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Best Portfolio Tracking Apps

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Portfolio tracking apps are a great resource for managing your investments. But how do you choose among the many apps out there?

What are the best portfolio tracking apps?
Here are the 10 best apps for tracking investment portfolio:
  1. Empower: best for net worth tracking
  2. Morningstar: best for professional analysis
  3. Stock Rover: best for interactive investment tracking
  4. Ziggma: best for long-term investors
  5. SigFig: best for AI-powered investment tracking
  6. Sharesight: best for tracking performance reports
  7. Yahoo! Finance: best for real-time market news
  8. Kubera: best for tracking global assets
  9. Quicken Premier: best for investment management
  10. Seeking Alpha: best for investment research

Keeping up to date on the movement of your assets can be a daunting task. Unsure about what's happening to your investments? At a loss on how to manage your varied funds? Use portfolio tracking apps.

How do you manage your investments?

In this guide, we've listed 10 of the best portfolio tracking apps in the market. Read on.

10 Best Portfolio Tracking Apps

A portfolio tracking app helps you manage your investments and track its movement. Check out the apps below and discover what each offers, including pricing and its pros and cons.


Best for Net Worth Tracking

Empower is considered one of the best free portfolio tracking apps. It offers advanced free tools to help you track investments and plan your retirement.

This app syncs any financial asset, including retirement accounts, bank accounts, and credit cards. You can even manually add assets like your car, art, jewelry, etc. Then you can monitor your net worth all in one place.

Empower tracks various investment types, such as stocks, ETFs, bonds, and even crypto. It also provides weekly updates regarding your investments.

But the best part is that it analyzes your current portfolio for free. It tells you how much you're paying in fees and even suggests target allocations to hit your goals. This is great for those who need a checkup to see if you're on the right track.

In addition to its free tools, Empower also has a paid Wealth Management service. An advisor will create and manage a custom portfolio for you based on your goals and life stage. The minimum investment for this service is $100,000.[1]

Features: Investment Checkup, Retirement Planner, Fee Analyzer

Pricing: Free

  • Offers free tools
  • Free investment advice
  • Retirement planner
  • Wealth management service requires $100,000 minimum


Best for Professional Analysis

Morningstar's professional analysis feature is a key highlight of its platform. It manages about $246 billion in assets and has over 220 independent analysts.

It has a team of independent analysts who provide investment insights. They analyze various assets, like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and ETFs. These are helpful in deciding whether to buy or sell specific assets.

It also has analyst reports that go above and beyond the basics. You get Morningstar's exclusive Star Rating, Economic Moat Rating, and Fair Value Estimate. This is great for those who want to delve deep into their portfolios.

Its premium version, Morningstar Investor even offers a portfolio manager to monitor your investment strategy. This is good for you if you don't have much time to manage your own portfolio.

Features: Portfolio Manager, Portfolio X-Ray

Pricing: Free version, Premium: $249/year[2]

  • Provides new investment opportunities
  • 7-day free trial
  • Limited tools in the free version

Stock Rover

Best for Interactive Investment Tracking

Stock Rover is a web-based portfolio tracking app. It works well with Mac and tablet users.

It claims to be "the best investment research platform on the web." It offers stock screeners, stock comparison tools, Earnings Calendar, advanced charting, and analyst ratings to help you make smart investment decisions.

It has a Brokerage Connect feature that connects your portfolios from multiple brokerages. It'll automate holding changes and display your portfolio performance over a certain period.

The Premium version gives you information on over 10 years of detailed financial history. You also get detailed portfolio analysis, Monte Carlo portfolio simulation, rebalancing tools, and more. These are useful tools that can help you assess the status of your investments.

Stock Rover offers about 6,500 stock screening options, giving you more than enough screeners to choose from. It allows you to review 8,500 North American stocks, 4,000 ETFs, and 40,000 mutual funds.[3] This gives you unparalleled market coverage. And you get all that for free.

Features: Brokerage Connect, Stock Screeners, Guru Portfolios

Pricing: Free, Premium: $7.99/month - $27.99/month (14-day free trial)[4]

  • Portfolio monitoring is free
  • Stocks & ETF comparison
  • 500+ financial metrics
  • Watchlist tracking
  • No cryptocurrency tracking
  • The platform can be complex for beginners


Best For Long-term Investors

Ziggma is quickly gaining traction especially among long term investors with its robust suite of wealth management tools. It does the heavy lifting by providing powerful insights into portfolio quality, smart diversification, risk management, and investment income.

This tool also addresses a major pain point, which is tracking multiple holdings. You see, not many portfolio apps can truly help you manage investment accounts across different asset classes.

Using the Aggregate Portfolio view, you see everything in one place. It can easily tell you if you need to rebalance, when your beta risk gets too high, for instance.

If you want to visualize the impact of the next trade you want to do, its unique Portfolio Simulator will be very useful.

You can activate Smart Alerts to set limits to a single stock or sector. The algorithmic stock research is a handy tool providing quick information about each stock.

Although Ziggma offers a free option, some of its premium perks like Top 50 Stock Lists and Model Portfolios are only accessible in the paid subscription. Nonetheless, they save you precious time, which can be worth it.

Features: Portfolio Simulator, Smart Alerts, dividend tracking, stock and ETF screener

Pricing: Free, Premium Plan ($7.49/mo, billed annually)[5]

  • Multiple investment accounts
  • Affordable paid subscription
  • Unique portfolio simulator
  • US stocks only
  • Not ideal for those into short term trading


Best for AI-powered Investment Tracking

SigFig's main service is a robo-advisor, but it also offers a free Portfolio Tracker for all users. You can link up your brokerage accounts and get a real-time view of your investments in a single dashboard.

The portfolio tracker helps you analyze your investments. It'll point out potential issues (like high fees, unbalanced allocations) and give recommendations to maximize your returns.

You can also create a manual portfolio and track holdings you don't yet own. This lets you create a watchlist and see how stocks are performing.

If you do want to use SigFig's robo-investing service, it'll manage your first $10,000 for free (0.25% annual fee after that).[6] This is ideal if you're a hands-off investor who wants to sit back and let SigFig choose your stocks.

This service helps you create a personalized investment plan based on your risk tolerance. It also automatically rebalances your portfolio and reinvests dividends to maintain its optimal allocation.

Features: Portfolio Tracker, Real-time Monitoring, External Analysis, Tax Loss Harvesting

Pricing: Free (optional paid robo-advisory service)

  • Free portfolio tracker
  • Gives personalized portfolio advice
  • High minimum balance to get started
  • No cash management account options


Best for Tracking Performance Reports

Sharesight monitors investment performance using data from over 50 stock exchanges. It easily links to brokerages outside the U.S. This makes monitoring your global investments easy.

Sharesight tracks the price of more than 240,000 stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. It offers customized reports and allows for comparisons to a specific benchmark. This lets you quickly see whether what a good investment asset would be.

This is free for a single portfolio of up to 10 holdings and limited reporting. For those with more than 10 portfolios, Sharesight offers a fee-based service with additional reporting features to meet your specific needs.

A cool feature is the automated dividend tracking. This will automatically reflect share splits and dividends into your portfolio.

There's also a tax reporting feature that saves you time and money during the tax season, as it automatically provides the tax reports you need.

With its premium version, you get additional portfolios, advanced and full reporting, and priority support. This allows you to get the needed assistance faster.

Features: Income Tracking, Future Income Calculator, Dividend Tracker

Pricing: Free version, Premium: $7/month - $23.25/month billed annually[7]

  • Automatic tracking of price and investment performance
  • Links to international brokerages
  • Limited features in free version
  • Limited connection to American brokerages

Yahoo! Finance

Best for Real-time Market News

Yahoo Finance is an all-in-one platform that lets you track currencies, bonds, commodities, and stocks in one place.

It keeps you informed with personalized alerts about important investment information and market movements. You can also track and sync multiple portfolios across devices, ensuring you never miss a beat.

It also offers multiple screeners such as equity screener, mutual fund screener, ETF screener, futures screener, and index screener. You can easily filter stocks and other assets so you only see those that match your preference.

Its premium version, Yahoo Finance Plus, provides advanced portfolio analytics, research reports, trade ideas, and exclusive alerts. This allows you to be up-to-date on any changes in the market.

Features: Currency Tracking, Customized Alerts, Analyst Ratings

Pricing: Free, Premium: $20.83/month - $29.16/month, billed annually[8]

  • Easy-to-use design
  • Has third-party research reports
  • Encounters problem with linking to brokers
  • Expensive premium plan


Best for Tracking Global Assets

Kubera is an advanced portfolio tracker. With Kubera, you can connect with over 20,000 banks and brokerages worldwide, making it ideal if you're a global investor.

It supports major stock exchanges across the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. This allows you to add tickers to track virtually all listings in the world.

Kubera essentially tracks your total net worth across your various assets. Besides stocks, you can also track other assets like your home, vehicles, domains, crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and precious metals.

It also offers real-time reporting with a fully customizable dashboard. This allows you to stay on top of your investments while visualizing charts according to your preferences.

Features: Cryptocurrency Tracker, Customizable Spreadsheets, Legacy Planning Tools

Pricing: $150/year[9]

  • Connects to over 20,000 banks and brokers
  • Automatic asset entry
  • No ads
  • Lacks portfolio analysis
  • Limited charts and graphs

Quicken Premier

Best for Investment Management

Quicken has been a trusted personal finance platform for over 40 years. It has a strong user base of over 20 million people. You'll have to get its Premier plan in order to track investments.

One of the best features is the Morningstar X-Ray tool (for Windows users only). This tool offers a complete breakdown of your portfolio, including asset allocation, fees, diversification, and stock statistics. With this, you can easily identify and make necessary adjustments.

It also estimates your capital gains and offers buy/sell simulations. You can see your tax implications if you were to sell an investment.

With Quicken Premier, you can connect all your personal and investment accounts and view it all in one dashboard. It connects to over 14,000 financial institutions. It tracks IRAs, 401(k)s, bonds, options, ETFs, and mutual funds. This is for you if you have diverse assets.

In addition, you can pay your bills and prepare for taxes. It auto-generates tax reports and offers insights to maximize tax savings. With this, you can do much more than just portfolio tracking.

Features: Stock Watch Lists, Morningstar Portfolio X-ray, Tax Management, Morningstar Fund Ratings, What-If Analysis

Pricing: $6.99/month, billed annually for Quicken Premier[10]

  • Almost every feature is customizable
  • Has phone and chat service support
  • Integrates with Morningstar
  • No ads
  • Importing transactions can be troublesome

Seeking Alpha

Best for Investment Research

Seeking Alpha is the Yelp of stocks. It offers stock ratings and factor grades for 5,600+ stocks. It's also a community where seasoned investors share their insights and recommendations.

With the free version, you can upload your stocks for a free portfolio health check. This tool will grade your portfolio, identify strengths & weaknesses, and even give buy/sell recommendations.

If you upgrade to Seeking Alpha Premium, you can link your brokerage accounts and monitor your investments in real time. It also includes insightful stock ratings and stock screeners to help guide investment decisions.

If you need research and investment data to complement your portfolio tracking, this app is for you.

Features: Top-rated Stocks, Stocks Ratings, Stocks Screeners

Pricing: Free, Premium: $239/year - $2,400/year[11]

  • Free trial
  • Offers Stock Quant Ratings, SA Authors Ratings & Wall Street Analysts Ratings
  • No ads
  • Content can be too technical
  • Brokerage account linking only available in Premium accounts

What is the best way to track your portfolio?
The best way to track your portfolio is by using an app that can compile multiple portfolios from various brokerages.

What Is a Portfolio Tracking App?

A portfolio tracking app is a software that allows you to manage your financial assets and portfolio performance.

This is particularly beneficial if you have investment portfolios in various brokerages.

Portfolio tracking apps show asset allocation, fees, funds, and even projected future growth.

It shows which stocks you own, including the number of shares and the profit or loss for each. This may also include mutual funds, exchange traded funds, or index funds.

How often should I check and track my portfolio?
You may check your portfolio once a year or once in six months. It's also fine to check it once a month. You just need to be wary of your emotions when you see that your portfolio is in the red. Checking it often may cause you to sell your assets instead of waiting for your assets to bounce back.

How often do you check your portfolio's performance?

Now, should everyone use a portfolio tracking app? Read below to see if you'll benefit.

Who Should Use Portfolio Tracking Apps

Portfolio tracking apps are particularly beneficial to:

  • Investors who have multiple investments
  • Investors who have portfolios in different brokerages
  • DIY investors who handle their own investments

If you don't have any investments or don't manage your own portfolio, then a portfolio tracking app may not be useful to you.

Can I track my own portfolio?
Yes, you can. That's what portfolio tracking apps are for. Tracking your own portfolio allows you to have a holistic picture of all your investments, especially if you have different assets and brokerages.

How to Choose the Best Portfolio Tracking Apps

The best portfolio tracking app for you will depend on your goals, preferences, and needs. When choosing one, consider the following:

  1. Goal
    Choose a portfolio tracking app that aligns with your main goal, considering features as a bonus.

    Here are some possible goals or targets:

    • Learn more about investing
    • Automate your investing
    • Manage your portfolio

    If you aim to learn about investing, opt for an app with free research-driven content like Seeking Alpha. You can start with free offers before considering a paid Premium plan. And if you want more after exploring the free features, you can subscribe to the upgraded version.

  2. Preference
    Aside from goals, your preference is another aspect to consider. A clear preference would help you decide which tracking app to choose based on its other features.

    For example, your goal is to learn more about investing, and you prefer bite-sized content. So based on that goal and preference, you choose an app that offers that.

    If you want to track your portfolio and prefer an app that can track cryptocurrency, Kubera may just be right for you.

  3. Needs
    Lastly, aside from goals and preferences, needs would be another consideration. Do you need help with tax management?

    Consider what you need and choose the portfolio tracking app that best meets that need.

Are portfolio tracking apps safe?
Portfolio tracking apps are safe. It doesn't make changes to your financial assets. It only shows the current market price and the status of your portfolio. These apps also use two-factor authentication and/or encryption for security.

Which feature of a portfolio tracking app do you need the most?

Methodology: How We Came Up With the List

This list of the best portfolio-tracking apps was chosen based on several factors. First would be the cost. Portfolio tracking apps shouldn't take money from us. Instead, it should help us earn more.

It is a tool to help us manage our investments better. Thus, we chose apps that have a free version. Most of the apps listed above are free or have a free trial.

The ease of use was also taken into consideration. Portfolio tracking apps shouldn't be too complex or complicated. It has to be easy to use.

In addition, we also considered the investment management tools that the app offers. For instance, some apps have a tax management feature or a stocks screener. Those features are helpful when you're handling investments yourself.

Is a portfolio tracking app hard to use?
Most portfolio-tracking apps are easy to use. These apps normally give instructions on navigating them, so you won't get lost inside the app.

What the Experts Say

CreditDonkey asked a panel of industry experts to answer readers' most pressing questions on portfolio tracking apps. Here's what they said:

Bottom Line

Portfolio tracking apps give you a holistic picture of the movement of your investments. You can see all your financial assets in just one place. This is particularly useful to those who have investments in multiple brokerages.

Knowing the cost and features you're looking for when choosing a portfolio-tracking app is important. You can start with the free apps. Then move to the premium version later if you are not satisfied with the free version.

Regardless of which portfolio tracking app you choose, the important thing is you know what's happening to your investments.


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