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Easiest Bank Account to Open Online

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Find bank accounts you can open online with no minimum balances and credit checks. Choose from 8 great choices like Chime, Capital One, and more.

Are you discouraged by the complex requirements and lengthy procedures of opening a bank account?

Thankfully, you can now apply online with many banks that don't ask a lot from new customers.

Time to explore 8 bank accounts where you can save time, effort, and perhaps some money.

What is the easiest account to open online?
These accounts are the easiest to open and have the least requirements:

  1. Chime: Easiest to open overall
  2. Current: Best for no deposit
  3. Capital One: Best bank w/o credit check
  4. Synchrony: Best for savings
  5. TD Bank: Easiest big bank to open
  6. Revolut: Easiest all-in-one account
  7. Majority: Easiest to open for newcomers
  8. Wise: Easiest to open for non-residents

Which among these factors do you think is the most important when choosing an online bank?

Chime: Easiest to open overall

Type of account:Checking account
Requirements:Basic personal information, SSN
Credit check:No
Minimum deposit:$0
Bonus feature you might like:SpotMe overdraft protection up to $200

Chime is a fintech company that has gained popularity since it began in 2013. And for good reason.

You can open an account online in under two minutes without a credit check. You don't even have to put in money right away to activate it.

Once you're signed up, you might want to opt for their SpotMe service. It's overdraft protection for up to $200, free of charge if you make a monthly direct deposit of at least $200.[1]

Plus, you can withdraw using your Chime-issued Visa debit card at more than 60,000 fee-free ATMs. Use the ATM finder feature in your Chime mobile app and get your cash at no extra cost.

Chime is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by, and debit card issued by, The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A.; Members FDIC.

What is a fintech company?
Fintech stands for financial technology. Also called neobank, it is a company that uses innovative technology to provide financial services. By integrating technology, it seeks to improve the overall efficiency of money-related transactions.

Current: Best for no deposit

Type of account:Hybrid account (savings and checking)
Requirements:Basic personal information, SSN
Credit check:No
Minimum deposit:$0
Bonus feature you might like:Pays up to 2 days faster with direct deposit

Current is another fintech company focusing on mobile lifestyles, offering many modern features.

From its quick online process to its transparent fee structure and budgeting tools, you can have a more efficient banking experience. The best part: you won't be pressured to fund your account immediately after opening.

With Current, you can get your paychecks up to two days faster than with other banks. But keep in mind that the actual timing can vary depending on when the payer submits the deposits.

Aside from quicker paydays, there are no monthly, or hidden fees. Plus, you can qualify for fee-free overdrafts, by receiving $500 or more in qualifying deposits. It also has built-in Savings pods, where you can even earn a competitive bonus rate on your money.

Current is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC, and Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

What are online-only banks?
An online-only bank (also called neobank or virtual bank) is a financial institution that only operates online or through the mobile app. It has no physical branches. But it usually partners with ATM and cash deposit networks for you to access cash.

Capital One: Best for no credit check

Type of account:Checking account
Requirements:Basic personal information, 2 IDs and proof of address
Credit check:No
Minimum deposit:$0
Bonus feature you might like:Free first checkbook

Many people hold the belief that banking shouldn't come at a cost. Capital One has embraced this idea by offering new customers a more welcoming banking experience.

Capital One opens its doors even if you've faced financial challenges or had a "checkered past" (pun intended). They don't run a ChexSystems report or conduct hard credit checks, giving you another shot to make good with your finances.

When you open their 360 Checking Account, you are not required to deposit upfront. There are no monthly or non-sufficient fund fees to worry about. You also get your first batch of checks for free.

You can access over 70,000 ATMs fee-free, including those from Capital One, Moneypass, and Allpoint. Select Capital One ATMs even offer cardless transactions, allowing you to use the ATM without a physical card.[2]

Can I open a bank account with bad credit?
Yes, you can open a bank account with bad credit, although it can be difficult. Look for banks or credit unions that offer second-chance accounts. You may also consider online banks, which are usually flexible in their requirements.

Synchrony: Best for savings

Type of account:High-yield savings account
Requirements:Basic personal information, SSN or TIN
Credit check:No
Minimum deposit:$0
Bonus feature you might like:Waives up to $5 out-of-network ATM fee[3]

Are you looking for a good place to earn some interest for your money without the hassle?

Synchrony Bank's High Yield Savings offers a competitive 4.75% APY. At the same time, you pay zero monthly fees, so you get to enjoy your earnings.

You can withdraw your money with your ATM card at any Plus and Accel ATM for free. If you withdraw domestically from an ATM outside these networks, up to $5 in fees will be refunded monthly.[4]

While you don't need to meet balance requirements to earn interest, you shouldn't keep it empty for long either. Synchrony will automatically close your account if it sits empty for over 60 days. So keep at least a dollar in the account for it to stay active.

Can I open a bank account online with no money down?
Yes, many banks let you open a bank account online without an initial deposit. However, if you don't make a deposit within a given time frame, your bank may close your account automatically for inactivity.

TD Bank: Easiest big bank to open

Type of account:Checking account
Requirements:Basic personal information, SSN, or driver's license
Credit check:No
Minimum deposit:$0
Bonus feature you might like:Free money transfers through Zelle

TD Bank is one of the few big national banks with a simplified online account opening process. A bank specialist can even guide you over the phone if you need help.

TD Bank's Essential Banking is the easiest account to open. It does not allow you to write checks and doesn't permit overdrafts.[5] These safeguards prevent you from overspending, so approval will be easier.

However, this account does have a low monthly fee of $4.95, that can't be waived. But it's quite affordable compared to other banks, and you'll have no monthly maintenance fee if you're between 13 and 17.[6]

Additionally, TD has incorporated Zelle into its online and mobile platforms. This feature lets you conveniently send money for free to friends with just their email or mobile number.

What is the simplest bank account?
The simplest bank account has minimal requirements to open and maintain the account. Capital One's 360 Checking is one of the easiest bank accounts. It has zero minimum deposit, no monthly fees, and no overdraft charges.

If you do have a good banking history, you can check out TD's other checking accounts.

Revolut: Easiest all-in-one account

Type of account:Hybrid account (savings and checking)
Requirements:Basic personal information, any form of valid identification
Credit check:No
Minimum deposit:$0
Bonus feature you might like:Low-fee international transfers

Revolut is a well-known neobank based in the UK whose popularity has reached U.S. soil with its game-changing product offerings.

Beyond being a combined mobile checking and savings account, the Revolut account offers features like early direct deposits, premium travel perks, and finance tracking tools.

Revolut also provides lots of international benefits that would be good for global citizens. You can send money to friends & family in 25+ foreign currencies and up to $1,000 of free currency exchange per month.[7]

While it has a free option, two paid plans unlock most of its perks. A Metal plan user, for example, will have up to $1,200 fees waived for out-of-network ATMs per month.[8] That means you can practically withdraw at any ATM for free.

Revolut is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Member FDIC.

Can I open a bank account if I am an illegal alien?
Yes, you can open a bank account as an undocumented immigrant. Some banks allow other forms of identification, such as passports or driver's licenses, during account opening. It's best to contact the specific bank for their exact requirements.

Majority: Easiest for newcomers

Type of account:Membership account
Requirements:Basic personal information, any form of valid identification (no SSN needed)
Credit check:No
Minimum deposit:$0
Bonus feature you might like:Free international calls to 20+ countries

Majority is a finance app designed for migrants and non-U.S. citizens who may not meet the document requirements of regular banks.

Aside from enhanced banking functions like early direct deposits, you can use your Majority debit card internationally, anywhere Visa is accepted.

Although it has a monthly membership fee of $5.99/month, it is minimal, considering the additional benefits provided. This may be an advantage if you have ties outside the U.S.

When you send money abroad, you get the following perks:

  • No transfer fee
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • No-fee mobile top-ups

However, an exchange rate margin will be applied, generally resulting in lower conversion amounts than market rates.

Furthermore, the Majority app offers an international calling feature, connecting you with family and relatives overseas. This service is free to over 20 countries, including Australia, Canada, and Mexico, while offering low international call rates for other countries.

Majority is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by Sutton Bank or Axiom Bank, N.A., Members FDIC.

What bank account can I open online without an ID?
There is no bank account you can open online without presenting any form of identification. However, some banks allow other valid IDs if you don't have a Social Security number (SSN). They include Bank of America, Capital One, and Chase, among others.

Wise: Easiest for non-residents

Type of account:Multi-currency account
Requirements:Basic personal information, any form of valid identification
Credit check:No
Minimum deposit:$0
Bonus feature you might like:Free Multi-currency account; Low fees for money transfers

Want to open an account even if you don't live in the US?

Wise is an excellent option that caters to not only non-U.S. residents, but also almost any nationality.

With a Wise debit card, you can send and receive payments in over 50 currencies at more affordable exchange rates than others.[9]

Wise uses a peer-to-peer system to make free international transfers using their platform. Routing money locally reduces lead time and costs associated with wire transfers.

What's more, Wise offers a business account, allowing you to pay invoices, purchase inventory, and manage payroll.

Wise was founded in 2011 by two friends, Kristo Kaarmann and Taavet Hinrikus.[10] They were frustrated with the high fees and hidden charges of international money transfers. So, they developed a peer-to-peer model that reduced costs by effectively bypassing the traditional banking system.

Wise is a financial technology company, not a bank.

How To Open A Bank Account Online

Here's how you open an account online with most banks:

  1. Select your desired account type.
  2. Gather your documents, such as your SSN or any valid ID.
  3. Complete the online application by providing your personal details, like name, date of birth, and address.
  4. Deposit funds into your newly opened account.

What Are The Reasons For Being Denied A Bank Account?

The reasons you may be denied a bank account include:

  • Too many overdrafts and NSFs in other bank accounts
  • Negative balances in other bank accounts
  • Record of bank-initiated account closure
  • Outstanding debts owed to the bank
  • Suspected money laundering, fraud, or involvement with illegal activity

If your bank account application is denied, the bank should be able to provide a detailed explanation. This way, you can improve your situation or explore other alternatives to increase your approval chances.

What Are Second-Chance Bank Accounts?

A second-chance bank account provides a banking opportunity for individuals with past banking challenges. It can be likened to getting a clean slate or a fresh start.

These accounts are from banks or credit unions that either don't run your ChexSystems report or are willing to overlook any previous missteps. They give you another chance to rebuild your banking reputation and regain trust with financial institutions.

What to do if no bank will accept me?
If banks are denying your application, you can turn to alternative financial institutions that may be more accommodating and flexible. Many neobanks and online-only banks don't check your credit score or Chexystems. So they may be willing to work with individuals who traditional banks have rejected.


To find the easiest bank accounts to open online, we looked at over 30 options and considered their account-opening requirements.

We looked for banks that don't base approval on your credit score or ChexSystems reports. Some may not even need a SSN. However, at minimum, you'll need to provide personal information such as name, address, and date of birth.

While most of the chosen bank accounts are from online banks, we also included physical banks for those that prefer to bank in-person.

Lastly, we took into other account features that may appeal to many customers. We highlighted unique offerings like overdraft coverage or free international calls.

Bottom Line

The eight easiest bank accounts presented in this article offer convenient and accessible choices for your banking needs.

Most of these accounts remove obstacles like in-person applications, minimum deposits, credit checks, and other requirements. So even if you've had trouble opening an account, you might have better success with one of the ones in this list.


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