November 19, 2017

Best in Fintech: Top Money Experts

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Be on top of the latest and best in fintech today. Winners of the CreditDonkey Best in Fintech Award have been announced.

Best Fin-Tech
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Top Fintech Innovations You Can't Miss Out

For a while, it was known as the "alternative" to brand-name banks, financial institutions, and ways of managing and investing finances. Now the fintech industry is well known and continuing to gain traction with investors and businesses that are won over by easier, more efficient ways to access their funds, invest their hard-earned money, and carry out their money decisions fast.

With all the acceptance comes a downside - new entrants to the fintech space are adding to the high number of choices you have to make sense of. That's why CreditDonkey, which helps consumers and small businesses with comparison shopping and spending wisely, came up with this list of the very best in fintech.

Try out one of the companies on this best list and you will soon forget the old, clunky way of managing and investing your finances.

Best Fin Tech
Best Fin Tech © CreditDonkey

  • Factom

    Factum believes in honesty, trust, immutability and integrity with their advanced technological solutions to transform the way companies keep and collaborate on their data. With secure blockchain answers, you can take complicated data and convey the story that's necessary for your contracts and analytics to improve the flow of business, stay compliant and safeguard your work. Factom founders Abhi Dobhal, Paul Snow, Tiana Laurence, David Johnston, Brian Deery and Peter Kirby created the company to disrupt the approach to bitcoin and financial records by utilizing the speed and security of blockchain applications while minimizing limitations.

    Why Factom is Best in Fintech: Factum allows you to convert document management into a blockchain and convey needed data. Austin, TX

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  • FinTech Portfolio

    Think of FinTech Portfolio as the Uber for FinTech resources to bring your ideas to market, find the right start-ups to invest, partner or acquire and train your own workforce on the latest in FinTech developments. They have solutions for whatever challenge you're facing, and you can get expert help quickly and at an affordable price without having to go through the headaches of hiring, onboarding and referrals. Whether you're looking for API or robo-advisor help at any stage of the process, FinTech Portfolio and it's affiliates have the solution you need. CEO and Founder, Amilcar Chavarria, created FinTech Portfolio to help make your financial technology ideas scalable and profitable with a team of experienced engineers and experts.

    Why FinTech Portfolio is Best in Fintech: FinTech's team can help users prototype, launch a product or you can hire them to be your FinTech engineering team in San Francisco, CA

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  • CityFALCON

    CityFALCON is your personalized financial news feed that curates news from hundreds of sources, outlets and social media to deliver the strongest pieces of information on the companies and sectors that matter most to you. With low latency, strong structure and tremendous relevancy based on your filters, you'll have the power to make the strongest investing decisions. CEO Ruzbeh Bacha oversees CityFALCON's vision to maximize and aggregate financial information from news sources and social media to allow users and traders access to the most real-time data for their trading strategies.

    Right now, they mostly focus on user and business experience using existing content and emerging technologies, like AI and Voice (Amazon Alexa). The most relevant news from CityFALCON can always be at hand with their mobile apps for IOS and Android.

    Why CityFALCON is Best in Fintech: CityFALCON provides investing for all levels. With it, you can leverage trading assets, and get every news story and author assigned a score. London, UK

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  • Cleo

    Cleo is the fun, helpful, easy-to-use and access personal financial assistant. Simply adding the app or working with Cleo through text messaging, it is a safe, secure and powerful way to track patterns in your spending and earning so you have a clear understanding of your finances every week. No more complicated Excel sheets, Cleo will help you achieve your goals and stay on top of your money. Aleksandra Wozniak and Barnaby Hussey-Yeo started Cleo in 2016 at Entrepreneur First to help users manage their money with an online financial assistant platform.

    Why Cleo is Best in Fintech: Cleo features high-level security, financial assistance and is easy to connect. London, UK

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  • OpenInvest

    OpenInvest is automated socially responsible investing that allows you to have control over which companies, sectors and businesses receive the money that you'd like to grow for the future. You get to invest based on your values, using sophisticated and automated financial tools that support the causes you believe in the most while earning money along the way. OpenInvest founders, Phillip Wei, Conor Murray and Joshua Levin, launched their company with the aim of providing the largest socially responsible investing platform.

    Why OpenInvest is Best in Fintech: You can invest in companies based on your values, reach your goals and avoid hidden fees with OpenInvest. San Francisco, CA

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  • AutoFi
    AutoFi is a financial technology company that is changing the way cars are bought and sold. The company’s platform allows auto dealers to sell vehicles completely online by connecting buyers with lenders in a fast, easy and transparent process.

    The biggest pain point for most customers is that the process can be long and not as transparent as they would like. Loan terms are usually something presented to them and there are rarely many alternative options. AutoFi allows car buyers to select the car they want, apply for financing and assemble customized loan terms and complete the purchase—completely online and in just a few minutes.

    Why AutoFi is Best in Fintech: AutoFi’s simple, digital financing solution removes many of the consumer pain points associated with the car buying process.

    Once a customer selects a vehicle to purchase, they fill out a simple online credit application which is then securely sent to AutoFi’s network of lenders for a decision. Approvals come within seconds. AutoFi then presents the car buyer with a range of options to customize their loan by choosing from several different combinations of down payment and financing terms. After selecting their financing terms, car buyers can then choose from among several vehicle protection products and are provided with detailed information about each option. Once finance and insurance choices have been made, car buyers can review the complete invoice online and then schedule a time to pick up the vehicle at the dealership.

  • Returnly

    Returnly is disrupting a niche sector of the retail and online store sector that is in dire need of some rethinking: the process of returns. With simple and effective solutions for customers to process their returns, their platform helps stores to retain customers, making the return process better and easier while retaining loyalty and boosting customer service along the way so that everyone wins. Founder and CEO Eduardo Vilar created Returnly to improve the online marketplace, reduce risk and increase product evaluation so that customers and retailers improve the experience at every stage of the process.

    Why Returnly is Best in Fintech: Returnly offers simple product returns and no-risk purchase conversions in order to achieve stronger customer service and loyalty.

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  • FriendlyScore

    FriendlyScore is rethinking the traditional modes of coming up with a credit score to determine your creditworthiness for a loan. They will examine over 800 variables from a plethora of big data sources, including but not limited to, your social media profiles, bank transactions and mobile phone data, to help create a full financial picture of yourself. Employing deep machine learning and AI, FriendlyScore’s model will improve your credit score so that you can build the history you need to start earning loans and gaining financial power going forward. FriendlyScore’s key players include the Co-founder and CTO, Emilian Siemsia alongside the CEO, Loubna Bazine, who are both striving towards the goal of offering alternative credit score metrics so that thin-filed individuals and borrowers with minimal credit history can now secure a loan

    Why FriendlyScore is Best in Fintech: Improve your digital credit score, get the loans you deserve, and have greater access to financial services with FriendlyScore. London, UK

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  • BlockApps

    BlockApps allows you to quickly build, scale and deploy blockchain applications using a suite of tools that integrate with your current applications and workflow. You can save your company money by automating tasks that otherwise have to be done manually by using their simple offerings that coexist with standard web and mobile development tools, so you can leverage skills that are already in place. It is quick and seamless. Co-founders Victor Wong, Dr. James Hormuzdiar and Kieren James-Lubin bring their expertise with blockchains, engineering and mathematics to BlockApps, making it easier to build blockchain apps for users.

    Why BlockApps is Best in Fintech: BlockApps lets you use existing web and mobile development tools and scripting skills to manage new or existing apps. Brooklyn, NY. BlockApps is a founding board member of the world's largest open source enterprise blockchain project, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, with over 200 members include JPMorgan, Intel, Microsoft, Santander and CME Group.

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  • Uphold

    Uphold uses products like AirTM, Bitwage and libertyX to protect and provide your money securely anywhere in the world. You can hold your money in Uphold's cloud platform to protect against volatility in emerging markets, and you can make digital transactions low-cost, fast and easy thanks to their low fees. It's internet banking for the future of money and a useful product around the world. CEO and Chairman Adrian Steckel oversees Uphold's vision to allow users to hold, transfer, move and transact with their money in a safer, faster and more accessible way around the world.

    Why Uphold is Best in Fintech: Uphold service is instant and low cost, transparent, global and innovative. Northern California, London, Portugal and Shanghai

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  • Savedo

    Savedo is bringing the world of strong internet banking, low fees, security and convenience across the European continent. With the accounts and funds you'd find in traditional banks but with better rates, more flexibility and top-level security, you can do all the banking across Europe that you want without leaving your own living room. Savedo's founders Christian Tiessen and Steffen Wachenfeld have created an online platform where all banking transactions can be managed in one place with greater safety and better interest rates for European banking.

    Why Savedo is Best in Fintech: With Savedo, you can purchase financial products across Europe; it's safe and secure, and offers strong interest rates. Berlin, Germany

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  • Finova Financial

    Finova Financial is an innovative approach to a traditional loan. For people who need cash fast and have equity in their car, you can use their services to secure a quick loan. They are upfront about the fees and total cost of repayment, and it's a great option for people in a bind. Simply complete the info on their app and you can have a same-day or next-day loan for your financial needs. Derek Acree and Greg Keough founded Finova to serve as a socially-responsible lender that is making waves on the financial technology scene with fast and secure loans based on your car equity.

    Why Finova Financial is Best in Fintech: Finova features same-day and next-day funding with loans between $500 and $5,000. Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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  • BUX

    BUX brings the fun and attitude back to trading stocks. With a little bit of an edge while retaining the mission to help people to learn investing in low-risk ways, it's a great approach to trading for a new generation. You can practice trading for free, choose stocks at low costs and compete against other traders and your friends online while making money in the long run. BUX founders Robbert Bos, Nick Bortot, Joost van de Wijgerd and Egbert Pronk have launched a platform that makes stock trading more fun and accessible to everyone and opens up the world of investing to a larger audience.

    Why BUX is Best in Fintech: BUX allows for free practice and affordable trading; you can learn about trading and connect and battle with other traders. Offices across Europe

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  • Suade
    Suade is addressing the problem that banking regulations are complex, costly and complicated. While they value the importance of regulations - especially in light of the 2008 financial crash - they want to make it easier for banks to understand the rules and comply. That's why they created modern technology to help banks and financial institutions understand and manage their compliance while saving time and money along the way. Suade was founded by Diana Paredes and Murat Abur to address the growing difficulties with keeping up with regulations, making it easier, less complex and less costly to ensure that companies are complying with detailed rules.

    Why Suade is Best in Fintech: Banks using Suade can interpret, manage and respond within regulatory frameworks. London, UK

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  • Self Lender

    Self Lender is where you can use a savings account to build your credit history. Rather than getting a credit card that could get you into trouble, you make monthly contributions to a certificate of deposit. Once you have completed your required amount of contributions and haven't touched the money for a given time, the history is reported to the credit bureaus to boost your score and you receive all the savings you accrued. CEO James Garvey heads Self Lender's mission to allow users to build a financial foundation with a credit building account through their platform.

    Why Self Lender is Best in Fintech: Use Self Lender to build a credit history, improve your score and save money. Austin, TX

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  • HealthExpense

    HealthExpense makes the hassle, complications and paperwork of health insurance easy. Rather than having all your doctors and network in one place, your billing in another and your claims statuses somewhere else, you can easily link your plan to the HealthExpense app. You'll have everything in one place, making the world of health care and health insurance easier. HealthExpense CEO Marco Smit brings over two decades of growth, tech and healthcare experience to a company with a dedication to improving healthcare for customers.

    Why HealthExpense is Best in Fintech: Connect your health plan, get real-time claims tracking, and integrate tax-free accounts with HealthExpense. Sunnyvale, CA

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  • Sensibill

    Sensibill is a sensible approach to receipt management. Whether it's receipts for returns, or taxes, or for expense reports, there's finally an app that brings all the potential that's possible to shopping, expense management, and banking. You don't have to worry about searching through mountains of paper receipts for a return, or organizing receipts for tax prep. Sensibill founders Jamie Alexander and Corey Gross created the company to have a turnkey digital receipt solution for customers to manage receipts and expenses.

    Why Sensibill is Best in Fintech: Sensibill offers purchase details at a glance, return tracking, enhanced product info and automatic classification. Toronto, ON

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  • Spotcap Global Services

    Spotcap is a multinational solution for small and medium enterprises in need of fast, easy, transparent and effective business loans. Simply by signing up, completing their easy application through their online application and working with a solution that fits your business needs, Spotcap saves you time and energy to get the funds you need. Spotcap founder and CEO Jens Woloszczak launched the company to innovate and improve funding solutions for small and medium-sized companies across Europe.

    Why Spotcap Global Services is Best in Fintech: Spotcap Globa serves asa global, trusted financial partner for SMEs with tailored financial solutions. Founded in Berlin, Germany. Currently operating in Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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  • figo

    figo enables TPPs with their Banking API to implement financial services. With over 3,100 sources of finance and some of the top financial firms in Europe, the figo platform has everything you need for quick, effective and secure transactions for customers along with aggregation of financial data for banking institutions. figo was founded in 2012 to innovate the way that businesses connect with their financial services providers across Europe. André Bajorat was one of the first Business Angels and is now figo CEO.

    Why figo is Best in Fintech: figo features their banking API, aggregation of financial data and detailed transaction execution. Based in Hamburg

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  • ET Index

    ET Index has a cutting-edge approach to investing, data and analytics with a global eye on companies' carbon footprints. You can use that knowledge towards an investment strategy that keeps carbon output in mind, whether you're looking to minimize risk or build an eco-friendly portfolio. It's great for businesses, your stock portfolio and the planet. ET Index founders Sebastian Hoeg, Sam Gill and Jonathan Harris set up to create a full data platform and information to make it easier for investors to stay informed about low-carbon indexes.

    Why ET Index is Best in Fintech: ET Index helps cut exposure to carbon risk, reduce emissions, and benefit from outperformance of low-carbon stocks. London, UK

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  • Happay (VA Tech Ventures)

    Happay is a complete suite when it comes to solving travel, expense and financial solutions for companies. By combining old technology with new, you can now track your employees' spending, see your T&E cash flow and manage your business' finances easier and all in one place. It frees up time and money while cutting down on the minutia and paperwork. Happay was founded by Anshul Rai and Varun Rathi to improve usability for expenses to make things easier for individuals and businesses when it comes to spending.

    Why Happay (VA Tech Ventures) is Best in Fintech: With Happay, you can manage all expenses online and spend and report expenses digitally with less paperwork and time. Bangalore, India

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  • Income&

    With 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, millions of Americans seek the safety of a low-risk, high-yield fixed-income product as part of a diversified portfolio. Until the launch of PRIMOs from Income&, nothing on the market satisfied this demand. While others were avoiding the residential mortgage market, Income& built a way to treat it responsibly. By offering a product with high levels of transparency and unprecedented customization options, Income& is doing the polar opposite of what the banking industry has been doing for many years.

    Brad Walker is the CEO of Income&, which was founded to offer baby boomers access to an investment class that had only been available to investment banks and high net worth investors.

    Why Income& is Best in Fintech: Income& is reinventing the idea of fixed-income investing for the baby-boomer generation.

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  • Virado

    Virado is a burgeoning German company that counts some of the largest firms as their clients, including GAV, Hanse Merkur and Barmenia. That's because they have easy, effective and efficient tools that make it easy for people to shop for niche insurance. Their solutions are utilized by insurance brokers and retailers to cover and sell products they previously didn’t have access to so people can have the coverage that works for them. Virado was founded by Armin Molla, Christian Berlage and Achim Hepp with the aim of making it easier for insurance brokers and online and retail stores to have a simple app to get the coverage they like to sell, as well as to integrate those at every one of their digital touchpoints.

    Why Virado is Best in Fintech: Virado offers insurance products for gadgets, travel, appliances, electronics and hardware. Based in Cologne, Germany

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  • WealthForge

    WealthForge was founded to address the problem that raising capital was costly, inefficient, and rife with paperwork; on top of all that, it has complicated regulations along the way. Their goal was to solve all those problems with one service. They provide a team of regulatory experts and solutions for investors and new businesses all in one location so you can find the companies where you want to place your money, and they make the process easy and seamless at every step of the way. CEO Bill Robbins brings over 20 years of experience with WealthForge with the goal of rethinking the ways that private capital is raised by removing barriers to innovation and growth.

    Why WealthForge is Best in Fintech: WealthForge allows for greater efficiency along with regulatory experts to help increase workflow. Richmond, VA

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  • Unmortgage

    Unmortgage is the long-needed missing link between renting and owning a home. They will help make your homeowning dreams happen by buying the house with you. It requires a 5% deposit on the home you want and you get to live and decorate the place - it's really your home. Then you pay rent on the part of the home you don't own - which costs you less. Plus you can buy more of your own home at any time. Unmortgage was founded to restore hope in homeownership. House prices have put the dream of ownership out of reach for most young people, and that's a problem that Unmortgage looks to solve.

    Why Unmortgage is Best in Fintech: With Unmortgage, you can get more home for your money, a deposit you can afford and own the home you want.

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  • FinTech Sandbox

    There are a lot of companies that promise solutions and answers for FinTech companies looking for access to data feeds and APIs to help them compete with the best. FinTech Sandbox sets themself apart by being one of the best nonprofit organizations that help companies make an impact on the world with unparalleled access, data, top quality hosting and partnerships for no equity and no fees. FinTech Sandbox founders Sarah Biller, Ty Danco, David Jegen and John Fawcett set out to create a nonprofit that allows FinTech start-ups to build the systems and applications they need.

    Why FinTech Sandbox is Best in Fintech: FinTech Sandbox offers access to data feeds, APIs, industry leading data partners and cloud hosting. Boston, MA

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  • Loan Frame

    Featured in The Economic Times and Business World, Loan Frame makes getting a business loan easier, faster and more secure. It only takes a couple minutes of your time to get quickly approved and receive the funds you need to help grow your company. Freeing up the cash you need increases flow and operations and allows you to invest in your own company's future at low, transparent rates. Founders Shailesh Jacob, Akshun Gulati and Rishi Arya oversee Loan Frame's mission to improve and increase efficiency when it comes to small business lending across India.

    Why Loan Frame is Best in Fintech: Loan Frame features a quick loan eligibility check; you can upload documents and choose a loan that works for you. Based in India

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  • PennyOwl

    With a seemingly endless number of opportunities for kids to spend money and buy things, PennyOwl is trying to help parents teach kids how to save over time. Using smart and intuitive technology, PennyOwl works with both parents and kids to help them accrue allowances, purchase kid-friendly rewards and encourage them to save their money for bigger purchases. It's a great way to start having the conversation about money with kids. PennyOwl founder Seamus Matthews created the company to help families send money to their kids and help children save and learn basic finance skills.

    Why PennyOwl is Best in Fintech: PennyOwl is allowances made easy to help kids learn through actions and a store you control, and it's safe and secure. New York, NY

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  • Kapital Boost

    Kapital Boost bills themselves as an ethical-based crowdfunding platform offering investment opportunities in promising SMEs in Southeast Asia. The company utilises Islamic finance structures to enhance ethical standards and lower credit risks for investors. Whether you are looking for a project to invest with short-term and attractive returns, or you're looking to donate in helping less-privileged communities, they have plenty of opportunities that fit the bill. Kapital Boost was created to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) raise their financing needs, with a focus on targeting global investors who are seeking ethical investments.

    Why Kapital Boost is Best in Fintech: Kapital Boost features no hidden fees or charges, short-term investments with strong returns and a thorough screening process. Based in Singapore

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  • SpringboardAuto

    SpringboardAuto is a quick, new, innovative and intuitive approach to receiving an auto loan that works for your terms, style, budget and credit history. They'll work with you whether you're going through a dealer, private party or looking to refinance. They are transparent, easy to use and clear-cut when it comes to getting the funds you need for the car you want. Founder and CEO Jim Landy brings an extensive background in credit, securitization, acquisitions, and private equity partnerships to his role at SpringboardAuto, with the goal of making it easier to secure auto loans for customers.

    Why SpringboardAuto is Best in Fintech: SpringboardAuto offers new and used auto loans, private party loans and refinancing.

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  • ZestMoney

    ZestMoney is an innovative approach to credit that allows you to avoid cards and traditional lenders with an app that enables you to set up a payment schedule that works for you. Whether you're looking to purchase electronics, phones, jewelry or any online product, you can get an affordable payment schedule and the product will ship and you can pay for it over time. You can even make early payments without any fees. ZestMoney co-founders Elizabeth Chapman, Priya Sharma and Ashish Anantharaman are experts in the world of finance and technology. They started ZestMoney to make it easier to borrow money and establish credit for purchases across the Indian Subcontinent.

    Why ZestMoney is Best in Fintech: ZestMoney allows you to select EMI payments at checkout, it's safe and secure, and you can repay early without a penalty. Bangalore, India

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  • Payment Rails

    Payment Rails is globalizing the world of banking and sending and receiving money. Whether you are a contractor who needs to get paid quickly from an employer on the other side of the world, or you oversee a team of employees and you need a fast, secure, low-fee way to pay them. Payment Rails got its start in 2015 when a group of financial technology and payments experts sought to solve the problem of how to send international payments without hidden fees or a time-consuming and inefficient process. They want to make it possible to transfer money at a lower and more transparent cost.

    Why Payment Rails is Best in Fintech: Payment Rails features a global payout API for bank transfers, PayPal payouts, mobile payments and real-time payments for Affiliate Platforms, Influencer Platforms and Online Marketplaces.

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  • Accrualify

    Accrualify is an innovative B2B company that helps accounting departments that rely on the accrual method for their operations. Accounts payable divisions finally have an all-in-one solution that allows companies to manage purchase orders and mass request accrual estimates. It's a single platform to make work easier and more efficient for accounting teams. Accrualify founders Ben Portusach and Mike Hang created the platform with the goal a robust and game-changing accrual management system to solve many of the problems faced by enterprise-level accounting teams.

    Why Accrualify is Best in Fintech: You can automate accruals, e-invoicing and payment processing with Accrualify. San Mateo, CA

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  • crediWatch

    Crediwatch is amplified intelligence for businessrd and enterprised that use advanced data metrics to help companies make the smartest and most beneficial decisions for their bottom line and long-term growth. Using lead generation, credit risk assessment, early monitoring and media alert services, financial institutions can stay ahead in their fields and understand trends occurring around the world. Founders Meghna Suryakumar and Sandeep Anandampillai created Crediwatch to help companies make faster and smarter decisions thanks to their backgrounds in machine learning, NLP and visualization insights.

    Why crediWatch is Best in Fintech: Crediwatch features machine learning insights, visualizations and unstructured data sources. Bangalore, India

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  • Credio

    Credio offers loans between 50 and 250 GBP that are based on your needs and how much you can afford. For people who are in a short-term bind, it's an effective way to get same-day and next-day cash with transparent and honest pricing and no hidden fees. They have some of the lowest APRs on the market and flexible installment repayment schedules. Credio was created to provide a service in the sector of £50-£1000 flexible installment loans. The goal was to build a more cost-effective alternative for people who need short-term loans and quick money.

    Why Credio is Best in Fintech: Credio allows you to apply online from anywhere, receive a quick decision and get same-day or next-day cash. London, UK

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  • Lynk Global
    Lynk Global is a trusted, worldwide, fast, secure and comprehensive knowledge base for FinTech companies and financial institutions around the globe. Lynk features product and sector-specific answers for any hurdle your company might face across varying divisions. They'll help you stay compliant, complete operations faster, improve relationships with clients and get the answers you require to constantly move forward. Lynk CEO Peggy Choi leads a team that is passionate about enacting positive change across the world by increasing access to knowledge and solutions through conversations and one-on-one consultations.

    Why Lynk Global is Best in Fintech: Lynk Global has over 50,000 experts in 73 countries who are fast, flexible and compliant. Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai

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  • DevBlocks

    DevBlocks is a specialized firm offering FinTech software solutions. With a cloud-based platform, they can help small and medium-sized companies to integrate software with accounts payables and accounts receivables. It frees up time and money when it comes to compiling electronic invoicing and ensures your company's finances and receivings are working in harmony with your overall operations. DevBlocks was founded in order to create solutions for teams looking to automate financial technology processes, accounts payables and receivables to free up more time on work that makes a difference.

    Why DevBlocks is Best in Fintech: DevBlocks offers electronic invoicing, cloud accounting and the ability to generate detailed financial data. Walnut, CA, and Mexico City

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  • Emerge

    Many people who have health insurance still have to deal with high deductibles or their plan won't cover things beyond medical care (for example, lost wages, travel to doctors or out-of-network expenses). Emerge is an insurance policy for accidents and emergencies that can cover you and your family where your regular health insurance comes up short. It can save you time, money and headaches during a stressful time in your life, all at an affordable cost. When Wes Thompson, Founder and CEO, had an employee who was struggling to pay medical bills, he realized that people with insurance could still get into financial trouble. Emerge was created to help solve that issue for people with high deductibles.

    Why Emerge is Best in Fintech: With Emerge, you can get critical illness insurance and physical injury insurance even if you have a high-deductible plan. West Hartford, CT

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    Accrualify is an innovative B2B company that helps accounting departments that rely on the accrual method for their operations. Accounts payable divisions finally have an all-in-one solution that allows companies to manage purchase orders and mass request accrual estimates. It's a single platform to make work easier and more efficient for accounting teams. Accrualify is an innovative B2B company that helps accounting departings that rely on the accrual method for their operations. Accounts payable divisions finally have an all-in-one solution that allows companies to manage purchase orders and mass request accrual estimates. It's a single platform to make work easier and more efficient for accounting teams.

    Why RENTMANIA is Best in Fintech: RENTMANIA lets you save money by renting items with a no-risk community that is safe and secure. Based in Moscow, Russia

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  • Eventus Systems
    Eventus Systems uses innovative software to provide an overall picture and report card for a company's trading platform. By analyzing a company's overall health, they can provide stakeholders with the data they need when it comes to performance, regulations and risk management. They allow for smarter decisions based on smarter information. CEO Travis Schwab brings over 20 years of financial technology experience to Eventus Systems to provide overall and data-backed solutions on a firm's trading enterprises.

    Why Eventus Systems is Best in Fintech: With Eventus Systems, you get unbiased and independent research, centralized dashboard and regulatory assurances. Austin, TX

  • Theorem
    Theorem specializes in data insight and analytics when it comes to marketplace loans. As companies like Lending Club and Prosper explode online, Theorem is finding a niche at analyzing the risk that come with a lot of those loans. Whether it is personal, small business, wedding loans or insurance, they have the data you need to make smart decisions and yield the greatest returns. Theorem founders Hugh Edmundson and Abeer Agrawal bring their backgrounds in finance, derivatives, technology and engineering to make marketplace lending loans smarter with science and with machine learning.

    Why Theorem is Best in Fintech: Theorem features machine learning and big data, credit and human insights that result in strong yields. San Francisco, CA

  • Contineo

    Barclays, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Society Generale and many other large financial institutional heavyweights all rely on Contineo. They are industry leaders when it comes to connecting APIs, showing how software programs should interact. Contineo is all about connectivity, globalism and integrating services with every aspect of the company. Contineo's founders started the company under the belief that technology innovations should be more accessible and intuitive. The goal was to build an open messaging standard in line with buyers and sellers in finance and technology, with access more transparent to everyone.

    Why Contineo is Best in Fintech: Contineo has an industry standard API, indicative pricing, functionality and global coverage. Hong Kong

    Read: Contineo grabs 40% of Asia's top private banks with JP Morgan Private Bank, BSI and Natixis
    Follow @ContineoInfo

  • PeerStreet

    PeerStreet is a great way to diversify your investments, get a part of the real estate market and avoid some of the volatility that comes with the stock market. You can curate your own investments or work with trusted professionals to automate your financial contributions. Then with real estate-backed loans, you can start seeing strong yields in a matter of months. Co-founders Brett Crosby, Brew Johnson and Alex Perelman quit their day jobs to start PeerStreet's marketplace to revolutionize real estate finance.

    Why PeerStreet is Best in Fintech: PeerStreet offers strong returns, conservative LTI and short duration investments. Manhattan Beach, CA

    Read: PeerStreet is a marketplace that provides unprecedented access to high quality real estate loan investments
    Follow @PeerStreet

  • Lenny Credit

    Lenny Credit is the fast, fun, secure and convenient way to build a credit history. They go far beyond traditional credit bureaus and you no longer need to apply for a risky credit card. Simply using their app, you can be approved for a line of credit in seconds and start building the strong history and credit you need while earning bonuses, reviews and points along the way. CEO and co-founder Joe Bayen brings an expertise in user acquisition, mobile apps and partnerships to Lenny Credit, which makes it faster and easier to borrow money and establish a credit history for individuals.

    Why Lenny Credit is Best in Fintech: With Lenny Credit, you can build credit and get access to funds along with partner offers and bonuses. Santa Monica, CA

    Read: Does Paying Off Collections Boost your Credit Score?
    Follow @LennyCredit

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All Credit Builder Accounts made by Lead Bank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender, Sunrise Banks, N.A. Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender or Atlantic Capital Bank, N.A. Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. Subject to ID Verification. Individual borrowers must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident and at least 18 years old. Valid bank account and Social Security Number are required. All loans are subject to ID verification and consumer report review and approval. Results are not guaranteed. Improvement in your credit score is dependent on your specific situation and financial behavior. Failure to make monthly minimum payments by the payment due date each month may result in delinquent payment reporting to credit bureaus which may negatively impact your credit score. This product will not remove negative credit history from your credit report. All loans subject to approval. All Certificates of Deposit (CD) are deposited in Lead Banks, Member FDIC, Sunrise Banks, N.A., Member FDIC or Atlantic Capital Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. The Self Visa® Credit Card is issued by Lead Bank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender.

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Apply for a Credit Builder Account at Self

  • Get the savings plan that helps build credit today! No checking account or security deposit required.
  • Choose the amount you want to save and make monthly payments towards your savings goal
  • Monthly payments are reported to the three major credit bureaus.
  • For Example: A $545.00 Credit builder account, paid 12 times over one year would have a monthly payment of $48.00, and an Annual Percentage Rate of 10.69%
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