May 12, 2024

How to Promote OnlyFans

From leveraging your social media accounts to using paid advertisements, learn the ways of effective self-promotion on OnlyFans.

Want to turn your OnlyFans into a veritable income stream? Two words: strategic marketing.

It doesn't matter whether you've been doing this for a while or just about to hit the ground running. A shameless plug here and there can go a long way.

Discover promotional techniques that can help elevate your presence and maximize your OnlyFans income.

Can I Be Successful On OnlyFans Without Promoting?

It is still possible to achieve OnlyFans success without promotions, especially if you have pre-existing fame like Hollywood celebrities.

But let's face it: that won't likely be the case for the average individual. For one, OnlyFans does not have native marketing tools, such as a search button, to be discoverable.

Although their homepage features the latest creator posts, it's done sparingly. And besides, it's hard to land a spot when competing with more than 3 million creators,[1] most of whom are in the adult space.

So, even if you have an OnlyFans page, there's practically no way for active users to know it exists if you don't promote it on other social media platforms like X, TikTok, and Instagram. More on them later.

Can you promote OnlyFans without social media?
In case you have no social media accounts, either you start one or consider paid advertising to promote your OnlyFans. Reach out to more established creators to put in a good word for you with a shoutout. You can also join online communities or forums like Reddit and engage with other members.

How Do You Grow and Promote OnlyFans?

Social media marketing is key for OnlyFans growth. Here's how to promote OnlyFans on various platforms and strategies you can experiment with as a creator.

How do you gauge the success of your OnlyFans promotion?


Reddit is a platform where direct users can participate in discussions, share content, and discover various topics. This online community is organized into subreddits. These are spaces with narrowed-down subjects that many creators use to promote OnlyFans pages.

The beauty of Reddit is you don't need a social media following to be promoted algorithmically within the platform. Instead, your post can appear on hot or top lists based on upvotes, similar to likes.

How to build Reddit for OnlyFans:

  • Sign up for an NSFW account and get verified on Reddit.
  • Place your OnlyFans link on your Reddit bio.
  • Build your Karma and account age (usually at least 30 days).
  • Interact with other Redditors on any subreddits that interest you.
  • Choose up to 10 subreddits that apply to your OnlyFans niche.
  • Read the community guidelines on each subreddit you want to engage in.
  • Post teaser OnlyFans content on subreddits that allow them.

Reddit Karma is the number of points you gain from participating in subreddits through commenting on posts, upvoting, or downvoting.[2] Many subreddits require an undisclosed amount of Karma before you can post in them.

Bear in mind that Reddit is usually a slow burn. As top OnlyFans creator Kayla suggests, don't overwhelm the subreddits with multiple posts just yet.[3] Instead, it's better to ease into the community. Start with only 1 to 2 daily posts in the first several weeks and build from there.

If you're an adult content creator, try posting on SFW subreddits, too. Get creative with posts showing another side of you that could interest viewers. It may prompt them to check your Reddit profile and click on your OnlyFans link. Comment on other posts as well but do it naturally.

What is the best subreddit for OnlyFans?
While widely viewed subreddits seem ideal, there is no such thing as the best subreddit for an OnlyFans creator. Note that each one may yield different results for different individuals. Nonetheless, it's often recommended for beginners to go for smaller but relevant subreddits to get better traction.

X (formerly Twitter)

Even during its Twitter days, X is an NSFW-friendly platform. No wonder it has become the top source among social media platforms, driving traffic to OnlyFans.[4] Hence, many creators take advantage of this opportunity as they can post their more daring content without fear of getting banned.

Pro tip: Don't forget to watermark your photos to prevent others from stealing them. In addition, adjust your X settings for any adult content you will post as Sensitive.

Aside from posting photos, gifs, and videos consistently, here are popular X tools to optimize its vast reach of over 540 million users.[5]

  • Hashtags - Keywords used to be more searchable on X.
  • DMs - Direct messages sent in private.
  • Reply posts - Used to engage on X posts.
  • X ads - Paid advertising on relevant posts of other X users.
  • Threads - Tweets/posts that are interconnected.
  • Subscriptions - Support X creators by paying their subscription fee for exclusive content.
  • Polls - Get the pulse of the OnlyFans community to burning questions/issues.

X users, especially those who are heavily engaged with their followers, can now monetize their Twitter account through a paid subscription.[6]

OnlyFans model Katie says that around 25% of her OnlyFans subscribers came from X.[7] Like Reddit, focus on interactions to get the most from the platform. You can even start a retweet challenge for followers in exchange for a free trial of your OnlyFans for one month or more.


TikTok is not exactly accommodating to adult themes, but it doesn't mean you can't get around it. As an OnlyFans creator, you want to tap its massive user base of over 1 billion globally.[8] If you do it right, it can make a difference in your OnlyFans subscriber count.

So the question is, how do you discreetly promote OnlyFans on TikTok? Start by posting your Instagram link on your profile, not your OnlyFans link. Use a link-in tool like Beacons or Linktree to indicate all your socials, including OnlyFans. This is the one you will post on your Instagram profile.

TikTok relies on algorithms to determine which post it will promote. This means that you can be a copycat of something trendy, for example, and get practically the same boost for your media.

In any case, post at least twice a day and do it consistently. But it turns out that timing for spicy content is also crucial. According to Roula, an OnlyFans coach, don't miss posting anywhere between 7:30 and 11:30 pm.[9] It has been observed that viewers tend to actively look for NSFW media during these times.

What's unique about TikTok is how "non-engagement" during a live stream can actually earn it more views. Yes, ignore your comments. Ironically, such a strategy can put you in a position of power where viewers tend to clamor for your attention by commenting more. This signals TikTok to push out your content, helping you reach more eyeballs.


Just like TikTok, Instagram does not allow direct OnlyFans promotion in their space (or risk your account being suspended). Nonetheless, it seems to tolerate racy pictures as long as you don't go all the way.[10]

When you look at OnlyFans mega creator Monica Huldt's Instagram page, the sexual content it has is practically screaming OnlyFans. Her photos and reels are well-curated and professionally taken—no nudes. But it's enough to signal her fans to check out the Linktree on her bio.

It looks like shadowbanning on Instagram is real, limiting your reach even to your own followers. This may happen when you violate a guideline or do anything perceived as inappropriate, such as aggressively DMing your followers or using explicit hashtags.

Make sure to post content that doesn't go against Instagram policies. Nonetheless, some influencers claim they can flash their OnlyFans link in their Stories without negative consequences. However, try this at your own risk.

What if you want to promote your OnlyFans secretly? Create another Instagram account using your trade name. This way, you can prevent outing yourself to family and friends.


Despite its shortcomings in the marketing department, there are a few things you can use on OnlyFans to set you up for success. One is the Promotional Campaign option in your profile settings.[11]

You can set limited-time discounts up to 90% on your subscription or enable a free trial.[12] Alternatively, you can market your content by creating a free OnlyFans page. This is where you can feature teasers, such as censored versions of what new subscribers can unlock with your paid account.

OnlyFans TV (OFTV) is a free video streaming service open to the public. Verified creators can pitch themselves to be part of its more wholesome programming, including fitness, cooking, and sports.[13] Viewers can easily click your OnlyFans page link, usually posted on the video description box.

Provide unique tracking links on your socials. Aside from knowing where your fans or profile visits come from, you'll know which platform or campaign drives the most traffic to your page.[14] This will help you adjust your OnlyFans marketing if you have to.


Although it does not allow sexually explicit videos, YouTube is still a great platform for OnlyFans promotion. It is used by over 2 billion people worldwide.[15] Just make sure to place a content warning when posting videos with adult themes.

ER nurse Adele says that most of her OnlyFans followers discovered her on her YouTube channel.[16] Like her, you can document your OnlyFans journey by being raw and forthcoming in your presentations.

YouTube also works for OnlyFans coaching. If you are an established creator, videos containing tips and tricks can kick your referral income into high gear. It seems YouTube is OK with posting your referral link on your video description, but not the direct link to your OnlyFans page.

OnlyFans boasts a referral program where you get 5% of the referred creator's income.[17] This incentive applies in the first 12 months or if you have reached the cap of $50,000 in commission, whichever comes first.

Which platform is most effective for promoting your OnlyFans content?

Other Ways to Do Your OnlyFans Marketing

Aside from leveraging your existing socials, here are several more tactics you can use to promote your OnlyFans.

SEO strategies and analytics tools

If you think you don't need SEO on OnlyFans, you couldn't be more wrong.

While it's quite a challenge to be discoverable on the OnlyFans platform itself, you can still be on Google. You must realize that the same search algorithms apply even to your OnlyFans page. Thus, you can benefit tremendously if you optimize your OnlyFans SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is maximizing your website to increase its visibility on search engine results pages (SERP). Simply put, you want your page attractive enough to land a good if not the top spot on Google when people look for something related to your content.

Place keywords strategically throughout your page, whether that's on your bio or content as hashtags. In fact, you can start with your OnlyFans handle.

Take the keywords "OnlyFans Asian girl" as an example. OnlyFans creator "Asian-good-girl" benefitted from incorporating it into her username. Her OnlyFans profile shows up on the first page of Google results.

While you're at it, you can try using third-party analytics tools like FansMetric and CreatorHero. These tools can help you track your page views, earnings, followers, and other vital metrics. They can provide you with data to make informed decisions about your content creation and marketing strategy.


The OnlyFans creator community is often a friendly and helpful one. Choose creators with a similar following and ask if you can collaborate on an OnlyFans video post or live stream.

Likewise, you can arrange for an SFS (Shoutout For Shoutout) without having to pay for it. You promote the influencer, and they return the favor. It's a win-win for both.

OnlyFans agency

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to take on everything about your OnlyFans, especially the marketing aspect. Or perhaps you are not reaching your money goals on the platform. This is where you can consider the services of an OnlyFans agency.

Many marketing agencies offer a complete line of services that include OnlyFans management, social media consulting, and other tools to help you succeed.

OnlyFans management agencies typically get a cut from 20% to as much as 80% of your OnlyFans net income.[18] Others will ask you to pay a set monthly fee for their services.

Pay for Shoutouts

If you can't get an SFS, especially if you're new to OnlyFans, why not pay for one? Other OnlyFans creators actively sell shoutouts, which can help gain followers for the other.

Fees range from $5 to $300, depending on how big the influencer is, where you'll post the shoutout, and how long it will be visible.[19] Pick one in your niche with a moderate fan base whose fee you can afford.

Explore dating apps

Believe it or not, you can leverage Bumble, Tinder, or any of those online dating apps for your OnlyFans promotion!

These platforms are often overlooked, to think; the odds of organic discovery are pretty high in them. Your dating matches could be your potential subscribers.

But just like with most social media profiles, it's always a good practice not to oversell your OnlyFans to protect your privacy and prevent you from getting banned on the platform.

Sign Up on Other Websites

For adult content, consider joining adult websites only if you're down with it. See what others are doing and decide what you want to post. Remember, visitors to such sites (there are a lot, by the way) are probably the best fans you would want to gain for your OnlyFans.

Email Marketing

You can build your customer email database by providing an opt-in link on your Facebook or Instagram (or both) profile. This way, you can launch targeted email campaigns, such as promoting your OnlyFans subscription or PPV to audiences outside the platform.

Offline Marketing

Try thinking outside the box, just like OnlyFans creator Steph Mi. She advertised her OnlyFans link on an airplane banner. It flew over Churchill Downs during the 2023 Kentucky Derby.[20] This bold stunt likely helped her bag an OFTV series after that.

Be Patient

Some OnlyFans creators who execute promotional strategies in the first several weeks find themselves giving up since they don't see any improvement right away.

While some may have seen results quicker than others, it didn't happen overnight for top OnlyFans stars like Alanah Cole. Instead of waving the white flag, she kept at it and eventually got rewarded financially.[21]


What is OnlyFans marketing?
OnlyFans marketing consists of tasks and strategies primarily to boost your OnlyFans page. It is typically done through social media accounts and other means like paid advertisements and limited-time discount offers.

Should I promote my OnlyFans?
Yes, you must promote your OnlyFans account to potentially succeed on the platform. Marketing plays a crucial role in building your following and enhancing your income. OnlyFans creators are practically undiscoverable online without using social media channels.

How do you get more subscribers on OnlyFans?
One way to increase your fan base on OnlyFans is to promote it on other social media accounts and potentially convert some of your followers there. If you have zero following, start creating content regularly.

How likely is it to make money on OnlyFans?
There is potential to earn on OnlyFans with its monetization tools for creators, such as subscriptions, pay-per-views, and tips. Posting high-quality content in your chosen niche and effectively promoting your OnlyFans account can attract users to your page.

Can I pay someone to promote my OnlyFans?
Yes, paid advertising is often used by OnlyFans accounts. Aside from paying for shoutouts from more prominent influencers, you can join an OnlyFans agency that usually does the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing and management.

Bottom Line

Promoting your OnlyFans consists primarily of strategically marketing your content on multiple social media accounts. Otherwise, it may be challenging for you to grow your OnlyFans page since this platform has limited marketing tools.

Once you have driven fans to your OnlyFans profile, post compelling content consistently and maintain engagement to keep them happy.

Remember to be patient and realize that promoting your OnlyFans is going to be a continuous process. Nonetheless, it can be a rewarding one.

What is your preferred method of promotion?


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