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Seeking Alpha Premium vs Pro

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Seeking Alpha offers two paid plans: Premium and Pro. But which plan is right for you?

Choosing the right Seeking Alpha plan can be a little intimidating. How do you know which one is right for you?

To help you make your decision, we dove into every detail and broke everything down just for you.

Premium vs. Pro

The Seeking Alpha Premium and Pro plans are both great options. But knowing which one is better will depend on who you are as an investor. It'll depend on your specific preferences and needs.

For example, the Seeking Alpha Premium plan is better if you're a long-term investor. It also suits passive investors looking for in-depth analysis and long-term investment opportunities.

On the other hand, if you're an active trader that needs access to real-time data and customized alerts, the Pro plan might suit you more.

Here's a quick breakdown of the differences:

Seeking Alpha PremiumSeeking Alpha Pro
Real-Time Market DataNoneOffers real-time market data
Level of CustomizationCustomized contentCustomized content + personalized email alerts
Type of Research and AnalysisLong-term investment analysisActionable insights for traders
AdsMinimal adsNo ads
Customer ServiceNo personalized supportVIP customer service

What Is Seeking Alpha Premium?

The Premium plan is the most popular paid plan of Seeking Alpha. It provides subscribers with unlimited access to thousands of detailed analyses and ratings on just about every stock out there.

It also includes features like real-time news updates, stock prices and charts, Wall Street ratings, analyst ratings, stock quant ratings, stock dividend grades, and unlimited access to content.

The unlimited content access is actually one of the best parts of this plan since most of the analyses remain locked to non-subscribers.

This plan is primarily for long-term and research-driven investors that like making their own investment decisions (instead of being told which stocks to buy).

Pros + Cons

  • High-quality content
  • High performance of recommended stocks
  • Access to expert analysis
  • Free trial
  • High subscription cost
  • Highly technical
  • Lack of interface customization
  • Some articles may be inaccurate
  • Poor customer service

What Is Seeking Alpha Pro?

Seeking Alpha Pro is a higher plan that offers unlimited access to real-time market data, top ideas from their experts, and Pro member-only newsletters and articles.

It also includes all the features of the Premium plan as well as real-time market data, 4-6 handpicked ideas sent daily, a curated list of short opportunities, and VIP customer service.

This plan is great for active traders who need real-time data and customized alerts for their trades. The catch is that the Pro plan is 10 times more expensive, so if you don't plan on taking advantage of all its benefits, you might as well just stick to the Premium plan.

Is Seeking Alpha Pro worth it?
If you're a long-term investor, it's better to take the Premium plan. Seeking Alpha Pro may not be worth it if you don't trade stocks. If you aren't an active trader, you wouldn't be able to take advantage of many of the Pro features.

Pros + Cons

  • High-quality content
  • Detailed analysis
  • VIP customer service
  • Content filter option
  • Personalized email alerts
  • 14-day free trial
  • Very high subscription cost
  • Opinions can be subjective

Their Similarities

Because the Pro plan has all the perks of the Premium plan, they're bound to have more than a few similarities. Here are a few that are noteworthy:

  1. High-quality investment research and analysis
    Both plans commit to offer high-quality research and investment analysis. They both feature stock ratings and factor grades, with over 10 years of financial data for each stock—which are super helpful when making an informed investment decision.

    They both also offer a ton of educational resources, catering to those who need knowledge and information for their investments.

  2. Community of investors
    Both the Premium and Pro plans give you access to an engaging community of contributors, experts, and fellow investors. This lets you interact with one another and share insights by commenting on the articles and analyses.

    Both plans have over 7,000 authors who contribute over 10,000 stock analyses and ideas each month.

  3. Exclusive Content
    Both plans also offer exclusive content. The Premium plan will have content that only Premium members can see, while there's content on the Pro plan for Pro member eyes only.

Their Differences

Despite all their similarities, the Pro plan's much higher price tag means that there are also a few differences.

  1. Cost
    Starting with the most obvious one, the Pro plan is much more expensive than Premium. While the Premium plan will set you back $239/yr, it'll look small compared to the Pro's $2,400/yr price tag.[1]

  2. Real-time market data
    The access to real-time market data is one of the big differences between both plans.

    The Premium plan doesn't offer real-time market data while the Pro plan does. This includes analyst estimates and historical data. Real-time market data is particularly good for active traders who get in and out of trades within the day or week.

    The Premium plan, on the other hand, only offers real-time market news.

  3. Level of customization
    Another difference is the level of customization. Seeking Alpha Pro provides personalized email alerts but the Premium plan does not.

    What can be customized on the Premium plan are the type of news and articles that show up on your dashboard. Since you'll mainly see news and analyses that may affect your investments, what you'll see will depend on what's in your portfolio.

  4. Type of available research
    The Pro plan's research is focused on giving actionable insights for traders and investors who need to make quick decisions. This includes access to the Ideas Filter, where users can filter content based on various categories.

    On the other hand, Premium is focused on providing long-term investment analysis from its authors and contributors. Its Quant Ratings will give a rating for each stock based on several factors like profitability, momentum, and growth potential.

  5. Ads
    With Seeking Alpha Premium, you'll unfortunately run into a few ads here and there. They're very minimal, but can still get annoying nevertheless.

    On the other hand, Seeking Alpha Pro is a completely ad-free experience.

  6. Customer service
    With Seeking Alpha Premium, you can email customer support for any questions and concerns. You also have a dedicated FAQ page to turn to. However, you won't have any personalized support.

    With the Pro plan, you'll have VIP customer service via email or phone. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can email or call them and they'd be happy to help.

What You Get with Seeking Alpha Premium

The Seeking Alpha Premium plan has a ton of great features for investors. If you're thinking about signing up, here are some features we found interesting:

  1. Market News and Analysis
    The Premium plan offers exclusive (not available to the free plan) news articles and investment analyses.

    It also offers real-time market news and stock analysis email alerts, featuring content related to your portfolio. With this plan, you get unrestricted access to all its content and articles.

  2. Top-Rated Stocks
    Seeking Alpha (SA) Premium offers a list of stocks with the highest ratings. These ratings include SA Authors rating, Wall Street Analysts rating, and Quant rating. Top-rated stocks are usually stocks you'd want to buy and hold long-term.

    There are top-rated stocks in different categories too. With screeners, you can screen stocks according to various classifications like quant ratings, profitability, or industry. This allows you to quickly pick stocks according to your preferences.

  3. Stock Ratings
    Seeking Alpha Premium offers three types of stock ratings to guide your analysis:
    • Wall Street Ratings from Wall Street analysts
    • SA Authors Ratings from Seeking Alpha authors
    • Quant Ratings based on quantitative objective data

    The SA Authors Ratings tell you whether the investors and analysts in the community are leaning more toward buying, holding, or selling a particular stock.

  4. Stock Screeners
    The Premium plan offers preset screeners that enable you to identify the market's most compelling stocks that fit your investment strategy. These preset screeners include Top Financial Stocks, Top Value Stocks, and Most Shorted Stocks, among many others.

    You can also create your own screeners to filter stocks according to your preference.

  5. Investing Groups
    Seeking Alpha Premium offers various investing groups that offer a curated, exclusive experience. Each group provides exclusive real-time investing or trading ideas, direct contact with investment experts, and a community chat room for a comprehensive discussion.

What You Get with Seeking Alpha Pro

With the Pro plan, you get all the perks from the Premium plan plus more. Here are the added features:

  1. Top Ideas
    Get exclusive access to the platform's most well-researched and high-conviction investment ideas from Seeking Alpha experts. This includes the top long (buy) or short (sell) ideas.

    The Pro plan also sends out 4-6 handpicked investment ideas daily and delivers them to you via email.

  2. Ideas Filter
    Seeking Alpha Pro offers unlimited access to investment analysis and content. There are a ton of ideas to read about, so if you're feeling overwhelmed, use the Ideas Filter to help you filter articles and analyses.

    The Ideas Filter can help you sift through thousands of ideas. Filter content by date, ticker, country, quality, type, market cap, investment style, and investment opportunity.

  3. Short Ideas Portal
    The Short Ideas Portal is a curated list of short opportunities. This basically means you get a list of recommended stocks for selling.

  4. Exclusive Newsletters
    Seeking Alpha Pro's exclusive newsletters provide articles on interviews and money-making opportunities.

  5. Pro Screener
    Pro Screener allows you to filter out the noise and quickly see articles written by Pro authors or investment experts.

Is it hard to cancel a Seeking Alpha subscription?[2]
It's not difficult to cancel a Seeking Alpha subscription. You can actually request a cancellation any time. But it will only be canceled after the current billing period, either for monthly or annual subscriptions. To cancel a subscription, just go to the Paid Subscriptions page under the Account Settings.

What Subscribers Are Saying

Still on the fence about which plan to go for? These common user comments might help you might make a decision:

  1. Seeking Alpha Premium
    • On the extensive financial information available:
      "Seeking Alpha has provided me with extensive financial information not just about my portfolio but nearly the entire range of equity investing opportunities. It daily reports on my stocks and has a wealth of information to aid in intelligently guide my investments."[3]

    • On the buy and sell editorials:
      "I like the different editorials. Especially those from both sides of the coin. Then it leaves me to make a decision. Some very good authors and analysis."[4]

    • On the Premium plan's customer service:
      "I was supposedly issued a refund by SA but two weeks later I have seen $0. Got nowhere with the Customer Service rep who tells me to call my bank, which I did and they have not seen any type of refund."

  2. Seeking Alpha Pro
    • On the market outlook updates:
      "I subscribed for the first time in early March 2023. Seeking Alpha Pro always keeps me updated on the market outlook, my portfolio, breaking news, what stocks are worth looking at, etc."[5]

    • On the detailed analysis of individual stocks:
      "Also, one gets a detailed analysis of individual stocks from various analysts. I am very satisfied, and I highly recommend Seeking Alpha Pro."

Customer Service Support

If you have concerns about either of the subscriptions, whether it be about payment or cancellation, you can contact Seeking Alpha via the following channels:

  • Email: subscriptions@seekingalpha.com
  • Phone: +1-347-509-6837

You can contact Seeking Alpha's customer service team from Monday to Friday at 8AM to 5PM (EST).[6]

Bottom Line

The two paid plans of Seeking Alpha both offer useful investing tools. Just remember that Seeking Alpha Premium and Seeking Alpha Pro cater to different kinds of investors. If you want to know which plan is better for you, you first need to know what type of investor you are.

If you're either a short-term or long-term investor, Seeking Alpha Premium might be better for you. If you're an active trader, Seeking Alpha Pro might be a price worth paying.


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