June 12, 2021

Apps that Pay You for Data Collection

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If you're okay giving companies access to your information, consider downloading these apps to earn money from your data (some even pay instantly).

Companies buy your personal data all the time. And they pay big money for it.

Wouldn't you rather get that money yourself?

While you won't get rich with data collection apps, it can be a nice source of extra cash. In most cases, all you have to do is download the app and let it run.

Below, discover the best 19 apps that pay you for your data and how much you can earn.

Many apps today already collect your personal data, but you may not realize it. The data they collect helps them advertise their products to potential customers like you.

However, many apps will actually pay you for voluntary data collection.

How these apps work is simple. You download an app on your phone and agree to share specific data. The data is usually info on the websites you surf, products you're interested in, and other apps you use.

In exchange, they pay you for the information.

While you won't be able to retire on the money you earn from data collection, it is a nice source of side cash to supplement your regular income.

How much money can you make from data collection apps?
You can earn roughly $15 - $20 a week with data collection apps. But each data collection app pays a different amount. How much you earn depends on the apps you use and what information you allow them to use. You can use multiple apps and "double-dip" on the money you earn in many cases.

Best Mobile Apps That Pay You for Your Data

Companies pay for this information to help with their marketing efforts. It's a lot cheaper for them to pay incentives than start from scratch on their marketing plans.

Here are the best mobile apps that pay you for your data and don't take advantage of you.

What apps pay you instantly?
There are many apps that can pay you the same day for completing activities:

1. DataCoup - For Sharing Social Media Data

You already share your social media information, whether you realize it or not. Why not get paid for it, right?

DataCoup pays for access to your social media account. It's not as bad as it sounds - they aren't looking at your personal data - they are interested in what you look at and are interested in - that's what companies pay to learn.

You can control what data you share, and the more social media accounts you link to your Datacoup account, the more money you earn. They even allow you to control who receives your data.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Earn up to $8 a month

2. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel - For Sweepstakes Entries

Because sharing your mobile data is a passive way to earn income, it's nice to have sweepstakes entries to potentially increase your earnings. Nielsen, a household name for TV ratings, pays users to download their app so Nielsen can monitor their device/internet use.

After you download the app, you don't have to do anything except collect your passive income and hopefully get entered into sweepstakes that you win. Nielsen offers the potential to win up to $10,000.

What you can expect to earn:

  • $50 per year

Which apps pay you to install them?
There are hundreds of apps that pay you to install them and do nothing else except let them run in the background. A few top favorites include:
  1. Honeygain
  2. MobileXpression
  3. DataCoup
  4. UpVoice
  5. SavvyConnect

3. National Consumer Panel - For Sharing Purchase Data

The National Consumer Panel pays you in points for sharing your purchase data. Using the National Consumer Panel scanner or mobile app, you log the items you buy.

Every time you do, you'll earn points that you can redeem for various prizes or sweepstakes that pay up to $20,000. You can increase your earnings by taking select surveys too.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Redeem your points for prizes in the National Consumer Panel catalog

4. Paribus - For Saving Money

Do you hate finding out that the item you just bought went on sale? Try Paribus.

This data collection app monitors your purchases and watches for a drop in price. If the price drops, Paribus will negotiate on your behalf to get you a refund.

Paribus links to your email - that's how it watches your purchases. You can also upload your receipts, but that's more work, and let's face it, most of us won't do that for long.

Paribus uses the information collected to determine your shopping habits and uses it for marketing purposes, like the other apps.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Varies based on your shopping habits and the tendency for the prices to fall

There's even more ways to make money from your purchases. Check out this list of the top selling apps to sell off old clothes, accessories, and more.

5. Panel App - For Sharing GPS Data

The Panel App cares more about your location than the activity you do on your phone or tablet.

They monitor your location to assess your shopping habits, likes, and dislikes. Companies use the information to create the best marketing plans based on users' habits.

Panel App pays in points, and you can earn more points by taking location-based surveys too. If you wanted, you could earn money doing nothing - not even opening the app. Just have it installed on your phone with GPS tracking allowed (you can turn it off at any time by uninstalling the app).

What you can expect to earn:

  • Redeem your points for prizes from stores like Amazon, Starbucks, and Target. On average, users make $10 - $75 per year.

6. Mobile Performance Meter - For Sharing Android Phone Data

If you don't mind a third-party tracking the length of your phone calls, the number of texts you send, your phone's battery life, and how often/long you browse the internet, try Mobile Performance Meter.

This app is currently only available to Android users.

You don't share personal data (including the content in your emails or text), your phone conversations, or pictures. Once you download the app, you don't have to do anything else except collect your money.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Earn up to $6 a month

7. MobileXpression - For Internet Tracking

MobileXpression's focus is the internet. If you download the MobileXpression app, you agree to share data about your online habits.

Like the other apps, they aren't collecting personal information - just the basics regarding what websites you visit, how you access the links you see, and sometimes they'll ask you to complete a market research survey.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Earn weekly credits that you can redeem for gift cards to major retailers and restaurants

8. Killi - For Control Over Your Data

According to Killi, companies earn money on your data every day. So, they want to give the control back to you.

Killi lets you control who sees your data and pays you for the release of that information. Rather than allowing others to profit off your data, you should get a piece of the pie, and that's what Killi offers.

All you have to do is download the Killi app, set your parameters, and they do the rest while you earn a passive income. Killi pays points every Friday, which you can redeem for prizes.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Users earn up to $10 a week, but the more information you share, the more money you earn.

9. Honeygain - For Sharing Internet Bandwidth

If you've heard of apps that pay you to rent out your unused stuff (or even space in your home), you get the gist of Honeygain. You rent out your unused internet bandwidth for market research purposes.

You don't have to do anything to make money using Honeygain. Once you download the app, your job is done. But if you want to increase your chances of earning more money, you can refer friends to increase your earnings.

What you can expect to earn:

  • If you run Honeygain around-the-clock, you can earn up to $50 a month.

10. UpVoice - For Social Media Users

If you use social media often, why not get paid for it? When you install UpVoice, it captures the ads on your social media feeds and pays you points for them.

UpVoice basically pays you to do what you do every day while making a difference.

UpVoice pays users in tokens which you can redeem for e-gift cards. They offer incentives to help you make even more money each year, including:

  • Signup bonus of 300 tokens
  • Earn 10 tokens each day for visiting your social media platforms
  • Earn bonus points for reaching milestone token thresholds
  • Earn bonus points for referrals

What you can expect to earn:

  • If you use the above tips, you can earn $175+ per year.

11. Smart Panel - For Small, but Passive Earnings

Smart Panel, also known as Smart App, doesn't pay much, but you don't have to do a thing to earn the little amount they pay.

After downloading the app, Smart Panel evaluates how you use your devices and services. The longer you keep the app installed and running, the more money you'll make.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Users earn $5 for every 30 days they have Smart Panel running.

12. Screenwise Panel - For High Upfront Payment

Ipsos Screenwise, run by Google, wants your internet usage data. They don't collect personally identifying information - only information that will help them with their market research.

Screenwise pays you $100 to install a provided high-speed Wi-Fi router. You also earn money for each week you keep the router installed and for each device that you register with the panel.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Each person ages 13 and over can earn up to $16 a month after the $100 initial payment.

13. Dosh - For People Who Love Shopping

If you're going to shop, you might as well get paid for it, right? With Dosh, you link your most-used debit or credit card and earn cash back on qualifying purchases.

Just follow along with the participating retailers and brands. Every time you make a purchase, you'll earn a percentage of your investment back.

You earn the cashback via PayPal or direct deposit and can earn as much as 10% of your purchase back. You can redeem your earnings once you accumulate $25.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Your earnings depend on your shopping habits and if you shop at qualified stores, but expect from 2% - 10% back on your qualifying purchases.

The best way to maximize your cash back earnings is to use more than one app. Find out which cash back and rewards apps pay the most.

14. FusionCash - For People Who Love Offers & Promos

FusionCash pays you to sign up for offers and sometimes take surveys. They use the information gathered for market research purposes.

They are aware that not all users like to use their credit cards online, so they offer plenty of "no credit card offers" to even the playing field.

FusionCash pays for a variety of tasks besides signing up for offers. You may earn money for Twitter follows, posting in forums, completing profiles, or referring friends. FusionCash pays via PayPal or direct bank deposit.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Fusion Cash pays $0.05 - $5 per offer, and the frequency of offers depends on how well you complete your profile.

15. Drop - For Brand-Loyal Shoppers

If you have a specific brand or retailer you frequent often, you could get rewarded for your purchases if you sign up for Drop.

This rewards program pays you for shopping at your top five stores, which you select in the app. You then link your credit card to the app, and when you purchase at a selected store, you'll get rewarded.

Drop rewards you in points, which you can convert to gift cards to your favorite stores like Target, Starbucks, or Amazon.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Your earnings vary based on your regular purchases and the offers you sign up for. Drop offers significant points for certain offers, especially for new products/services.

16. Pei - For Bitcoin Rewards

Pei is another shopping rewards app that pays you to shop at your favorite stores. What sets them apart is that you can choose to get your rewards in Bitcoin.

All you have to do is sign up for an account and link your credit card. When you shop at participating stores, Pei tracks your purchases and rewards you with points.

You need $15 in points to redeem your earnings, which you can receive via PayPal, gift cards, or Bitcoin. Pei pays back between 1% and 15% of your purchase, depending on the store you shopped.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Earnings vary based on your shopping habits, and shopping at partner stores pays more.

17. Savvy Connect - For Heavy Internet Users

If you use the internet a lot (and who doesn't today?), you can earn money just for doing what you usually do.

Savvy Connect pays you to install their software on your device. That's it. You use the internet like you usually do and get paid.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Users earn up to $180 per year using Savvy Connect.

18. Sweatcoin - For Fitness Enthusiasts

If you love to work out, why not get paid for it? Sweatcoin pays you to download their app, allowing them to track your steps.

You earn sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps you take. Every 1,000 steps are worth 0.95 sweatcoins. You can't redeem your points for cash but can trade them in for gift cards.

What you can expect to earn:

  • Users earn up to $20 a month in the highest tier and earn money for referrals.

19. OnMyWay - For Frequent Drivers

OnMyWay was created to encourage safe (not distracted) driving. The app collects data about your driving and rewards you $0.05 for every mile you drive without incident.

The app collects information about your phone usage while driving and other driving habits.

Once you download the app, it does the rest, starting when you drive. If you keep your phone locked while you drive, you'll earn rewards. You can convert the coins earned for gift cards or PayPal cash.

What you can expect to earn:

  • You can earn $0.05 for every mile you drive, plus $0.02 for every mile a referred friend drives, plus bonuses.

Want to earn even more by driving? Our guide to the best delivery driver apps covers everything you need to know.

Beware of Data Collection App Scams

Because of the lucrative nature of data collection apps, it's easy to get caught up in a scam. You likely won't make enough money to make a huge difference in your income, so it's not worth getting taken advantage of.

To avoid data collection app scams:

Always make sure you're giving access to the information you're comfortable sharing, too. A legit app should provide the option to opt-out instantly if you don't feel comfortable or to control what information you share.

Bottom Line: Do Apps Really Pay You for Doing Nothing?

Believe it or not, some apps pay you for doing what feels like nothing. You'll download the app and then let them collect data about you and your habits. It seems surreal, but they would pay for the information anyway, so this way, they get away cheaper by going straight to the consumer.

Like any app, make sure it's legit and that you're okay with the information being collected before you install an app on your phone or computer.

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