November 26, 2021

Biggest Bed Size

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What is the biggest bed size? Hint: It's not a California king. Learn more about the largest mattresses available below.

Most people know about king and California king mattresses. For many brands, these are the largest mattress size you can buy.

But did you know there are oversized mattresses that are up to 2x as big as a king?

While these mattresses aren't as common, they're available for anyone with a large enough bedroom.

Here are the largest bed sizes you can buy, plus how to choose the right size for you.

Oversized Mattress Dimensions

A standard king size mattress is 76 in x 80 in. If you want something bigger, check out how the top largest mattresses compare:

Mattress SizeDimensions (W x L)Best ForRecommended Room SizeAverage Price
Wyoming King84 in x 84 inSquare shape; couples with small child13 ft x 13 ft$1,500 - $4,000
Texas King80 in x 98 inExtra tall sleepers; people with pets at foot of bed14 ft x 16 ft$2,000 - $4,000
Alberta King96 in x 96 inSquare shape; families that co-sleep14 ft x 16 ft$4,000 - $7,000
Alaskan King108 in x 108 inSquare shape; larger/taller families that co-sleep16 ft x 16 ft$3,000 - $7,000
Family144 in x 80 inExtra wide bed; entire families16 ft x 18 ft$2,800 - $6,000
Family XL144 in x 84 inExtra wide bed; entire tall families16 ft x 18 ft$3,000 - $6,000
CustomDependsCustom-made mattresses in any size or shapeDependsDepends

Compare Biggest Bed Sizes

Interested in a super-sized mattress? We've listed your options below, from "smallest" to biggest. Review the pros, cons, and features of each before you buy.

Wyoming King Mattress

Measurements: 84" x 84"

Wyoming king mattresses are the smallest of the "giant" mattresses. These beds are the same length as a California king, but 1 foot wider. The bed has a square shape, and it can comfortably accommodate a tall couple or a couple with a small child.

For families that co-sleep but feel king mattresses aren't big enough, this is a good option. It offers extra room without being too expensive (at least compared to even larger sizes).


  • Requires smallest room size
  • Good for couples with 1 small child


  • Not large enough for bigger families
  • More expensive than standard king

Texas King Mattress

Measurements: 80" x 98"

The Texas king is a little over 8 ft long. Even the tallest sleepers should have no problem getting a good night's sleep on this mattress. This size mattress can also be a good choice for families who sleep with a small child.

A Texas king mattress could also be perfect for pet owners. The extra length will keep your pet safe from accidental kicks in the night.


  • Great for big and tall sleepers
  • Fits in average master bedroom


  • Not wide enough for large families
  • Narrower than Wyoming king

Alberta King Mattress

Measurements: 96" x 96"

The Alberta king can comfortably sleep a family who co-sleeps with more than 1 child. It's also long enough to accommodate very tall people who stretch out in their sleep.

On the downside, this mattress is pretty rare. So, it's also one of the most expensive large beds you can buy.


  • Extra width with square shape
  • Lots of room to sprawl out


  • Least common large bed size
  • Most expensive large bed size

Alaskan King Mattress

Measurements: 108" x 108"

The Alaskan king is the longest oversized mattress. It has large square shape that can sleep the whole family comfortably. This mattress is 2 feet longer than a California king, so it's great for very tall people.

An Alaskan king size bed can also be a great choice for couples with different sleeping schedules. Since the mattress is so big, you won't feel your partner getting in and out of bed.


  • Longest mattress size
  • Fits the tallest sleepers and families


  • Requires large bedroom
  • Very expensive

Family Mattress

Measurements: 144" x 80"

This aptly named family size mattress is designed to sleep the whole family. This mattress is almost twice as wide as a regular king. So it's perfect if you're looking to share your bed with all your kids and pets.

The family bed is the same length as a standard king. For taller sleepers, the next mattress option might be a better fit.


  • Fits very large families
  • Widest oversized bed


  • Same length as regular king bed
  • Very expensive

Family XL Mattress

Measurements: 144" x 84"

The family XL mattress gives you all the same benefits as a family mattress, but with an additional 4 inches of length. This is the same length as a California king mattress. The width, however, is a whopping 12 feet long.


  • Fits very large families
  • Widest oversized bed, with extra length


  • Same length as California king
  • Very expensive

Custom Mattress

Measurements: Varies

If none of the other mattress sizes seem right for you, you can custom-make your own. Custom mattress manufacturers create any size or shape you want. This could be used to make nonstandard mattresses for RVs, antique furniture, or oversized mattresses.

Typically, the larger you go, the more expensive the mattress will be.


  • Can come in any shape or size
  • Custom-made to fit your preferences


  • Cost varies a lot based on size
  • Not widely available

There are lots of bed sizes to choose from. Here are some key factors to help you decide on the right one for you:

Room Size
This is one of the most important factors when choosing a big bed. Be sure to measure your room beforehand to make sure the mattress will fit. For a comfortable fit that doesn't feel cramped, you'll want a couple feet of clearance all around the bed.

Large mattresses cost significantly more than standard mattresses. But the hefty price tag doesn't end with just the bed. You'll have to pay a lot for sheets, bedframes, and other mattress accessories too. These giant bed sizes aren't very common, so they generally cost a lot.

You might have a harder time finding big beds and bed accessories. Because they're uncommon, you might be limited to only shopping online. Waiting times to get the items made and shipped to your home could be very long.

If your home has small doorways, stairways, or hallways, it'll be a challenge to set up your mattress. Make sure it's possible to move your mattress through your home.

Sleeper Size
Take into consideration how many people will be using the bed, and how tall they are. If you have multiple children and pets to accommodate on the bed, you'll need a wider mattress. Tall sleepers will feel more comfortable on longer beds.

Sleeping Position
Does everyone in your family like to spread out in their sleep? You might need wider bed for a comfortable fit. The less each person spreads out, the narrower your mattress can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest bed size?
King sized mattresses are the largest standard mattress size in the U.S. But there are less common mattresses that are even bigger. Alaskan king mattresses are the longest option at 108" x 108". Family XL mattresses are the widest, measuring at 144" x 84".

Where can I buy an oversized mattress?
Big mattresses are uncommon, so you won't find them at your average mattress store. You'll most likely have to find a local store that sells custom beds. Or, you can search online for websites that specialize in oversized or custom mattresses.

What are the standard mattress sizes?
There are six standard U.S. mattress sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Twin and twin XL beds can fit 1 sleeper. Full, queen, king, and California king mattresses can fit 2 sleepers.

What size bed do most couples have?
Queen mattresses are by far the most common bed size. This versatile size is perfect for couples and single sleepers who like to spread out.

Bottom Line

Big mattresses can be difficult to find. If you want an extra-large mattress, be sure to factor in the cost of accessories and a bed frame with your mattress budget too.

The biggest bed sizes might not be practical for everyone. But for large families that co-sleep or big and tall people, it can be one of the most comfortable choices. The extra space could make all the difference in getting a good night's rest.

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