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Seeking Alpha Premium Cost

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Seeking Alpha Premium boasts features that can guide your investment decisions. But will you break your wallet before you make some money? Read on.

Seeking Alpha Premium can help you figure out which stocks to invest in. But there's a hiccup: what's the damage on your wallet?

So, let's talk numbers. How many bucks are we talking for the Premium plan? Any extra charges sneaking in? And what do you get with what you pay for?

All the answers you're craving are right here in this handy guide. We'll even spill the beans on how to cancel your subscription if you no longer need it. Ready? Read on.

How much is Seeking Alpha Premium?

Seeking Alpha Premium costs $239/yr. It also comes with a free trial, so you won't need to commit right off the bat.

The price point is cheaper than its competitors, too. If you compare it with Morningstar and Zacks' Premium plans, you get to save $10 with Seeking Alpha.

Seeking Alpha's Premium plan comes with all Basic plan features. Plus, you get broker account linking, stock ratings, unlimited content, and more.

Here's a deep dive onto its features.

What Does Seeking Alpha Premium Get You?

Seeking Alpha Premium can be your go-to for your stock investments. You'll get unlimited access to investment analysis, news, and the financial data you need to make your decisions.

Here are its features in detail:

  1. Broker Account Linking
    You can connect your brokerage accounts in your Seeking Alpha portfolio to track all your investments in one platform.

  2. Top-rated Stocks, Stock Ratings & Stocks Screener
    You get to view top-rated stocks, which are stocks that receive the highest ratings from 3 categories: Seeking Alpha's objective quant analytics, Seeking Alpha authors, and Wall Street analysts.

    The stock screener also tells you which stocks are rated as a "Strong Buy" in various sectors, categories, and industries. These features can help you assess each stock quickly and determine what's good to buy or sell.

  3. Factor Grades
    Factor Grades give you an assessment of each stock across five factors: Profitability, Momentum, Growth, Value, and Earnings Per Share Revisions.

  4. Stock Comparison Tool
    This tool allows you to have a side-by-side comparison of six stocks or funds at a time. You can compare categories like market cap, ratings, factor grades, and number of employees.

  5. Customized Content & News Dashboard
    You get a quick view of analysis and breaking news that may affect your investments. You can also filter the news according to your preference.

    If you only want to see news related to dividend stocks or real estate funds, you can do so.

If you're convinced by these features, here's how to get started.

How to Start with Seeking Alpha Premium

You can get started with Seeking Alpha in 3 easy steps.

  1. Go to Seeking Alpha's website and click on "Join Now".
  2. Choose the Premium plan. Watch out for special introductory offers to save on your subscription fee!
  3. Create your account and input your account details. You can pay through credit card or PayPal account.

You can pay monthly or annually. Your subscription will automatically renew the next month or the next year, depending on your subscription preference.

Seeking Alpha Premium Add-ons

There are other features you can invest in which are optional.

Investing Groups
Investing Groups are groups that offer exclusive, real-time investing ideas and guidance to individual investors. They can cost you $16/mo to $292/mo depending on the membership fee of the group you join.

These groups offer services managed by Seeking Alpha authors or author teams. But Seeking Alpha doesn't control these groups. The author/s determine their own approach. And you have the freedom to choose which investing group to join.

This means Seeking Alpha does not direct authors on which stocks to feature or which investing strategies to write about.

There are over 175 investing groups on the platform, each with varying membership costs.

Here are some of your options:[1]

Investing GroupDescriptionCost
High Dividend OpportunitiesPresents a model portfolio with a +9% dividend yield$33/mo
Value Investor's EdgeOffers research and income opportunities in the shipping and logistics industry$292/month
The Market Pinball WizardDelivers real-time analysis of the S&P 500, gold, and other commodities$92/month
The Data Driven InvestorFocuses on high-growth stocks with long-term returns$27/month
High Yield LandlordProvides real estate income opportunities$39/month

Alpha Picks
You can have up to 2 stock picks per month for an additional $499/year.[2] Seeking Alpha's suggestions are based on their metrics like valuation, profitability, and growth.

But if the time comes that the platform no longer serves you, you can always cancel your subscription. Here's how.

How to Cancel Your Seeking Alpha Subscription

Subscription cancellation is done on the Paid Subscriptions page under Account Settings. As soon as you click the Cancel button, your subscription will be terminated, and you will no longer be charged in the next billing period.

If you choose to cancel an annual subscription within the first month, you will be refunded for the remaining 11 months. You'll receive the refund at the end of that month.

But before you cancel, you can check out if the upgrades may be able to do the trick and offer what you need.

How to Upgrade Your Seeking Alpha Subscription

You may upgrade your subscription from monthly to annually or from Premium to Pro.

Upgrade from Monthly to Annual Subscription:

  1. Go to Paid Subscriptions under your Account Settings page.
  2. Look for the name of the service and choose the upgrade to annual option.
  3. Once successful, you'll be charged the annual rate on the next billing date.

Upgrade from Premium Plan to Pro Plan:

  1. Go to Paid Subscriptions under your Account Settings page.
  2. Click the "Upgrade" button under the Seeking Alpha Pro section.
  3. Pay the Pro subscription fee through PayPal or credit card.
  4. Once successful, all the Pro features will be unlocked.

If you encounter any problems, you can always make a call.

Seeking Alpha Customer Service

For concerns regarding payment, billing, or subscription details, you may contact Seeking Alpha by phone or email.[3]

  • Email: subscriptions@seekingalpha.com
  • Phone: +1-347-509-6837

You can reach the Seeking Alpha team via phone when you call between Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm EST.

If the upgrades aren't still enough to cover your growing needs, then maybe it's time to look at Seeking Alpha's alternatives.

What is a Good Alternative to Seeking Alpha?

Seeking Alpha isn't the only player in the league. If you're not too sure about its pricing and features, here are its competitors.

Seeking Alpha Premium vs Morningstar

Seeking Alpha PremiumMorningstar Investor
$239/yr$34.95/month or $249/yr[4]
For research-driven stock investorsFor fundamental stocks & mutual funds investors

Seeking Alpha Premium is cheaper than Morningstar Investor. With Seeking Alpha, you can save $10 for annual subscriptions compared to Morningstar.

But Morningstar is better if you need data-driven analysis. It offers data on stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

The mutual fund ratings can help you assess whether it's good to invest in a specific stock. There's also a portfolio X-ray tool that shows investment gaps and stock overlap in your portfolio.

Seeking Alpha Premium vs Zacks

Seeking Alpha PremiumZacks Premium
For stock investorsFor stock investors

Both Seeking Alpha and Zacks help investors choose the best stocks. They both have stock screeners that filter the top stocks in different industries.

Seeking Alpha Premium's annual subscription is $10 cheaper than Zacks Premium. But Zacks offers a month-long (30 days) free trial, so you get ample time to check if it's worth a subscription.

Zacks gives you access to stock research reports, investment analysis, and portfolio management tools. It also provides information on stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

Bottom Line

Seeking Alpha Premium costs $239/yr.[6] It's cheaper compared to its competitors. And with its many features, it can really give the most bang for your buck.

There are no extra fees, too, unless you purchase an add-on. You're also not tied to long-term contracts, which makes switching platforms fairly convenient.

To ensure Seeking Alpha is the most worth it, however, just opt for the free trial. Try to grasp the platform and see if it has everything you need.


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