also has an easy-to-understand interface.

"Skillz powered. Pretty decent, the app design is flawed and messy but once you get to the actual gameplay, it's clean and flows well. This is a common issue with Skillz games I find, their overall app design is always unpleasant and feels very dated. I won a pretty good payout from playing this game."
- u/Durak_Storrison from Reddit.

Payment Method: Players can withdraw their money anytime. But make sure to wait until you have $10 to cash out. Your money can be deposited via PayPal or ApplePay.

Availability: Android and iOS

Best for gamers: Mistplay

Mistplay lets users play different apps and redeem gift cards from gaming sites and retailers. They have a variety of games you can choose from, so you don't get bored of playing the same thing. It's best for people who want extra ways to fund their gaming habits.

How to Win Money
Similar to AppStation, you get a library of virtual casinos, war, and arcade games. You do have to download apps to get points and they can differ depending on the task. Usually, you have to reach a certain level or goal before you can redeem points.

Earning Potential
Beginners can make about $5 on their first week. Generally, you can expect to earn more units and game experience points the longer you play games.

Mistplay has limits on how much you can earn. For instance, you can only make $50 a month in the app.

User Reviews
You won't make a ton of money from Mistplay. But it can be a fun game to keep on your mobile.

"I kept Mistplay since it'll earn me a few bucks a week for playing games I'd play anyway, which was great. But I won't fool myself — I'm not earning anything like minimum wage playing these games, and neither will you."
- Zulie Rane from Reddit.

"I recently tried it. It took me 2 days of playing here and there to get a $10 gift card. It accumulated faster than I expected. I'm not massively into games though so I might use it here and there.
- Critical-Sun-5164 from Reddit.

Payment Method: Mistplay doesn't pay real cash to their users. Instead, they provide gift cards or credits for Amazon, GameStop, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Play, and Fortnite. These prizes can usually range from $0.50 to $10 (3,000 units). It takes 48 hours for players to redeem their points.[4]

Availability: Android

Best for trivia: Swagbucks LIVE

Swagbucks is a household name in the rewards site industry. But what most people don't know about is Swagbucks LIVE. It's a rewards app that challenges users to trivia games in exchange for Swagbucks (SB) points.

How to Win Money
Users must have a Swagbucks account first to join. To win the game's prize pool, players have to answer all 10 trivia questions correctly.[5]

Earning Potential
The app's cash pot can vary, from $500 to $1,500. But the cash prize is divided among other winners. So, how much you earn depends on how many other people won the game.

Some users earn 50SB from the game. For bigger prizes, you can play at the end of the week and get harder questions.

User Reviews
It can be hard to win live games because of online trolls who spam the chat section. Plus, questions can get difficult to answer.

"Personally, I only play when I have literally nothing else to do. I mostly just play for the fun of the trivia and see the 25-50SB that I get from a win as a bonus. I have seen some people win some pretty big amounts though, but that usually was on Thursday as the games get harder as the weeks go on."
- Brandon Bliss from Reddit.

Payment Method: You can choose to directly cash out money, redeem it as gift cards, or use it back in the game. Cashing out via PayPal and redeeming Amazon gift cards are the most common way people use their SB points. For reference, 100 SB points are equal to $1.[6]

Availability: Android and iOS

Best for card games: 21 Blitz

21 Blitz is a popular card app that sets you up against other players to win cash. It's a combination of Solitaire and Blackjack, so there are various ways to win. Each round lasts only three minutes.

How to Win Money
21 Blitz has three game modes that you can choose from. To win money, you would need to deposit some cash into the game. Players have to race to see who can create a stack of cards that add up to 21. That, or they stack five cards together.

Earning Potential
Like Blackout Bingo, players have to deposit money first in order to win some. 21 Blitz also sometimes offers promo bonuses, where they match your $10 with another $10.

  • Practice matches: $0 fee for a chance to win z-coins and Ticketz
  • Head-to-head matches: $0.60 fee for a chance to win $1 and 100 Ticketz
  • Tournaments: $3 for a chance to win $65

A lot of reviews claim you can earn up to $83 for a single game. But this requires a bit of luck and quite some experience.

User Reviews
Like other games on the list, 21 Blitz users don't think this is a good replacement for a 9-to-5.

"Is 21 Blitz Legit? Yes! If you're more competitive, you can enter Tournaments with a little deposit, which is then put into a pot and turned into a cash prize for the winners. PayPal allows you to withdraw money at any moment, making it a convenient and secure alternative." - Nestoras Papadopoulos from Quora.

Payment Method: 21 Blitz lets users cash out real money via PayPal, ApplePay, and credit cards. You can cash out if you have reached the $10 minimum. Anything less than that and players will incur a $1.50 fee.[2]

Availability: Android and iOS

Best for friend referrals: AppStation

AppStation is a rewards app that lets users redeem points by playing mobile games. The most remarkable thing about AppStation is its diverse payout plans. Players can get real cash, but they can also get gift cards and vouchers for various retail stores.

How to Win Money
AppStation hosts different games for its players to choose from. Games can range from casual, strategy, puzzle, arcades, action, adventure, and more. To earn, you would have to download different apps or play them until you hit a certain level.

Earning Potential
AppStation pays per second. Depending on the game, you can expect the app to give you 200 to 500 points a minute.

If you want a bonus, you can earn a commission fee by referring a friend. You can earn 250 points and a 25% commission on your friend's earnings.

User Reviews
Like Blackout Bingo, it can take a while to earn your way to a cashout. But AppStation doesn't always give you the best games to play. Players need a bit of patience to have consistent earnings.

"When I first got the app a month ago (maybe longer, I don't remember), the playing time compared to coins paid out was pretty decent. I could typically make several hundred coins for only a few minutes of time. I cashed out at $10, and I noticed things slowing down. Time requirements went up, coins went down. It took me a few weeks to climb back up to a $5 payout."
- u/sambashare from Reddit.

Payment Method: AppStation gives real cash to its players. But its main rewards system is through Amazon cards, Google Play, PlayStation, Steam coupons, Nike gift cards, Walmart shopping cards, or get direct payout on your Paypal account. The minimum payout is $5 (50,000 points).

Availability: Android and iOS

Best for cash back: Drop

Drop is a cash-back app that grants users points when they shop at partner stores. Users have to connect their credit cards to the game in order to register points with the app. It's a great way to build passive income and earn extra points for small gifts and coupons.

How to Win Money
Drop users will mostly earn money by shopping with more than 500 brand partners. This includes big brands like Sephora, Lululemon, Glossier, Amazon, Costco, Starbucks, Uber, and more.

Users can also get points by playing games, answering surveys, and giving out friend referral links.[7]

Earning Potential
Drop points can vary depending on the shop you're going into. Every dollar you spend at a retailer will amount to a number of points. In Walmart, spending a dollar will only get you 2 points, but Trader Joe's will give you 12 points for the same amount.

User Reviews
According to Drop users, the game is mostly a low-maintenance app that they use alongside other reward games.

"I wanted to share my own experience with the app! After 2 years, I've earned slightly over $52. All in all, I think this is a decent app to score some free gift cards each year and recommend it if you have extra space on your phone and don't care about selling your data!"
- ThisOnlineWorldBlog from Reddit.

Payment Method: Drop does not let its users redeem points in exchange for cash. Instead, players can get gift cards and credits from various retailers in beauty, fashion, travel, shopping, food, and entertainment.[8]

A caveat: players can only earn 5,000 ($5) a week.

Availability: Android and iOS

Best for Android: Cashyy

Cashyy is a rewards site that gives out prizes when users play games and finish missions. On average, tasks can be completed in six minutes or less. It has a friendly user interface and a simple withdrawal system. They have casual games, arcade themes, war and strategy apps, and other game types to choose from.

How to Win Money
As soon as you open the app, you'll be given options on what games to play—as well as their corresponding rewards. Once you choose a game, it will direct you to an app store, where you are required to play for a certain time. All new players get 9,444 coins after registration.

Earning Potential
The task payout usually varies. But users can expect to play a game for 5 minutes and get a 250 coin reward.

Other tasks require a bit more commitment. Players may find themselves downloading a game and playing it for three days. For these tasks, you can get up to 1,800 coins or more.

User Reviews
Some Cashyy users report having problems with the face verification feature. There are also reports of the game glitching.

"It's actually a pretty great beer money app for earning while playing games. In fact, the actual playing of the games is optional, effectively turning it into a passive income source."
- Plane_Sheepherder_55 from Reddit.

Payment Method: Cashyy offers real money checkouts via PayPal. But, you can also trade your coins for credits on Amazon, Steam, Xbox, Walmart, Nintendo, and PlayStation. Their system can be a bit unstable though. The payout threshold is $5, and players usually get the money after a week.

Best payout options: Freecash

Freecash rewards its players with cash, gaming skins, and even crypto credits. It was originally a place that gives gamers skins after they have completed missions, but now it has a variety of tasks you can do to earn points.

How to Win Money
You can earn money with their paid offers. Freecash offerwalls like OfferToro, Revenue Universe, and AdGem require you to complete tasks to earn points. These can be playing an app, downloading a game, signing up for a site, and even answering the survey.

You can also complete surveys and earn coins by inviting friends.

Earning Potential
Depending on your task, you can get anywhere from $0.50 to $250 per task. Surveys pay you a minimum of $0.50, while offerwall tasks can go up to $17 per offer. If you successfully convinced a friend to play the game, you also get a 5% commission on all your referral earnings.[9]

User Reviews
Freecash generally has high payouts for its tasks.

"Me rating this website would be a solid 9/10 since the community chat is really nice, really good payouts offered and there's a low payout minimum. And also you don't get like 1 cent per survey by it that other websites usually do. Surveys pay usually 50 cents per short survey and up to 20$"
- u/LiLAfroGT from Reddit.

Payment Method: Freecash requires players to earn $5 before they can cash out. You can choose to get paid in cash via PayPal.[10] However, they also offer conversions to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. You can even choose to have money directly deposited to your Binance or Coinbase account.

Availability: Android and iOS

Best for surveys: Qmee

Qmee is one of the top-paying survey apps on the market. You can make up to $1.25 just for a 4-minute survey. But aside from that, you have other ways to make money and points. Plus, you can redeem your points for real cash or gift cards.

How to Win Money
Qmee is mainly for answering surveys. But you can get bonus points with tests, cash-back offers, friend referrals, playing mini-games, and completing your daily polls. To start, you need to complete your Qmee profile so the app knows what kinds of surveys to send your way.

Earning Potential
Players can earn a minimum of $0.20 per survey. And depending on your referral link, you can earn up to $5 per friend referral. And, unlike other survey sites, you get a disqualification bonus if you are cut off from the survey

User Reviews
As with most survey sites, Qmee isn't great for everyone. Some users report making over $4 after just 3 days, while others struggle to get qualified for surveys.

"I just would like to say how amazing QMee is. It has only been 3 days and I already have $4.63! I have done at least one survey daily in this time period. Usually when im taking the surveys, I wait 3-5 seconds before changing to the next page so QMee doesnt think im rushing through the surveys! I am not cashing out just yet! I think I will use these earnings for Mercari use! "
- iamyiyaj from Reddit.

Payment Method: Qmee pays out players in different ways. You can get real cash via PayPal or Venmo, get paid in Amazon gift cards, or choose to donate your winnings to charity. And the best part is the game only requires you to make $0.01 to cash out.[11]

Availability: Android and iOS

How to Make Money with Games

If you don't want to play to earn prizes, there are other options. Especially if you're good at gaming. You can play any game you're passionate about and earn money, as long as you gain an audience.

YouTube and Twitch Streaming
It's hard to have a solid subscriber base, but it's not impossible. If you're set on making bank as an internet personality, YouTube and Twitch's creator programs can get you started.

You'll initially get paid per view. But if you get traction, you can get sponsorships, paid subscriptions, and even sell merch.

Game Testing
Just because you love video games doesn't mean you can be a game tester.

If you want to start a career in that direction, you can try freelance positions in Upwork. Some people hiring game testers don't require fancy certification. Just pass a test and you're fine.

Offer Tips on Playing Video Games
Players love to share tips and tricks on how to conquer bosses and level up. Plenty of player communities can use expert advice. You can do well by creating a Discord channel or page where you can discuss advice.

Writing Esports and Game News
Not the type to join tournaments or test games?

You can still get involved in the gaming industry by becoming a news writer. You can write gamer profiles, news about the latest game drops, or reviews about the latest gadgets.

Other Apps To Make Money

For more laid-back options, check out these.

  • Mobee: Mobee is a secret shopping app that gives users rewards in exchange for feedback. They have missions to try restaurants and shops that can go up to $10 per task. It's a great option if you love to go out and want to make money off of trips.

  • WeBull: WeBull is not a gaming app per se, but you can invest and trade stocks, ETFs, and options in the app. You don't even need a lot to get started. Along with that, you get top analytic tools and a trading portfolio, so it's great for newbies.

  • Stash: Are you ready to invest in your financial growth? Stash lets you invest in stocks, bonds, and crypto automatically with their Smart Portfolio. Plus, you get personalized financial advice and banking tips.

  • BookScouter: If you have too many textbooks on your hands, consider selling them online. BookScouter has a strong book community where you can buy and sell used books for a fair price. It's great for students looking for a bargain, and for people who want to declutter.

  • Google Opinion Surveys: If you're short on time but want money fast, Google Opinion Surveys take less than five minutes to finish. It pays $0.10 per survey and is a fairly new venture by Google.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of money-making apps out there. You can take surveys, play games, invest, deliver, and sell. These are all legit ways to make money from home.

The key is to find the one that makes sense to your situation. Depending on your resources, you might find investing money is safer than betting money on bingo. After all, there are different risk levels in these money-making apps.

Drop is a reliable and great passive income generator, but maybe you don't want to give your credit card details to developers. Blackout Bingo and Solitaire Cube are great games, but you might want more secure ways of winning money.


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