April 28, 2024

How Much Do OnlyFans Make? Average OnlyFans Income for 2024

Earning 7 figures a year on OnlyFans is possible if you can keep 17,000+ paying subscribers. That's excluding tips, PPVs, and other extra offerings.

Although it isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, it's no secret that many individuals have found online fame and money doing OnlyFans.

But how much can you really make on this platform? Read on to learn more.

Why do people get into OnlyFans?

Although it still has certain restrictions,[1] OnlyFans allows creators to monetize adult content that would otherwise be censored in other popular social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram.

What could be more interesting is that the platform has also attracted individuals who are not necessarily in the adult industry. A 2022 study found the reduced stigma brought about by celebrity hype, among other things, drove them to this type of online gig.

OnlyFans boasts over 300 million users as of 2023,[2] exposing your material to more eyeballs, let alone paying consumers. With its consistent growth, people seem pretty confident it's not going away anytime soon.

Another reason why creators join OnlyFans is its potential financial rewards. To date, OnlyFans has paid out over $15 billion to its creators, with 2,500+ individuals earning more than $1 million each on the platform.[3]

Is OnlyFans still profitable?
Yes, OnlyFans is a profitable private enterprise. Based on their latest filing, the company recorded a revenue increase of about 17%, going from $932 million to $1.09 billion in 2022. Thus, it earned its owner Leo Radvinsky a nice dividend of $338 million.[4]

But behind all that jazz, creators will be the first to say it's not all rainbows and butterflies. You've got to put in the work to keep that OnlyFans success train rolling. Learn more about this later.

How does the OnlyFans business model work?

Much like other social platforms, OnlyFans acts as a hub for digital content. The main difference is how it connects creators directly with consumers. It offers income avenues through subscriptions, pay-per-views (PPVs), tips, and more. In exchange, they take a 20% cut from your earnings.[5]

Such a unique business model allows it to not rely on advertisements, unlike other streaming platforms. This brings some creators to view OnlyFans as an intermediary, like Uber. But being more NSFW-friendly compared to TikTok and Instagram is its major selling point.

Aside from your revenue share of 80% on your content, you can benefit from OnlyFans' referral program. Here, you get a commission for your referred creator/s based on their income.[6]

Furthermore, you can use the platform to sell merchandise or promote your online retail store. And if you have a charitable cause, simply create a fundraising campaign on your settings. Pinning it on your OnlyFans page can improve its visibility and fan engagement.

Can you really make money on OnlyFans?
Yes, you can make money on OnlyFans as a content creator; some have made lots of it. One way is to activate your paid subscription so that fans can only view your posts if they pay the subscription fee. Other methods are available such as PPVs, tips, and referrals.

How Much Do Beginners Make On OnlyFans?

Since OnlyFans doesn't publicly spill the beans on creator earnings, some creators may only earn a few hundred dollars a month or none at all.

But that's not exactly what your paycheck will be. After all, how much you can actually make on the platform would depend on the following factors.

Disclaimer: While CreditDonkey made every effort to deliver accurate information on the given topic, we are unable to verify any self-reported earnings cited in this article. On top of that, other income figures mentioned are either based on multiple publications or merely estimates of how much you can earn.


You've heard about the top 0.01% of creators earning millions from their OnlyFans gig and wonder how you can make that happen for yourself.

The truth is, many from this coveted pool are already celebrities in their own right. This includes musicians like Cardi B and popular reality stars such as Blac Chyna.

You may also be a social media influencer with a large following on Instagram and TikTok before joining OnlyFans.

Kayla (knicoledz) already had a decent number of followers on her social media when she turned herself into a top 0.47% OnlyFans creator. She earns 6 figures per year,[7] which is more than enough for many to leave their day job completely.

How to make 6 figures on OnlyFans?
To make $100,000 or more on OnlyFans in 1 year, you basically need to have about 2,000 paying fans subscribed for at least $4.99 per month. If you have less than that, you should maximize other income streams like PPVs and tips, churning out high-quality content worth paying for.

Type of content/format

NSFW content usually commands a higher price than non-sexy content. The more risque it gets, the higher it can cost a fan to access it. However, OnlyFans caps the amount at $50 for paid posts and $100 for paid private messages.[8]

Photos and videos are also often priced differently by creators; the latter would typically be more expensive, starting at around $15. You can mix them up for variety and for sending content as PPVs. Chatting is also offered to fans, which creators usually charge $1 to $3 per minute.

Meanwhile, custom content is built based on the specifics provided by your requesting fan. Creators often charge from $10 to $30 per minute, sometimes more for each request. In any case, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to pricing this type of content.

Ultimately, custom content provides not only additional income but can also be particularly helpful for beginners who are growing their fan base.

Bryce Adams has one of the most popular OnlyFans pages with over 11.7 million likes. She makes roughly $10 million annually, with a team of dozens of assistants behind her.[9] In September 2023, she earned around $60,000 worth of tips and new subscriptions from just one live stream, which she calls a "marathon."[10] This would typically last up to 8 hours, and also involves collaborations with other adult creators.

Subscription model

OnlyFans allows consumers to access exclusive (and often adult-related) content behind a paywall. One is through a monthly subscription.

But pricing your subscription is a balancing act. While a higher fee could mean more take-home pay for you, it can also hinder your growth. You don't want to be too expensive and deter fans who may not want to spend a lot without knowing what they'll get.

Many adult creators price their subscription between $10 and $30. It seems to work for rapper Bhad Bhabie, who offers hers at $23.99. Some would have discounted bundle offers for longer subscriptions. Others have a second account that's free.

Bryce Adams is an example of an OnlyFans creator using diverse approaches. She offers her subscription for only $6.99. Yet she even sweetens the pot by offering a discount for the first month. At the same time, she has a VIP account for $30 with a raunchy caption "Always naked, always full face, no ads ever."

On OnlyFans, creators can work at their own pace and time. Top 0.1% creator Katie (nxtdoorgirlkay) filmed content in advance when she found out she was pregnant, keeping her subscribers satisfied for months.[11] This flexibility lets creators earn even when they can't work.


Strong promotional efforts often pay off in the end. They don't only apply to starter OnlyFans accounts, but also to those who have become successful on the platform.

Makayla (justmakayla) has been on OnlyFans for several years and is a top 0.8% creator. Her sales, however, declined in the third year, so she restarted her social media marketing. According to her, this brought in about a $400 difference in 1 week, with roughly 20 new subs at $26 a pop.[12]

It's important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. While some creators swear by the power of engaging in subreddits, others don't really get much from them.

While it may be strict against adult themes, a number of creators still use Instagram for discreet OnlyFans marketing. If you consider this strategy, avoid posting direct links to your OnlyFans. Instead, use a link-in bio tool like Beacons, where you can put all your socials in one place, including OnlyFans.

How to make money on OnlyFans without followers?
Technically, you can't earn from OnlyFans without followers, let alone paying fans. However, many top creators started with zero following on the platform. They typically offer a free page first and work on their marketing with the help of existing socials like Instagram and TikTok to gain momentum.

Acquisition (new subscribers)

If you're a new OnlyFans creator, don't panic if you lose subscribers in the first month—it's normal. Even established accounts can experience attrition quite regularly.

Mia Malkova, a top OnlyFans adult creator, shared that she earned $285,000 in one month sometime in June 2023.[13] However, she saw her paid subscribers drop from 54K+ in August 2023 to 40K in December 2023. That's more than 25% of her following.

The key here is to direct your energy toward attracting new fans while ensuring your existing subscribers stay loyal and engaged.

While you really can't stop people from leaving, delivering high quality content consistently can help keep it at bay.

Send mass messages to followers who have dropped from your OnlyFans paid subscription. Go to your Expired tab on your account settings. Click Follow on each expired fan you want to keep on your active file. Note that it may become a tedious process if you have a large number of expired fans since you'll have to do it manually.

Pay-per-view (PPV) lets creators charge extra for exclusive content, such as photos or videos, in addition to your subscription fee. It's straightforward: create a post, set the access price, and users pay before unlocking the content.

Remember, OnlyFans imposes pricing limits: $50 per post, $100 for private messages. This means high-priced PPVs should ideally provide more value for your audience.

How do you make money on OnlyFans tips?
OnlyFans subscribers can tip your posts starting from $3 up to $100 (for new users), or $200 (for users' accounts existing for at least 4 months).[8] To maximize your tips, ensure you offer value-added content, engage with your fans, and promote tipping activity at every turn.


Adult models are not just about showing their wares to anyone with cash—some also like to help others achieve what they have. Of course there is a financial incentive! They typically charge a fee for in-depth consultations, and they can qualify for a referral bonus (more on this in a bit).

While there is no set qualification to do this activity, it would make more sense if you have attained a level of success on the platform, such as being in the top 1% at the very least, to lend your gig some credibility. Otherwise, it's like giving relationship advice if you're single.

Karley Stokes is a top .01% creator who also runs a wildly successful coaching business. She would conduct private group chats with around 150 creators and charge them for sharing her secret sauce.

But if you coach for free like a few others do, you still potentially earn by providing your referral link to your padawans.

Their success is also your success since you can earn up to $50,000 or 5% of your referral's earnings in their first 12 months as an OnlyFans creator.[6] The best part is that this commission isn't deducted from the 80% net of creators. It's a win-win for you and your referral.

What is the average salary for OnlyFans?
The average salary for an OnlyFans creator is estimated at $52,276 yearly, translating to about $25 per hour.[14] However, this likely applies to full-time content creators on the platform.

Level of commitment

OnlyFans creators vary in their goals. Some do it as a side hustle, others go full-time. Choosing the latter demands a dedicated approach since it becomes your primary income source.

Several creators have shared that doing OnlyFans takes more effort than anyone realizes. You establish a routine just as you would if you have in-person work: you prepare, work on your content, promote, engage with fans, etc.

When Lyla Nissel became a top 0.65% creator in less than 2 months, she shared that she made $20,608.[15] At the time, she still had her main job as a personal trainer. Realizing how lucrative it can get, she has since gone full-time on the platform.

Marie Dee was so committed, claiming to have invested around $20,000 in marketing when she began on OnlyFans. According to her, she gained it back (and 5 times more), earning $100,000 in 3 months.[16] She even enlisted her husband and practically everyone in her circle to be part of her production crew.

What is the maximum income on OnlyFans?
There is no limit to how much money you can make on OnlyFans. The more you supercharge your content creation and marketing efforts, the more income you'll likely have. This is why some creators have managed to reach an annual income of $1 million and above during their first year. However, your net income, which is 80% of your gross earnings, is still subject to taxes.[17][18]

How many hours per week do you think creators dedicate to earn a 7-figure income?


Believe it or not, where you're from or your fans' location can affect how much you make on OnlyFans.

For one, OnlyFans may be accessible globally, but not all countries have that privilege. Some have banned it due to religious or moral reasons given the adult content it is known for. Others have legal and regulatory environments, thus impacting your ability to open an account, let alone make money on OnlyFans.

Meanwhile, if you are able to create OnlyFans but impose geo-blocking on certain locations, you are limiting your earning potential as well.

In case you have many international fans, make sure to schedule your posts or conduct live streams following their time zone.

Using a VPN may not work for those whose country has banned OnlyFans. You need to present proof to validate your identity when you open a creator account. OnlyFans will check if the details indicated on your submitted documents match the country you say you're from.

How much can you earn on OnlyFans?

Here's how much you can make on OnlyFans per month if you have gained 50 paying subscribers as an example:

Subscriptions - $250 to $1,250
PPVs - $300 to $1,500
Tips - $150 to $500

Thus, you potentially earn north of $3,000 in a month doing OnlyFans. While this is a decent amount, especially for a beginner, this may only be possible if you are consistently doing content and promoting it actively.

Note that this is not your guaranteed income; it could be less or more depending on your ability to attract paying customers.

Some creators have shared that even if you don't have a lot of fans, having a few quality ones can make you good money.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is the total amount a customer has paid your business. In the case of OnlyFans, this is how much a fan has paid on your page. Are they buying your mass messages and other PPV content on top of paying a monthly subscription? If they are, a high CLV can compensate for a small subscriber base.

Is PPV or subscription better on OnlyFans?

Subscription provides a more stable income while PPV generates income depending on the response of your followers. However, many top 0.1% models earn more from their PPVs than their subscriptions.

Bhad Bhabie famously showed screenshots of her OnlyFans earnings from 2021 to 2022. She grossed nearly $53 million composed of subscriptions, PPVs, and tips, netting her $42 million+.[19]

Noticeably, she made more with her PPVs, multiplying her subscription earnings by about 1.5. As encouraging as her OnlyFans numbers are, Bhad Bhabie was already a celebrity before she joined the platform. Thus, this may not be the reality for most creators.

Do guys make a lot from OnlyFans?

Guys can earn from creating OnlyFans content. But let's face it: The majority of NSFW content consumers are men who would prefer seeing women.

Nevertheless, it's possible that some male creators can match how much women earn depending on their niche, consistency, and marketing strategies. Most of them will probably begin with a few hundred dollars a month.

Jon Holstead, an internet personality, experimented with OnlyFans by joining the platform. On day 1, he got 3 fans paying his subscription fee of $22, In one month, he made $1,600. After 56 days, he told his YouTube viewers that he earned a total of nearly $4,000 with 86 fans.[20]

For other content creators like Matt O'Brien, a comedian, he has found a platform on an OFTV comedy series.[21] This is OnlyFans' free streaming platform which often features contemporary content such as fitness, cooking, and sports, to name a few.

Some famous male celebrities who once were on OnlyFans are Tyga, Tyler Posey, and the late Aaron Carter. DJ Khaled and Fat Joe partnered up on the platform offering a free subscription, which has more than 118,000 fans.

What are the requirements to be an OnlyFans creator?

Here's what you'll need to become an OnlyFans creator:[22][23]

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • 1 government-issued ID (driver's license, state ID, or passport).
  • Social media handles.
  • Email and postal addresses.
  • 2 selfie photos (one holding your government-issued ID).
  • Bank account or verified e-wallet details under your name.
  • W-9 form (for US creators only).
  • Other documents may be required for non-US creators.
  • Documents must be valid for at least 30 days from submission.
  • Observe OnlyFans posting guidelines.

Make sure to post frequently on your page, or at least once a month.[24] Otherwise, OnlyFans will tag your account as inactive, during which time new fans won't be able to subscribe to you.

How do beginners get successful on OnlyFans?

Here's a quick rundown on how to achieve OnlyFans success when starting from scratch.

  1. Figure out content you will enjoy doing.
  2. Sign up as a creator on OnlyFans.
  3. Set your subscription price.
  4. Optimize your OnlyFans bio.
  5. Promote your OnlyFans using your socials.
  6. Create content frequently and consistently.
  7. Offer PPVs.
  8. Encourage tipping.
  9. Entertain custom content requests.
  10. Interact with your fans.

While the above won't guarantee your success on the platform, it will increase the odds of it happening. Don't give up if you don't see results fast; be patient. That was the case for many successful creators on this space.

Which revenue stream do you think contributes most to creator incomes?

Bottom Line

How much OnlyFans makes for you as a creator will largely depend on your popularity, content, and subscription, among other factors. After all, it has become a promising landscape to define not just your niche, but also your prosperity.

Whether you earn a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands, if not millions, this platform has all the potential to be a thriving income stream for anyone willing to go all out to win in the world of content creation.


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