March 31, 2024

How to Make 10k a Month on OnlyFans

To earn $10,000 or more on OnlyFans, you must leverage monetization tools such as subscriptions, PPVs, and tips.

Achieving a monthly income of $10,000 on OnlyFans may seem a tall order, especially for the average creator. But it isn't impossible.

Many individuals who have unlocked their niche are killing it on the platform.

So what's the secret sauce? Read on to find out.

How much can you earn on OnlyFans per month?
You can earn anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month on OnlyFans. Nonetheless, it is still possible that you won't earn anything yet, especially if you are new to the platform.

What content do you primarily create on OnlyFans?

Can You Make 10K A Month On OnlyFans?

Content creators, especially those with a considerable following, can earn $10,000 monthly on OnlyFans. But chances are, it won't happen in your first month and isn't guaranteed for everyone.

OnlyFans earnings rely on many factors, including the type of content you provide, the quality of your audience, and marketing efforts.

How Does OnlyFans Work?

Aside from providing a platform for content creation, OnlyFans acts as your payment middleman since fans pay you through the platform. In exchange, they take 20% of your total earnings.[1]

You have to sign up on the OnlyFans page, during which you will provide a valid ID to verify if you're a real person.[2]

So, despite AI becoming mainstream, AI creators will not likely fly on OnlyFans and catfish fans. Deep fakes aren't allowed, nor are human-like AI images that assume an identity.[3]

Once your creator application is approved, you can start posting different media like photos, videos, and messages behind a paywall, whether a paid subscription or Pay-Per-View (PPV). More on these in the coming sections.

How to Make $10,000 a Month on OnlyFans

Making ten grand a month on OnlyFans typically involves content strategy, optimized business models, and effective marketing.

Here are specific practices that have helped creators achieve such a feat.

Disclaimer: While CreditDonkey made every effort to deliver accurate information on the given topic, we are unable to verify any self-reported earnings cited in this article. On top of that, other income figures mentioned are either based on multiple publications or merely estimates of how much you can earn.

Get Your Fan Base To At Least 1,000

Earning $10K on OnlyFans is only possible if your page has not just fans—but paying ones. But the question is: how do you break 100, let alone 1,000 fans?

Enter other social media accounts like Instagram, TikTok, X, Reddit, and YouTube. But as a word of caution, you must know each platform's guidelines on NSFW media.

If you have an existing following on these platforms, be more active in posting. No, you probably shouldn't say, "Hey, check out my OnlyFans page!" At least not on TikTok and Instagram, where you should be more discreet. Keep posts natural but engaging.

Promoting OnlyFans with zero followers
Even if you're starting from scratch, don't be disheartened. Everyone starts that way.

A registered nurse, Adele (thaternurse) began OnlyFans in 2022 when the market already had a couple of million creators. At the same time, she did not have a single follower on social media.

In her first month, she earned $700,[4] which isn't so bad under the circumstances. She posted regularly and continued to do so.

Slowly but surely, she gained followers on her socials. On her YouTube channel, she often shared her OnlyFans journey in real time.

The efforts finally paid off when, after 6 months, Adele earned almost $60,000 with more than 1,000 paying subscribers.[4] That translates to an average of about $10K a month.

Don't be afraid to test strategies on OnlyFans, especially in your marketing. It's neither a one-size-fits-all nor a get-rich-quick endeavor. In Adele's case, YouTube surprisingly drove traffic to her OnlyFans page. If she didn't try various social media platforms, she would never know what would work for her.

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Offer A Slightly Higher Paid Subscription

Up to 50% of most creators' income comes from subscriptions. But having a higher cost could go either way. Reaching your $10K income goal for a month might be more manageable. Or, it may backfire by discouraging potential fans who find your subscription a bit pricey.

Again, this is you experimenting with your OnlyFans. You have some leeway since the platform subscription fee can be set from $4.99 to $50.[5] Otherwise, it defaults to a free account.

Based on her experience, Kayla (knicoledz), a top OnlyFans creator, argues that offering a free page on the get-go will likely attract more fans who are NOT willing to pay for anything.[6]

Thus, she strategized by offering a paid subscription for $20, which worked quite well for her. Roughly speaking, Kayla would only need 500 fans to achieve a $10,000 monthly income on OnlyFans. Anything in excess is all gravy.

Although a subscription-based model provides a more stable income stream, you shouldn't be complacent. Remember, subscribers can unsub anytime from your page. Thus, it's important to remain consistent and, at the same time, enjoy what you're doing to attract loyal fans.

Send Mass Messages Daily

Sending mass messages once or twice a day can help compensate for a low paid subscription turnout.

Entice your fans to unlock your content for a fee. It may be a photo, video, or naughty text presented as PPV unlocks.

Don't worry about spamming your fans. Think about this. If you are running a paid subscription, it already tells you that your subscribers are OK with paying for your content.

Even if you send a mass message twice a day, it shouldn't hurt you. Instead, it may likely benefit you more financially.

And sometimes, it's quality over quantity. You may have subscribers willing to consume your content every step of the way. Some wouldn't mind spending up to $100 at a time to see more of you.

PPV unlocks are a series of content that fans must pay one at a time, typically in an ascending fashion. For example, your PPV unlock 1 is $5, PPV unlock 2 is $7, and so on. They provide a great way to tell a story and pique fans' curiosity.

Chat for pay
Fans are not only willing to pay for visual media like photos. They may also want to engage with you.

Luckily, you can get paid for being nice and sweet. Case in point: Swedish adult creator Amber Sweetheart, tagged as the queen of OnlyFans texting.[7]

Amber reportedly made bank in just a couple of years. For context, she maintains 2 accounts on OnlyFans. Her paid page costs $14.99 to subscribe.

There is no doubt that her subscriptions alone are providing the cash flow. Nonetheless, a good chunk of her revenue comes from direct messaging.

How much content should I have on my OnlyFans?
It is good practice to post high-quality content (photo or video) every day, especially on a paid OnlyFans account. At the very least, post once a month to avoid OnlyFans tagging your account as inactive.[8] You should also take advantage of sending mass messages once a day to enhance your earning potential.

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Feature PPVs On Your Free Account 2X A Day

Several creators offer their page for free as a standalone or as an additional page to their paid version.

You don't necessarily go empty-handed with a free page because you can use this as a teaser of what they can expect from your paid subscription. At the same time, post paywalled content and messaging directly on your free page twice daily.

Former teacher turned OnlyFans creator Courtney Tillia is a good example. She makes $50,000 to $100,000 on a monthly basis across 3 accounts.[9] On her free page, she earned over $210,000 in 2 years, including tips.[10] Around 43.5% of this income came from paywalled posts.

Meanwhile, Erin Kitten offered a paid page without PPV posts or messages. But she accepted custom requests for a fee and sold some of her items. In 6 months, she earned only $43K with 568 subs, falling short of her $10K monthly goal.[11]

Had she offered PPVs, she may have achieved a lot more financially.

How much money can you make realistically on OnlyFans?
An OnlyFans creator may earn a few hundred to thousands of dollars monthly on OnlyFans with paywalled content offerings. Such earning potential entails collecting subscribers, consistent content creation, and marketing your page on multiple social media channels.

Do Custom Content As Much As You Can

Custom content has the $$$ keyword right there: custom. This is when fans ask you to craft personalized media for them.

As such, this costs typically more than PPVs, which can augment your subscription income tremendously.

Monica Huldt gets about 10% of her 6-figure OnlyFans earnings from custom content requests.[12] One time, she was paid $250 by a fan who wanted her to read a custom script, which he planned to give as a "thank you" to his customers. Not bad for a few minutes of work.

Creators usually charge custom video requests by the minute and for a minimum. OnlyFans creator Katie (nxtdoorgirlkay) charges her fans $25 per minute at a minimum of 5 minutes.[13] According to her, this is relatively cheaper, claiming other creators charge as much as $500 for a 3-minute custom.

Custom content often involves hours of preparation and following your fan's instructions to a tee. Thus, Alanah Cole, a top 1% creator, repurposes hers as paywalled media later to maximize earnings.[14]

Take an active approach by telling your fans when you are accepting requests. It can help you manage your content creation and at the same time, boost your sales, especially when you need it.

Join an Agency With a Proven Track Record

An OnlyFans agency can help you reach your $10K monthly income goal. They usually manage your account, strategize your marketing, handle your fan engagement, or use other tools to boost your page (or do all of the above).

This allows you to unload these tasks onto them, while potentially benefiting from their professional marketing expertise. Thus, you can focus on content creation to scale your earnings.

Simplify Your Strategy, Amplify Your Earnings
You've mastered the basics, consistently earning over $1K a month on OnlyFans. Ready for the next level? Let an expert agency handle the heavy lifting by:
  • Taking over marketing and engagement, so you can produce more of what your fans love.
  • Applying sophisticated tools and strategies to boost your visibility and income.
  • Freeing you to concentrate on content, not the complexities of growth.
  • Discover the agency that aligns with your goals and watch your earnings soar.
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While rates vary, some OnlyFans agencies charge as much as 80% of your net earnings for their services.[15] However, this may be negotiable. And if they are charging that much, that's likely because they will practically take care of everything.

Promote Tipping All The Time

Tipping enables your fans to show appreciation or support for your content. It usually comprises around 10% of your OnlyFans income, sometimes more. Subscribers can tip your posts, messages, and live stream.

Roughly speaking, you must generate a total of around $100,000 per month to earn $10K monthly from tips alone. Thus, for the most part, tips can only supplement your earnings.

But first, you must be tip-worthy.

In other words, content is king. Offer something your fans will love enough to tip you. Engaging with them frequently doesn't hurt either. And yes, you have to ask them to tip you to actually get more tips.

Charlotte Lavish says she gets compensated on her free page with the tips fans give her.[16] For Danielle Danek, she racks up her tips by keeping her subscription price low and focusing on her PPVs and locked messages. [17]

Activate your tip button by having at least 10 posts and updating your page regularly.[18] Remember, this is optional and unreliable—you are basically at the mercy of your fan's generosity. Thus, tipping can only supplement your main income sources like subscriptions and PPVs.

Repeat All Of The Above

Once you have achieved your $10,000 monthly income goal, what now? Well, you've got to do it all over again. You produce content, market it, and analyze the results. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Having earned a lot of money,[19] Amber Sweetheart may have reached the pinnacle of OnlyFans success. But she understands the evolving nature of the space. Thus, she continues working just as hard as she did on Day 1.

She remains active in promoting her content on multiple social media channels and podcasts overseas. This helped grow her following even more.

At the risk of being repetitive, posting consistently is key indeed. Keep those good morning messages coming! And remember, you can always learn something new, regardless of your success.

Can You Earn $10,000 A Month On Onlyfans Without Nudity?

While it may be difficult to achieve, it's possible for more wholesome creators to earn $10,000 and above on OnlyFans. One example is mom-turned-OnlyFans creator Melissa Gonzalez.

Although she posts sexy content, she claims to still leave something to the imagination of her fans. In other words, she didn't do nudes, at least in her first few months on the platform.

She shared her OnlyFans screen, which showed her gross earnings of more than $34,000 for a little over 2 months (a monthly average of $17,000)[20] Notably, this took place in early 2020, when the creator market isn't as big as it is now.

Today, things are much more different in that you may have to offer just a bit more to earn more.

How Do You Earn More Than $10,000 Per Month From Onlyfans?

You can make over $10K monthly as an OnlyFans creator by activating your subscriptions, PPVs, tips, and referral links. But to maximize these monetization tools, marketing is always a crucial factor, whether you are already OnlyFans-famous or not.

Here are some successful creators who earned way more than expected.

OnlyFans superstar Amouranth is backed by a team helping her run her account and keeping everything organized. When asked, she said her highest monthly income from doing her thing on OnlyFans is around $2 million.[21] She now operates her own OnlyFans agency.

Previously in debt for nearly $100,000 (and a foreclosed home), Jade Nicole turned her life around and is said to be making $30,000 monthly on OnlyFans.[22] Her paid subscription costs $14.99 a month.

A former law student, Elle Brooke is a boxer who reportedly makes 6 figures a month as a top 0.01% OnlyFans creator.[23] She boasts that her "good looks" and hard work made her a millionaire at age 25.

It is important to note that these creators are likely exceptions to the rule. While you could be as gorgeous and hardworking as they are, that doesn't assure your success on the platform.

Nevertheless, you can still make money albeit at a much lower scale. And it could be enough for you to make this your main source of income.

What's a good price to start on OnlyFans?
Many creators price their subscriptions from $7 to $10 per month. For beginners, offering a promotional campaign is highly recommended. You can offer your first month for free or apply up to 90% off your subscription price.[24]

Bottom Line

Reaching a $10,000 monthly income on OnlyFans will likely involve consistent content creation, effective promotion, and audience engagement.

Nevertheless, strategies that work for creators may differ since there is no guaranteed formula to achieve this milestone.

So, while you observe good money-making practices, feel free to adapt and refine your approach as you see fit.


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How to Make Money on OnlyFans

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