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Best Dividend Trackers

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Struggling to manage all of your dividend-paying stocks? Then a dividend tracker may be just what you're looking for.

Dividend-paying stocks are a great addition to your portfolio. After all, appreciation only goes so far.

But they can make it tricky to calculate your returns.

Enter: Dividend trackers.

With the right dividend tracking tool, managing your portfolio will be easier than ever. Read on to find the right one for you, plus FAQs about dividend tracking.

What does a dividend tracker do? Dividend trackers keep track of your dividend yield. They also help you keep tabs of your taxable and retirement accounts, offer easy-to-read snapshots of important data, helpful dividend calculators, and more.

Why do you need a dividend tracker?

Top Dividend Tracking Tools

Below, take a look at some of the best dividend trackers on the market. Be sure to review the features and fees of each to find the software that suits you best.

Empower: Best Free Tracker

Empower isn't a dedicated dividend tracker, but it does offer free dividend tracking and tons of other features.

With Empower, you can link your banking and investment accounts to see all your financial data in one place. They'll connect you with an advisor who will help you build a plan to achieve a solid financial future.

Dividend tracking is one of many services they offer. Their portfolio tracking feature will adjust your investments to your desired risk level, send you notifications, and even suggest rebalancing.


  • Free
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Dividend Tracker
  • Risk Assessment and Rebalancing
  • Alerts and Notifications

Sharesight: Best Tax Reporting

Sharesight is a stock portfolio tracker with a range of free and paid options, starting at $15 per month. This app is available for both mobile devices and desktop, and offers a variety of features for managing your investment portfolios.

Sharesight makes it easy to track your investments, offering a helpful breakdown of your past 20 years of investing once you connect your accounts. The standout feature is their tax reporting.

They list out all your net dividends, tax credits, deductions, and more, to make filing easy regardless of what your portfolio is like or where you're located.


  • Free and paid plans ($9.33, $24, or $31 per month)[1]
  • Tax Reporting Features
  • Desktop and Mobile app
  • Dividend Tracker

Track Your Dividends: Dividend Safety Scores

Track Your Dividends (sometimes called TYD) is a dedicated dividend tracker. It offers both a free plan and a premium plan that costs $9.99 per month.

The free plan offers a range of useful tools for managing your dividend-paying stock portfolio. You can link one investment account or enter unlimited portfolios manually. You also get dividend alerts, a dividend calculator, value projections, and diversification analysis.

Their paid plan lets you link an unlimited number of accounts, set hand-picked dividend alerts, and gives you access to TYD Dividend Safety Scores, which can help you choose the right investments.

It's got a range of other analytical tools as well, including stock analysis and a dividend screener. You get priority from their support team, and there are no ads in the paid version.


  • Dedicated Dividend Tracker
  • Custom Alerts
  • Dividend Calculator
  • Analytical Tools
  • Dividend Safety Score
  • Dividend Screener

Robinhood: Track and Invest

If you're into investing, then you've likely heard of Robinhood. Robinhood is an investing platform rather than a dividend tracker, but it does offer some dividend tracking capabilities.

Dividends on Robinhood are processed automatically, with cash dividends credited directly to your account. You can choose to have your dividends automatically reinvested through the app as well.

It's easy to view your dividend history on Robinhood's app via the Statements and History page. This shows all dividends paid within the last 30 days and those pending.

If you're looking for a detailed breakdown of your dividends through multiple investment accounts, Robinhood is not your best choice.


  • Dividend History
  • Invest in Stocks, Options, and ETFs commission-free

Finbox: Best Stock Research

Finbox is a stock research tool that also offers dividend tracking capabilities through a Google Sheets add-on. If you're looking for deep analysis on an wide range of stocks plus portfolio management tools, then Finbox may be right for you.

They have a free plan, as well as paid plans ($25 or $66 per month, billed annually) with more robust features. The basic plan offers analysis of a range of metrics for stocks, unlimited watchlists, screener filters, a range of financial models, and charting tools.


  • Financial data for 100,000+ stocks
  • Analytical tools
  • Watchlists
  • Export data from online tools
  • Screener filters
  • Free and paid plans
  • Dividend Tracker

Yahoo! Finance: Market News and Portfolio Management

Yahoo! Finance is a popular online source for finance and business news, but they also offer portfolio management tools, including a dividend tracker.

Yahoo! Finance has free and paid versions (Yahoo! Finance Plus). They offer advanced analytical tools and charting, portfolio analytics to help you track investment diversity, annual performance, risk profile, valuation, and more.

Independently compiled research reports provide deep analysis on companies, and they'll even provide suggestions for new investments. To track your dividends through Yahoo! Finance, you can link your brokers and get a breakdown through your personal portfolio page.


  • Financial News
  • Analytical tools and charting
  • Detailed research reports
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Dividend Tracker
  • Free and Paid options

Looking for more portfolio management tools? This guide can help you find the right program to get the most out of your investments.

Dividend.com: Model Dividend Portfolios

If dividends are a major part of your portfolio, then you may want to opt for a dedicated, dividend-oriented platform like Dividend.com.

They offer a range of specialized tools that not only keep track of your dividends and portfolio, but also help optimize them for the highest returns.

Dividend.com's productivity tools help you estimate future income via payout estimates, create dividend watchlists, provide in-depth analysis on dividends, and see any future changes.

They have lists of monthly dividends, dividends by sector, and model portfolios to help you maximize yield, returns, growth, or risk, depending on your preferences.

Their premium plan costs $199 per year.[2]


  • Model portfolios for all investor types
  • Best Sector Dividend Stocks, Best Monthly Dividend Stocks, and Best Dividend Capture lists
  • Dividend Watchlists
  • Dividend Ratings
  • News and Research
  • Dividend Tracker
  • Free and Premium plans

Simply Safe Dividends: Best for Long-Term Investors

Simply Safe Dividends is a dedicated tool with a rather high price point of $499 per year.

Their goal is to help you identify stable investments through a variety of tools, including Dividend Safety Scores, growth tracking year over year, diversification metrics, an income calendar, a timeliness scale, and more.

You can connect your brokerage accounts or import data via spreadsheets, receive email alerts regarding changes and new research, track dozens of metrics, screen investment ideas, set watch lists, and view all your investment accounts in one place.

While Simply Safe Dividends is more expensive than many of their competitors, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial to see if it's right for you.


  • Dividend Safety Scores
  • Timeliness score
  • Dozens of metrics
  • Dividend tracker
  • Income calendar
  • Connect multiple accounts
  • $499 per year

SigFig Portfolio Tracker: Best for Hands-Off Investors

SigFig offers both a free portfolio tracker and a managed account.

The free tracker can sync with your investment accounts so you can see all your financials in once place. You also get breakdowns of fees, holdings, and key metrics, and recommendations to improve your account performance.

The managed account adds phone support, an investment advisor, rebalancing, reinvesting, tax loss harvesting tools, and more. It's free to use up to $10,000, with a $2,000 minimum balance, but after that they charge a 0.25% annual fee.[3]


  • Portfolio tracking
  • Dividend tracker
  • Free portfolio tracker or paid managed account
  • Performance metrics
  • Investment recommendations
  • Rebalancing, reinvesting, and tax loss harvesting tools

Stock Rover: Best for Advanced Reporting

Stock Rover is an investment management platform, so it can run in-depth reports about your dividends.

With Stock Rover, you can link your brokerage accounts. Then, you can create reports about your holdings, including your dividends, from their database of over 700 metrics. They even have historical data going back 10+ years.

You can use tools like the Dividend Industry Percentiles to rank your dividend investments against other companies. Or look for new investments with their pre-built Dividend Growth Screener.


  • Free & paid plans ($7.99, $17.99, or $27.99 per month)[4]
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Dividend tracking
  • Pre-built & custom screeners
  • Free accounts let you get started easily
  • Rebalancing & correlation tools

What to Look for in a Dividend Tracker

There are several key features to look for in a good dividend tracker. Here's what to consider when finding a quality product.

A reasonable price for a dividend tracker will depend entirely on your needs. If you're only tracking a small portfolio of dividends stocks, it's likely that a free tracker will work for you.

But if you have many dividend stocks, a paid or premium service may be worth it. You may even earn more dividends, as a good tracker can increase both your dividend yields and the performance of your dividend portfolio in the long term.

Tracking Multiple Accounts
It would be nice if our entire portfolio was visible on just app or platform, but life tends to be messier.

Between taxable accounts and retirement accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s, and the accounts of family members, a good tracker should be able to handle multiple accounts.

Dividend Calculators
Dividend calculators help project the future values of your portfolio with reinvested dividends, as well as changes to your portfolio yield due to payouts or proposed changes in company holdings.

Stock Alerts
Good decision-making involves knowing when dividends are projected to increase, decrease, or be eliminated altogether. Luckily, many dividend trackers will give you real-time stock alerts so you can act accordingly.

Many dividend trackers will offer quick, easy-to-digest snapshots of valuable info, such as dividend yields and growth histories, the dates and dollar amounts of dividends paid, and ex-dividend dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to track dividends?
The best way to track dividends is through a dividend tracker, and luckily, some of them are free.

What sort of dividend tracker you'll need depends on the number of dividend-paying stocks in your portfolio and how spread out your portfolio is over multiple accounts.

If you have more than one investment account, or a large number of dividend-paying stocks, a dividend tracker can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Which are the best free dividend trackers?
Empower, Sharesight, and Track Your Dividends are all popular dividend trackers that are either free, or offer free options.

Take a look at our comparisons above and see which suits you best, as the best dividend tracker for one person may not be the same for another.

Are dividend trackers safe to use?
If you choose a reputable platform, you shouldn't have any concerns regarding the safety of your stocks, your money, or your data.

Dividend tracking programs won't have direct access to your accounts in a way that allows them to make transfers, purchases, or sales. As long as you're conscious of what info you're entering when you sign up, and not sharing anything that isn't reasonable, you should be safe.

Bottom Line: Which is the Best Dividend Tracker?

Ultimately, the best dividend tracker will depend on your individual needs. If you're looking for a free tool that tracks your entire financial situation and happens to include dividends, then a tool like Empower might be right for you.

On the other hand, if you want a dedicated tool, Track Your Dividends is a low-cost option, while Simply Safe Dividends provides more for a higher price point.

No one tool is going to be right for everyone, so before you sign up, it's important to do your research. It's only when you're fully informed that you're going to be able to make the best choice for your financial future.


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Why do you need a dividend tracker?
45% To check my total returns
12% Dividend tax implications
42% To track the performance of each dividend stock
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