April 21, 2024

How to Be Successful on OnlyFans

You have to lay the groundwork and evolve in the process to be successful on OnlyFans. Read on to learn more.

Dreaming of a booming career on OnlyFans? It can be yours for the taking, especially if adult entertainment is right up your alley.

But let's be honest. Achieving success on OnlyFans, regardless of skillset, is no cakewalk.

Don't let that discourage you. Effective strategies can pave the way to your victory as an OnlyFans creator.

How to Succeed on OnlyFans

The world of OnlyFans is where content creation meets opportunity. But to attain success on the platform, you need to put in the work. Observing these practices may help.

Disclaimer: While CreditDonkey made every effort to deliver accurate information on the given topic, we are unable to verify any self-reported earnings cited in this article. On top of that, other income figures mentioned are either based on multiple publications or merely estimates of how much you can earn.

What most crucial for success on OnlyFans?

Commit to the Process

Committing to the process is fundamental to your success as a creator on OnlyFans.

Staying committed ensures you don't underestimate the evolving nature of this space and your audience's expectations. You must show up regularly, whether posting pictures daily or crafting videos. That's your coming-to-work-everyday commitment.

Meanwhile, it's not uncommon for serious creators to invest money into growing their page. One example is Kitty Morgan, an OnlyFans top 0.1% creator.

She was so committed to the platform that she invested around 25% of her initial income into marketing. And in just 1.5 years, her earnings reached the $1 million mark.[1]

How much does the top 0.1 percent earn on OnlyFans?
A top 0.1% OnlyFans creator's income varies since you're ranked based on your earnings from the last 30 days.[2] At the same time, they're measured against other creators' income. So, if the highest amount earned during that period is $50,000, the top 0.1% didn't make more than that.

Carve Out Your Niche

Specializing in niche content can put you in the winner's circle. Fans will flock to your page because you're one of the rare gems offering exactly what they're looking for.

Even then, you might need to take it further by niching down. This means tightening up your area of expertise, making it smaller and more targeted.

Take fitness and wellness, for instance. That's a broad topic - you have cardio, strength training, etc. Narrow it down by focusing on killer boot camp workouts. This way, you can easily be recognized and, at the same time, treated as an authority in this subcategory.

You can also introduce something new to your audience to help you stand out. One example is OnlyFans creator Elsa Jean who specializes in selling her R-18 content as NFTs.[3] Because of this, others cannot easily duplicate them, which can happen to photos or videos that get stolen or used illegally.

However, this doesn't mean you'll stay in this niche forever. Over time, you might discover new niche opportunities or more ways to refine your current one.

What content does best on OnlyFans?
Adult entertainment tends to thrive the most in OnlyFans. It allows many creators to make more money than other types of content. Nonetheless, non-adult content, such as fitness, cosplay, gaming, and culinary, can also do well in this space.

Deliver High-Quality Content

The pathway to OnlyFans success often hinges on consistently delivering high-quality content.

Aside from the nature of your content, it must be professionally presented. It should have sharp visuals and engaging storytelling. Otherwise, why would viewers pay for it?

Consider investing in specialized equipment such as a high-resolution camera and proper lighting. If your content includes audio, make sure it's free from unwanted background noise.

For example, high-quality culinary content may include close-up shots and vibrant visuals. Your aim should be to leave viewers craving the dish you're cooking.

It's also important to mix up your content formats. Combine photos, videos, live streams, or anything you think is appropriate for your niche. This can give your subscribers a more diverse and enjoyable experience.

What is the best lighting for OnlyFans?
Optimal lighting for OnlyFans can be achieved with an LED ring light. Go for an 18-inch-wide ring light if your budget allows. However, others swear by natural lighting. It's basically sunlight brightening up your spot. In any case, the right amount of light ensures your content looks its best.

Cross-promote on Social Media Channels

Marketing on OnlyFans is more about using other social media platforms to promote your content. But given their varying guidelines, you may have to use specific strategies for each.

Let's begin with the more SW-friendly platforms like X (formerly Twitter). X has driven about 63% of social media traffic to OnlyFans in December 2023.[4] So, many creators would find it easier to post NSFW content here than on TikTok and Instagram.

Speaking of TikTok, it's not exactly welcoming for adult content.[5] But others argue that its algorithms make it easier to land potential fans. OnlyFans creator Katie (nxtdoorgirlkay) suggests creating 8 TikTok accounts and posting twice on each.[6]

Instagram is another heavily favored platform despite its strict policies against promoting OnlyFans.[7] In Monica Huldt's case, her Instagram followers convinced her to go on OnlyFans. Good thing she followed their advice - her OnlyFans income has already reached 7 figures.[8]

Reddit differs by being a community-driven platform where users interact with one another. But more on this later.

Can I be successful on OnlyFans without promoting?
No, because effective marketing is a significant contributor to one's success on OnlyFans. The platform itself has minimal search functionality. If you don't market your content, it's basically flying under the radar.

Serve Your Audience

Many creators are successful because they create content their viewers want. But engaging with followers is also a powerful strategy in itself.

It sparks more interactions and discussions around your content. Often, you can just ask them directly and get tons of feedback.

For example, try asking for costume suggestions from your fans if you're a cosplayer. You can pair each post or video with an Ask A Question when creating a series. This can help you discover any curiosities they may have.

Remember, successfully serving your audience requires authenticity, responsiveness, and a genuine interest in understanding them.

It's no longer just about creating content — it's also about forging human connections.

OnlyFans model Amber Sweetheart Johanssen understood this. She specializes in texting because her fans want to feel more connected with her. She is said to make around $60,000 monthly.[9]

How do you attract followers on OnlyFans?
For newcomers, you can attract OnlyFans followers by being open to custom content requests. Accommodating these personalized requests at a more affordable rate compared to creators with a larger base can be enticing. They can range from bespoke messages to specific photos or unique videos.

Keep it Interesting

Niching down is often recommended for OnlyFans creators. At the same time, keeping a pulse on the trends helps sustain your audience, which is just as vital for long-term success.

Feel free to experiment with newer content formats. These include interactive polls, Q&A sessions, or anything that aligns with your brand. Just make sure to pay attention to your audience's reaction to gauge their interest.

Belle Grace doesn't just send mass messages. Instead, she hosts a live stream where she incorporates games into her content. She does Pick A Card, where the fan has to tip her based on the card suit they pick. In exchange, she gives them a special treat.

So even if her fan counts fluctuate (which isn't uncommon among creators), she can still perform well on the space. Reportedly, she makes anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000 on her OnlyFans page per month.[10]

How do you get trending on OnlyFans?
While there's no surefire recipe to become "trending" on OnlyFans, using the right hashtags may amplify your promotional efforts. When crafting unique content, adding niche-specific and trending hashtags can make it more discoverable. If your target audience catches on, they will likely share your content with others.

Maximize OnlyFans Earnings

If making money on OnlyFans is your main goal, you must activate multiple monetization methods. Here are some examples:

  • Paid subscriptions
    With this business model, you only allow paying subscribers to view your content. While free versions work for some, paid subscriptions can provide a steadier income stream.

  • Pay-Per-Views (PPVs)
    Your earning potential extends beyond subscription fees. Sending paywalled mass messages is often more lucrative. You can charge up to $100 per message,[11] even more, if you do custom content.

  • Tips
    To encourage tipping fans, you have to give great content. Create a call to action on your bio or ask politely from your audience during a livestream. Make sure to turn on the Enable Tips setting and indicate your minimum tip amount.

  • Amazon wishlist
    Let your generous fans spoil you. Include the things you want to wear for a photo shoot or special video. This way, you don't have to buy them yourself.

  • Referrals
    Invite as many creators as possible on the platform by giving them your referral link. Through this, you earn 5% of their total earnings (capped at $1 million).[12] Take note that this incentive stops after their first 12 months.

  • Sell merchandise
    To make additional income, you can sell merch from your brand. Other creators even sell items from their personal stash. If you have an external online store, promote it by posting a link on your profile.

Are all OnlyFans content paid?
Not all OnlyFans content requires payment to access them. Many creators offer a free page as their marketing strategy. Here, you can still include paywalled posts for fans willing to shell out for exclusive content.

Join Reddit

For NSFW content creators, an array of subreddits awaits your exploration. These are forums on Reddit dedicated to a particular topic. You can join shortly after you're verified on the platform.

If adult content isn't your thing, don't worry. Again, countless subreddits cater to diverse interests. Find one where your target audience is active. Your goal should be to engage in discussions, share insights, and contribute to the community.

Au Naturel Mama, a Canadian creator, attests to the power of being on Reddit. She posts twice a day in up to 60 subreddits![13] While it benefits her OnlyFans growth, she also enjoys the interactions.

But be sure to join subreddits that match your niche. For example, if you're a blonde creator, don't post on a subreddit for brunettes. Additionally, engage frequently and avoid being "sales-y" unless it's a promotional OnlyFans subreddit.

Are you allowed to promote OnlyFans on Reddit?
You can promote your OnlyFans on Reddit but only if the subreddit allows you to do so. Most subreddits prohibit direct selling or promotion.[14] What you can do, aside from putting out relevant posts on multiple subreddits, is to optimize your Reddit profile by adding a link to your OnlyFans page.

Study Your Analytics

Like many social media platforms, OnlyFans creators can see how they're performing on their Profile Statistics.[15]

Aside from an overview of your account, here are other stats you can access:

  • snapshots of your earnings by content
  • payout requests
  • tips, PPVs, referral earnings
  • views and fan data (countries they're from)
  • purchases generated from posts, messages, streams, or stories in a given period.

Some creators claim you don't really get much from the platform's native analytics. So, consider using third-party analytics instead, which provides granular data or more sophisticated tools like AI.

It can help you fine-tune your content, improve fan retention, and discover gaps in your processes.

How do I get more visibility on OnlyFans?
You can boost your visibility on OnlyFans by leveraging your existing social media accounts. But given that OnlyFans is associated with SW content, you must promote it discreetly on other platforms. Exercise caution when posting pictures, videos, and hashtags, ensuring they adhere to platform guidelines.

Combine Forces with other Creators

If you have pre-existing fame like Bella Thorne and Tyga, you already have your foot in the door. But if you're starting from scratch, it may take at least a year or so to become a top 1% creator.

That's why collaborations with your direct competitors can be a smart move. An outsider may think OnlyFans creators are hostile towards each other, given the highly saturated market.

But it's actually the opposite. Creators often build a community in their niche, especially in the adult space. It really is a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" type of environment.

If your collaborator is an OnlyFans creator, you have to tag them on your content. Otherwise, their ID needs to be verified by OnlyFans using a verification link and sign a release form.[16][17]

Fans can grow tired of seeing your content at some point, especially if you've had them for a while. Collabs can help shake things up for a creator and provide something different to your fans.

Meanwhile, OnlyFans model Dani (danidoomsday) insists on having a consent form for your own protection. After all, things can easily get ugly if you don't lay down the rules and boundaries with your collaborator/s.[18]

Ultimately, collaborations provide a deeper understanding of the market dynamics. You gain insight into various strategies and discover content ideas performing well for others.

Does OnlyFans have competitors?
OnlyFans has competitors like Patreon, Fansly, Manyvids, and FanCentro, to name a few. These platforms also allow adult content to some degree but have far fewer users and creators than OnlyFans.

Rack Up Likes

Getting likes is a form of validation for OnlyFans creators. It's like giving you a pat on the back for a job well done.

To give you an idea, here's an overview of top creators' average page likes:

  • Bryce Adams - 11.7 million likes
  • Bhad Bhabie - 1.7 million likes
  • Amouranth - 1.31 million likes
  • Belle Delphine - 1.23 million likes
  • Mia Khalifa - 425K likes
  • Jem Wolfie - 743K likes
  • Tana Mongeau - 549K likes
  • Kacy Black - 612K likes
  • Sam Hickelspoon - 563K likes
  • Zayla - 543K likes

But likes aren't just about stroking your ego. They're essential for the OnlyFans algorithm, which relies on engagement metrics to gauge content popularity.

If your content is racking up those likes, the algorithm takes notice, enhancing the odds of better visibility on the platform.

More eyeballs on your content means more potential fans heading your way (and higher chances of success for you as a creator).

Are likes more important than followers?
Although likes are valuable for elevating your social media content, they're not necessarily more important than having followers. On platforms like OnlyFans, both play a distinct role. Likes can affect your algorithms while having a large fan base can impact your earnings significantly.

Pay for Shoutouts

Successful paid shoutouts can expedite the growth of your OnlyFans following and engagement.

It also enhances your credibility and builds trust with potential fans. Particularly when the creators are in the same niche with the same target audience.

Alec Wilcock, a social media specialist, asked different influencers about their shoutout pricing.[19] Here's a short summary of that:

  • Influencer with less than 100K fans - $5 to $90
  • Influencer with 100K to 400K - up to $200
  • Influencer with more than 400K fans - up to $300

Note that the above prices vary based on niche, where your shoutout will be posted, and how long it will stay on. For example, a shoutout on a 12-hour story is usually cheaper than the one on a 24-hour post.

As a rookie with a limited marketing budget, you might not snag a shoutout from someone with a gazillion followers yet. But it can still be a worthwhile investment.

For example, if you pay a $10 shoutout, it can result in, say, conservatively 20 new subscribers. Even if you charge a minimum $5 subscription, that's still more than your ROI right there.

Ultimately, whether it's with a mid-tier or top-level creator, what matters is that these influencers have good engagement rates. More importantly, their followers should be the right fit for your product.

What does SFS mean on OnlyFans?
SFS on OnlyFans stands for Shoutout For Shoutout. In other words, the shoutout serves as a form of exchange, with each party promoting the other for free. Such tit-for-tat may only be possible if both creators are perceived to be on the same level in their OnlyFans journey.

Have fun

Creating content based on your goals and strategies is key to being successful on OnlyFans. Enjoying what you do is another, which is what makes your content authentic.

When you're not just financially but also emotionally invested in the process, it reflects in the quality and creativity of your work. Your authenticity can lead to more fans and organic promotion.

Top 1% creator Alanah Cole recommends being all in to succeed on OnlyFans. That includes putting your family in the know.[20] This way, you won't be afraid of somebody outing your identity and ruining your life.

When nothing holds you back, you're more likely to become a successful OnlyFans creator.

What Is Successful on OnlyFans?

For many creators, being financially rewarded on OnlyFans is the primary marker of success. After all, people paying for your work have got to account for something, right?

In addition, you often gauge success on the platform by the following factors:

  • A large subscriber base
  • A distinctive and recognizable brand or image
  • High engagement rates with your audience
  • That warm and fuzzy feeling of doing what you love

Whether your goals are financial or creative, they shape the metrics by which you can say to yourself, "I'm successful."

Let's say your objective is to break free from your 9-5 office grind. If you start pulling in $10,000 a month on OnlyFans, it becomes a career game-changer. You can afford to quit your day job and focus on being a content creator. That, in itself, is a remarkable success.

Can you actually make money in OnlyFans?
Yes, you can make money as a creator on OnlyFans. Here are some of the ways:
  • Per paid monthly subscription ($4.99 to $50)[21]
  • Per paid post (up to $50)[11]
  • Per paid private message ($3 to $100)[11]
  • Per paid shoutout (reportedly $5 to $300)[19]
  • Per tip ($3 to $100 - new users, up to $200 for 4-month users or more)[11]
  • Per referral (5% of referred creator's earnings during their first 12 months, capping at a total of $50,000)[22]

Note that OnlyFans takes 20% of your total earnings, and your 80% share is subject to income tax.[23]

What's your main challenge in growing your OnlyFans following?

Are anonymous OnlyFans models successful?

Yes, there are a number of anonymous creators who have achieved success on OnlyFans.

Farrah, who goes by the OnlyFans handle "nofacemom," is one example. She made $1 million in two years without revealing her identity.[24] Katya Kurves is another faceless creator who shot to the top 3.9% after only 30 days.[25]

Technically, you don't have to reveal who you are on OnlyFans. However, you still need to submit valid credentials during the application process.

Such anonymity (to some extent, at least) is why OnlyFans became even more appealing to those who value their privacy.

The geoblocking feature is particularly handy, especially for creators in the teaching and medical profession. This allows them to restrict viewing of their content by state or location.

However, some creators choose to evolve from being anonymous. Despite her success, Farrah maintains that fans are less trusting of faceless creators. That's why such type of creators may eventually show their faces.

Farrah does a face reveal on select PPVs for which her followers have to pay a premium. This way, she gets that balance of satisfying hardcore fans while still remaining anonymous for the most part.

How Should I Set Up my OnlyFans Profile?

When starting a successful OnlyFans account, your profile page is one of the first things potential fans will look at.

Here are some tips to set yours up and attract more paying subscribers to your page:

Get verified
This involves presenting a valid form of identification (e.g., driver's license, passport, state ID) and capturing your biometrics to confirm your identity.

Choose a username
Fake names are welcome if you want to preserve your privacy. But using the same handle as your other socials or anything users can easily associate with you would be better.

Write your bio
This is your "about you" section. Outline what potential fans can expect if they subscribe to you. Keep it short and sweet.

Post starter content
A glimpse of your content that's appealing enough to earn instant likes would help attract more followers.

Hide your fan base
It's best not to show your follower counts because a low number may discourage potential fans.

Add your socials
OnlyFans lets you directly link your X account on your profile page to widen your reach.

Display your wishlist
Place your Amazon wishlist where future fans can refer to it when they want to indulge your whims.

Price your subscription
Although you can opt for a free account for starters, you may charge $4.99 to $50 for your paid account.

Bottom Line

Being successful on OnlyFans boils down to carving your niche, being great at it, and reaping the high earnings that result from it.

While the financial reward is something you should aim for, success on this platform isn't just a numbers game.

It's also about building your crew, sparking conversation, and dishing out content your fans will love.

More importantly, it's having a blast with it!

How do you prefer to learn about new strategies for OnlyFans success?


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