December 25, 2021

Jojo Siwa Net Worth

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How much money does JoJo Siwa make? Find out how this YouTube personality earned a multimillion-dollar net worth.

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JoJo Siwa Net Worth: $16 Million - $25 Million

JoJo Siwa is a dancer, singer, and internet personality. She got her start as a child on the reality TV show "Dance Moms." Her fame has only grown from there. In 2020, she even landed a spot on Time's list of 100 most influential people in the world.[1]

Today, her net worth is an estimated $16 million to $25 million. The bulk of her impressive net worth comes from her successful career as a YouTube star.

Find out how JoJo Siwa earned her money below.

Who is JoJo Siwa?

Joelle Joanie "JoJo" Siwa was born on May 19, 2003, in Omaha, Nebraska.

At just 9 years old, Siwa began her trajectory to stardom on the "Dance Moms" spinoff "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition." She later joined the main "Dance Moms" show for a two-year stint.

During this time, Siwa also created a YouTube channel documenting her daily life.

She released her debut song "Boomerang" in 2016. The music video for the song amassed more than 945 million views and more than 4.9 million likes. By 2018, she had secured a world tour for her EP D.R.E.A.M. The Music.

Siwa is known for her colorful aesthetic and peppy personality, and her brand has continued to grow in popularity.

How Does JoJo Siwa Make Money?

Here's how JoJo Siwa has earned her multimillion-dollar net worth from YouTube and her other business ventures.


JoJo Siwa has a whopping 12 million followers and billions of views on YouTube. This translates to quite a hefty payout.

The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize their channels through ad placements. YouTubers earn around $4.18 to $7.60 for every 1,000 views. [2] Siwa has racked up more than 3.6 billion views on the platform. In total, she has earned an estimated $8.4 million to $15.4 million in ad revenue.

But that's not the only way Siwa earns money. Check out how her other social media accounts contribute to her massive net worth.

TikTok and Instagram

The dancer has seen a lot of success on TikTok. Siwa has gained around 37.8 million followers and 1.3 billion likes on the platform.

On average, Siwa makes around $750 to $1,300 per video. With her current tally of 1,206 videos, this brings her TikTok earnings to about $900,000 to $1.5 million. [3]

Siwa is also active on Instagram with around 11.1 million followers. It is estimated she will make an average of $700 to $900 per post. At more than 5,500 posts, this adds about $3.8 million to $5 million to her net worth.

Other Ventures

Even from her early days of YouTube, it's clear that Siwa is an expert in marketing her bubbly personality. She now has a wide range of merchandise based around her colorful persona.

Based on her trademark look, she released a line of hairbows in collaboration with the tween fashion chain Claire's. She has also released a variety of other merchandise in partnership with Nickelodeon and JCPenney, including toys, bedding, clothing, and accessories.

Siwa has starred in a Netflix documentary and the animated series "The JoJo and BowBow Show Show" on Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. She has also appeared on a number of other shows, including her current run in "Dancing With the Stars."

6,000-Square-Foot Home in Tarzana

When she was just 16 years old, Siwa made her first real estate purchase. She bought a $3.4 million home in Tarzana, California, in 2019.

The massive 6,000-square-foot home has six bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and plenty of on-brand special touches. The house features a candy and snack bar, huge merchandise room, and her own rainbow-colored, candy-themed bedroom.

Bottom Line

From her beginning as a child reality TV star, JoJo Siwa has created a multimillion-dollar empire.

Her family-friendly entertainment continues to appeal to younger generations. And there's no sign of her slowing down any time soon. As she continues to build her brand, her net worth is sure to grow with it.


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