January 23, 2022

Best Investing Podcasts

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Looking to learn how to invest in your downtime? It's easy with this guide to the best investing podcasts. Keep reading to choose the right one for you.

For a long time, becoming an investing expert meant lots of reading.

But what if you're an auditory learner? Or prefer bite-sized insights instead of an entire book?

Enter: the podcast.

In this detailed guide, review the best investing podcasts and what you can expect from them to pick the right ones for your investing strategy.

Best Investing Podcasts

This list includes some newer podcasts as well as ones that have been around for some time. Some may have hosts you've heard of, either from TV or books, or even from other podcasts.

Review the average episode length and how many episodes they've got to figure out how they'll fit into your day.

1. We Study Billionaires

HostsStig Brodersen and Trey Lockerbie
StyleSerious intellectual conversations
Number of EpisodesOver 440
Average Episode Length1 hour

What is it?
We Study Billionaires started out as a podcast that looked to the fantastically wealthy for business and finance insight.

But over the course of several hundred episodes, it's really evolved into a lot more than that.

In this popular podcast, hosts Stig Brodersen and Trey Lockerbie, discuss a wide range of financial topics with experts from across the spectrum.

Guests include CEOs of successful companies, prominent investors, and sometimes even the billionaires themselves. Topics they cover may include investing tips, thoughts about the future of the market, current events, and even targeted episodes around things like cryptocurrency and real estate investing

Who's it best for?
Investors of all experience levels looking to gain a deeper understanding of the forces that move the market.

Sample episode titles

  • A Hyper-Bitcoinized World w/ Jeff Booth
  • China and the Macro Impact w/ Kyle Bass
  • Option Strategies and Building a Billion Dollar Business w/ Tom Sosnoff

2. Invest Like the Best

HostsPatrick O'Shaughnessy
StyleSerious intellectual conversations
Number of EpisodesOver 320
Average Episode Length1 hour

What is it?
Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy really goes beyond the pure topic of investing.

While it does explore the world viewed through an investor's lens, it's about connecting listeners with people and ideas that are making a big impact on the world now and in the years to come.

Guests have included:

  • Will Marshall, the CEO of Planet, a company that has launched 450 satellites since 2010 to image the Earth from space
  • Sarah Friar, CEO of the popular platform Nextdoor
  • Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO and founder of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX

By connecting listeners with some of the brightest minds in business today, Invest Like the Best can help them see investing from angles they'd never be able to otherwise.

Who's it best for?
Curious investors interested in learning from experts and successful businesspeople.

Sample episode titles

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club - [Web3 Breakdowns, EP. 1]
  • Will Marshall - Indexing the Earth
  • Roelof Botha - Sequoia's Crucible Moment

3. Mad Money with Jim Cramer

HostsJim Cramer
StyleHigh energy monologues and interviews
Number of EpisodesOver 930
Average Episode Length45 minutes

What is it?
Host Jim Cramer has been a familiar face in the world of investing on CNBC since the late '90s, easily recognizable for his energetic delivery that frequently sounds somewhere between angry and excited.

On his long-running TV show, Mad Money, his purported goal is to make you money by showing you how to invest.

Now he's offering the same content in podcast form. If his unique style appeals to you, then you may appreciate the opportunity to get Cramer on the go.

Episodes include interviews with CEOs of major companies and other business leaders, and monologues where Cramer talks about his thoughts on the state of the market.

Who's it best for?
Investors looking for insight from big business and who don't mind a bit of politics mixed in.

Sample episode titles

  • Chevron CEO, Affirm CEO, Twilio CEO, & Five9 CEO
  • Next Week's Game Plan, Duolingo CEO & American Electric Power CEO
  • CEO of Lockheed Martin, CEO of Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corporation and Cramer answers questions from cadets and veterans for the Mad Money Salute to Service Special

Looking for more sources of investing insight? Magazines are a surprisingly good place to look. Check out our guide to the best investing magazines for timely investing updates and knowledge.

4. Stacking Benjamins

HostsJoe Saul-Sehy and Josh Bannerman (aka OG)
StyleLighthearted conversations tackling serious topics
Number of EpisodesOver 740
Average Episode Length70 minutes

What is it?
Stacking Benjamins has a fun, talk-radio vibe.

However, the show takes a serious approach to a wide range of investing topics with hosts Joe Saul-Sehy and OG, along with a range of new and recurring guests.

In each of its over 740 episodes, it attempts to answer a singular, if somewhat open question, like how to manage time, the best way to invest in real estate, and how to save more money (with inspiration from video games).

Who's it best for?
Investors looking for fun, upbeat content.

Sample episode titles

  • Restaurants, Your Health, and Your Wallet (with Corey Mintz)
  • Our Best Tips to Navigate Change
  • Our 12 Best Holiday Survival Tips (plus the Evil HR Lady) - REWIND

5. Motley Fool Money

HostsChris Hill
StyleHighly produced conversations on recent news
Number of EpisodesOver 700
Average Episode Length38 minutes

What is it?
Another well-made show that evokes the feel of talk radio, Motley Fool Money and host Christ Hill take a look each episode at the latest news and how it'll affect your investments.

He's usually joined by a couple members of the Motley Fool team who provide their own expert outlook on the topics at hand.

Each episode they may also discuss particular stocks that have caught their attention.

Topics they've discussed include:

  • How the extreme inflation in 2021 will impact businesses
  • How the jobs report is relevant to investors
  • What high retail sales in 2021 will mean for the holiday shopping season

Who's it best for?
Investors looking for a mix of current events and market advice.

Sample episode titles

  • Inflation and Investing
  • Strong Jobs Report, Travel Stocks, Metaverse 101
  • Microsoft's Ascension, Facebook's Metamorphosis

6. The Rich Dad Show

HostsRobert Kiyosaki
StyleSerious intellectual conversations
Number of EpisodesOver 345
Average Episode Length50 minutes

What is it?
If you're interested in investing, there's a good chance you've read or at least heard of Robert Kiyosaki and his 1997 book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

And now with the Rich Dad Show, he's offering access to his decades of investing experience to people who'd prefer to listen rather than read.

While the Rich Dad show doesn't offer specific investment advice, Kiyosaki does talk about investments that he thinks are good opportunities, such as carbon credits or real estate, and brings experts on to discuss them in detail.

Who's it best for?
Investors looking for an experienced take on the market.

Sample episode titles

  • The Most Misunderstood Commodity: Carbon Credits
  • BiggerPockets: Zillow's Flips that Flopped
  • Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid

7. Money for the Rest of Us

HostsDavid J. Stein
StyleEducational monologues
Number of EpisodesOver 375
Average Episode Length25 minutes

What is it?
On Money for the Rest of Us, David J. Stein offers short, easily digestible talks on current events and how they affect the business and investing world.

This show may appeal to those looking for shorter, calmer options than many of the other podcasts on this list.

Topics Stein has discussed include whether there's a global energy crisis and what it means for us, how different asset bubbles work, and whether or not you should invest in a timeshare.

Who's it best for?
Investors looking to expand their knowledge on a range of investing topics.

Sample episode titles

  • Is There a Global Energy Crisis?
  • Why Some Asset Bubbles Don't Burst
  • Should You Hedge Your International Stock Exposure from Currency Fluctuations?

8. Fresh Invest

HostsAlex Lieberman
StyleTargeted explorations of specific financial topics
Number of EpisodesOver 20
Average Episode Length15 minutes

What is it?
Fresh Invest, a Fidelity-sponsored podcast with Morning Brew CEO Alex Lieberman is much more targeted than most of the other podcasts on this list.

Rather than focusing on financial news, it's much more along the lines of an audio-guidebook to various financial topics. Episodes are short, only around 15 minutes, so you can get a quick primer on a subject you'd like to know more about in your downtime.

Past episodes have discussed how compound interest works, what options are and how people use them, alternate ways to invest in real estate, and how to build trading strategies.

Who's it best for?
Newer investors still trying to get a handle on the basics.

Sample episode titles

  • The power of compound interest
  • Your options on options
  • How to buy real estate without buying property

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9. Sound Investing

HostsPaul Merriman
StyleIntellectual monologues and interviews
Number of EpisodesOver 310
Average Episode Length30 minutes to 1 hour

What is it?
Sound Investing with Paul Merriman is a good podcast for anyone looking for a thoughtful exploration of financial topics from someone who's got decades of experience in the world of investing.

Some of the episodes are monologues on specific topics like whether cryptocurrency is a legitimate investment, while others are conversations with financial experts like himself.

As the name of the show suggests, it makes a real attempt to provide sound—and sometimes not-so-exciting—investment advice, and may offer a calming alternative viewpoint to others who advocate a high-risk approach.

Who's it best for?
Those looking to hear the views of an experienced investor with more traditional views on the market.

Sample episode titles

  • Proof that this simple investment strategy works
  • Cryptocurrency- gamble, speculation or investment?
  • Simplify investing with Chris Pederson

Ready to dive into cryptocurrency? The right platform can help you start trading in no time. Review our list of the best exchanges to safely buy bitcoin and other cryptos.

10. The Investing for Beginners Podcast

HostsAndrew Sather and Dave Ahern
StyleSerious intellectual conversations
Number of EpisodesOver 230
Average Episode Length30 to 50 minutes

What is it?
While Investing for Beginners may be targeted toward newer investors, it still assumes that listeners have some basic understanding of financial concepts.

Rather than spending lots of time breaking down investing terminology, it offers thoughtful conversations on investment strategy in light of current events.

Past topics have included helpful guides on how to get out of debt, deep dives into alternative investments like fine art, and the difference between Roth IRAs and 401(k)s.

Who's it best for?
Newer investors who already have some understanding but are looking to expand their knowledge base.

Sample episode titles

  • Digging Out of Heavy Debt So You Can Invest More with Chris Grainger
  • Why Some Growth Stocks Are Crashing Now
  • Examples of Hard Asset Investing Through REITs and LPs with Eric Schleien

Bottom Line

No matter what your level of expertise in investing is, you're sure to find a podcast on this list that can offer value.

A small number of them target early-stage investors or complete beginners, but more often what you'll find is conversations that tie the stock market and other investments to current events.

A lot of what varies from show to show is the tone and outlook, so it's worth your time to give each a listen and see if the feel is right for you.

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