December 3, 2021

Are Mattresses in a Box Any Good

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Are mattresses in a box better than traditional mattresses? Find out if a bed in a box is worth the money.

Bed-in-a-box mattresses completely changed the mattress game.

No more dragging an entire queen mattress through narrow hallways and doorways. Now, you can carry it into your bedroom in a simple box.

Plus, mattresses in a box come with a lower price tag.

But are mattresses in a box actually good? Learn more about beds in a box and how they differ from regular mattresses.

Can you sleep on a mattress in a box right away? While most companies suggest waiting at least 24 hours, you can get away with sleeping on your mattress in a box sooner. However, it may not be as comfortable and might emit some harmless odors at first (find out more here).

Is a Bed in a Box Worth the Money?

Bed-in-a-box mattresses are usually cheaper than traditional mattresses. But this doesn't mean they're cutting corners when it comes to quality.

Mattresses in a box are just as durable as traditional mattresses. They're made of the same materials, like memory foam, gel foam, and latex. Even innerspring mattresses can be rolled up and shipped in a box.

They're a good choice for anyone who wants to save on a mattress and get convenient delivery.

So why are these mattresses so affordable? Most bed-in-a-box companies are online only. Since they don't need to maintain physical mattress stores, they have less overhead costs. These savings get passed on to the buyer, which means lower prices for you.

How Long Do Bed-in-a-Box Mattresses Last?

In general, most mattresses in a box last 7-10 years. But the actual longevity of a mattress depends on the materials it's made of.

Latex foam beds tend to last the longest, with a lifespan of up to 15 years. Here are how the other common mattress types compare:

  • Innerspring: 7-8 years
  • Memory Foam/Gel Foam: 8-10 years
  • Hybrid: 8-10 years
  • Latex: 10-15 years

Innerspring mattresses tend to wear down a little quicker as the coils get compressed. Over time, the mattress may sag and provide less support.

Proper care of your bed in a box will keep it feeling comfortable and supportive for longer. It's a good idea to rotate your mattress every 3-4 months to reduce wear and tear on just one part of the bed.

Having a proper foundation for your mattress can also keep your mattress (and your back) in good shape.

Bed in a Box: Pros and Cons


  • Many options to choose from
  • Cheaper than traditional mattresses
  • Convenient delivery and easy setup
  • Generous trial period and return policies


  • Need to wait for mattress to reinflate
  • New mattresses can give off a smell (which goes away)
  • Can't try before you buy

Bed in a Box vs. Traditional Mattress

Not sure whether you should get a mattress online or at a physical store? Review these key factors to help you decide:

  • Delivery: A mattress in a box can be a good choice if you live in a smaller place. Beds in a box are a lot easier to maneuver through doorways than traditional mattresses.

  • Cost: If you're on a budget, consider getting a mattress in a box. These generally cost a lot less than traditional mattresses for the same quality materials.

  • In-Store Availability: Some bed-in-a-box companies have a small number of showrooms for you to view their products. But for the most part, you'll have to buy a bed in a box online without seeing it first.

    Although these mattresses often come with great return policies, not everyone is comfortable buying blind. In this case, traditional mattress shopping can be a better choice.

  • Sales Assistance: If you don't already know what type of mattress you want, shopping in-store can be a big help. An in-person sales associate can help you find the right mattress for your sleep style. Plus, you get to try each mattress on the spot.

  • Unboxing: With a traditional mattress, you just need to carry the mattress to your room. A bed in a box has the extra step of unboxing and waiting for the mattress to inflate (usually for 24 hours).

Should You Choose a Mattress in a Box?

Bed-in-a-box mattresses are more popular than ever. But are they right for you? These mattresses could be a great choice if:

  1. You're on a budget. A mattress in a box offers a good bang for your buck. They generally cost less than similar mattresses you'd find in a brick-and-mortar store.

  2. You prefer memory foam or hybrid mattresses. Innerspring mattresses aren't very common in the bed-in-a-box industry. So if that's your preferred mattress type, you'll probably have more options in a traditional store.

  3. You're willing to buy before you try. Since most bed-in-a-box companies are online-only, you likely won't get a chance to test the bed before you buy it. Luckily, most of these mattresses come with extra-long trial periods and great return policies.

What is the Best Mattress in a Box of 2021?

It can be hard to choose a bed in a box since there are so many brands out there. Here are some of the top picks for different sleep and budget needs.

Casper: Best for Side Sleepers

The Casper Nova Hybrid is a pillowy mattress that's perfect for side sleeping. Underneath the plush layers of foam is a coil support layer. These steel coils are strong enough to keep your body supported throughout the night.

Side sleepers tend to need softer mattresses to take pressure off the shoulders and hips. A bed that's too hard can cause pain and pressure points. The Casper Nova Hybrid is a good middle ground between soft comfort and support.

GhostBed: Best for Back and Stomach Sleepers

The GhostBed Classic is a latex and gel memory foam mattress. The mattress is listed as a medium-firm, but it feels just a little bit firmer than average. Back and stomach sleepers in particular will feel well-supported on this mattress.

Layers of dense foam and resilient latex give this mattress a lot of structure. If most foam mattresses feel too soft and flimsy for your tastes, the GhostBed is worth a try. It feels firmer and more supportive than most other memory foam mattresses.

Nectar: Best Cheap Bed in a Box

The Nectar Mattress is one of the most affordable beds in a box. It's a memory foam mattress that does a good job of relieving pressure from your body. The mattress is a medium-firm, so it can work for all sleeping positions.

Like other memory foam mattresses, the Nectar does a good job of isolating motion. When your partner moves around, it won't disturb your side of the bed.

Purple: Best for Hot Sleepers

If you tend to sleep hot at night, the Purple Hybrid mattress can help. This bed in a box features a unique gel grid material. The material has a very unique feel. It's firm enough to keep you supported, but softens around your shoulders and hips.

The grid material itself stays cool. Plus, it lets air flow through to prevent night sweats. Since this is a hybrid mattress, it also has coils for support. The coils improve airflow even more and help make the bed more durable.

Helix: Best Customized Bed

Some mattress-in-a-box brands don't give much choice when it comes to firmness and support. Helix is a good choice if you want some customizability. They offer 6 different mattresses for different types of sleepers.

The mattresses come in soft, medium, and firm. You can also choose between side sleeping and back and stomach sleeping. Most sleepers prefer a medium mattress. But it's nice to have the option if you know you prefer firm or soft mattresses.

Can You Sleep on a Mattress in a Box Right Away?

The truth is, you can sleep on a mattress in a box sooner than the recommended 24 hours. Just be aware that the mattress might not feel as comfortable until it's fully expanded and aired out.

Many memory foam mattresses go through a process called "off-gassing." During this time, the foam gives off a harmless odor that can be unpleasant. The smell drops after about a day, and completely disappears within a week.

Whether you decide to wait or not, just keep in mind your bed in a box will probably feel different within the first few days of opening. It's best to sleep on the mattress for at least 2 weeks to really assess if it works for your sleep style.

Bottom Line

Mattress shopping can be a pain, but beds in a box can make the process a little more convenient. It's a good option if you're looking to save some money on your next mattress.

A bed in a box has the same quality as a traditional mattress. But if seeing and feeling a mattress before you buy is a must for you, you might want to shop in-store instead.

Either way, try your mattress for at least 2 weeks to see if you wake up feeling refreshed. Sleep is so important for your health. So it's a good idea to take the time and choose the right mattress for you.

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