April 17, 2017

Best Personal Development Blogs: Top Experts

What's holding you back? The winners of the CreditDonkey Best Personal Development Blogs Award can help you live your best life.

Top Personal Development Blogs and Resources

Sometimes we need a reality check, someone to make us more aware of our shortcomings as well as all of our wonderful-nesss. Blogs that focus on personal development provide the boost you need in self-awareness, with advice and tips on ways you can feel happy and become more productive at work and in your day-to-day life.

When you generally feel good about yourself, you're more likely to give everything your all, which leads to better ideas at work, a stronger job performance, and a merrier home life. You're more likely to make smart choices and not impulsive ones.

At CreditDonkey, we inform readers how they can make wise decisions about what they put in their shopping baskets and what they save for another day. Spending wisely and saving smartly involve self-awareness - knowing how much you can truly afford and whether you're shopping for the right reasons. Blogs like the ones on this list will help you get to that point and live a better life in general.

We found a lot of blogs on this topic to choose from - so narrowing down the list to the very best was not an easy exercise. Read on to see which ones we view as the best personal development blogs.

  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    I Will Teach You To Be Rich isn't just a blog with financial and business advice; it also teaches readers how to boost their confidence and personal skills so they can better navigate the world of business.

    Why I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a Top Personal Development Blog: Whether you want to move up the ladder at your job or network for your own business, this blog will show you how to be confident, funny, and knowledgeable so you can leave a lasting impression.

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  • Getting Things Done

    Getting Things Done is a work-life management system that enables individuals to create the order they need to succeed, and their blog is packed with vital tips for becoming a more productive and organized person.

    Why Getting Things Done is a Top Personal Development Blog: This blog is all about getting organized and becoming a more productive person, and is filled with advice and motivation just about anyone can use.

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  • Brain Blogger

    Brain Blogger is a blog about the human brain, with posts focusing on neuroscience, psychology/psychiatry, and health.

    Why Brain Blogger is a Top Personal Development Blog: For anyone wondering how a new medication affects their brain, looking up the latest treatments on Alzheimer's, or trying to understand what makes the human mind tick, this blog is packed with interesting content.

    Read: Dementia With Lewy Bodies
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  • Gretchen Rubin

    Gretchen Rubin is a bestselling author whose blog continues the themes of happiness and good habits found in her books.

    Why Gretchen Rubin is a Top Personal Development Blog: Readers trying to break themselves of the bad habits that are holding them back from true happiness will find the guidance they need on this blog.

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  • Ryan Holiday

    Ryan Holiday's blog offers up his meditations on life and the world around him, including helpful tips on becoming more self-critical and self-aware, boosting confidence, strategizing for a successful life, and more.

    Why Ryan Holiday is a Top Personal Development Blog: Ryan's blog is entertaining and well-written, but beyond that, it is packed with helpful life advice and resources for improving your own state of mind.

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  • Positive Writer

    Positive Writer is a blog for writers and aspiring writers that offers guidance, inspiration, and ways to get past things like writer's block and the nagging doubt that all writers experience.

    Why Positive Writer is a Top Personal Development Blog: Aspiring writers who don't write as often as they wish they did and even professional writers looking for a little clarity on their goals will find plenty of content to digest here.

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  • Tiny Buddha

    Tiny Buddha is filled with posts about happiness, mindfulness, confidence, meditation, and more from readers and writers all around the world.

    Why Tiny Buddha is a Top Personal Development Blog: Our lives our complicated, but happiness doesn't have to be; this blog aims to provide readers with simple advice for living more mindfully and happily every day.

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  • Personal Excellence
    Personal Excellence is a blog by self-help guru Celes Chua that's all about helping readers overcome the obstacles and mental blocks that hold them back from success.

    Why Personal Excellence is a Top Personal Development Blog: If you're looking for ways to improve your self-confidence or performance at work, this blog has the advice you need.

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  • Dragos Roua

    Dragos Roua's blog offers up professional productivity advice and tips for happiness and mental well-being for readers who are looking to get ahead in their careers.

    Why Dragos Roua is a Top Personal Development Blog: Anyone in business, blogging, or personal development will be able to appreciate this blog's advice for a happier, healthier career.

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  • Be More with Less

    Be More with Less is a blog about simplifying your life, filling it with more love and experience and less stuff and busywork.

    Why Be More with Less is a Top Personal Development Blog: Readers who are feeling overwhelmed and underinspired, stressed out instead of relaxed and healthy, will find plenty of useful content for destressing and simplifying their lives on this blog.

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  • Danielle LaPorte

    Danielle LaPorte is equal parts entrepreneur, poet, and self-improvement expert, and her Public Library blog is filled with inspirational content dedicated to helping readers become more spiritually mindful.

    Why Danielle LaPorte is a Top Personal Development Blog: Inspirational and beautifully-written, this blog is for readers who want to get to know themselves better and learn how to be joyful.

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  • Chris Kresser

    Chris Kresser is a thought leader and expert on ancestral health and Paleo nutrition, with a blog focused on nutrition and new developments in the treatment of chronic illness.

    Why Chris Kresser is a Top Personal Development Blog: While there is plenty of news on studies and treatments on this blog, its focus on nutrition and Paleo eating; the effects of the modern diet is eye-opening.

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  • A Life of Productivity

    A Life of Productivity is a blog that's all about helping readers quit procrastinating and become the happy, productive people they're meant to be.

    Why A Life of Productivity is a Top Personal Development Blog: We all procrastinate, and we all know we shouldn't; this blog will teach you how to eliminate distractions and do more to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

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  • Sheraan Amod Blog

    Sheraan Amod is a technology entrepreneur whose blog showcases his passion for both startups and personal growth.

    Why Sheraan Amod Blog is a Top Personal Development Blog: Packed with advice for entrepreneurs, this blog features plenty of business advice to go with its tips for greater confidence, better social and networking skills, and goal-setting.

    Read: Business Insight
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  • Perpetua Neo

    Dr. Perpetua Neo is a psychotherapist by trade, and her blog is a unique combination of research-based psychology advice, life coaching, and Eastern wisdom.

    Why Perpetua Neo is a Top Personal Development Blog: Dr. Neo isn't another self-proclaimed self-help guru; she is a psychotherapist who has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their inner happiness and peace. She specialises in high-achieving women and their busy minds.

    Follow: @perpetuaneo

  • Impossible

    Impossible is a blog by Joel Runyon, who writes about taking on impossible challenges and encourages others to cross challenges and experiences off their impossible list.

    Why Impossible is a Top Personal Development Blog: Readers looking for inspiration to get out there, stop making excuses, push their limits and do something impossible will definitely find it on this wild, fun, and informative blog.

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  • Charlie Hoehn

    Charlie Hoehn is an experienced marketing expert who believes in the power of play: by treating work as playtime, you can have fun on the path to success.

    Why Charlie Hoehn is a Top Personal Development Blog: Charlie's blog is filled with helpful tips on subjects including daily productivity, goal-setting, and improving work performance for readers who feel like their career is stuck in first gear.

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  • Meant to be Happy

    Meant to be Happy is a blog that explores the idea of happiness and the many habits, ways of thinking, beliefs, and characteristics that stem from it and feed into it.

    Why Meant to be Happy is a Top Personal Development Blog: Anyone who needs a little bit of inspiration for living a happier life every day will find plenty of tips, both simple and complex, on this blog.

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  • Happiness Hangout

    Happiness Hangout is a blog and community filled with reader and expert-written content to help you improve your relationships and your life.

    Why Happiness Hangout is a Top Personal Development Blog: This blog doubles as a space for conversation and community, allowing readers to talk about each post and share their own experiences and advice.

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  • The Unlost

    The Unlost is an entertaining, funny look at the issues all of us have in work and life, with stories and advice about improving confidence, loving your work, and more.

    Why The Unlost is a Top Personal Development Blog: This is a self-help and motivational blog with a sense of humor and a heart that will inspire you to live more fully each day.

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  • Six Simple Rules

    Six Simple Rules is the work of author David J. Singer, who has dedicated his life to helping others achieve happiness through his rules for a better life.

    Why Six Simple Rules is a Top Personal Development Blog: Packed with clear, simple, actionable advice for improving your mindset and your life, David's expert self-improvement blog is a pleasant, positive-minded read.

    Read: Learning While Abroad
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  • Do Something Cool

    Do Something Cool is a blog that's all about inspiring readers to stop making excuses, get out in the world, and have the adventures they've always dreamed of.

    Why Do Something Cool is a Top Personal Development Blog: Whether you've always wanted to travel the world or help your community at home, write a book or go after the job of your dreams, this blog will give you the tools and the inspiration you need to finally do it.

    Read: The Difference Between Living and Existing
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  • Your DOST

    Your DOST is a blog packed with self-improvement and motivational articles designed to inspire readers to set goals and reach for greater heights.

    Why Your DOST is a Top Personal Development Blog: No matter what your goals are, this blog is filled with great advice for working hard each day to achieve them.

    Read: The Responsibilities of A Girl's Parents After Marriage
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  • Simple Mindfulness

    Simple Mindfulness is a blog that's all about helping readers love themselves, form more meaningful, lasting relationships, and take control of their financial well-being.

    Why Simple Mindfulness is a Top Personal Development Blog: Anyone who beats themselves up over finances, unhealthy relationships, or just a lack of confidence will find the guidance and inspiration they've been looking for on this blog.

    Read: Why Expectations Are the Root of All Evil
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  • Just Be Real

    Just Be Real is a no-nonsense self-improvement blog filled with practical, actionable advice.

    Why Just Be Real is a Top Personal Development Blog: If you want raw and unfiltered tips on personal development, this blog will give you the courage to be yourself without fear of criticism, have a voice, grow, and do what you believe in.

    Read: Keeping Yourself Motivated
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  • Ever Upward

    Ever Upward is a blog of stories, essays, and musings all written to help readers redefine themselves in the wake of tragedy and loss.

    Why Ever Upward is a Top Personal Development Blog: If you feel that a tragedy has come to define you, this blog's beautiful posts will inspire you to regain control of your life and redefine yourself.

    Read: We Are More Than 1 in 8
    Follow: @JustineFroelker

  • Uncommon Chick

    Uncommon Chick is a blog dedicated to helping you become the person you always knew you could be, with inspirational posts, advice, and more.

    Why Uncommon Chick is a Top Personal Development Blog: If you feel like you haven't been living true to yourself, let this blog's positive-minded advice help you find your inner you.

    Read: The REAL Uncommon Chicks
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  • Dean Bokhari

    Dean Bokhari's blog aims to help those who are insecure, feel they aren't living up to their potential, and are ready to change.

    Why Dean Bokhari is a Top Personal Development Blog: If you've been looking for an expert self-improvement blog, join the half a million people who read and listen to Dean's work each month.

    Read: 30 Life Lessons
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  • Deepak Chopra

    Deepak Chopra's blog is packed with advice for everyday mindfulness, meditation, and mental wellness.

    Why Deepak Chopra is a Top Personal Development Blog: This blog is for readers who are seeking to understand themselves and the world around them in a deeper, more meaningful way.

    Read: Article
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  • Thought Proposals for Life

    Thought Proposals for Life is the blog of author Kristi K. Hoffman, who offers guidance and advice with a focus on teenagers and their parents.

    Why Thought Proposals for Life is a Top Personal Development Blog: This is wide-ranging blog that often incorporates business and leadership tips, but its confidence-boosting advice for teens and their parents is a real highlight.

    Read: Girl Leadership Summit
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