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Best Stock Research Websites

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In-depth research is the best way to maximize your returns on stocks. But which stock research website can help you the most? Read on to find out.

  1. Seeking Alpha Premium: best for stock rating information
  2. Motley Fool Stock Advisor: best for stock picks
  3. Morningstar: best for mutual fund analysis
  4. Zacks Investment Research: best for fundamental analysis
  5. Stock Rover: best for stock performance data
  6. Google Finance: best for financial news
  7. TradingView: best for technical analysis
  8. The Wall Street Journal: best for business and economic news
  9. Finviz: best for free market data
  10. Yahoo! Finance: best for stock quotes
  11. Benzinga Pro: best for stock trading news
  12. Trade Ideas: best for stock trading analysis

Stock research websites give you all you need to know to make the right investment decision. But with so many options to choose from, which one will fit you best?

In this guide, find out which stock research sites can suit your investment style. Also, learn about their features, price, and pros and cons.

The 12 Best Stock Research Websites

Ready to find the right website for your stock research? Here are some of the best ones you can start using today:

Annual FeeStock RecommendationsCharting Tools
Seeking AlphaStarts at $0
Premium Plan costs $214/year
Motley FoolStarts at $0
Epic costs $499/year
MorningstarStarts at $0
Premium membership costs $249/year
Zacks Investment ResearchStarts at $0
Zacks Premium costs $249/year
Stock RoverStarts at $0
Premium Plus Plan costs $279.99/year
Google Finance$0-
TradingViewStarts at $0
Premium Plan costs $599.40 per year
The Wall Street JournalFree account
Paid subscription starts at $4 every 4 weeks
FinvizStarts at $0
FINVIZ*Elite costs $299.50/year
Yahoo FinanceFree account
Paid plans start at $95.40/year
BenzingaStarts at $0
Basic Plan costs $367/year
Essential Plan costs $1,997/year
Trade IdeasStarts at $0
Standard Plan costs $1,068/year
Premium Plan costs $2,136/year

How do I research good stocks to invest in?
Look at the company's background (financials, how it generates revenue, what they do, etc.), check the price charts to spot trends, monitor the stock, and see what experts are saying about it. This will give you an idea of whether or not investing in a particular stock will align with your financial goals.

Seeking Alpha Premium: Best for Stock Rating Information

Seeking Alpha is a crowdsourced investment analysis platform with a community of over 10,000 investors.

This is a great resource if you're just starting out. It gives you an overview of what the investing community thinks regarding a particular stock.

Seeking Alpha provides 3 types of stock ratings that help you decide whether or not a stock is worth buying:

  • Seeking Alpha authors ratings
  • Wall Street analyst ratings
  • Quant ratings

On top of that, it also offers a list of stock recommendations in various industries. If you aren't sure which stock to buy, you can choose from this list.

You also have access to built-in and customizable stock screeners. This lets you quickly choose stocks that match your investment strategy.

Features: Stock Recommendations, Stock Ratings, Stock Screeners, Factor Grades

Pricing: $214/yr[1]

  • Access to expert analysis
  • Recommended stocks beat the S&P 500
  • Content can be too technical
  • Some inaccurate articles

Motley Fool Stock Advisor: Best for Stock Picks

Motley Fool Stock Advisor provides 2 stock recommendations each month. This is particularly good for beginners because it saves you time from doing your own investment research.

It also offers a list of 10 stocks to buy. These are stocks with the highest probability of price appreciation.

Aside from that, Motley Fool also has free educational resources. You can learn more about investment strategies and investment ideas through the articles on its site.

Features: Stock Recommendations, Stock Screeners, Stock Reports

Pricing: $199/yr[2]

  • Recommended stocks outperform the S&P 500
  • Affordable subscription price
  • No free trial
  • Outperformance relies on a few stocks

Morningstar: Best for Mutual Fund Analysis

Morningstar manages diverse assets and is a great choice for research, especially if you invest in mutual funds.

Morningstar offers a Portfolio Manager for portfolios with stocks, ETFs, bonds, and mutual funds. It also provides free investment ideas, market news and research and analysis on stocks.

It also has a Portfolio X-Ray tool that analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio. This helps you see your portfolio's asset allocation and investment gaps.

On top of all that, Morningstar also provides built-in and customizable screeners. This helps you filter funds and stocks according to ratings or performance.

Features: Stock Recommendations, Stock Screeners, Stock Ratings, Portfolio X-Ray, Real-time Market Movement Tracker

Pricing: $249/yr[3]

  • Offers detailed analysis
  • Clean and easy-to-use site
  • Poor customer service
  • Tends to have tech problems

Morningstar's stock screeners also shows you each stock's sustainability rating. This tells you whether or not the stock has strong or weak performance in terms of environmental and social responsibilities. This makes it perfect for those who are interested in a company's ESG performance.

Zacks Investment Research: Best for Fundamental Analysis

Zacks Investment Research is a subscription-based service that offers general market data, market news, and business news. This makes it a top choice for you if you're into fundamental analysis.

Our friends over at WallStreetZen said Zacks has "one of the largest providers of independent stock, ETF, and mutual fund research in the U.S."

One of its popular features is the Bull and Bear of the Day. This selects 2 stocks and rates them as Bull (strong buy) or Bear (strong sell).

Zacks also has a #1 Rank List that helps develop your investment strategies.

It also offers investment research reports for those who want to dive into a specific company. These reports include:

  • Earnings estimates
  • Price targets
  • Stock forecasts
  • Insider trades
  • Dividend history of the analyzed company

Zacks also has a Portfolio Tracker that allows for constant monitoring of stocks. This helps you decide if you should buy, hold, or sell a specific stock.

Features: Zacks #1 Rank List, Focus List Stocks Portfolio, Custom Stock Screener, Equity/Investment Research Reports

Pricing: $249/yr[4]

  • Good stock recommendations
  • Has research resources for cryptocurrency investing
  • Analysis can be outdated
  • Offers upsell

Why is stock research important for your investment?
Stock research is important because it helps you make informed investment decisions. You need information in order to know which stocks are headed for growth. Without stock research, you'll end up gambling your money in the stock market.

Stock Rover: Best for Stock Performance Data

Stock Rover creates real-time research reports that provide fundamental and technical data on a company's performance for the past 10 years. It provides detailed stock performance information.

It also offers a real-time stock screener that provides signals for good opportunities to buy stocks.

Stock Rover also has Brokerage Connect. This gives you comprehensive information on your portfolio. This allows you to see the performance of your stocks and assets across multiple brokerages.

Features: Brokerage Connect, Real-Time Research Reports

Pricing: $79.99/yr - $279.99/yr[5]

  • Offers real-time market data
  • Limited to US markets
  • Lacks mobile app

Google Finance: Best for Financial News

Google Finance is a free site that helps you decide if you want a stock analysis subscription or not. This is a good place for you to start researching stock investment strategies.

It provides you with access to a large volume of financial data, stock updates, and breaking news.

This helps you evaluate your portfolio so you know whether you need real-time news and stock updates before making an investment decision.

Google Finance also offers a World Markets section where you get to see the performance of stock markets in other countries.

Features: Stock Updates, Financial News, Worldwide Stock Indices, World Markets

Pricing: Free

  • Completely free to use
  • Easy-to-read charts
  • Timely stock quotes
  • Limited tools
  • Limited stock information

TradingView: Best for Technical Analysis

TradingView has more than 50 million users. It caters primarily to stock traders who are into technical analysis. This is helpful when analyzing charts before placing a trade.

This site offers over 15 available chart types, more than 400 prebuilt trading indicators, and over 110 drawing tools.[6] This helps you research stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, forex, cryptocurrencies, and other assets.

TradingView provides stock charts with technical indicators such as moving averages and Bollinger Bands. It allows you to create your custom indicators so you can tailor your analysis to your preferences.

It also provides real-time market data and news. All that for free.

With the Premium version, you get a dedicated customer support, a social network, and additional indicators and screener timeframes.

Features: Stock Charts, Real-Time Market Data, Paper Trading Simulator

Pricing: Free, Premium: $155.40/yr - $599.40/yr[7]

  • Has a mobile app
  • Easy to use
  • Offers mock trading
  • Poor customer service
  • Author quality

The Wall Street Journal: Best for Business and Economic News

The Wall Street Journal has been printed non-stop since July 1889. It offers a comprehensive section on financial news, worldwide commodity prices, currency exchange rates, and companies' performance in the stock market.

This is a good place to start if you want to be updated with what's happening in the business world.

This site is good for business and economic news research. It not only offers written articles, but it also provides video coverage of news.

Features: Financial Information, Commodity Prices

Pricing: $38.99/month[8]

  • Has a video coverage of breaking news
  • Content can be politically biased
  • Terrible customer service
  • Difficult to cancel a subscription

Finviz: Best for Free Market Data

Finviz is a comprehensive toolbox for both investors and traders in the US. It is commonly used by long-term investors for its large volume of free market data.

Its free market data is slightly delayed though. If you want real-time market data, you'll have to subscribe to its premium version.

It also offers 3 types of stock screeners: descriptive, fundamental, and technical. This allows you to research stocks based on specific criteria. For example, it allows you to see companies that are about to make a technical move.

It has top stock lists and market research data on stocks, futures, mutual funds, and currencies. You get all that for free.

You may opt to subscribe to its Premium version if you need real-time market data, export your screener results, or access charts, intraday movements, and 8 years of financial statements.

Features: Stock Charts, Stock Screeners, Fundamental Market Research Data

Pricing: Free, Premium: $24.96/month[9]

  • Offers analyst stock ratings
  • Searches stocks that correlate with technical patterns
  • Limited to US market data
  • Has no mobile app

Yahoo! Finance: Best for Stock Quotes

Yahoo Finance offers stock quotes and Daily Trade Ideas that are customized based on your recent search history and stock watchlist choices.

It also provides Third-Party Investment Research. This gives you up-to-date daily analyst reports from Morningstar and Argus.

Yahoo Finance also offers Advanced Portfolio Analytics. This provides risk analysis, performance analysis, and portfolio fundamentals for your real-life portfolio.

It also provides charting tools that allow comparison of multiple stocks in one chart. You also get access to data charts to help you in your technical analysis. This helps you analyze key levels where you can buy or sell a stock.

Features: Stock Screeners, Stock Analysis, Data Charting, Morningstar Research Reports

Pricing: $350/yr (Essential)[10]

  • Easy to navigate
  • Excellent financial information
  • Limited stock research
  • News lacks depth

Benzinga Pro: Best for Stock Trading News

Benzinga Pro primarily caters to traders. It offers fast, actionable market news and stock research.

It specializes in showcasing exclusive breaking news stories on publicly traded companies. The news feeds can also be customized based on your watchlists.

It also provides an Insider Trading Tracker that tells you what corporate insiders do in terms of buying/selling stocks. This can help you assess whether it's good to buy or sell a stock.

Benzinga also has an Audio Squawk feature. This offers actionable news from pre-market to after-hours trading.

You also get charting tools to help you in your market chart analysis.

Features: Insider Trading Tracker, Charting Tools, Audio Squawk

Pricing: $1,997/yr (Essential)[11]

  • Offers feature tutorials
  • Good customer service
  • Not an up-to-date earnings database
  • Difficult to cancel a subscription

Trade Ideas: Best for Stock Trading Analysis

Trade Ideas offers a virtual research analyst through an AI-powered assistant called Holly. Holly is available 24/7, and she goes through technical and fundamental data to give you real-time trade recommendations.

You also get to test trade ideas through its simulated trading room.

In addition, it gives you real-time trading ideas on multiple charts. This allows you to invest and learn simultaneously.

Features: AI-Powered Research Analyst

Pricing: $1,999/yr (Premium)[12]

  • Live-trading room
  • AI-powered trade ideas
  • Has no mobile app
  • Expensive subscription

How to Use Stock Research Websites Effectively

Navigate the free stock research websites and assess a stock according to the type of information it provides. This will come after you've clarified your investment strategy.

Once you realize which information or features are lacking in the free sites, you may consider subscribing to the paid versions offering the features you need.

Some stock research sites offer stock screeners. You can start with these screeners to quickly see a specific stock's financial data.

If you don't have a particular stock in mind yet, you can start navigating the stock ratings and stock recommendations list. After that, go through the stock news and analysis articles to get a grasp of what experts think about the stock.

How to choose the best stock?
First, you need to select stocks that meet your financial goals and risk appetite. Then choose stocks with a low price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio. You get this by dividing the stock price by its most recent earnings per share (EPS). A low P/E ratio means the stock is undervalued. That means you're getting the stock at a discounted price.

How frequently do you use a stock research website when considering an investment?

How to Choose the Best Stock Research Websites

Here are some steps in selecting which research site to use.

  1. Have a clear idea of who you are as an investor
    Before choosing a stock research website, you first have to know what kind of investor you are. Are you an investor who relies more on technical analysis? Or are you more into fundamental analysis?

    If for instance, you realized that you rely more on fundamentals, then you would have to pick the stock research websites that focus on fundamental analysis.

    Technical analysis vs. Fundamental analysis
    Technical analysis involves looking at charts and price trends to find patterns. Fundamental analysis looks more at a specific company's financials and background to find out whether a security is under or overvalued. Both allow you to find trading opportunities on the market.

  2. Identify which global markets you want to invest in
    You also need to consider which global markets you're interested in. Some stock research websites only offer information on the US markets.

  3. Assess whether you need real-time market data
    Also, you need to identify whether you need real-time market data or not. Some websites only offer delayed market data. Would delayed market data be sufficient in your stock analysis?

  4. Identify the stock research features you need
    After that, look at the features you really need for your stock research. Would you need different types of stock ratings or do you need stock screeners? Choose the website that offers the needed features.

  5. Assess whether a premium plan is within your budget
    Finally, you need to assess whether a premium subscription would be within your budget. Some stock research websites have very expensive subscription costs.

    If you're just starting out, it would be best to navigate the free sites first. Especially if you're still unsure about which features you need.

What is the best way to do stock research?
The best way to do stock research is by reviewing the company's financials to see if the company is headed for growth or not. You may look at the company's revenue, earnings per share (EPS), and price-earnings (P/E) ratio. You can also look at its share price and compare it with moving averages and the overall market conditions.

What is the most important feature you look for in a stock research website?


The stock research sites above were chosen based on these 3 factors:

  1. Credibility
    A stock research site needs to be a trusted name in the investment community. Most of the listed sites above have been operating for decades. The stock news and analysis it provides are seen to be accurate and reliable.

  2. Free Trial Offering
    Most sites on the list either have a free version or a free trial offer. This is important so you can assess the site for yourself before you commit to a premium subscription.

  3. Features Offered
    We included stock research sites that offer stock news, stock recommendations, or stock screeners. These features are essential in finding stocks and in having a quick view of the stock's financial information.

What the Experts Say

CreditDonkey asked a panel of industry experts to answer readers' most pressing questions. Here's what they said:

Bottom Line

Stock research is important in making informed investment decisions. Without it, you'll end up gambling your money in the stock market.

Just remember that your research is only as good as your source of information. Make sure you have a credible and trusted stock research site. With a good one, you have a higher chance of becoming a profitable stock investor.


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