May 19, 2024

Best OnlyFans Agency

The main goal in working with an OnlyFans agency is to increase your creator income. Read on to learn about your best options.

What is the best OnlyFans promotion service?
Here's a shortlist of 10 great options for you:
  1. Sakura Management for Best Overall
  2. SEO Bounty for New Creators
  3. for Business Diversification
  4. Wonderland Mgmt for Quick Results
  5. Neo Agency for Leveraging AI
  6. Seiren Agency for Multiple Strategies
  7. Belle Muse Agency for Holistic Growth
  8. Louna's Models for Viral Marketing
  9. RARE X Network for Agency Matchmaking
  10. Supercreator for Best OnlyFans Agency Alternative

OnlyFans agencies are a dime a dozen. But what can you get out of them? And how do you know which one to trust?

Check out these top choices and see if at least one resonates with you.

What's most important to you when choosing an OF agency?

Sakura Management

Best for: One-stop, full-service OnlyFans agency solutions
Fees: Commission-based[1]

Sakura Management is a one-stop shop for OnlyFans creators, providing management and marketing services to help you succeed on the platform.

As a creator with a substantial following, the daily hustle can be grueling such that you don't have a work-life balance anymore. Sakura Management takes a lot off your plate so you can focus on content instead of working long hours doing everything yourself.

You can get platform-specific solutions for X, TikTok, Reddit, and Instagram. They also have in-house chatters available 24/7 to attend to your messages quickly.

This leading OnlyFans agency has US account managers, which can be a great advantage if your main market is the US. With their consultancy services, you can learn a thing or two about how to establish a brand that sets you apart from others.

Sakura Management does not have upfront fees. Instead, they follow a "profit first, pay later" model. In other words, they won't charge you if you don't make money.

  • Full-range service
  • No upfront fees
  • Cancelable contract
  • Cost not known
  • Prefers more established creators

Are you just starting your OnlyFans? Don't worry, because this next agency is more welcoming to new players.

SEO Bounty

Best for: New creators
Fees: $100 for X/Twitter promotions (discount may be available)[2]

Many OnlyFans agencies only accept established creators in their stable, but not SEO Bounty. That's why if you're new to OnlyFans, they can take you under their wing.

Originally an SEO and link building service that started in 2009, SEO Bounty pivoted to OnlyFans management and marketing in December 2020.

That said, it comes with more digital marketing experience, which they apply to their social media management. Promoting your OnlyFans page on their widely followed X/Twitter account is one of their special offers.

They have several educational tools you can benefit from, such as their specialized OnlyFans course on Udemy. You can also learn from listening to episodes on their OnlyFans Secrets podcast.

  • Digital marketing experience
  • OF educational tools
  • Outdated website info
  • No chatter service

X is the biggest driver of social media traffic to OnlyFans, comprising 61.16%[3]

Best for: Business diversification
Fees: Not advertised

If there's an OnlyFans agency led by somebody who really understands the adult content industry, this would be it. The obviously named was founded by Aamir Kamal. He is an writer who has worked with several NSFW subscription companies for many years.

This full-service agency offers pretty much everything you'll need as an OnlyFans creator. Their chat services make sure they don't just reply to fan messages, they also actively upsell your content!

More importantly, they help you diversify your OnlyFans business by expanding your presence to other channels like Fansly, Fanvue, and other similar platforms. Their priority is increasing your ROI (return on investment) up to 200%. manages over 20 models earning 6 figures per month.[4]

Disclaimer: While CreditDonkey made every effort to deliver accurate information on the given topic, we are unable to verify any self-reported earnings cited in this article. On top of that, other income figures mentioned are either based on multiple publications or merely estimates of how much you can earn.

  • Business diversification
  • Full-service marketing and management
  • Standalone chat service option
  • Cost not known

If you want to see a change in your OnlyFans fast, this next option may be your best bet.

Wonderland Mgmt

Best for: Quick results
Fees: Not advertised

You all know how hard it is to grow your OnlyFans, even for experienced models. That's why Wonderland Mgmt's catchphrase of "We Create Influencers Overnight" is hard to ignore. But can they really make it happen?

First, they instill discipline by requiring you to dedicate your efforts to content creation for up to 2 hours a day. Alternatively, you can pick one full day to produce as much content to free up the rest of your week.

Their unique Rabbit Hole marketing formula may only work if you do your end of the bargain. With this tactic, they create marketing campaigns that aim to drive fans to your page in droves in as little as 24 hours.

While this may be the best scenario, it looks like they are confident in their ability to deliver the results you want within a considerably short time.

Their "seduction team" sells your PPVs to your fans using your own voice. However, don't expect them to reply to direct messages on your behalf because that won't be part of the deal.[5]

  • Unique marketing formula
  • Upselling services
  • Founded by a reputable marketer
  • Cost not known
  • Limited info on website
  • Prefers more established creators

Although Wonderland Mgmt is opposed to using chatters responding to DMs, several agencies hire them for this purpose.

Neo Agency

Best for: Leveraging AI
Fees: Commission-based[6]

If you're looking to maximize your OnlyFans by combining human expertise and AI technology, you can get it at Neo Agency.

They are an OnlyFans marketer based in Germany, relying on cutting-edge technology to carry out strategies more precisely. These include analyzing trends, optimizing your content, and engaging with your audience.

Aside from helping you with day-to-day operations, they provide tailored solutions to problems such as fluctuating earnings and a large volume of messages.

Their AI innovation FlirtFlow is a multilingual chatting tool that is always active. The best part is that it picks up from its last activity—no memory gaps whatsoever—while amplifying your persona to your fans. This means everything feeling as natural as possible from the other end.

  • AI tools
  • Proof of success via case studies
  • Multiple services available
  • Prefers more established creators
  • Cost not known

Want to explore more marketing techniques? This next OnlyFans agency has a few tricks up their sleeve.

Seiren Agency

Best for: Multiple strategies
Fees: Commission-based[7]

Established in 2019, Seiren Agency provides the tools and support that can supercharge your OnlyFans account. And it does that with the help of an all-women team.

Given the sensitive nature of the job, you'll be more comfortable working with them, especially if you're a female creator.

Here's how they will tackle your OnlyFans marketing:

  1. Seiren's team sends you content ideas
  2. They distribute your content
  3. They recruit fans to your page
  4. They manage your account to optimize your profit

They claim to have brought their OnlyFans models from zero to hero with a monthly income of $150K+, getting them on the top 0.1% revenue tier.[8] With more than 20 marketing methods, the chances of at least one working for you can be pretty high.

  • Multiple marketing methods
  • All-female team
  • Experience in OF marketing
  • Limited website info
  • Cost not known

What is the top 0.01% of OnlyFans?
A top 0.01% creator is among the highest earners on the platform within the last 30 days. Since this label is dynamic, their monthly income may range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. You can check your own updated ranking on your OnlyFans creator app.[9]

Belle Muse Agency

Best for: Holistic growth
Fees: Up to 40% of gross income[10]

Maybe you're already making good money. But for all you know, you could be earning more. So why settle for being in the top 2% when you could be a top 0.1% creator?

Belle Muse Agency can help you achieve that. They work with your uniqueness using bespoke strategies that don't just scale your earnings but also build your personal brand.

They treat you as a partner instead of simply being one of their 30+ muses. Your well-being is also looked after with the help of an in-house nutritionist and epigenetic researcher.

There aren't too many agencies that are forthcoming in their fees. Aside from having no upfront costs, Belle Muse Agency clearly states they won't charge you beyond 40% commission.[11] It could be less depending on the services you end up using.

  • Bespoke treatment
  • Price cap
  • Cancelable contract
  • Prefers more established creators

One viral media exposure can change your trajectory with the help of this OnlyFans agency, coming right up.

Louna's Models

Best for: Viral marketing
Fees: Commission-based[12]

France-based Louna's Models is another female-backed OnlyFans marketing agency. It has produced over 55 successful models on the platform, which is an impressive portfolio. That is largely due to their viral marketing strategies using TikTok and tailored approach.

Their dedicated team has a great understanding of social media trends and behavior, allowing you to grow your following and enhance your income. While you focus on content creation, they can also provide you with fresh ideas to incorporate into your material.

However, this marketing agency may be picky with the models they work with. Anyhow, it is important that both you and the OnlyFans manager follow the required routine to increase your odds of success.

In case you need to terminate your contract, Louna's Models won't hold you back. You just have to give them at least one week's notice before parting ways.

  • Tailored approach
  • Proven track record
  • Cancelable contract
  • Cost not known
  • Selective application process

Even if you do everything right in your marketing, there is still a chance your content does not go viral. This means luck will always be a factor in your success on the platform.

RARE X Network

Best for: OnlyFans agency matchmaking
Fees: None[13]

RARE X Network is not exactly an OnlyFans agency. Instead, it is an agency matchmaker. This means that it will match you to the right OnlyFans agency, thus, taking out the guesswork on your part.

You no longer have to worry if the agency is legit as it has already been vetted for by this service. And since services will differ among marketing agencies, you don't have to go through each and wonder which one can take you in.

It may take a week for RARE X Network to find the most compatible OnlyFans agency for you. But it's free of charge.

All the agencies in their network will only collect commissions for their services. None of them will ask for upfront fees whatsoever.

  • Best agency match
  • Zero cost
  • Scam-proof
  • No control over choice

The next one on the list may just give you enough assistance while still keeping your creative freedom.


Best for: OnlyFans agency alternatives
Fee: $159/mo/account (Basic); $279/mo/account (Pro) (discount may be available)[14]

If given a choice, you may prefer having external help without sacrificing a significant percentage of your income.

Supercreator is a Chrome extension used by thousands of creators and agencies alike to manage their OnlyFans accounts. With its AI and automation tools, many routine tasks are done efficiently, such as chatting and upselling.

Given its actionable data-driven insights, you can market your content according to your subscriber behavior or status.

Thus, you can adjust your PPV prices and track hot leads. You can also automate your messaging through the Scripts feature, providing canned responses to different scenarios.

  • Increases productivity
  • Maximizes earnings
  • Data-driven insights
  • Limited marketing ability
  • Lacks human assistance

Reactivate your expired subs with a tailored offer that's likely going to get them back in.

What Is an OnlyFans Agency?

An OnlyFans agency is a service that assists you in managing or marketing your OnlyFans account or both.

The idea is basically to outsource these tasks so you can focus on content creation. Thus, this agency may offer a range of services such as social media marketing, coaching, growth management, and account audit.

Some agencies choose to provide specific services only, like providing trained OnlyFans agents who will interact with fans on your behalf. Others would focus on driving traffic to improve your current social media presence.

When should I consider an OnlyFans agency?
You may want to consider the services of an OnlyFans agency if you want to improve your earning potential. Conversely, you might also need one if you are experiencing tremendous growth on the platform, which can be overwhelming if you are handling it all by yourself.

What Services Do They Provide?

Although not all OnlyFans agencies offer the same services, here are the most common ways they can help you:

  • OnlyFans account management
    Their service can begin with optimizing your profile page. They may recommend things like changing your picture or adjusting your subscription price. At the same time, they can also handle your post schedules, messages, and incoming payouts.

  • Traffic strategies
    Perhaps this is the most important task of an OnlyFans agency. For example, they'll suggest if you need to post more content on one account and less on another as a custom strategy to improve your page visits.

  • Content editing
    Some agencies will take care of editing your photos and videos, which can be a tedious task you'd rather not bother doing. Usually, you just make as many clips as you can and let your agency handle the rest.

  • Chatting
    OnlyFans agencies often provide chat agents, which is great if you have a high volume of paying fans interacting with you. You can also use them to market your PPVs through messaging as an upsell.

  • Account audit
    An OnlyFans manager may be assigned to you to not only provide coaching and address your questions and concerns but to also monitor your OnlyFans progress and account revenue, making adjustments to your strategies if necessary.

Which type of support do you value most from an OF agency?

How Much Do OnlyFans Agency Cost?

OnlyFans Agency fees are typically commission-based, which could go as much as 80% of your net earnings.[15] Ultimately, the extent of services you require will dictate the pricing.

But roughly speaking, the bigger the OnlyFans creator is, the lower the agency's split. So, if you are a top 1% creator earning $50,000 a month, it is likely that the commission would be a lot less than 80%—perhaps more in the ballpark of 20% to 30%.

A few agencies, however, charge an upfront fee or subscription, which may not be a popular option, especially if you are a new creator.

In case you need a specific service, e.g., chat agents who upsell with exclusive access to your content, you can be charged for their hourly rate plus a commission on their sales.

Is an OnlyFans agent worth it?
An OnlyFans agent service can be worthwhile for two reasons. One is that it could jumpstart your OnlyFans by improving your income and increasing your fan base. The other reasons is that they could relieve you from all your repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on creating more high-quality content.

Advantages & Downsides

Here are the pros and cons of an OnlyFans agency for a creator.


  • Higher income potential
  • Expert marketing strategies
  • Saves time and effort
  • Better account management
  • Professional content

OnlyFans agencies are generally beneficial to creators, whether you are new or more established. In any case, many come into this platform clueless, not knowing how to navigate the business side.

A legit OnlyFans agency can help you get started and assist you with day-to-day operations. At the same time, they can provide consultancy to build your personal brand and assign technical support for your content.

For top creators, you will need the extra hands to manage your business. This allows you to dedicate your time to creating engaging content and maintaining your top position on the platform.


  • Reduced net earnings
  • Success is not guaranteed
  • Loss of control

As you may know, most OnlyFans agencies charge a commission for their services, which is often based on your net income. If they charge a maximum rate, it can milk you dry.

Also, it's possible that their marketing strategies will not accomplish the goals you have set out. And since they are in charge of your marketing, you may lose your creative freedom in the process.

Is it safe to join an OnlyFans agency?
It is generally safe to work with an OnlyFans agency that is legitimate. Just be sure to do your due diligence and research about the agency. Check how long they are operating, how many models they are working with, and what their success rate is.

How to Choose the Best OnlyFans Agency

If you could have the best OnlyFans agency, it would bring a huge difference in your income potential. Here are things you should look for:

  • Dedicated manager
    Having a manager who's there at your disposal increases your confidence and trust in them.

  • Tailored marketing
    A good agency should be able to assess your unique needs and employ a tailored approach.

  • High success rate
    Look for case studies on their websites where they show the before-and-after of their model earnings.

  • Ask their clients
    Who better to vouch for an OnlyFans agency than the clients themselves? Try to reach out and get actual feedback on their agency experience.

  • Transparent pricing
    You don't want a shock to your system with a professional agency that costs an arm and a leg.

  • Privacy policy
    Given the sensitive nature of the OnlyFans space, the agency should ensure your privacy and adhere to ethical standards.


OnlyFans creators have different reasons for wanting to work with an OnlyFans agency. Hence, we chose agencies that offer not just full-range services, but also have targeted services like account management or helping the creator in their content marketing.

In addition, we favored those with their own website, which enabled us to look for standout features and value propositions. These include charging a commission only when there is creator income, use of bespoke marketing formula, and 24/7 access to a dedicated account manager.

Bottom Line

The best OnlyFans agency can make a positive difference in your career as a content creator.

While each one offers different services, their expertise can scale your earnings and increase your following.

But remember, your success on OnlyFans does not only depend on them, but also on yourself. Although they can supercharge your business, you will still need to put in the work creating content that sells.

Nonetheless, the right agency that compliments your efforts can fast-track reaching your creator goals.


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