April 14, 2024

How to Buy Signal Stock

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Many think of Signal Messenger as the future of safe and private messaging. But how do you invest in a non-profit? Read on to find out.

After Signal was endorsed by Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, the company gained popularity among big tech companies and users.

However, since it's still owned by a non-profit organization, Signal stock is not available for purchase.

Luckily, you can still be a part of their success. You could invest in big companies like Microsoft and Google, who are teaming up with Signal to bring secure messaging to everyone.

Can you buy Signal Stock?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy Signal stock because it isn't publicly traded.

Signal Messenger is owned by Signal Foundation, which is a non-profit organization. It operates independently of stockholders and investors. Funding for the Signal Foundation comes from donations, grants, merchandise sales, and partnerships.

The best way to invest in Signal stock is to invest indirectly in its Technical Partners. Signal collaborates with other organizations on technical projects, which can sometimes bring in revenue for the foundation.

Why are you considering investing in Signal?

How to Indirectly Invest in Signal Stock

Since Signal stock is not yet publicly traded, you can invest through its partners, like Microsoft, Google, Meta, and WhatsApp (owned by Meta).[1]

Luckily, these big tech companies are already publicly traded under the following ticker symbols:

  • Microsoft - NASDAQ: MSFT
  • Alphabet - NASDAQ: GOOGL
  • Meta - NASDAQ: META

You can invest in Microsoft, Google, or Meta by buying their stock using any brokerage or trading app. There are no special qualifications needed. Here are simple steps to buy publicly traded stocks:

  1. Sign up online with your chosen platform (Example: Robinhood)
  2. Fund your account
  3. Search for the company (Example: META)
  4. Decide how much you want to buy
  5. Place your order

From there, the stock will be added to your portfolio and you'll own a part of that company.

Learn more about How to Buy Microsoft Stock or How to Buy Meta Stock through our other articles.

How to Buy Signal Stock Before the IPO Date

It's currently not possible to buy Signal stock because it's a non-profit organization. This means it isn't publicly traded.

There are also no plans for Signal to become a for-profit company or any hints of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the foreseeable future.

Signal prioritizes its non-profit status to focus on innovation and improving its services and technology without pressure from shareholders. This allows them to remain independent and prioritize user benefit over profit.

And while you can't directly invest in Signal, you can still support their mission through donations or by actively using their services. This helps them maintain their valuable encrypted messaging platform and contribute to a more secure and private online environment.

How likely would you consider non-traditional support for organizations like Signal?

What is Signal Messenger?

Signal's story began in 2010 with two encrypted apps: RedPhone for calls and TextSecure for texts. These apps, later acquired by Twitter, laid the groundwork for Signal's rise.[2]

Then RedPhone and TextSecure merged into Signal Messenger. Driven by its focus on privacy, security (end-to-end encryption), and non-profit model, Signal gained popularity, adding features like group chats and disappearing messages.

Even Edward Snowden's revelations sparked privacy concerns, leading to the development of the open-source Signal Protocol, now used by Signal, WhatsApp, and others.

Today, Signal is a leading force for online privacy, empowering millions to communicate securely. Its journey from encrypted whispers to a global privacy movement is a testament to open-source technology and its constant commitment to user rights.

Why Invest in Signal Stock?

It's important to clarify that Signal App isn't an investment in the traditional sense of buying stocks or expecting financial returns. As a non-profit organization, it doesn't offer stocks or generate profits for shareholders.

However, if it ever does go public, here are good considerations for investing in it in the future:

  • Popularity
    While Signal doesn't publicly disclose exact numbers, it's estimated to have around 40 million active users since 2021 with consistent growth over the years. Downloads are over 100 million on the Google Play Store alone as of December 2023.

  • Partners and collaborators
    Signal collaborates with various technical partners, like Google Allo[3], Microsoft for Skype, and WhatsApp. Partnership with these big tech companies shows trust and confidence in Signal's ability and potential in the future of privacy or end-to-end encryption.

  • Donors and supporters
    As a non-profit, Signal relies on donations and grants. Reportedly, donors include big names like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey. Although the exact amount of funding isn't known, the support of influential individuals in the tech industry suggests that they believe in the company's success.

What Is Signal's Valuation?

As Signal is a non-profit organization, it doesn't have a traditional valuation like a publicly traded company. It doesn't issue stocks, generate profits for shareholders, or have a market capitalization.

So now, it's not possible to determine a concrete financial valuation for Signal in the same way as a for-profit company.

What Are the Alternatives to Signal Stock?

If you're interested in areas similar to Signal's mission or the tech space in general, you may want to consider Cloudflare (NYSE: NET).

Cloudflare is a leading web infrastructure and website security company, that has a market capitalization of $27.75 billion as of February 03, 2024.[4]

For competitors of Signal Messenger such as WhatsApp and Telegram, indirect investments are only available as they remain private. You can invest in their parent company META, formerly known as Facebook.

Bottom Line

Though Signal Messenger, owned by the non-profit Signal Foundation, isn't directly available for public investment, you can participate in its success by investing in its influential partners like Microsoft, Meta, and Google. Stay alert for any future changes toward for-profit ventures or an IPO.


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