April 24, 2023

Best LLC Services

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If you need help starting an LLC, using a formation service can be your best bet. Discover the 9 best LLC services and their offers in this article.

Who is best to set up an LLC?
The best companies that offer LLC services are:

  1. ZenBusiness for small businesses
  2. Northwest Registered Agent for privacy protection
  3. LegalZoom for low-cost legal services
  4. Incfile for quick processing
  5. Rocket Lawyer for comprehensive legal assistance
  6. Inc Authority for free services
  7. Swyft Filings for hands-on support
  8. BizFilings for expert service
  9. MyCompanyWorks for new businesses

Starting an LLC can seem daunting.

You might not be familiar with the laws AND the fact that they differ in every state.

What if you do business in multiple states? Imagine the headache.

But that's where LLC formation services come in.

They can help you start an LLC without going through the painstaking process yourself.

Let's talk about the best ones to help you choose. Read on.

What are LLC services and how do they work?

LLC services are companies that help business owners form their LLCs. They usually charge a fee in addition to state fees.

They know the formation process in different states. And they can handle every step for you. This includes verifying your business name's availability to filing your formation documents.

Just give them the necessary information about your business and pay the fees. They'll handle the rest.

What type of LLC is best?
A single-member LLC is best if you're a sole proprietor. It's easy to set up with less paperwork required. And as the name suggests, multi-member LLCs are best for companies with more than 1 owner.

Also, Domestic LLCs are better if you're forming one in the state where your business operates. It's simpler than registering a foreign LLC, which can cost more and has additional requirements.

Top 9 LLC Services

An LLC formation service is undoubtedly a more convenient option if you want to start an LLC. But which one should you choose for your business?

Here are the top 9 options you can check out:

1. ZenBusiness: Best for Small Businesses

  • Straightforward pricing
  • Customizable plans
  • Variety of business services
  • Registered agent services cost extra
  • Charges extra for EIN applications

ZenBusiness is one of the more popular LLC services available. And they have helped more than 400,000 businesses with their needs since launching in 2015. They're great for small businesses because they offer reliable formation services at a reasonable price.

All of their plans come with the following standard features:

  • Business name availability search
  • Preparation and filing of your LLC paperwork
  • Access to your documents via an online dashboard
  • Free accounting consultation
  • Customer support via phone or email

Their more expensive plans include extra features, like a free year of Worry-Free Compliance Services, expedited processing, and guided operating agreements.


  • Starter: $0 + state fees (one-time fee only)
  • Pro: $199 + state fees (renews annually)
  • Premium: $299 + state fees (renews annually)

ZenBusiness has a handy online calculator that will help you compute how much it'll cost and how long it'll take per state.

Why We Like It:
ZenBusiness' prices are straightforward. You'll know exactly how much you have to pay. There's no need to worry about hidden fees or surprise charges.

They also allow you to build your own plan if none of their ready-made packages have what you need. This is great if you only want to pay for the features you use. Or if you prefer more personalized services.

They offer a good selection of other business services, from registered agent services to annual compliance filing. So it's a great option if you only want one platform for everything.

ZenBusiness is a public benefit company. This means they're geared toward giving back to the community, even if they charge customers for their services.

Forming an LLC means going public with your business. This next option can help you have some privacy back.

2. Northwest Registered Agent: Best for Privacy Protection

  • Excellent customer support
  • Transparent pricing
  • Convenient checkout process
  • EIN application costs extra
  • Costly base price

Northwest Registered Agent is an LLC service great for privacy protection. It doesn't sell your customer's data to third-party companies.

The public won't know your company's sensitive information. And you won't get any unwanted adverts.

There's only 1 paid plan, which comes with the following features:

  • Business name availability search
  • Preparation and filing of LLC formation documents
  • 1-year registered agent service (renews annually)
  • Dedicated business address
  • Annual compliance reminders and filing
  • Access to online resources and tools about LLC formation

Like ZenBusiness, you can get other services at an extra cost. These include EIN applications, virtual office access, trademark registrations, business phone services, etc.


  • Free account: $0 + state fees
  • Paid LLC formation service: $225 + state fees

Northwest's free account gives you access to their library of formation tools and resources. But you have to handle the entire process yourself.

Why We Like It:
Northwest Registered Agent started with registered agent services as their main offer. But they have since expanded their list to accommodate different business needs. This includes LLC formation in all 50 states.

The company prides itself on being a family-owned business. And their main goal is to help entrepreneurs establish their businesses with no problem. They're a good choice if you're looking for a service with a more personable approach toward their clients.

Also, there are lots of positive reviews for the company. You can count on their customer support. They deliver high-quality services, even after years in the industry.

Did you know?
When you form an LLC, some of your company's details (like its official business address) will become part of the public record. But with Northwest, you get a dedicated business address you can use in all public forms. You don't have to disclose your company's actual address.

Now, we know that forming an LLC involves the law. But consultations can get expensive, right? Not with LegalZoom.

3. LegalZoom: Best for Low-cost Legal Services

  • Easy-to-use services
  • Affordable pricing
  • Solid reputation
  • Installment payments
  • Registered agent services cost extra
  • Poor customer support

LegalZoom is a good choice if you need basic LLC formation with the option for legal assistance (personal or business). They provide low-cost legal services catering to different needs. This includes handling personal matters like estate planning, name changes, and deed transfers.

All their LLC packages have the following features:

  • Business name availability search
  • Preparation and filing of LLC formation documents
  • Digital welcome packet
  • Online dashboard access
  • Ongoing customer support via chat and email (+ phone for Pro and Premium)
  • Free customizable business website (powered by Wix)

Higher-tiered plans will give you more features like EIN applications, operating agreements, copyright registrations, etc. There's also a library of customizable legal forms.

You can get other services as add-ons for an extra fee. These include registered agent services, annual compliance assistance, DBA applications, etc.


  • Basic: $0 + state fees
  • Pro: $249 + state fees
  • Premium: $299 + state fees

Depending on the exact service, you might qualify for their installment payment plan if it costs $200 or more.

Why We Like It:
LegalZoom is designed to be a one-stop shop for anyone who needs legal assistance. They handle legal matters for businesses, individuals, and families.

It's one of the more reputable services for business formation. They have helped 1M+ companies establish different business entities, including LLCs.

Also, their easy-to-use services allow you to form an LLC in a different state without needing to go to the area yourself. This is convenient if you want to start a foreign LLC but have a hectic schedule.

Where is the best place to register my LLC?
Your home state (where your business operates) is generally the best place to register your LLC. Other than that, the best places for LLCs would be Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming. They have the most business-friendly laws in the country.

Speaking of schedule, this next option's perfect if you're on a rush.

4. Incfile: Best for Quick Processing

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Great value for money
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • No auto-renewals
  • Poor customer service
  • Add-ons can get pricey

Incfile is another popular online LLC service. They're well-known for their affordable, straightforward formation packages and other business services. They're a great choice if you need to form your LLC as quickly as possible without paying extra for expedited processing.

The standard features for all their formation packages include:

  • Unlimited business name availability searches
  • Preparation and filing of LLC documents
  • 1 year of registered agent services
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Unlimited customer support

If you choose the Gold or Platinum plan, you also get features like EIN applications, business bank accounts, tax consultations, and more. But you can get these as add-ons for an extra cost.

Is an LLC worth it for tax purposes?
It can be. LLCs generally have more flexibility when it comes to taxes since you can choose from 4 different classifications. They also don't usually pay corporate income taxes and can deduct certain business expenses from taxes.


  • Silver: $0 + state fees
  • Gold: $199 + state fees
  • Platinum: $299 + state fees

Why We Like It:
Incfile offers feature-rich services at competitive prices and with fast turnaround times. You get a free year of registered agent services and one-day processing, even with their starter plan (Silver). This is something you have to pay extra for with other service providers.

Their selection of other business services is comprehensive enough to cover different business needs. For example, they have bookkeeping and accounting services that can keep your company's finances well-organized. Which, in turn, can help solidify your LLC's liability protection.

They also have transparent pricing for their offers. And there are no auto-renewals without your permission. You don't have to worry about being charged for services you no longer use.

Incfile gives customers access to an extensive library of online resources, which they can use to learn more about different business processes in their area. You can access all of these, including your company's documents, through their intuitive online platform.

If all that's not enough, this next option offers a more comprehensive service.

5. Rocket Lawyer: Best for Legal Assistance

  • 7-day free trial
  • Comprehensive services
  • Discounts for members
  • Multi-channel customer support
  • Pricey if you only need LLC formation

Rocket Lawyer is another online service that focuses on providing ongoing legal assistance to business owners, like LegalZoom. They cover different business needs, including forming an LLC in your preferred state. They're a good choice if you need regular, in-depth legal assistance for your business.

With a Rocket Lawyer premium membership, you get the following features:

  • Access to their library of customizable legal forms
  • Document Defense® with their legal forms
  • 30-minute consultations with a lawyer
  • Up to 40% off for on-call Rocket Lawyer attorney services
  • 50% off trademark registration assistance (excludes USPTO fees)
  • Business formation filing (excludes state fees, only free for the 1st company)
  • 25% off registered agent services

There's the option to get each service individually. But this can become pricey if you need to use their services regularly or need two or more services.


  • Premium membership:$39.99/mo (or $239.99/yr)[5]
  • LLC formation (standalone service): $99.99 + state fees[6]

You can enjoy additional discounts if you pay annually instead of monthly. These lower your overall costs for ongoing legal and business assistance.

You'll get 50% off their tax assistance services (Rocket Tax™), 25% off for their registered agent services, and up to 40% off for on-call attorneys.

Use their 7-day free trial to check out their services before you commit to a subscription. If you don't think they're the right fit, you won't have to pay anything as long as you cancel before the 7 days are up.

Why We Like It:
Rocket Lawyer offers comprehensive legal services that cover both personal and business matters.

They can be a great choice for business owners needing an all-in-one platform for LLC formation and ongoing legal assistance.

It also has multiple channels for customer support - phone, email, and live chat. It's easier to reach them if you have concerns or questions about their services.

Next, let's talk about free stuff.

6. Inc Authority: Best for Free Services

  • Free basic formation service
  • Free registered agent services (1 year)
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Excellent customer support
  • Undisclosed pricing
  • No refunds

Inc Authority is another LLC formation company that doesn't charge for its services. You only have to pay the state fees. It's a good choice if you need feature-rich LLC formation services at no extra cost.

Their basic LLC formation package comes with the following features:

  • Business name availability search
  • Preparation and filing of formation documents
  • 1 year of registered agent services
  • S-Corp election form preparation and filing
  • Online document storage and delivery
  • Tax planning consultation
  • Business credit and funding analysis

Getting a business bundle will give you more features such as operating agreement creation, EIN application, etc. But you can also choose to get individual services.

How do LLCs get tax refunds?
LLCs generally receive tax refunds if they pay more in taxes and withholdings than liabilities. They can also get additional refunds by choosing a C-Corporation tax status.

The Basic plan costs $0 + state fees.[7] Choose from the Starter or Fast-Track Business Bundle if you need advanced features. But you must contact them for the price.[8]

Why We Like It:
The free year-long registered agent services and tax consultations can help you set up your business more efficiently. No need to pay extra.

Also, additional perks such as bonuses and discounts from some of their partner brands will lower your business costs even more. Their intuitive online platform makes placing an order easy and convenient.

And if you have any inquiries, easily contact them through phone or email. With their help, you can get your LLC up and running with minimal fuss.

Speaking of customer support, Swyft Filings is better if you're particular about it.

7. Swyft Filings: Best for Hands-on Support

  • Dedicated Business Specialist
  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible payments
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Registered agent services cost extra
  • Lots of upsells during the checkout process

If you need dedicated, hands-on support from experts, Swyft Filings is your best choice. They'll assign you your own Business Specialist who will familiarize themselves with your business and its unique needs.

For any plan, you'll get:

  • Business name availability search
  • Preparation and filing of formation documents
  • Dedicated Business Specialist
  • ComplianceGuard company alerts
  • Online access to your paperwork
  • Document delivery

The Standard and Premium plans give you access to advanced features like an EIN application, operating agreement, banking resolution, and a dedicated business website.

But you can also get these features as add-ons.


  • Basic: $49 + state fees
  • Standard: $149 + state fees
  • Premium: $299 + state fees

Why We Like It:
Your assigned Business Specialist can give you detailed insights into your company's operations. This will help you streamline everything, especially after your LLC is formed.

They also offer a quick turnaround time for orders. The company tries to file everything with the state within 1 business day after they receive your information. You'll only have to worry about the state's processing times.

Lastly, Swyft is affordable even for those on a tight budget. You can even divide the total amount into 2 installments, thanks to their 2-Easy Payment Plan. No need to break the bank just to form your LLC.

If you're worried about processing times, you can always speed it up with expedited processing. But this will cost you extra.

Age doesn't always equate to expertise. But that is the case with this next option.

8. BizFilings: Best for Expert Service

  • Solid reputation
  • Transparent pricing
  • Easy checkout process
  • Excellent customer feedback
  • Pricier than their competitors
  • Slow turnaround time

BizFilings is another veteran in the LLC formation industry. They've been around since 1996 and have helped over 500,000 companies with their business formation needs. That said, they can be a great choice if you prefer working with a well-established formation service.

Standard features are:

  • Business name availability search
  • BizComply access (24/7 online monitoring tool and document library)
  • Preparation and filing of formation documents
  • Free 3 months of registered agent services
  • Dedicated customer support (via phone call or chat)

Higher-tiered plans will get you more features. For a Standard plan, you'll get an LLC kit with a seal, sample operating agreements, and other LLC forms.

While the Complete plan will get you EIN application services and certified copies, and they'll ship everything overnight.

You can get these services individually for an extra cost.


  • Basic: $99 + state fees
  • Standard: average cost of $229 + state fees
  • Complete: average cost of $458 + state fees

Why We Like It:
BizFiling has an in-depth knowledge of business laws and regulations in different states. You can trust that the LLC formation service you're getting is reliable.

And with transparent pricing, you know exactly how much you'll be paying. There are no hidden or surprise fees. The 3-step ordering process also makes starting an LLC quick and easy.

Not to mention, BizFiling has a good selection of other business services. You can hire them to help you with the other requirements even after you've formed your LLC.

Overwhelmed with your choices yet? This next one's the last. And it's the one to go for if you're just starting out.

9. MyCompanyWorks: Best for New Businesses

  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Responsive customer support
  • Not suitable for experienced business owners
  • Limited hours to contact customer support

If you're looking for an LLC service focusing on startups and new businesses, MyCompanyWorks is your best bet. They help new business owners understand the ins and outs of running a business, not just forming an LLC. They're a great option if you want to learn more about being an entrepreneur.

Their packages include:

  • Unlimited business name availability search
  • Same business day processing
  • Preparation and filing of formation documents
  • Personalized operating agreement and organizational minutes
  • Lifetime access to online documents
  • Free business guides and handbooks
  • Startup wizard access

If you go for their more expensive plans, you also get features like registered agent services, EIN application, and access to tax forms and guides. Or you could get them as separate services for a fee.


  • Basic: Starts from $59 + state fees
  • Entrepreneur: Starts from $179 + state fees
  • Complete: Starts from $259 + state fees

Why We Like It:
MyCompanyWorks is well-known for its responsive customer support. The team often replies to messages within minutes. And while they're not the cheapest, their prices are still relatively affordable considering their features.

The company also has an intuitive startup wizard that walks you through every step of the process. They even give you access to several guides and handbooks that can help you understand what your company needs.

They detail all the compliance requirements in your formation state. Ultimately, you decide which services to get and avoid hidden fees or surprise charges.

Pro tip: MyCompanyWorks processes all orders within the same business day if you order before 3 PM EST. You'll only have to wait on the state processing time.

Now that you got those choices written down, let's talk about criteria.

How to Choose the Best LLC Service

There are a lot of LLC formation services out there. So choosing the best one for your needs can be tough, especially if this is your first time using one.

Here are a few tips that can help you decide:

  • Compare the included features
    LLC services don't include the same features in their packages. So make sure you double-check and compare each one.

    It's generally a good idea to go for a company that offers a good balance between features and price. Just make sure that what they include are the ones you actually need.

  • Consider the quality of their support
    You'll want to go for an LLC service that provides high-quality customer support, even after placing your order.

    You can check previous customers' reviews to see how well they handle concerns and inquiries.

  • Check if they have other services
    If you need additional services besides LLC formation, it can be a good idea to choose a company that can provide them. It's generally easier to just have one platform for everything.

    Just make sure you consider their specialty. For example, LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer are better choices if you need ongoing legal assistance.

    But Incfile and ZenBusiness are better if you need more business-oriented services, like registered agents or annual compliance assistance.

What if you don't really have the budget to hire a service? You can always DIY but take note of the pros and cons.

DIY vs. Hire LLC Services

If you want to form an LLC, you generally have 2 options: to do it yourself or hire an LLC formation service.

Let's compare.

Doing it yourself

If you have a limited budget or don't mind doing everything yourself, this can be your best option.


  • Inexpensive (only worry about the necessary fees)
  • More control over the process and your information


  • Can be tedious and time-consuming
  • Requires you to be familiar with the different laws and requirements
  • You're responsible for ensuring everything's correct and accurate

Can I form an LLC by myself for free?
Yes, you can form an LLC yourself. The only cost you have to worry about are the fees (state filing fee, publication fees, registered agent fees, etc.). Read our article on the cost to form an LLC to learn more.

Hire an LLC service

Hiring an LLC service is your best option if you don't know how to start an LLC. It can also help you out if you need additional assistance beyond LLC formation.


  • More convenient (let the service handle everything)
  • Already familiar with the state laws and requirements
  • Ensures everything is correct and accurate before filing
  • Access to other related services (e.g., EINs, registered agents, DBAs, etc.)
  • Less costly than working with a lawyer


  • Pricier than DIY
  • Often charges you for services that are otherwise free (e.g., EINs)

How much do LLC filing companies cost?
The average cost for LLC formation services is $0 to $300, excluding state fees. Premium packages or more personalized services can cost more.

Got all that? Lastly, let's talk about how we came up with this list.

Our Methodology

We understand that running a business can be tough. And LLC formation services should ease the burden, not add to it.

That's why we only included services that meet the following criteria:

  • Good balance between features and price
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • Wide selection of other related services
  • Generally reliable and trustworthy services
  • Mainly positive reviews from previous customers

There are many LLC formation companies out there. Yet not all of them deliver high-quality services. Make sure you evaluate each one carefully before deciding.

Bottom Line

Hiring LLC formation services can be more expensive than doing it yourself. But they can make starting your LLC so much easier and more convenient.

Just make sure you do your research first and choose a service provider that best meets your company's needs.

That way, you get the best possible value for your money and enjoy a smoother LLC formation process.


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