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Bingo Clash Review

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Bingo Clash guarantees a fun game with great prizes to win. But can you really make money by playing a simple bingo game? Let's find out.

Looking to rake in some extra cash without leaving your couch?

Bingo Clash is a legit bingo app where you can earn up to $2,000 playing bingo. From 1v1 battles to multiplayer tournaments, you can win real cash and rewards. And most games only take 2 minutes to complete.

Is this your first time playing a bingo app?

Keep reading to find out how Bingo Clash works and how much you can earn. Plus, we've got some tips and tricks to help you win!

What is Bingo Clash?

Bingo Clash is an online bingo game from AviaGames. It gives you a chance to win real money by playing bingo with real players.

The game is free to download in the App Store and Galaxy Store. And with a simple login, you're ready to go. You don't even need cash to get started.

Bingo Clash can make you money by allowing you to compete in real-time bingo tournaments against other players. The game is easy to play with simple rules.

All you have to do is click on the numbers on your screen as they are called out and try to make a line or full house before your opponents.

Who can play Bingo Clash?
To access the Bingo Clash game, you must be 18 or older and have an iOS or Android device. Cash games are not supported for players in Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Vermont.[1] Although, players from these states can access free games.

How does Bingo Clash work?

You can start playing Bingo Clash for free without giving any of your details. You don't have to pay or make a deposit. It starts you off with some tickets you can use to try out games.

Ticket games can win you more tickets to continue playing for free. Or you can win bonus cash. Bonus cash can be used to play cash games without breaking your bank.

But you must deposit real money if you want to play bigger cash games. You can deposit money through Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Venmo.[2]

You can deposit $10, $15, or $20. But if you're up for the highest cash games, you can deposit $30 and get $30 bonus cash. That's $60 you can use to earn some bingo bucks!

How much should you deposit to play Bingo Clash cash games?
There are newcomer offers where you can deposit $4.99 and get $7.50 bonus cash. It's a good starting point.

How much can you win with Bingo Clash?

With Bingo Clash, the amount you can win depends on the type of game you are playing and the amount of cash you have.

The more cash you bet, the bigger your rewards will be. For example, a match with a $3 entry fee can win a $5 cash prize.

You can also participate in special bonus rounds for extra rewards and prizes.

The game also uses an algorithm to pair you with players of equal skill. And they use advanced anti-cheating technology. You don't have to worry about any unfair advantage because you will be paired with people on the same level as you

For one-on-one matches, you generally win less than double. For example, a game with a $3 entry fee can win a $5 cash prize. Larger entry fees will earn bigger prizes.

Some other games have higher winning potential. For example, their One vs. Many cash games has a game with a low entry fee of $3, with the opportunity to win up to $100. The most you can win is up to $2,000, with a $60 entry fee.

There are also tournaments and challenge events where the top winners can win as much as $100.

They also have a leaderboard with a prize pool across all games in AviaGames. At the time of writing, the top-ranked player can win $1,000, while 2nd place wins $800.

Now, let's talk about unlocking these games with greater rewards.

Check out other games where you can earn real money here.

How to play Bingo Clash?

Bingo Clash is the same as every bingo game you've played and loved. Tap on the number called and form a bingo pattern. You get 2 minutes on the clock to have as much bingo as you can manage.

  1. Download the Bingo Clash application on your device for free.
  2. Open the app to set up your account. You can choose your avatar and username.
  3. You can either choose a tutorial game or play straight to the real game.
  4. Once you have joined a game lobby, the system will assign you a Bingo card with random numbers.
  5. As the caller reads out the numbers, you must mark off the numbers on your card.

Keep reading to learn our easy tips, tricks, and game strategies that can help you earn more.

But as a fun twist, earn power-ups by quickly tapping numbers until your meter is full.

With these different power-ups, you can complete more bingos quickly:[3]

  • G power-up - Lets you choose the next number the announcer calls to help speed up securing bingos or completing columns.
  • Diamond power-up - Use this to mark any spot on the board as if it was called out to fill unmarked spots quickly.
  • x2 power-up - Use it to double your points for a short time to catch up or secure a lead.

You can only have 2 power-ups stored. You won't get another power-up until you use up the two.

Types of Bingo Clash Game Modes

Bingo Clash has multiple game modes so you can switch it up when you're up for more challenges. And as you get to a higher level, you can win bigger prizes.

Here's what you can play. Keep in mind that not all games are available in all locations.

1v1 - You will be playing against someone on the same skill level as you. It could be in a ticket game or a cash game. Some example prizes are:

  • $0.60 entry fee - win $1
  • $2.99 entry fee - win $5
  • $5.99 entry fee - win $10

What is a beginner-friendly Bingo Clash game mode?
1v1 is a simple and easy game mode. It can let beginners get the hang of the game in no time.

One vs. Many - Choose how many players you want to play against. To win, you need to have the highest score among all players. And the prize you win will depend on how many opponents you beat.

Multiple players - Players with similar skill will play with the same game boards. All players will share one prize pool (with the 1st place winning the most). Here are some examples of multiplayer matches:

  • $0.99 entry fee - $5 prize pool (7 players)
  • $4.99 entry fee- $28 prize pool (8 players)
  • $8.99 entry fee - $51 prize pool (8 players)

The game can be canceled if the multiplayer match doesn't have enough players within 24 hours. Your entry fee will be refunded.

Speedy Skirmish - Back-to-back matches with players until there's only one champion. In this tournament game mode, the prize will be awarded when only one man is standing. Here are examples of speedy skirmish games:

  • $5 entry fee - $110 prize pool (32 players)
  • $10 entry fee - $220 prize pool (32 players)

Spin & Go - Spin the wheel before your match for a chance to win higher prizes. For example, for a $3 game, you could spin the wheel and win up to $100 if you win the match.

Challenger - Timed events where all players compete for a prize pool. At the time of writing, there are events for $2 entry fee, where the first-place winner gets $100.

Spin & Go is unavailable in Alabama, Hawaii, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington, and Mississippi. Players in these states can play cash games, but not Spin & Go.


Playing with cash can be too much of a risk. You can play free ticket games and get the chance to win these awesome prizes. Click on "Ticket Exchange" and find the perfect prize for you.

Here are some of their past prizes and the number of tickets you would need:

  • 210,000 tickets- UNO: Emoji
  • 1.3M tickets - JBL Go 2 Speakers
  • 1.5M tickets - Echo Dot

Bingo Clash Rewards

Bingo Clash has free rewards that will keep you coming back for more. It's easy to win free tickets with a ton of daily bonuses. So you can keep playing for free if you want to play just for fun.

You can even win free bonus cash in the daily bonuses. You can save those up and use them to play cash games without depositing real money. Just know that it'll take time to accumulate bonus cash.

Plus, there are Bingo Clash Minigames where you can win rewards, bonus cash, and real money too:

  • Cash Miner - For every successful invite of a friend to play Bingo Clash, you can get one dig at Cash Miner where you can win up to $500.

  • Spin & Win - After playing around 6 bingo games (whether cash game or ticket game), you can get coins to spin the fortuity wheel.

    Spin & Win is not available in Alabama, Hawaii, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington, and Mississippi.

  • Scratchers - Scratch your scratcher card and win the prize on the 3 tiles with the same number. Special bonus cash prize goes as high as $20.

How to Cash Out on Bingo Clash?

Bingo Clash will first process your withdrawal as a refund back to your original method of payment. However, your withdrawal cannot exceed what you previously deposited. Anything above that will be sent to your email as a digital check.

For example, say you want to withdraw $75. You previously deposited $50 via PayPal to play. In this case, $50 will be refunded to your PayPal, and $25 will be sent as a digital check.

You need to have a minimum of $2 for withdrawal. But any amount below $10 would be charged a $1 fee.[4][5]

When you request a withdrawal, it may take up to 15 days. But you can expect your earnings to arrive within 4 to 6 weeks. This is quite a long cash-out time. So if you are in urgent need, don't count on your Bingo Clash earning.

You can only cash out your earnings. Bonus cash cannot be withdrawn.[6]

Pros and Cons


  • Daily rewards such as tickets and bonus cash
  • Win up to $500 by referring a friend
  • Plenty of bingo game modes
  • Cash prize goes up to 33 times higher than the entry fee
  • Multiple cash withdrawal and deposit options


  • Inactive accounts are charged $2.00 per month[7]
  • Cash withdrawal can take up to 15 days
  • Pop-up ads about depositing cash and cash bonuses
  • Customer service takes a long time to respond

The game has a 4.6/5 rating on Facebook from 315 reviews, with some praising its daily prizes. Apple Store also shows a 4.4/5 rating on the app from 93,900+ players who appreciate the ability to play fair matchups.

Bingo Clash Tips, Tricks, and Game Strategy

Bingo Clash is a skill-based bingo game. Luck can only get you so far. So it's important to have some techniques up your sleeve to get the highest score and make money.

As promised, here are some game strategies you can use to win in Bingo Clash:

  • Skim past, daub fast - Look through every number and get as familiar as you can. This helps you daub/tap the number faster and gain more points. It also gives you a power-up.

  • Use your power-ups - You can only store 2 power-ups at a time. So if you are daubing fast but you haven't used up your power-up, your speed won't be counted to earn a power-up. In short: you're missing out.

  • Careful what you daub - When you daub the wrong number or tap bingo when you haven't completed a pattern, you're in for a penalty. It's not fun when you lose points. So go fast but stay careful.


  1. Does Bingo Clash give real money?
    Bingo Clash cash games can earn you real money. You can earn up to $2,000. And as you get to a higher level, you can win more cash.

  2. How much can you make on Bingo Clash?
    Cash games you can play and prize pools you can win depend on where you're playing from. The biggest prize you can win is different for different countries.

  3. Do you have to pay to play Bingo Clash?
    No, you don't have to pay to play Bingo Clash. There are ticket games where you don't have to risk your money. And you can win bonus cash too.

  4. How do you win at Bingo Clash?
    The three tips to win Bingo Clash are to skim quickly, daub fast; use your power-ups wisely; and be careful what you daub on (scroll up for more). And ultimately, practice so you'll get used to the strategies, daub faster, and earn more.

  5. Is Bingo Clash safe?
    Yes, Bingo Clash is a safe and legit bingo gaming app. AviaGames Inc developed it. Other cash games they developed are Solitaire Cash, Bubble Buzz, and Tile Blitz.

Bottom Line

Bingo Clash may be a way to earn cash. Games take only at least 2 minutes and offer various modes for an extra challenge.

It is also ideal for beginners, offering daily rewards and newcomer offers, and adds fun whether you're just having a casual go or entering cash tournaments.

But it also comes with risks. Players should always check the terms and conditions before playing and the stake levels.


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Bingo Cash

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Bingo Cashâ„¢ is free to download and play. However, cash tournaments are not available in the following states: AZ, IA, LA, SC

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