January 4, 2017

Best Retirement Planning Blogs: Top Savings Experts

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Get your nest egg going and plan your future. The winners of the CreditDonkey Best Retirement Planning Blogs can help.

Top Blogs and Resources to Help You Save for Retirement

It's never too early to plan for retirement. In fact, you're better off if you've got decades to go because your money will work that much harder for you (through the beauty of compound interest).

When the time to set off into the sunset of no work and all play is years away, making the right decisions right now can feel overwhelming. Especially when so many retirement-focused sites claim they have the information you need. Once you start looking around, you can easily fall into the trap of getting overwhelmed and wanting to procrastinate.

But putting off retirement planning will literally cost you money.

We're helping you speed up the process by narrowing down the best places to get the kind of advice and insights you need. CreditDonkey, which offers comparison tools for beginner investors, has picked the very best retirement planning blogs and resources to get you going on actually saving for retirement - rather than just thinking about it.

Be informed. Find practical advice. Stay current on the latest trends. Follow the blogs on this list to make sure you're making the right decisions along the way as you set yourself up for a comfortable retirement.

  • Early Retirement Extreme
    Early Retirement Extreme is updated nearly every day, offering lifestyle advice to cut back spending and amp up your savings.

    Why Early Retirement Extreme is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: The forums on Early Retirement Extreme are very active, and have some awesome users who are more than happy to help answer any financial questions.

    Read: What retirement is and means to me

  • Retirement Revised

    Retirement Revised is written and edited by Mark Miller, a retirement planning expert who has written for countless financial media platforms.

    Why Retirement Revised is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Retirement Revised has several resources for retirement concerns under the "RR Guides" section.

    Read: How file-and-suspend ended: Here's the back story
    Follow @RetireRevised

  • Frugalwoods

    Frugalwoods blog is run by a couple that achieved retirement and financial freedom by practicing extreme frugality, and they love to share how they did it, their actual savings reports, and insight into the frugal lifestyle.

    Why Frugalwoods is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: If you're looking for frugal advice, take a hike to Frugalwoods.

    Read: That Time We Bought A Homestead
    Follow @FrugalWoods

  • Broke Millennial

    Broke Millennial aims to give advice to the millennial generation in order to help them get their financial lives together, build wealth and become empowered by financial literacy.

    Why Broke Millennial is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Broke Millennial's "Favorites" section captures a ton of blogs and financial tools that she personally uses and recommends.

    Read: Broke Millennial Inks a Book Deal #BrokeNoMore
    Follow @BrokeMillennial

  • Money Q&A

    Money Q&A was founded by Hank Coleman, and focuses on financial topics such as saving, investing, retirement, and other money topics.

    Why Money Q&A is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Delve into the archive at Money Q&A to educate yourself about loads of financial topics.

    Read: 3 Good Reasons Being A Job Hopper May Not Work For Your Career
    Follow @MoneyQandA

  • Go Curry Cracker!

    Go Curry Cracker! blog is a husband and wife team, Winnie and Jeremy, who retired in their 30s and share tips and insights on how anyone can do the same.

    Why Go Curry Cracker! is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: They literally have a "Start Here" section that covers how they plan to never pay taxes again, how they invest in their portfolio, and much more.

    Read: How We Saved Multi-Millions
    Follow @GoCurryCracker

  • SMARTLiving365

    SMARTLiving365, a blog for Baby Boomers, focuses on healthy and happy living with an eye toward smart financial management and retirement.

    Why SMARTLiving365 is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Boomers will love this blog's content, which is geared toward healthy, active, and positive living, as well as smart retirement planning.

    Read: Choosing To Be Time-Rich Instead of House-Broke
    Follow @gottgreen

  • Retire Happy

    Retire Happy features retirement advice for people of all ages and economic statuses, whether you're a student or you're on the cusp of retirement!

    Why Retire Happy is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Anyone of any age who's getting serious about retirement planning will find content on this blog to love.

    Read: Three Areas Where You Can Save Money
    Follow @jimyih

  • Retirement: A Full Job

    Retirement: A Full Job is a blog for new retirees who are wondering how they will stay healthy, happy, active and engaged throughout their retired years.

    Why Retirement: A Full Job is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Retirement is a challenging transition just like any other big change in life, and this blog is here to help you through it.

    Read: The Unwelcome Visitor
    Follow @retiredsyd

  • Pension Risk Matters

    Pension Risk Matters focuses on helping employees understand how their pension works, the risks involved, and how to make the most of it when it's time to retire.

    Why Pension Risk Matters is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Anyone who has questions about the risks to their pension and how to protect it should give this blog a read today!

    Read: State Retirement Arrangements for Small Business Employees
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  • Can I Retire Yet?
    Darrow Kirkpatrick is the founder of the Can I Retire Yet? blog, which focuses on the personal finance needs of anyone thinking about retirement and/or early retirement.

    Why Can I Retire Yet? is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: The blog's "Roadmap" section includes tools, resources, and plans for retirement that will help you retire early.

    Read: A Short Course in Investing

  • Pension Rights Center

    The Pension Rights Center's blog keeps its readers up-to-date on state and national pension and retirement issues.

    Why Pension Rights Center is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Readers should visit this blog to learn about impending legislation that might impact their pensions and to get the latest pension and retirement news from around the country.

    Read: Retirees protest proposed pension cuts
    Follow @PensionRights

  • The Minimalists

    The Minimalists is a blog that helps readers live a clutter-free life with less "stuff," and their retirement content is packed with engagingly written, practical advice and answers to common questions.

    Why The Minimalists is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: No matter your age, this blog will help you plan your path to a successful retirement with minimal fuss.

    Read: Retirement Planning: How to Plan for a Successful Retirement
    Follow @TheMinimalists

  • Teresa Ghilarducci

    Teresa Ghilarducci's blog focuses on the threats to retirement and the possible solutions that will secure retirement for generations to come.

    Why Teresa Ghilarducci is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: With income inequality on the rise and Social Security constantly changing, this blog will keep you posted on the present and future of retirement policy in America.

    Read: The Retirement Savings Plan by Tony James and Teresa Ghilarducci
    Follow @tghilarducci

  • Retirement - Only the Beginning

    Only the Beginning is a blog about planning for retirement beyond financial matters.

    Why Retirement - Only the Beginning is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Saving for retirement is only half the battle; if you want to have a fulfilling retirement, this is the blog for you.

    Read: Which Retirement is Right for You?
    Follow @djbernard

  • Mike and Lauren.com

    Mike and Lauren, a young couple who plan to retire at 30, give insights into their DIY lifestyle, raising chickens, and backpacking across Europe.

    Why Mike and Lauren.com is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Mike and Lauren cover topics from backpacking to relationships, offering content for anyone looking to retire early.

    Read: Nitro Engine Powered PENCIL Sharpener!
    Follow @MikeAndLauren

  • Retirement Benefits Group

    Retirement Benefits Group's blog is all about helping people of all ages use every trick in the book to plan for a happy and successful retirement.

    Why Retirement Benefits Group is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Whether you're a Millennial looking to scrape together enough to start a retirement fund or you're on the verge of retiring right now, this blog will have the retirement planning content you need.

    Follow @RBG_retirement

  • Squared Away Blog

    Squared Away Blog, run by former Boston Globe reporter Kimberly Blanton, focuses on financial behavior, psychology, and U.S. culture as it relates to spending and saving money.

    Why Squared Away Blog is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Whether you are about to retire or about to start your 401k, Squared Away Blog has something for you.

    Read: Financial Fallout from 'Gray Divorce'
    Follow @SquaredAwayBC

  • Retirement Researcher

    Retirement planning is an increasingly complicated task, but Retirement Researcher is here to guide you to a sound, successful retirement with their research-backed content.

    Why Retirement Researcher is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: With its articles backed by modern academic research, this blog is a must for anyone who is wading into the complex waters of retirement planning.

    Read: Housing Decisions in Retirement
    Follow @wadepfau

  • Money Matters

    Hanson McClain's Money Matters blog is all about retirement concerns and lifestyles, brought to you by two expert advisors.

    Why Money Matters is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Anyone looking for expert advice on retirement planning, sprinkled liberally with economic and business news, will find what they're looking for here!

    Read: Pat and Scott Call Back Unsuspecting IRS Scammers
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  • Mad Fientist
    Mad Fientist is a blog dedicated to achieving early financial independence, and includes strategies and tactics to help you get there.

    Why Mad Fientist is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Check out Mad Fientist's podcast - he has great guests and is always fun to listen to!

    Read: How to Access Retirement Funds Early

  • ForUsAll

    ForUsAll's blog focuses on smart 401(k) investment help and plan administration for small and medium sized businesses.

    Why ForUsAll is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Keep the ForUsAll 401(k) blog in your back pocket to stay on top of 401(k) compliance and employer fiduciary responsibilities. For employees, use the ForUsAll blog to keep your plan free of shady fee practices.

    Read: 401(k) Shopping Checklist: Compare 401(k) Providers
    Follow @ForUsAll401k

  • Financial Planner LA

    Financial Planner LA offers plenty of retirement advice for people of every stripe, in addition to financial management and investing tips for those in Los Angeles.

    Why Financial Planner LA is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Los Angeles is a very diverse city, making this blog a great resource for diverse readers who are looking for financial planning and retirement tips.

    Read: How Love and Marriage will change LGBT Retirement.
    Follow @DavidRaeCFP

  • Abaris Financial, Inc.

    Abaris Financial, Inc. is a resource for readers to learn more about longevity annuities (longevity insurance), and features eBooks, a retirement planning blog, and more.

    Why Abaris Financial, Inc. is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Anyone considering a longevity annuity as part of their retirement plan can learn a lot of from this site's eBooks and retirement blog.

    Read: The Basics of Social Security
    Follow @myabaris

  • Don't Retire, Rewire!
    Don't Retire, Rewire! is a retirement lifestyle blog that's all about helping you lead a healthy, active, and happy retirement.

    Why Don't Retire, Rewire! is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Whether you're looking to work or volunteer during your retirement or just looking for new ways to stay active every day, this blog will help!

  • Revolutionize Retirement

    Revolutionize Retirement is owned by Dorian Mintzer, M.S.W., Ph.D. and Board Certified Coach. Revolutionize Retirement focuses on helping retirees and those about to retire to clarify goals and find ways to maintain well-being and a great quality of life. The focus is on holistic life planning and offers guidance about effective communication, relationships, how to develop purpose and meaning in life, paid and unpaid work, end of life conversations and other issues - helping individuals and couples navigate the second half of life.

    Why Revolutionize Retirement is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: For some people, retirement can leave them wondering what comes next; this blog and resources are here to help you answer that question. Revolutionize Retirement also offers a free monthly webinar for professionals and the public on the 4th Tuesday of each month (except December) at 12:00 noon Eastern time: Revolutionize your Retirement Interview with Expert's Series to Help you Create a Fulfilling Second Half of Life.

    Read: Webinar
    Follow @dorianmintzer

  • Fervent Finance

    Fervent Finance is written by a frugal accountant who enjoys giving practical financial advice on savings, taxes, and early retirement.

    Why Fervent Finance is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: There are many different categories to explore within Fervent Finance, so check out the sidebar to find one that is most relatable to your goals.

    Read: I Have Lost My Damn Mind
    Follow @ferventfinance

  • Escaping Dodge

    Escaping Dodge is dedicated to teaching readers new ways to make and save money, setting them up for a comfortable (and even early!) retirement.

    Why Escaping Dodge is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Readers who are looking for tips for saving more, earning some money on the side, and planning for their retirement will find plenty to learn from this blog.

    Read: Blog Archives
    Follow @ReeSKlein

  • Military Guide

    The-Military-Guide.com explains the details of military pay and benefits as well as offering personal finance advice. It also discusses the lifestyle question of “but what will you do all day?” after reaching financial independence.

    Why Military Guide is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: This resource shows servicemembers, veterans, and families how to achieve financial independence on their terms. It’s written for all of the uniformed services, including the Reserves and National Guard.

    Read: The Blog
    Follow @TheMilitaryGuid

  • Van Iwaarden Associates
    Van Iwaarden Associates' blog is for employers who are looking for some guidance as they design their company's employee retirement plan.

    Why Van Iwaarden Associates is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: With the IRS constantly updating the retirement rules for employers, this blog is here to help you keep up and make sure you're providing your employees with the retirement package they need!

  • FiduciaryFirst

    The world of retirement planning is fraught with challenges, pitfalls, and bad advice, and FiduciaryFirst's blog is here to help you navigate it all.

    Why FiduciaryFirst is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: With so many retirement planning advisors, blogs, and classes out there, there's plenty of misinformation flying around; this blog is all about cutting through the noise and getting you the information you need.

    Read: Plan Sponsors | Ways to Get Participants to Reach Their Retirement Goals
    Follow @FiduciaryFirst1

  • Plan Sponsor Consultants

    Plan Sponsor Consultants' blog features content geared toward those who are looking for expert tips on making the most of their corporate retirement program.

    Why Plan Sponsor Consultants is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: If your employer offers a corporate retirement program, this blog is packed with content to help you manage it and make sure it pays off!

    Read: Gen Xers Need Attention Too!
    Follow @PSC401k

  • Stuart Financial Services

    Stuart Financial Services' blog focuses on retirement and estate planning, with well-sourced content covering all aspects of these topics.

    Why Stuart Financial Services is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Each article on this blog contains a list of sources, making it a great read for analysis. The blog is also a good resource for original news sources.

  • Retire Before Dad

    Retire Before Dad is a personal finance and retirement blog written by a 41-year-old Dad of three and investor who aims to retire at age 55, one year before his dad did.

    Why Retire Before Dad is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Check out Retire Before Dad's "blogfeed" section for a collection of financial advice from a ton of different blogs, centralized for your convenience.

    Read: Still Driving Our Brand New Car After 11 Years
    Follow @RetireBeforeDad

  • The Frugal Fiduciary Blog

    The Frugal Fiduciary Blog is all about providing employers with expert 401(k) advice so they can do their best for their employees.

    Why The Frugal Fiduciary Blog is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Small business owners seeking 401(k) news and tips should bookmark this blog so they're always up-to-date!

    Read: What's Old Is New Again: "Mega Back Door" Roth IRA Contributions Spark New Interest in Old School After-Tax Contributions
    Follow @401kLowCost

  • Tips 2 Seniors

    This blog features great health and financial advice for senior citizens, with a special focus on senior housing tips.

    Why Tips 2 Seniors is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Senior citizens and family members who are considering senior housing should check out what this blog has to say on the topic.

    Read: 7 Tips to have "The Talk" with a Senior
    Follow @market2seniors

  • Clark Hourly Financial Planning

    Clark Hourly Financial Planning's retirement content is all about ensuring that you have what you need when it's time to retire, with a focus on spending and saving.

    Why Clark Hourly Financial Planning is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: With its tips on saving and tracking spending, this is a great blog for those who are looking to do more to set themselves up for a successful retirement.

    Read: Open Position in St Louis
    Follow @hourlyplanner

  • Top of Mind

    Cammack Retirement Group's Top of Mind blog is geared toward retirement plan sponsors; however, participants may find it useful, as well, as they cover some of the legal and regulatory issues that impact retirement plans, and could give them a "behind the scenes" understanding on retirement plans.

    Why Top of Mind is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: No matter your age, if you're serious about your retirement planning, this is a blog you'll want to check out.

    Read: Are 457(f) Plans Back from the Dead?
    Follow @cammackretire

  • Northstar Wealth & Well-Being Blog

    The Northstar Wealth & Well-Being Blog offers practical tips for the transition into retirement as well as family-focused financial advice.

    Why Northstar Wealth & Well-Being Blog is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Anyone worried about how the transition into retirement really works should definitely give this blog a read.

    Read: Financial Literacy: The gift that keeps on giving
    Follow @northstarfp

  • The Retirement Manifesto

    With its great combination of financial planning tips, retirement strategies, and tips for navigating the pitfalls of retirement, The Retirement Manifesto is a blog for anyone who's ready to start planning.

    Why The Retirement Manifesto is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: This is a wide-ranging retirement blog that tackles the many challenges of saving for and living in retirement, making it one to bookmark for anyone in the midst of retirement planning.

    Read: 10 Commandments of Personal Finance
    Follow @RetireManifesto

  • The Confident Retirement Journey

    It should come as no surprise that The Confident Retirement Journey is a blog that's all about helping readers plan for a safe, secure retirement, with tips on saving, Social Security, and more.

    Why The Confident Retirement Journey is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: While this blog has plenty of great retirement advice, it's the Social Security tips and explanations that make it a real standout.

    Follow @RonKelemen

  • Gen Y Finance Guy

    Gen Y Finance Guy's goal is to "humanize finance" by sharing his journey to achieve a $10M net worth, and keeps you updated monthly on his growth, investments, and other useful statistics.

    Why Gen Y Finance Guy is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Gen Y Finance Guy's "Monthly Goal Check-In" is a comprehensive recap of annual goals that range from fitness to finance, and are inspiring as well as informative, no matter what your current goals are.

    Read: Freedom Fighter Interview #19 - Michael @ Financially Alert
    Follow @genyfinanceguy

  • Reinventing Retirement

    Reinventing Retirement is a blog for retirees and people about to retire, focused on helping its readers achieve a secure retirement and protect their investments.

    Why Reinventing Retirement is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: With its practical, actionable tips for securing a stable retirement, this blog is a must for anyone planning to retire.

    Read: Reinventing Retirement Blog

  • Retirement Tips You Can Use

    Scott Page's Retirement Tips You Can Use blog is packed with great advice for both planning and living a happy, healthy retirement.

    Why Retirement Tips You Can Use is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: With a great combination of practical financial tips for retirement and lifestyle advice, this is a great blog for anyone who is approaching retirement age.

    Read: Baltimore Barnes & Noble Event
    Follow @scottpageceo

  • Buoy Coaching

    Buoy Coaching takes a modern view of retirement, featuring content about what to do with your time in retirement. They focus on the Non-Financial issues and help create a plan for your time.

    Why Buoy Coaching is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: The way people retire and the age they do it at are changing, and this blog is a great way to begin to understand what your retirement can look like in 2016 and beyond.

    Follow @retireonfire

  • Washington Financial Group

    Washington Financial Group's blog is a great guide to saving and smart investing with an eye toward retirement, sprinkled liberally with analysis of current events and what they mean for your nest egg.

    Why Washington Financial Group is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Retirement planning should be done throughout your adult life, and this blog provides great financial planning tips for every step of the process.

    Read: How Millennials Can Get a Good Start on Retirement Planning
    Follow @WashFinancial

  • Financial Wellness and Education Center

    Financial Engines' Financial Wellness and Education Center is a resource for all things personal finance, from retirement to saving to markets and more.

    Why Financial Wellness and Education Center is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Dedicated to educating readers on how to be more financially secure, this blog is a well-organized resource packed with detailed tips and educational articles.

    Read: Ringing in Our New Chapter

  • Vintage Financial Services

    Vintage Financial Services' blog offers expert thoughts on the stock market and investment so readers can make informed financial decisions.

    Why Vintage Financial Services is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: If you're searching for a blog that packs in plenty of market and investment news along with some great analysis, you should give this one a look.

  • AFS 401k Retirement

    BenefitsNav is a blog for employers and MoneyNav is for employees. They offer expert thoughts and advice on your 401(k) and other benefits.

    Why AFS 401k Retirement is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Employees planning for retirement will definitely want to check out this blog's content on how benefits factor in to a successful retirement plan.

    Read: Data Makes a Difference: An Interview with Hugh O'Toole of Viability Advisory Group
    Follow @moneynav

  • Eric Scott Financial
    Eric Scott Financial's blog is all about helping its readers understand their options in retirement, and it also includes a few tasty recipes for good measure!

    Why Eric Scott Financial is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Anyone concerned about the longevity of their retirement plan will find some practical guidance and tips on this blog.

    Read: Immediate vs. Deferred Annuities

  • Clear Money

    Clear Money is a blog packed with practical advice and great tips for retirement planning at any age.

    Why Clear Money is a Top Retirement Planning Blog: Anyone, no matter their age, who is serious about getting a retirement plan in place will pick up some excellent information from this blog.

    Read: Fee-Only Fiduciary Financial Advisor Blog
    Follow @moneyclarity

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