October 22, 2019

Nectar Mattress Review

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Nectar is a popular "bed in a box" mattress company. How long does a Nectar mattress last? And are they any good? Read on for pros, cons, and comparisons.

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A bed in a bag may sound strange, but that's exactly what Nectar offers.

This online-only mattress offers a firm, yet comfortable feel - great for almost any type of sleeper. You can buy the mattress online and have it shipped to your door in a bag.

In this review, we'll explain:

What is the Nectar Mattress?

Nectar Mattress is an online mattress company. While you can't try the mattress in a store, you do get a generous 365-day trial period. This gives you plenty of time to try the mattress out in your own home.

Nectar mattresses have four distinct foam layers. From bottom to top, they feature:

  • A breathable base layer
  • An adaptive hi-core memory foam layer
  • A gel memory foam layer
  • A quilted gel memory foam with cooling cover

These layers combine to give you the comfort you desire with the air circulation you need to stay cool.

Is a Nectar Mattress Good for Back Pain?
The combination of innerspring firmness and memory foam cushioning provide solid back support. Nectar mattresses cushion your hips and shoulders while keeping your spine properly aligned.

Who Should Consider Nectar Mattresses

Consider the Nectar mattress if:

You love memory foam but get too hot
Nectar Mattress' cooling layers circulate the air through the memory foam. A cooling cover absorbs moisture and offers breathability.

You love firm beds, but need pressure point relief
The Nectar is rated a 6 on the firmness scale of 1–10 (10 being a cement floor). The four foam layers provide the relief your pressure points desire, while offering the support your spine needs.

You don't like shopping at mattress stores
Buy a Nectar mattress online and choose your delivery preference. You can opt for regular delivery to your doorstep or White Glove Service, which includes bed setup and even removes your current mattress (for an extra charge).

How Long Does a Nectar Mattress Take to Expand?
Nectar mattress can take up to 72 hours to fully expand, but the exact time depends on the temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Nectar claims that it is safe to sleep on the mattress right away, however.

Nectar Mattress Pros & Cons


  • Little Motion Adjustment
    The four layers of memory foam decrease the amount of motion transfer you feel when your partner moves.

  • Breathable Material
    Memory foam has the reputation of making sleepers hot. Nectar incorporates breathability in the foam, which allows air circulation.

  • 365-Night Trial Period
    Unlike your average manufacturer's 60–120 day trial, Nectar offers 365 nights. If you don't like it at any time before the year is up, they will return your money and help you dispose of or donate the mattress.

  • "Forever" Warranty
    Nectar claims they will replace the mattress if there are any defects over the life of the mattress. The defects must be from normal use and/or wear and tear. This includes any compressions in the memory foam deeper than 1.5".

    How Long Do Nectar Mattresses Last?
    Nectar designs their mattresses to last forever. Unless yours experiences issues that occur from something other than normal wear and tear, you can get a replacement.

  • No Off Gassing
    Chemical smells, also called off gassing, are an issue with many mattresses. Nectar uses high-quality foams without chemicals. While there may be a slight smell after unboxing the mattress, it's typically from the vacuum seal around the foam.

  • Firm Edge Support
    Many memory foam mattresses sink with any type of weight on the edge. Nectar doesn't sag at the edge or have compression in the foam, even with a lot of weight.

  • Works with Any Bed Frame
    The Nectar mattress works well on top of most surfaces, including box springs, foundations, adjustable bed bases, and traditional frames.


  • Only One Option
    You can choose from a variety of sizes, but Nectar offers only one type of mattress—the firm foundation with a comforting top.

  • Heavy Stomach Sleepers May Sink
    Heavy stomach sleepers often sink too much into memory foam, knocking the spine out of alignment and causing back pain. Nectar isn't able to provide the hip support that this type of sleeper needs.

  • Not a Traditional Innerspring Feel
    The top four layers provide the cushiony comfort many sleepers desire, though it won't provide the same kind of innerspring firmness that some sleepers need.

Should You Flip a Nectar Mattress?
You should not flip the Nectar mattress since four layers of foam are on the top. However, be sure to rotate it every few months. This helps prevent excessive wear in one area of the mattress, prolonging its lifespan.

How It Compares

Casper mattresses offer more choices for a foam bed, including combinations of latex, memory, and firm foam. They also focus on zone support, preventing pressure point issues.

Casper mattresses have more bounce than Nectar's mattress, though both fall in the "medium" firmness category. A Casper also has a bit more bounce, making it easier to get off the mattress. But the Nectar mattress keeps sleepers cooler.

Tuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle is another "bed in a box" foam mattress. T&N offers temperature-controlled, contouring foam on a medium-firm bed.

While it's a little more affordable than Nectar, it tends to be too cushiony for lightweight side sleepers. T&N also offers a 100-day trial period compared to Nectar's 365-day trial period.

Purple is a breathable mattress made of a polymer instead of memory foam. It moves with you as you change sleeping positions.

Purple is also bouncier, avoiding that "sinking in" feeling that most sleepers feel with Nectar's memory foam. The online-only company offers a 100-night trial period.

Bottom Line

Nectar offers a firm, yet comfortable mattress for most sleeping positions. If you like the feel of memory foam, but still want firmness, it could be a good option.

You can't go wrong with the 365-day trial period, which gives you the chance to try the mattress in all seasons and temperatures. If you change your mind, you get your money back and can try another brand.

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