Financial Resources for LGBTQ Students

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Locating financial aid and scholarships can be tough, and there are often added obstacles for LGBTQ students.

Fortunately, many colleges and organizations have stepped up to help.

Whether you're jetting off to a four-year university or on the hunt for a field-specific internship, this guide of nearly 200 financial awards, internships, and nonprofit resources for LGBTQ students and allies is a good place to start.

General Scholarships for LGBTQ Students

More universities and organizations are offering scholarships for LGBTQ people. Check the list below, and don't forget to look into local grants in your city or state (we list some regional grants further down).

  • Acorn Equality Fund: This fund offers scholarships for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons, organizations, and allies to impact lives in a positive fashion.
  • Alliant Educational Foundation: Alliant Educational Foundation awards scholarships annually to a CSPP student displaying significant contributions to the LGBT community.
  • American Civil Liberties Union: ACLU offers internships with stipends for LGBT students.
  • American Psychological Foundation: APA provides scholarships, mentorship, leadership training and hope for undergraduate and graduate students of merit who have been marginalized due to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
  • Arizona State University: LGBTQ Leadership Scholarship by My First Blush is provided for LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and ally) honors students who have taken action to support or advance the rights of the LGBTQ community.
  • Augsburg University: The LGBTQIA+ Student Leadership Awards are awarded annually to several students of any class, major, or program who are active on LGBTQIA+ and social justice activities at campus.
  • Augsburg University: The Augsburg Pride Award is awarded annually to a staff, faculty, department, or student organization at Augsburg that has shown a commitment to advocacy, visibility, equity, and justice for LGBTQIA+ individuals at Augsburg.
  • Cal Alumni Association: The Cal Pride Scholarship is a one-year, merit-based award that recognizes Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors at UC Berkeley and incoming transfer students for academic achievement, leadership, and community involvement, as well as their contribution to the LGBTQ community.
  • Charlotte Pride: Charlotte Pride offers scholarships for LGBTQ and ally college students.
  • Colin Higgins: Colin Higgins Youth Courage Award offers individual grant of $15,000 and an all-expenses paid trip to attend the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change presented by the National LGBTQ Taskforce in 2021 for LGBTQ+ youth activists.
  • Columbus Foundation: Howard T. Short and Burdette Augsburger Scholarship is a scholarship that benefit gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students pursuing post-secondary education at a central Ohio college or university or Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio.
  • Emory University: GALA Leadership Award awards scholarships for undergraduate student who has demonstrated leadership to positively impact the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities at Emory University.
  • FFBC Iowa: FFBC Iowa grants scholarships for outstanding Iowa high seniors who fight homophobia and educate their schools and/or communities about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) issues.
  • Grand Valley State University: The GVSU Faculty-Staff LGBT Scholarship is scholarship for LGBT undergraduate and graduate students at Grand Valley State University.
  • Grand Valley State University: West Shore AWARE Scholarship is scholarship for LBGT students or to other students who demonstrate visible positive support for issues important to the well-being of the broad LGBT community.
  • GSBA Scholarship Fund: GSBA awards scholarships to LGBTQ and allied students who exhibit leadership potential, demonstrate strong academic abilities, and are actively involved in their schools and community.
  • Hampton Roads Pride: Hampton Roads Pride offers scholarships for students who identify as LGBTQ+, affiliated community, as well as LGBTQ+ allies.
  • Hofstra University: Hofstra University offers scholarship program for students engaged in service to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) community.
  • Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center: The J. Tracy Hermann Scholarship is granted for high school graduate who displays leadership toward LGBTQ+ equality.
  • Human Rights Campaign: Human Rights Campaign offers fall, spring and summer internships in Washington, DC for LGBT students.
  • Indiana University: IU alumni offers scholarships for students who involve in activities raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues.
  • League Foundation: League Foundation offers scholarships for self identified of the LGBTQ+ Community high school graduating students who will attend accredited college, university, or vocational school.
  • League Foundation: Matthew Shepard Scholarship is provided to students who had demonstrated leadership in promoting diversity and understanding in the community.
  • LGBT Alumni of The Ohio State University: The Thomas Fogel PFLAG Memorial Scholarship is dedicated to students who have made contributions to the LGBTQ community and who have significant financial need.
  • LGBT Alumni of The Ohio State University: The Eric Kohring PFLAG Scholarship is dedicated to students who have made contributions to the LGBTQ community through leadership, service, volunteering, or research.
  • LGBT Alumni of The Ohio State University: The Harold A. McIntosh Scholarship for LGBTQ Students is dedicated to LGBTQ students (freshman or transfer).
  • LGBTQ Support and Social Group USA: LGBTQ Support and Social Group USA supports LGBTQ senior high school students by providing scholarships.
  • Life Works LA: Felice Samuel Greene Scholarship Fund & Tate Renegade Thorson Memorial Scholarship Fund provide scholarships to deserving LGBT related youth who would otherwise be unable to afford college tuition, books and related expenses.
  • Live Out Loud: The Young Trailblazers Scholarship provides scholarships to LGBTQ+ identifying youth with financial need who are pursuing a college degree.
  • Markowski-Leach Scholarships: Markowski-Leach Scholarship is granted for LGBTQ+ students who are accepted into one of the selected universities for the academic year in which the grant will be awarded.
  • Morehead State University: The Hobbs Endowment for Equality Scholarship Program is a scholarship program for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender undergraduate and graduate students at Morehead State University.
  • New Haven Pride Center: David Knapp Scholarship is provided for three LGBTQ+ students that are looking for need-based support.
  • Northern Illinois University: The Eychaner Award is awarded annually to recognize individuals affiliated with NIU who have made outstanding contributions that enhance the lives of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBTQ+).
  • Northern Michigan University: The ALLIES Scholarship is an NMU scholarship for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community.
  • Otterbein University: Otterbein LGBTQIA Scholarship is provided for LGBTQIA Otterbein students.
  • Outright International: Outright International offers internships for undergraduates and graduates with an interest and passion for human rights, LGBT issues, and gender equality.
  • Peacock Productions: The Audria M. Edwards Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for post-secondary or undergraduate students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Queer or Intersex or have an LGBTQI parent.
  • PennState University: PSU offers multiple scholarships to Penn State students who are interested in and have shown a commitment to the Penn State LGBTQ+ community.
  • PFund Foundation: This foundation grants scholarships to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and allied individuals.
  • Point Foundation: Point Foundation offers scholarship to LGBTQ students enrolled or intending to enroll at an accredited college or university based in the United States.
  • Point Loma Nazarene University: Diversity Leadership Scholarship supports students of diversity who will contribute to the PLNU community as leaders.
  • Pride Foundation: This foundation offers scholarships for LGBTQ+ students with all backgrounds and educational interests to apply.
  • Queer Foundation: This foundation provides $1,000 college scholarships to outstanding LGBTQA high school students.
  • Rainbow Sig: Rainbow Scholarship awards deserving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) students who aim to participate in high-quality, rigorous education abroad programs.
  • Temple University: The MarcDavid LGBTQ Scholarship is provided for undergraduate Temple student active in the LGBTQ community.
  • The Serpentine Society: The Peter Page Scholarship provides scholarships for undergraduate students who attend the University of Virginia on a full-time basis and demonstrating exceptional commitment to bettering LGBTQ+ community at UVA and beyond.
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: UNC provides scholarship that is awarded to individuals who identify as being gay or lesbian or express an interest in gay and lesbian studies.
  • UC San Diego: The Christopher B. Arrott LGBTQ Endowed Scholarship is awarded to a current LGBTQIA+ undergraduate student with a record of active service and involvement in the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • UC San Diego: Marx and Marshall Gay and Lesbian Scholarship is awarded to UCSD LGBTQIA+ students based on academic merit, who have made significant contribution to the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • UC San Diego: Russ Tay Gay and Lesbian Scholarship is awarded to a UCSD LGBTQIA+ student based on academic merit and financial need.
  • UC San Diego: The UCSD LGBT Resource Center Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to a current LGBTQIA+ undergraduate student based on academic merit and is awarded to a person who has had significant experience with issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • UC San Diego: The Stephen P. L'Italien, Jr. Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship is awarded to current LGBTQIA+ undergraduate students based on demonstrated mentorship and leadership in their community, an exceptional record of community service, commitment to sharing international experience both while abroad and upon return, involvement in extracurricular activities and demonstrated academic excellence.
  • UCLA Lambda Alumni Association: UCLA Lambda Alumni Association awards at least one 4-year $1,000/year scholarship (for incoming freshman students) or 2-year $1,000/year scholarship (for incoming transfer students).
  • UCLA Lambda Alumni Association: UCLA Lambda Alumni Outstanding Student Scholarship awards one or two awards to continuing or graduating LGBTQ or ally undergraduate students each year.
  • University of Colorado Boulder: LGBTQIA Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship awarded to an undergraduate CU Boulder student.
  • University of Kansas: Cleland scholarhips is benefiting incoming freshman at KU who have experienced discrimination, bullying, and/or violence based on the belief, real or perceived, that said students are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender; or for students who have exhibited support for GLBT persons.
  • University of Louisville: UofL offers scholarships available to LGBTQ and allied students.
  • University of Minnesota: The Scholarly Excellence in Equity and Diversity Awards offer scholarships for underrepresented undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, including LGBTQ, for their outstanding work in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion while at the University of Minnesota.
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City: UMKC offers scholarship for enrolled, full-time, undergraduate students who demonstrate support of the LGBTQIA community.
  • University of North Texas: University of North Texas provides Pride Alliance Awards and Scholarships for UNT students.
  • University of Puget Sound: LGBT Leadership Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate leadership and involvement in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community at Puget Sound.
  • USC Lambda Alumni Association: USC Lambda awards scholarships to students who demonstrated academic achievement and a strong commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Victory Institute: Victory Institute's signature internship and fellowship programs develops and promotes LGBTQ leaders with varied levels of experience.
  • Washington State University: The Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center (GIESORC) partners with the Washington State University Scholarship Office to award scholarships to students who are active in, and in support of GIESORC.
  • Weber State University: Matthew Shepard Scholarships is awarded for students at Weber State University who identify as a sexual or gender minority as well as their allies.
  • University of California, Riverside: The Kalyn Smith-Tranquil'son Memorial Fund is an emergency funding source for UCR students in good standing who have been cut off financially from their families because of their sexual orientation, gender, perceived orientation or gender, or work with the LGBT community.

Regional Scholarships

  • Alexander Foundation: The Alexander Foundation Scholarships are awarded for undergraduate or graduate degree of higher education from an accredited institution in the State of Colorado who merit, need, and service to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Aqua Foundation: This organization provides yearly scholarships to LGBTQ students in the South Florida.
  • Duke University: Carolinas LGBT Scholarship helps fund the education of a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender undergraduate student from North or South Carolina attending Duke University.
  • Equality Scholarship Collaborative: This organization awards scholarships for California students who contribute to LGBT community.
  • FLAG Flag Football: The Marc E. Lewis Youth Scholarship is presented annually to a graduating high school student who has made school and/or community sports programs safer for, and more inclusive of, LGBTQ student-athletes, as either a role model or ally.
  • IanThom Foundation: The David Womack Memorial West Virginia LGBT Scholarship provides $1,000 scholarships available to any gay or lesbian undergraduate student who is a resident of West Virginia.
  • IanThom Foundation: The David Womack Memorial Alabama LGBT Scholarship provides $1,000 scholarships available to any gay or lesbian undergraduate student who is a resident of Alabama.
  • Indy Pride: Indy Pride offers scholarships for future and current students attending an accredited Indiana-based college, university or trade school who are making significant contributions to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer, and Straight Ally (LGBTQ+) community through their academic pursuits.
  • LGBT Chamber Foundation: The scholarship is available to Texas students (who identify as LGBT, members of LGBT families, or allies who demonstrate significant activities in support of LGBT equality) studying at any accredited school or certificate program.
  • LGBT Community Center Greater Cleveland: The Pride Scholarship is awarded annually to 2 eligible applicants between the age of 17-25, who are residents of Ohio, and are seeking scholarship money to any university, community college, technical school, art school, or para-professional program.
  • New Haven Pride Center: Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut Memorial Scholarship is provided for a LGBTIA high school senior, college freshman or sophomore, or returning student.
  • Out For Education: Out For Education provide scholarships to LGBTQIA+ youth from the Houston area or attending college or universities in Houston.
  • PFLAG Bellevue: PFLAG Bellevue provides yearly college scholarships to graduating Eastside high school LGBTQ and ally students, including those enrolled in the Running Start at a local community college.
  • PFLAG Cincinnati: PFLAG Cincinnati offers scholarships to LGBTQ students residing in or attending college in the greater Cincinnati area.
  • PFLAG Greater Boston: GBPFLAG awards scholarship funds to one graduating high school senior (going to pursue colleges or technical/vocational school in the next academic year) who has demonstrated leadership in improving their school's climate for LGBTQ youth.
  • PFLAG Greensboro: The Carter Stroupe Memorial Scholarship offers scholarships for LGBTQIA and allied students who exhibit courage and leadership in their schools and communities.
  • PFLAG Hartford: The Brill Scholarship grants scholarships for Connecticut students between the ages of 16 and 24 who are involved in support, education, and/or advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • PFLAG Howard County: PFLAG Howard County offers scholarships to LGBTQ students.
  • PFLAG Jacksonville: PFLAG Jacksonville provide scholarships to LGBTQIA+ students.
  • PFLAG Kansas: PFLAG Lawrence/Topeka chapter offers scholarships for high school graduating seniors for attendance at post secondary education, are residents of Kansas, and self identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, or as a straight ally.
  • PFLAG Long Beach: PFLAG Long Beach offers scholarships for LGBTQ+ students and Allies in the greater Long Beach area.
  • PFLAG Omaha: PFLAG Omaha offers scholarships for LGBTQ+ students and allies.
  • PFLAG Sacramento: This organization offers scholarships of $1,000 or more to qualified LGBTQ+ students from the Sacramento area.
  • PFLAG San Diego: PFLAG San Diego provides over 140 scholarships to LGBTQ students.
  • PFLAG South Orange County: PFLAG South Orange County offers scholarships for LGBTQ+ outstanding graduating high school seniors and college/vocational students.
  • SpeakOUT Boston: SpeakOUT Boston provides scholarships undergraduate LGBTQIA+ student or prospective student entering college/university, living in New England, and holding a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • The Vermont Community Foundation: The Samara Fund offers scholarships to LGBT+ Vermont students to attend college or training.
  • Time Out Youth: The Tonda Taylor Scholarship at Time Out Youth Center provides two Charlotte region LGBTQ+ students with $5,000 in grants to be applied toward their college education.

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Scholarships for Specific Groups and Fields of Study

Some organizations also offer scholarships to specific groups within the LGBTQ population or for those pursing a specific discipline or major.

Check the list below to learn more (and remember to check all necessary requirements before applying!)

Scholarships for Specific Groups

  • ALMA Chicago: This organization offers scholarship for young adult LGBTQ latinx community and allies through mentoring and providing leadership opportunities.
  • Better Brothers Los Angeles: This organization offers scholarships for black LGBTQ students.
  • Gamma Mu Foundation: This foundation provides scholarships for gay men who want to further their education at a college, university, or vocational or professional training program.
  • Grand Rapids Trans Foundation: Grand Rapids Trans Foundation supports trans undergraduate students by providing scholarships.
  • IES Abroad: David Porter Need-Based Diversity Scholarship is open to students of diverse cultural backgrounds who have been traditionally under-represented on study abroad programs.
  • Lesbian WHO Tech: Lesbian WHO Tech gives scholarship for LGBTQ women and non-binary techies.
  • LGBT Alumni of The Ohio State University: The Scarlet and Gay Scholarship for QPOC Students is dedicated to outstanding students who identify as queer people of color and students who provide leadership and service within the queer people of color community.
  • LGBT Alumni of The Ohio State University: The Jack Miner Scholarship for Transgender Students is dedicated to outstanding students who identify as transgender or intersex and students who provide leadership and service within the Transgender and Intersex community.
  • LULAC Lambda: LULAC Lambda provides scholarships for current and future college students in the District of Columbia who are in LGBTQ Latinx community.
  • Prism Foundation: Prism Foundation Scholarship is granted for undergraduate and graduate students who are making a positive impact on the API and LGBTQ+ communities.
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation: The Tang Scholarship is granted for Asian/Pacific Islander youth, self-identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender with demonstrated involvement in the LGBT community.
  • SOULE Foundation: SOULE Scholarship provides financial support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) youth of color who are pursuing a college degree.
  • Stonewall Foundation: Traub-Dicker Rainbow Scholarship provides one-year scholarships of $1,500 or $3,000 to lesbian women graduating high school or already enrolled in college in any year of study or enrolled in graduate program.
  • Stonewall Foundation: Levin-Goffe Scholarship for LGBTQI Immigrants provides scholarships for undergraduate students who are both LGBTQ or intersex and undocumented immigrants.
  • Trans Students Educational Resources: TSER offers Trans Activism Scholarship for trans students whose work has helped make it better for other trans students.
  • Trans Students Educational Resources: TSER offers Trans Student of Color Scholarship for trans youth of color whose work focuses on intersection of race and gender identity and is working to end racism and transphobia.
  • Trans Students Educational Resources: TSER offers Trans Student Visibility Scholarship for one trans youth who has made significant change to the trans community through visibility or media-based organizing.
  • New Haven Pride Center: Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood Scholarship is provided for a transgender/intersex high school senior, college freshman or sophomore, or returning student.

Scholarships for Specific Areas of Study

  • Alexander Foundation: David and Sharon Alexander Scholarships are awarded for LGBTQ+ student pursuing a degree that supports education and learning.
  • Alexander Foundation: Jordon Connor Memorial Scholarship is awarded for LGBTQ+ student pursuing a degree on mental health-related field.
  • APA Divisions: APA Divisions offer scholarships up to $1,000 per award to selected graduate students to advance research on the psychology of bisexuality.
  • Augsburg University: The Karen Neitge Scholarship worth $300 is awarded annually to a current student who commit to issues of social justice, particularly in the areas of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation.
  • Delaware Valley Legacy Fund: The Kay Longcope Scholarship Award of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association is granted for LGBTI students interested in journalism careers.
  • Delaware Valley Legacy Fund: The Leroy F. Aarons Scholarship Award of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association is granted for LGBTI students interested in news media.
  • Delaware Valley Legacy Fund: The Sean Halpin Memorial Scholarship Fund is granted for LGBTI students attending law school in the greater Philadelphia region.
  • Delaware Valley Legacy Fund: The Independence Business Alliance (IBA) and Delaware Valley Legacy Fund (DVLF) offers scholarships for undergraduate student currently enrolled in a business related discipline within the Philadelphia region.
  • Everipedia: The Everipedia Tech Titans Diversity Scholarship grants scholarships for underrepresented minorities, including LGBT, in STEM fields.
  • Grand Valley State University: Hamlin Endowed Memorial Scholarship is scholarship for students who are involved with the GVSU Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center and have demonstrated a career interest in environmental design, nursing, psychology or education.
  • LGBT Alumni of The Ohio State University : The Anne Casto/Susan White Scholarship is dedicated to students who have made contributions to the LGBTQ community and are majoring in the one of the programs within the Colleges of Medicine or Public Health.
  • LGBT Alumni of The Ohio State University : The Mark Moffett, Jr. Memorial Scholarship is dedicated to students who have made contributions to the LGBTQ community through leadership, service, and volunteering and are majoring in music.
  • LGBT Bar: LGBT Bar holds Michael Greenberg Student Writing Competition that is dedicated to encouraging and recognizing outstanding law student scholarship on the legal issues affecting LGBTQ+ persons.
  • Life Works LA: Life Works LA and Edison International provides scholarships for eligible LGBTQ and ally high school seniors as well as college undergrad students in STEM education.
  • Life Works LA: Comcast NBCUniversal Media Scholarship is provided for eligible LGBTQ and ally high school seniors as well as college undergrad students who study in an area of media.
  • Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar: Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar awards second year or third year law student who demonstrates a commitment to and involvement in the LGBTQ community, leadership, maturity, and responsibility.
  • National Women's Studies Association: This organization provides a $500 research award in recognition of a Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation project in areas of Lesbian, Queer, and LGBT Studies that resonates with the mission of NWSA.
  • Out To Protect: Out To Protect offers scholarships for individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender and who are pursuing a career in law.
  • Pride Law Fund: The Tom Steel Post-Graduate Fellowship provides funding for a new lawyer to work in the United States on an innovative, public interest law project that serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.
  • Seattle University: The Outlaws Civil Rights Scholarship provides support for a student actively committed to and engaged in public interest law that benefits the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender ("LGBT") community.
  • Team DC Sports: Team DC awards scholarships for local LGBTQ-identified student-athletes.
  • The Association for Queen Anthropology: The Kenneth W. Payne Student Prize is awarded to a graduate or undergraduate student in acknowledgement of outstanding anthropological work on 1) a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender topic, or 2) a critical interrogation of sexualities and genders more broadly defined.
  • UC San Diego: The Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship is for undergraduate students enrolled at UCSD majoring in computer science or computer engineering, public policy, communications, and other programs touching on networked systems and who are active in supporting the LGBT community.
  • UC San Diego: The Tracee Parsons Scholarship for LGBT Students in Math and Sciencep is awarded to current LGBTQIA+ undergraduate students based on academic merit, financial need and demonstrated commitment to the fields of math and/or science.
  • University of Maryland: Novak Family TerpStart Endowed Scholarship in LGBT Studies is awarded to a student in the LGBT Studies certificate or minor program.
  • University of Maryland: The Rodler-Wood Scholarship is awarded in the spring for students who demonstrated financial need, hardship based on sexual orientation, academic interest in LGBT Studies, and extracurricular activities on behalf of LGBT issues.
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln: The Crompton/Diaz-Perdomo Scholarship is to be given to a student who is enrolled in the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor, a member of an LGBTQA+ Registered Student Organization, and/or a student staff and/or volunteer at the LGBTQA+ Center at UNL.
  • University of Texas: Johnson-Bates Respect and Inclusion Endowed Presidential Scholarship is awarded annually to students who are taking a leadership role within the LGBT communities and displaying academic excellence within the Jackson School of Geosciences.
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center: VUMC provides internships for undergraduate student (rising junior or senior) or a graduate student (especially medical or nursing school students) interested in LGBTQ health and research.
  • Victor Agnoni Visual Arts Foundation: VAVAF offers scholarships for LGBTQ+ students in the creative arts.
  • Wayne State University: WSU provides scholarships for LGBT students who majoring in Fine, Performing and Communication Arts.
  • Women in Medicine: Two LGBTQ Leadership Scholarships are awarded for female medical students enrolled in in their first, second or third year of allopathic, osteopathic, or naturopathic medical schools in the United States or Canada.
  • New Haven Pride Center: Rosa Nilvo O'Connell Memorial Scholarship is provided for a LGBTIA student who is pursuing a medical degree and/or studying within the medical field.

Internships and Job Opportunities for LGBTQ

Looking to dive deeper into your major or get firsthand experience in your field? Start your search with this list of internships, fellowships, and job opportunities for LGBTQ.

  • Ali Forney Center: The Ali Forney Center (AFC) is hiring on-call, part-time and full-time youth counselors for its Housing Programs.
  • Breakthrough Collaborative: The Breakthrough Teaching Fellow experience is designed for undergraduates of all majors and for those who intend to pursue careers in education.
  • GALA Summer Fellowship: GALA Summer Fellowship provides a limited number of fellowships with stipends students to work for non-profit organizations working on political, economic, social or cultural issues that affect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer people.
  • LA LGBT Center: Los Angeles LGBT Center offers Mental Health Services Trainee/Internship Program for graduate student or post-grad who's passionate about working with LGBT clients and developing expertise in treating LGBT people.
  • Lambda Legal: Lambda Legal offers internship opportunities for LGBT law undergraduate and graduate students.

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LGBTQ Nonprofits and Community Organizations

Nonprofits and organizations dedicated to LGBTQ people can provide tons of helpful information, resources, and even legal services. Don't miss this list of organizations below.

  • American Medical Student Association: Gender and Sexuality Committee is dedicated to combating sexism and to assuring equal access to medical care and equality within medical education.
  • Athlete Ally: Athlete Ally is an athletic community that exercise LGBTQI+ equality.
  • Attic Youth Center: Attic Youth Center is an organization for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) youth to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community, and promotes the acceptance of LGBTQ youth in society.
  • Campus Pride: Campus Pride is a national nonprofit organization for student leaders and campus groups working to create a safer college environment for LGBTQ students.
  • Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity: Delta Lambda Phi (DLP) has offered gay, bisexual, and progressive men the opportunity to grow in the true spirit of brotherhood.
  • Gamma Rho Lambda: Gamma Rho Lambda is an all-inclusive social sorority exemplifying the qualities of tolerance, diversity, unity, and trust, which provides a network of assistance in the areas of scholastic guidance, emotional support, and community service while ultimately developing lifelong family bonds.
  • Gender Spectrum: Gender Spectrum works to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens.
  • GLAAD: GLAAD works through entertainment, news, and digital media to share stories from the LGBTQ community that accelerate acceptance.
  • GLSEN: GLSEN is an organization to ensure that LGBTQ students are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment.
  • Human Right Campaign: HRC is an organization that envisions a world where every member of the LGBTQ family has the freedom to live their truth without fear, and with equality under the law.
  • InterACT Advocates: interACT uses innovative legal and other strategies, to advocate for the human rights of children born with intersex traits.
  • International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Intersex (LGBTQI) Youth and Student Organisation: IGLYO is a youth development and leadership organization that builds LGBTQI youth activists, ensures LGBTQI young people are present and heard and making schools safe, inclusive and supportive of LGBTQI learners.
  • Intersex Campaign for Equality: IC4E promotes human rights and equality for all intersex people through art, education and action.
  • It Gets Better: The It Gets Better Project inspires people across the globe to share their stories and remind the next generation of LGBTQ+ youth that hope is out there.
  • Lambert House: Lambert House empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth through the development of leadership, social, and life skills.
  • Live Out Loud: Live Out Loud is an organization that inspire and empower LGBT youth by connecting them with successful LGBT professionals in their community.
  • Matthew Shepard Foundation: Matthew Shepard Foundation is an organization that empower LGBTQ individuals to eliminate discriminatory behavior in their schools, neighborhoods and homes.
  • National Black Justice Coalition: National Black Justice Coalition is a civil rights organization dedicated to empowering Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.
  • National Center for Transgender Equality: NCTE is a team supported by a nationwide community of transgender people, allies, and advocates with an extensive record of winning life-saving change for transgender people.
  • National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance: NQAPIA is a federation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) organizations.
  • One n Ten: One n Ten envisions a world where all LGBTQ youth and young adults are embraced for who they are, actively engaged in their communities, and empowered to lead.
  • oSTEM: Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM) is a non-profit professional association for LGBTQ+ people in the STEM community.
  • PFLAG: PFLAG is an organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) people, their parents and families, and allies.
  • Point Foundation: Point Foundation (Point) empowers promising lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential.
  • Reaching Out MBA: Reaching Out is the biggest and best known organization focused on supporting the LGBT+ MBA Community.
  • Trans Students Educational Resources: TSER is a youth-led organization dedicated to transforming the educational environment for trans and gender non-conforming students through advocacy and empowerment.
  • TransYouth Family Ally : TYFA is any person or organization who is supportive of trans, gender variant and gender questioning children and their families and can uphold the mission of TYFA.
  • Trevor Project: Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.
  • Trevor Space: TrevorSpace is an affirming international community for LGBTQ young people ages 13-24.

Legal Resources for LGBTQ

  • American Civil Liberties Union: The ACLU works to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people can live openly without discrimination and enjoy equal rights, personal autonomy, and freedom of expression and association.
  • Lambda Legal: Lambda Legal, a non-profit organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and everyone living with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work.
  • LGBT Bar: LGBT Bar promotes justice in and through the legal profession for the LGBTQ+ community in all its diversity.
  • Southern Equality: The Campaign for Southern Equality is working to build a South where LGBTQ people are equal in every part of life.
  • Sylvia Rivera Law Project: SRLP provides legal intake for LGBT students.
  • Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund : TLDEF provides public education, test-case litigation, direct legal services, and public policy efforts for transgender people.

LGBTQ-Focused Events

Ever heard the saying "we're better together"? This list of LGBTQ-focused events offers a number of ways to get involved, advocate for social justice, and build grassroots LGBTQ activism in your community and beyond.

  • Ace Week: Ace Week is an annual event that puts asexuality in the spotlight.
  • Campus Pride: Camp Pride is longest-running LGBTQ+ summer leadership camps for youth across the country and the only one of its kind for college students.
  • Day of Silence: The GLSEN Day of Silence is a national student-led demonstration where LGBTQ students and allies all around the country—and the world—take a vow of silence to protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ people in schools.
  • GLAAD Bisexual+ Awareness Week: Bisexual+ Awareness Week seeks to accelerate acceptance of the bi+ (bisexual, pansexual, fluid, no label, queer, etc.) community.
  • GLAAD Spirit Day: Spirit Day is a "go purple" day where people visibly show solidarity with youth and to take part in the largest, most visible LGBTQ anti-bullying campaign in the world.
  • GLSEN Solidarity Week: GLSEN's Solidarity Week is a student-led program where LGBTQ+ students and educators in K-12 schools lead the conversation on how non LGBTQ+ people can be in solidarity with them and also how they can show solidarity with others in their community.
  • Lambert House Programs: Lambert House offers LGBTQ youth nearly 50 different programs, activities, resources, and services on an ongoing, year-round basis.
  • Lavender Graduation: Lavender Graduation is an annual ceremony conducted on numerous campuses to honor lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally students and to acknowledge their achievements and contributions to the University.
  • Out For Undergrad: Every year O4U invite a diverse class of high-achieving LGBTQ+ students to four unique conferences.
  • Outdoors Gay Camp: Camp OUTdoors! is dedicated to helping LGBTQIA+ youth develop leadership skills, work in collaborative ways, and develop a strong sense of self and community.
  • Reaching Out MBA: ROMBA Conference is world's largest gathering of LGBT+ business students and alumni.
  • Time Out Youth Annual Prom: Time Out Youth Center hosts an annual prom for LGBTQ youth and allies ages 13-20 every year.
  • Time To Thrive: Time to THRIVE conference organizes keynotes, interactive workshop sessions, online networking opportunities and the ability to engage with virtual exhibitors for LGBT youth.

With a busy schedule of classes and events, it can be tough to squeeze in a part-time job. But if you have any old clothes or books on your hands, you have everything you need to earn some extra spending money.

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