April 7, 2024

How to Buy Miso Robotics Stock

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Looking to buy Miso stock? Despite it still being a private company, there are alternatives you could explore to invest in them early.

Miso Robotics is dominating the restaurant automation industry. They're known for Flippy, the burger-flipping, french-fry-cooking robot.

Flippy is powered by Miso's AI and can work alongside humans to enhance food quality and consistency. It also creates measurable cost savings for restaurants.

Because of their ground-breaking restaurant automation products, many people are eager to invest in Miso Robotics.

In this guide, you'll learn about the different ways you can invest in Miso Robotics before their initial public offering (IPO). You'll also learn about alternative investments in this industry.

Can you buy Miso Robotics Stock?

Retail investors cannot buy Miso Robotics because it remains a private company. However, accredited investors can own shares through equity crowdfunding.[1]

Despite being unable to invest in Miso Robotics directly, you still have alternative ways like secondary markets or indirect investments.

But first, let's talk about investing in Miso Robotics through equity crowdfunding.

An accredited investor is someone who meets one of these requirements:[2]
  • Income exceeds $200,000 (or $300,000 with a spouse/spousal equivalent) in each of the prior 2 years and reasonably expects the same for the current year
  • Net worth over $1 million, either alone or with a spouse/spousal equivalent (excluding the value of primary residence and any loans secured by the residence)
  • A broker or other financial professional holding certain certifications, designations, or credentials in good standing

Are you familiar with investing alternatives for private companies like Miso Robotics?

Invest in Miso Through Equity Crowdfunding

Miso Robotics raises its capital through equity crowdfunding. This is a way for private businesses to get funding from investors through online platforms. In return, investors who contribute receive a share of ownership in the business.

Businesses create a profile on the platform and share their proposal and financial information. From there, investors can use all the details provided and decide whether or not they want to invest.

Miso Robotics usually partners with DealMaker to perform the funding rounds. If investors want to participate, all they need to do is go to their website and create an account.

After completing an offering, Miso may choose to work with DealMaker Securities again for future offerings. Their affiliates may also continue to provide services to Miso. However, note that there's no guarantee that any services will be provided after the offering is over.

To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old. You'll also need to be a verified accredited investor who is a US citizen or resident.

How to Indirectly Invest in Miso Robotics

You can indirectly invest in Miso Robotics by funding employee stock options. Through platforms like Equitybee, accredited investors can get early-stage access to private companies through employee stock option funding.

Here are a few simple steps you can use to access secondary platforms:

  1. Sign up with a secondary platform (e.g. Equitybee)
  2. Verify your accreditation
  3. Browse available offerings
  4. Sign funding agreement (if any) and send funding amount

Equitybee requires a funding agreement. This is the contract between you and the company you're investing in, which includes the offer price, profit percentage, and funding interest.

It's important to note that each secondary platform will have different requirements. The minimum investment can also be pretty high. For example, Equitybee requires a $10,000 minimum.[3]

Buy Miso Robotics Stock Before the IPO Date

Unfortunately, Miso Robotics currently has no plans to go public. There also isn't any news of when they'll have their IPO. However, Miso Robotics pre-IPO stocks are listed on EquityZen and Forge Global.

It's important to note that these pre-IPO offerings will not always be open and available. For the latest updates, be sure to check their respective websites.

If it's available for purchase, here are a few steps you can take to use secondary marketplaces:

  1. Sign up with your chosen platform (e.g. EquityZen)
  2. Verify your accreditation
  3. Browse available offerings
  4. Fund your account and buy shares

Requirements, including minimum investments, can differ between platforms. For example, EquityZen requires a $10,000 minimum.[4] Make sure to check all the requirements before creating an account.

These platforms are generally only open to accredited investors. If you aren't an accredited investor, you may not have access to platforms like EquityZen.

How interested would you be in investing in Miso Robotics if it were to go public?

Why Invest in Miso Robotics?

  1. Market growth
    The global food service market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.79% from 2023 to 2030. This will lead to an increase in demand for food service products and services. More job opportunities could also pop up, increasing market share and revenue.[5]

    Fast food chains like Burger King and McDonald's are also playing a role in this. As it gets more expensive to pay workers, restaurants are turning to robots like Miso's to keep up.

  2. Flippy, the burger-flipping robot
    Miso's flagship product, Flippy, has already been successfully deployed in numerous restaurants across the US, including White Castle and CaliBurger. These deployments have had positive results. White Castle expanded its partnership with Miso by installing Flippy 2 in their 100 standalone locations.[6]

  3. Diversified product portfolio
    Miso isn't just about Flippy. They also have robots like Drippy, which helps make sure hot beverages stay fresh and hot, and Sippy, which pours drinks. This variety helps different restaurants with different needs.

  4. Strong partnerships and industry backing
    Miso has teamed up with important companies like Ecolab and AWS, showing their efforts to upgrade their robots and available solutions.[7]

    Additionally, they've attracted investments from venture capitalists like Hanfield Venture Partners[8], J Heart Ventures[9], and Trousdale Ventures, suggesting confidence in their future success.

What matters most when investing in a private company like Miso Robotics?

What Is Miso Robotic's Valuation?

Although it's a private company, Miso Robotics' valuation is around $500 million as of February 2022.[10] Its recent strategic investment in March 2023 highlights continued investor confidence, closing it with $15 million.[11]

What Are the Alternatives to Miso Robotics Stock?

If you aren't completely sold on Miso Robotics but are still interested in the food service automation market and its potential, here are some alternative options to consider:

  1. Rockwell Automation Inc. (NYSE: ROK)
    Rockwell Automation is the world's largest company exclusively dedicated to industrial automation and information. The company's flagship Allen-Bradley and FactoryTalk product brands are recognized worldwide for their excellence.

  2. Emerson Electric Co. (NYSE: EMR)
    Emerson is a global company that operates on technology, software, and engineering. It offers both industrial and factory solutions with the expertise from AVENTICS.

    The company operates worldwide and markets its products under several brands, including Emerson, Grind2Energy, InSinkErator, ProTeam, and RIDGID.

Bottom Line

Miso Robotics is still privately owned, meaning its shares aren't available to everyone just yet. But that doesn't mean you have to miss out. Here are a few ways you can still get involved:

  • Invest in Miso's employees by funding their stock options through Equitybee.
  • Look into platforms like EquityZen and Forge Global, where you might be able to snag some pre-IPO shares before they go public.

You can also consider investing in publicly traded companies in the automation industry. Invest in companies like Rockwell Automation Inc. or Emerson Electric Co.


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