May 3, 2024

How Much Does an LLC Cost in Arizona

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From the standard $50 filing fee to a range of other expenses, read on to ensure you're financially prepared before creating an LLC in Arizona.

How much does it cost to start an LLC in Arizona?
Here are the following costs to consider:

Despite common misconceptions, the total cost of forming an LLC in Arizona goes beyond just the $50 LLC formation filing fee.

There are other expenses to consider before starting an LLC in Arizona. Mandatory expenses include the publication fee and the transaction privilege tax license.

Plus, there's a long list of optional fees that could increase your total expenses to more than $3,000. This comprehensive checklist of Arizona LLC fees will help you prepare a more accurate budget.

Can I open an LLC in Arizona for free?
No. All LLCs must pay the $50 one-time filing fee to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

What's your main reason for forming an LLC in Arizona?

Arizona Domestic LLC Formation Filing Fee

Cost: $50[1]

To form an LLC in Arizona, you must submit the Articles of Organization to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). Once the documents are approved, your LLC will be recognized as legally separate from you.

The Articles of Organization contain important information for the state to uniquely identify your company. This includes the following details:

  • LLC business name and address
  • Business purpose/description
  • Statutory agent's name and address
  • Management structure (member- or manager-managed)
  • Names of the LLC's members or managers

If you submit the Articles of Organization online, you will receive the decision letter in around 2 weeks. If you apply by mail, the processing time could take longer.[2]

If you want a quicker turnaround, you can pay for the following Same Day / Next Day Accelerated Processing Services fees:[3]

  • $100 - Next-day service
  • $200 - Same-day service
  • $400 - Two-hour service

Non-refundable LLC Formation Fee
In Arizona, the LLC formation filing fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.[4]
If you make a mistake in your Articles of Organization, and you have already paid the filing fee, you will need to pay the fee again.

Arizona Foreign LLC Formation Filing Fee

Cost: $150[1]

If your LLC is already established in a different state and you want to expand your business to Arizona, you need to register it as a foreign LLC.

Foreign LLCs in Arizona must submit a Foreign Registration Statement to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). The regular processing time is around two weeks. If you pay the $100 Next-day service fee,[1] the processing time can be cut down to 1 day.

Can I create a series LLC in Arizona?
No. Series LLCs are not legally recognized in Arizona. If your LLC in another state is a series LLC, you'll need to create a separate foreign LLC in Arizona. This involves filing a Foreign Registration Statement.

Arizona LLC Publication Fee

Cost: $30 - $300

Once your Arizona LLC application is approved, you must publish a Notice of LLC Formation for three consecutive publications. This must be done within 60 days of formation.[5] The publication fee varies between counties.

A Notice of LLC Formation serves as a public announcement of the formation of your LLC. This informs the community and potential stakeholders about the existence of your new business entity.

Only a local county newspaper that is approved by the Arizona Corporations Commission can publish a Notice of LLC Formation. The notice contains your LLC's name, the registered agent's name and address, and the name/s of member/s or manager/s among other details.

For LLCs based in Maricopa or Pima County:
The publication is free.[6] These two counties are the most populous in Arizona and have a large number of businesses. The ACC has not yet decided whether to expand the free online publication of Notices of LLC Formation to the rest of the state.

Failure to Publish Notice of Publication
If you fail to publish a Notice of LLC Formation on time, your LLC can be dissolved. You have 60 days to do this after your LLC is formed.

Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax License

Cost: $12[7]

All LLCs that operate in Arizona are required to have a Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) license.[7] Having a TPT license means you have the privilege to do business in the state.

You can get a TPT license from the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR). The TPT license is valid from January 1st to December 31st. You can renew it for free each year.

Does Arizona require LLCs to file an annual report?
Arizona does not require LLCs to file an annual report. However, you must renew the Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) on January 1st each year.

Arizona Business Permits and Licenses Fees

Cost: $0 - $500+

Aside from the Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) license, your LLC may need to get local business permits. The local business permit fees vary per city and are renewable per year.

A business permit in Scottsdale costs $50 and is renewable annually for the same amount.[8] In Tucson, most permits costs $20.[9] If your LLC does business in two different cities, you need to get a separate license for each city.

The total cost of business permits and licenses in Arizona could skyrocket to $500 or more. For example, a Class 1 Liquor license costs $1,100 per year.[10] It's required for businesses that sell beer and wine for off-premises consumption.

Whether your LLC is selling a product or offering a service, check the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) for the business permits and licenses that your LLC needs.

How long does an LLC last in Arizona?
All LLCs in Arizona can exist indefinitely until it is dissolved or terminated. An LLC can be dissolved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) if it does not have the required business permits and licenses.

Arizona Business Taxes

Cost: 2.5% - 11.2%

The base Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) rate in Arizona is 5.6%. However, some cities and counties in Arizona impose additional TPT taxes. The total TPT rate can be as high as 11.2%.[7]

In addition to the Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT), there are several other taxes that LLCs in Arizona may be required to pay. For example, LLC members are subject to the state's 2.5% flat income tax rate per year.[11]

LLCs with employees must withhold taxes.
If your LLC has employees, you will be responsible for withholding and paying federal and state employment taxes on their behalf.

Optional Fees for LLCs in Arizona

While the Arizona LLC fees below are optional, you may need to pay for some of them depending on your business needs. For example, obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing is often necessary when opening a business bank account.

As you plan your budget for your new Arizona LLC, remember to account for these potential additional expenses:

Arizona LLC Optional FeesCost
Arizona LLC Statutory Agent Fee$0 - $400
Arizona LLC Operating Agreement Fee$0 - $1,000
Arizona Employer Identification Number (EIN)FREE
Arizona LLC Name Reservation Fee$10 - $45
Arizona LLC Doing Business As (DBA) Fee$10
Arizona LLC Articles of Correction Fee$25
Arizona LLC Articles of Amendment Fee$25
Arizona LLC Change of Registered Agent Fee$5
Arizona LLC Certified Document Copy Fee$15 + $0.50 per page
Arizona LLC Certificate of Good Standing Fee$10
Arizona Business Website Domain Fee$20 - $30
Arizona Business Insurance Premiums$ - $$$

Are there annual fees for LLCs in Arizona?
Yes. Aside from annual business license renewal fees, your LLC might need to pay registered agent service fees, website domain fees, and business insurance premiums. The costs are discussed below.

Arizona LLC Statutory Agent Fee

Cost: $0 - $400

In Arizona, every LLC must appoint a statutory agent. Also called a registered agent, this person or entity is responsible for accepting official legal documents and notices for your LLC.

Although a legally separate entity, an LLC cannot act as a registered agent. A registered agent must be over the age of 18 and have a physical address (not a P.O. box) in Arizona.

To save money, either you or a relative can serve as the service of process agent for your LLC. However, the name and address of the person you select as your registered agent will be publicly accessible. This may lead to privacy concerns.

Do I need to get my statutory agent's consent before appointing them?
Yes. A statutory agent in Arizona must prove acceptance of the position by signing the Arizona Statutory Agent Acceptance Form.

Arizona LLC Operating Agreement Fee

Cost: $0 - $1,000

An operating agreement is a legal document that details the operating procedures of the LLC. It also defines the roles and responsibilities of the members or managers. Its purpose is to help prevent and solve any business disputes that may arise later on.

The costs associated with the operating agreement come in the drafting of the document. You can create an operating agreement for free by using templates online. Alternatively, it could cost upwards of $1,000 if you hire an attorney.

Law in Action:
According to Arizona's default rules for LLCs, all members are equally responsible for managing the business. This may lead to issues if members disagree on management decisions in the future.

Arizona Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Cost: FREE

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This number is used to identify a business entity for tax-related purposes.

You're not required to get an EIN if you're operating a single-member LLC in Arizona. However, you might still need it down the line if you want to hire employees or open a business bank account.

Does my LLC need a bank account?
Yes. Separating your LLC's finances from personal assets is a requirement of liability shielding. Use a separate bank account for accepting payments and paying business expenses to prevent piercing the corporate veil.

Arizona LLC Name Reservation Fee

Cost:[12] $10 Regular Processing (Via Mail or In Person) | $45 Expedited Processing (Online)

Naming your LLC in Arizona is free. It's included when you pay the Articles of Organization filing fee. But if you're not ready to submit your Articles of Organization, you can pay to reserve your LLC's name instead.

In Arizona, you can reserve a business name for 120 days. Unlike in other states, once a name reservation expires in Arizona, you can't renew the same business name. Other people will then be allowed to use that name for their business.

Don't forget to review Arizona's detailed list of naming regulations to prevent your Articles of Organization from getting rejected.

Websites for Growing Businesses
Check online to see if your business name is available as a web domain. Even if you don't plan to make a business website today, you may want to buy the URL to prevent others from acquiring it.

Arizona LLC Doing Business As (DBA) Fee

Cost: $10[13]

A Doing Business As (DBA) name allows your LLC to operate under a name different from its legal name registered with the state. Some LLCs use a DBA for branding purposes. It's also ideal if you want to use a name that doesn't have an "LLC" at the end.

In Arizona, DBA applications are filed online. DBA applications sent via mail will be sent back. It usually takes two to three weeks for DBAs to be approved.[14]

How long is a DBA valid in Arizona?
DBAs in Arizona are valid for five years. It needs to be renewed for $10 before the expiration date. Failure to renew means other people can apply to use that name for their business.

Arizona LLC Articles of Correction Fee

Cost: $25[1]

After your Arizona LLC application is approved, your next focus should be on maintaining its good standing over the long term.

Get a copy of the approved Articles of Organization and review all the details carefully. If there are errors, like a misspelled business name or incorrect address, correct them as soon as possible by filing a Certificate of Correction.

Arizona LLC Articles of Amendment Fee

Cost: $25[1]

Your Arizona LLC's Articles of Organization contain specific details about your business. Should these details change, you must submit a Certificate of Amendment to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

File Articles of Amendment if you:

  • Add, remove, or change an LLC member or manager
  • Update your LLC's business address
  • Modify your LLC's stated business activities

Articles of Correction vs. Articles of Amendment
A Certificate of Correction is for fixing mistakes in initial filings. Meanwhile, a Certificate of Amendment is for updating or changing key details as the LLC evolves.

Arizona LLC Change of Registered Agent Fee

Cost: $5[1]

An LLC can change its statutory agent's details anytime. If this happens, you must submit a statement of change to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) as soon as possible. Changes include the statutory agent's name and address.

Don't forget to get a signed statutory agent acceptance form from your new agent. Failure to submit a statement of change along with the acceptance form may cause time-sensitive legal documents to be sent to the wrong address.

Articles of Amendment vs. Statement of Change
In Arizona, the articles of amendment are used to change the business name, business purpose, and other details. The statement of change is focused solely on changes regarding the statutory agent.

Arizona LLC Certified Document Copy Fee

Cost: $15 + $0.50 per page[1]

Certified copies of your LLC's business documents can be requested by mail or by visiting the Arizona Corporation Commission with a Records Request Form.

You might need a certified copy of a business document, like your Articles of Organization, for circumstances like opening a business bank account or expanding your LLC in another state.

Additionally, some LLCs keep certified copies of their initial Articles of Organization and Articles of Amendment (if any) for recordkeeping purposes.

Arizona LLC Certificate of Good Standing Fee

Cost: $10[1]

A Certificate of Good Standing verifies that your business is properly registered and legally authorized to conduct business with the state. The certificate is often necessary to:

  • Open a bank account
  • Conduct business outside of Arizona
  • Qualify for business insurance
  • Apply for business loans

It can take two weeks or longer to get a Certificate of Good Standing. Paying the $35 expedited processing fee shortens the waiting time to 3-5 business days for online requests and 1 business day for in-person requests.[15]

Arizona Business Website Domain Fee

Cost: $20 - $30

A website domain provides a dedicated online space for your business. It's essential for marketing, customer engagement, and brand visibility in today's digital world.

Even if you're not planning to build a business website now, it's a good idea to at least buy the domain name. This prevents others from using your LLC's name as a web address.

Beware of website domain squatters
Website domain squatters often monitor newly registered LLC names. They purchase corresponding website domains and then resell them at significantly higher prices.

Arizona Business Insurance Premiums

Cost: $ - $$$

All LLCs in Arizona with at least one employee are required to get workers' compensation insurance. This applies regardless of whether the employees are full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal.[16]

Arizona has a state fund for workers' compensation insurance called the State Compensation Fund (SCF). The state fund's competitive rates are often lower than private insurance companies. However, it's not mandatory to get your LLC's compensation insurance from SCF.

Failure to obtain workers' compensation insurance can lead to hefty fines from the Arizona Industrial Commission, potential lawsuits from injured employees, and even business closure.

What happens if my LLC's employee gets injured while working?
In Arizona, employees who get injured on the job are entitled to benefits regardless of who was at fault.[16]

Which cost in forming an Arizona LLC were you most surprised by?

Bottom Line

In summary, the Articles of Organization filing fee in Arizona costs $50 for domestic LLCs and $150 for foreign LLCs. Annual reports are not required in Arizona. However, you must renew the Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) licenses and other business permits annually.

The total cost of creating and maintaining an LLC in Arizona will increase depending on what additional services, documents, and licenses your LLC needs to operate. Ultimately, it's never a bad idea to set aside an extra budget for unexpected costs.

How would you rate the overall cost of forming and maintaining an Arizona LLC?


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