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Free Bingo Games

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Think bingo is boring? You might want to reconsider. These apps will have you hooked in no time—and they're free.

Bingo games may remind you of idle players lounging around in a playing center. But mobile bingo apps aren't just about daubing off numbers anymore.

It's more about your speed, strategy, and skill. Plus, you also get to join intense competitions, receive bonuses, and get daily rewards. You can even win money if you're lucky.

What is the reason you play bingo online?

Here are the best bingo apps to play for free.

Best free bingo apps:

Best overall: Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is one of the top-rated apps you can get for free. But for a chance to win cash, you have to pay up. You can use power-ups as needed during the game.

Players get a free daub, multipliers, time boosts, and golden balls (best used toward the end of the game). Blackout Bingo's social media pages also give pro tips from time to time.

Game Features

  • Various game modes: practice, single-player, tournament
  • Enter cash games for as little as $0.60[1]
  • Two minutes average game time
  • Interactive chat and games
  • No minimum cashout via PayPal


  • Age limit: 18+
  • Works on: Android and Apple
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Note: For most of the games, you'll have to pay an entry fee. This is usually in the form of z-games (the in-game currency), real cash, or Skillz Ticketz.

Best for tournaments: Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash has great tournament setups that award the top three best players with cash bonuses. In a game between 20 players, you only need $4 to get a chance to win $70.

If you're a newbie, Bingo Cash will give you tips to win. It also gives bonuses as a welcome gift to first-time players. They give you $10 on your first $10 deposit, and friend referral bonuses go up to $15.

Is this your first time playing a bingo app?

Game Features

  • Multiple game modes: 1 v 1 and tournament
  • Enter cash games for as little as $0.60
  • Two minutes average game time
  • Daily bonuses and rewards for consistent players
  • $5 minimum cash out via PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, or Amex


  • Age limit: 18+
  • Works on: Android and Apple
  • Language: English

Best player community: Bingo Blitz

It's hard to think of strategies to win if you're alone. That's why Bingo Blitz's active player community is a huge advantage. The app doesn't provide cash games but it's a great way to pass the time.

If you're struggling, the app provides live chat support that can help guide you around the game. They also have mini-games where you can experience other side missions.

Game Features

  • Use multiple cards in one game
  • Mini-games and daily bonuses
  • Seasonal and themed rooms
  • YouTube channel with tutorials


  • Age limit: 21+
  • Works on: Android, Apple, Facebook, and Windows
  • Language: English

Best friend referral program: Bingo Clash

Besides its stellar graphics and fast payouts, Bingo Clash is also best played with friends. Their friend referral program gives you one free dig at their cash mining event. You'll have a chance to win $500 cash.

The amount you can win in Bingo Clash cash games depends on your skills and performance.[2] So, to increase your chances of winning, continue practicing to level up.

Game Features

  • Multiple game modes: 1 v 1 and tournament
  • Bonus games that give rewards and bonuses
  • Cash games available in some states
  • $5 minimum cash out via PayPal[3]


  • Age limit: 18+
  • Works on: Android and Apple
  • Languages: English and Simplified Chinese

Best themed games: Bingo Bash

If you love old-school board games, you'll be thrilled to know that Bingo Bash is a Monopoly-themed bingo app.

Bingo Bash lets you play, team up, and chat with friends to uncover huge bingo chip rewards and bonuses. Plus, it adds a fresh bingo room every 4 weeks and gives daily bonuses to make your game more exciting.[4]

Game features

  • Themed rooms with collection side games
  • Get access to restaurant-themed games and play other tasks
  • Daily bonuses and rewards available
  • Mini-games that give you free coins


  • Age limit: 18+
  • Works on: Android and Apple
  • Language: English

Best for groups: Bingo Party

Team playing is unusual in bingo, but Bingo Party opens up a way for players to support each other in their bingo journey. The app has a "family" system where players can team up with each other. Each member can help others earn tickets, power-ups, and cards.

Aside from that, Bingo Party lets you play up to 8 cards at the same time—higher than most bingo apps.

Game features

  • 1 v 1 and tournament modes
  • Play up to 8 bingo cards
  • Create your own "family" with friends to play games together
  • Seven types of power-ups
  • Daily extra tickets and power-ups available


  • Age limit: 18+
  • Works on: Android and Apple
  • Language: English

Best for casual play: Bingo Abradoodle

Bingo Abradoodle may be the cutest bingo game on the market. They have a variety of cat and dog mascots to play with. Plus, they are pretty generous with their bingo tickets and bingo cards.

They also have daily spins, which can give you extra bonuses, power-ups, and rewards.

Game features

  • Play up to four bingo cards
  • Get tickets every 40 minutes
  • Offline gaming mode available
  • Extra tickets and spins available for players
  • In-game power-ups are available


  • Age limit: 13+
  • Works on: Android and Apple
  • Language: English

Best for offline games: Tropical Bingo

You don't have to be so dependent on your internet connection to play mobile games. Tropical Bingo offers online and offline games. And for elite members, you can even gain access to exclusive content.

They have a roster of themed and seasonal rooms. So, you won't get bored of the same concept.

Game features

  • Has solo and multiplayer game modes
  • Online and offline bingo games
  • Play up to 4 bingo cards[5]
  • Theme and seasonal rooms available


  • Age limit: 21+
  • Works on: Android and Apple
  • Language: English

Best for desktop: Absolute Bingo

You may find Absolute Bingo on your mobile phone. But it was originally made for Windows. It's a great option for casual gamers who just want to pass the time. And if you don't want to be distracted for a while, you can customize how fast or slow you can play a game.

You do have to watch ads if you want to receive free items.

Game features

  • Play up to 8 cards in a game
  • Online and offline games available
  • Game speeds are customizable
  • Win power-ups and get bingo multipliers


  • Age limit: 17+
  • Works on: Windows, Android, and Apple
  • Language: English

Best for Android: Bingo Pop

Bingo Pop is the perfect choice for gamers seeking a fast-paced game to enjoy with friends and family. With its frequent updates and live events, the excitement never ends in this game.

In this free bingo game, you'll find huge jackpots, fast-paced live-action, and power-ups. You can also expect high-quality graphics, 15+ unique rooms, and 900+ levels to complete with this game. [6]

Game features

  • Play up to 12 cards at the same time
  • Free coins after each collection event
  • Free Power-Ups to climb the leaderboards
  • Offline and online games offered
  • Free daily rewards and huge jackpots


  • Age limit: 13+
  • Works on: Android, Apple and Facebook
  • Languages: English, Arabic, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese

How To Win Bingo Games

There's no cookie-cutter way to win a bingo game. But, doing some things can increase your chances of winning.

No matter what kind of app you're playing, you're going to encounter in-game power-ups. In this case, the key to getting a higher score than your opponent is to know when to use boosts and power-ups.

Hint: Power-ups usually work better at the end of the game.

Next, remember key numbers that will help you reach bingo fast. Bingo apps will usually give you a run-through of the possible bingo combinations. You can start by paying attention to numbers at the corners or in the middle, then on the side.

These tips may vary per game, but ultimately you'll get the hang of this as you go. Another important tip: take advantage of daily bonuses, spins, and friend referral bonuses.

Remember: these online bingo games are skill-based. So, it's important to find best practices and evaluate strategies.

How To Avoid Scams

Playing classic bingo is a great chill activity. But what if you want to download apps that earn real money?

You have to pay attention to these factors to avoid being scammed.

  • User reviews on Reddit or Quora
  • Number of downloads
  • App ratings
  • Cashout requirements
  • Game developer history

You can tell a lot just by looking at an app's profile on app stores. The basics include: checking if their developer is legit, looking at the number of downloads, and evaluating the app's ratings. Next, you should be wary of apps that require you to reach an insane amount of money before cashing out.

When reading user reviews, make sure to check if there are problems with the cashout process. Usually, you will get legit reviews like this from real players on forums like Reddit and Quora.

Finally, check out the game developers' websites and past projects. You'll know their credibility is high when they have experience in making others win real cash apps.

What Can I Play Instead of Bingo?

There are other free games you can play to earn real cash. Look at the list to find out how you can win money playing games.

  • Solitaire Cube: Solitaire Cube is the modern twist to the classic Klondike card game. And like Blackout Bingo, it's powered by the Skillz platform. You can play head-to-head with other players or join tournaments.

  • 21 Blitz: If you prefer to play alone, you can try 21 Blitzl. It's a mix between Blackjack and Solitaire. Build a stack of five or a stack that adds up to 21 in order to win.

  • Pool PayDay: Flex your pool skills with Pool PayDay. It offers unlimited turn-based and offline games that you can play head-to-head or with other competitors. Plus, the more trick and bank shots you make, the higher you score.

  • Dominoes Gold: If you thrive in fast-paced games, this classic board game with a twist will suit you. You can best your opponent by getting the highest points playing against the computer.

  • Yatzy: Dice Game Online: This dice game brings a mix of luck and statistics to your average day. Here, you can join various game modes for free and explore different winning possibilities, whether you're playing with real people or AI bots.


Which bingo apps pay real money?
Blackout Bingo, Bingo Clash, and Bingo Cash are just some bingo apps that pay real money. If you join their cash tournaments, you can earn as much as $83 in a single game.

Bingo Tour and Bingo Blitz are other options. Be careful though—cash games are not available in all states.

Do bingo apps have subscription costs?
No, these bingo apps are free to play. There are no hidden subscription costs either. Players can choose to play unlimited bingo games whenever they want.

How much can I earn with bingo games?
You won't get a ton of money just playing games. And the money won't be constant either. Some users have reported earning $83 an hour. But some have struggled to win $10 a week.

In order to win real money, you have to deposit some of your own. You can enter cash tournaments by collecting tickets for free. But it takes a lot of patience and effort. Unless you are willing to spend money, you shouldn't expect to win cash in bingo games.

Bottom Line

Most bingo apps are free to download, so you won't have a hard time finding one you like. If you want to earn money, Blackout Bingo is the most reliable game to do that. For a more casual play, Rainbow Bingo Adventure or Absolute Bingo are great options that also offer offline games.

Most apps will require an entrance fee to play their bingo rounds. And while most of the games above don't require cash-in, it can still be a stretch to earn enough points to level up. You'll be stuck when this happens.

A good rule of thumb is to get a feel of the game via the practice modes. Once you've mastered them, you'll have a better chance of winning and earning points to level up.


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What is the reason you play bingo online?
68% For fun
18% For extra money
14% Both
Source: CreditDonkey
Is this your first time playing a bingo app?
77% Yes
23% No
Source: CreditDonkey poll of 1,620 respondents
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