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Decluttr Review

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Decluttr offers a convenient way to sell your old tech devices, movies, books, and more. Is this service legit or a scam? Find out in this review.

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Pros and Cons

  • Convenient mobile app
  • Honest and fair pricing
  • Great customer service
  • Offer price may change
  • Slow shipping and processing

Bottom Line

Good place to sell your stuff for extra cash

Decluttr helps you sell your unwanted tech items (like smartphones and DVDs) for quick cash.

But is it worth it? Or is it a rip-off?

In this review, find out how Decluttr works and if it's right for you. Plus, see how it compares to other re-sale sites like Gazelle and Swappa.

What is Decluttr?

Decluttr is a re-sale app and desktop site where you can sell your unwanted tech, media, and games.

It was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia. Currently, Declutter is run by UK music industry veterans Steve Oliver and Walter Gleeson.

You can use Decluttr to buy and sell different consumer products like smartphones, video games, and even old books and CDs.

Decluttr Ratings:
Trustpilot: 4.3 out of 5 stars
Better Business Bureau: Accredited with an A- rating
App Store: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Google Play Store: 3.0 out of 5 stars

How Does Decluttr Work?

Selling items on Decluttr is easy and intuitive. Follow these steps to get paid while minimizing clutter in your home.

  1. Download the app. The first step is to download the Decluttr app, which can be found on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

  2. Collect what you want to sell. Gather all the items you want to sell and remove any stickers blocking the barcodes to make the process as fast and simple as possible.

  3. Scan all your barcodes. After you download the app, you'll scan the item barcodes with your phone's camera. You can scan multiple items, view the offer price, and add them to your card.

    You can also manually enter barcode numbers.

  4. Ship your items. First, you must have at least $5 worth of items and have at least 10 media items or 1 tech item in your basket.

    If you meet these criteria, Decluttr will mail you a shipping label that you can place on your box.

  5. Get paid. After your items are received and processed by Decluttr (7-10 days), you can get paid via PayPal or via direct deposit into your bank account.

Is Decluttr legit? Yes, customer reviews and business watchdogs like the Better Business Bureau agree that Decluttr offers a good experience for both buyers and sellers.

Pros and Cons of Decluttr

Decluttr offers a decent selling experience that is well-reviewed by its users. Let's take a quick look at both the positives and negatives of using Decluttr to sell your old stuff.


  • Convenient and intuitive mobile app
  • Honest and fair pricing
  • Great customer service
  • Safer than Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace
  • You can free up space in your home!


  • Only available in the United States
  • Offer price may change after your item is received
  • Shipping and processing can be slow

What Can I Sell on Decluttr?

Decluttr lets you sell a large array of media and tech products on their website, ranging from the latest gadgets to retro games. Let's take a look at each category in the Decluttr catalog.

If you recently upgraded your phone and have an extra one that you don't need anymore, you can sell it on Decluttr.

Decluttr accepts most major smartphone models from the last five or six years. These currently include:

  • The iPhone 6 to iPhone 12 Max Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 to Galaxy S21 (and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Note 20 models)
  • Other popular models including Google Pixel and Blackberry

Models like the Samsung Galaxy S10, iPhone X, and Google Pixel 4 XL in good condition can fetch you $200 or more.

Video Games
Decluttr accepts video games and game consoles. These include:

  • PlayStation 3, 4, 5, and PSP
  • Xbox 360, One, and X
  • Nintendo DS, 3DS, and Switch

Currently, Decluttr will pay you $160 for a Playstation 4 Pro (1TB), $30 for an Xbox 360 Slim (500GB), and $44 for a Nintendo New 3DS.

Items like books, textbooks, CDs, Blu-rays, and DVDs can take up valuable space at home.

Decluttr is great for selling these items, but don't expect a big payday. For media products like DVDs and books, be prepared to accept yard sale prices (like $0.25) for each item.

On the bright side, there's no haggling.

Other Tech
You can also use Decluttr to sell miscellaneous technology items such as eReaders and tablets (like the Kindle Fire), wearables (such as Apple Watch), and MacBooks.

For example, Decluttr is currently offering $10.50 for a Kindle Fire (32BG), $105 for an Apple Watch Series 4, and $350 for a 2016 Macbook (12inch, 8GB).

Who Should (or Shouldn't) Use Decluttr?

If you have good-condition tech and media from the last 5 years, Decluttr is for you. The payout and convenience will be worth your while.

On the other hand, if you have an old brick cell phone from the early 2000s or items in bad condition, you're probably better off just throwing it away.

Tip: Retro tech and media like vinyl records and gaming consoles like Atari, NES, or Sega Genesis do have robust secondary markets — but you won't find it at Decluttr. You'd be better off selling these items on auction sites like eBay.

After you mail your items to Decluttr (which can take 7-10 days), you will receive your payment 1 day after your package has been received and processed.

This gives Decluttr time to inspect your items and ensure they're in working order before submitting your payment.

Decluttr offers the following payment options:[1]

  • PayPal
  • Direct deposit into your bank account

Alternatively, you can choose to donate your earnings to your favorite charity directly in the app.

Keep in mind, Decluttr may lower your payout (due to poor condition of the item, for example). But you have the option to decline the price drop and have the items shipped back to you at your expense.

Does Decluttr charge any fees? Decluttr does not charge sellers any fees to sell their items. They also pay for shipping by sending you a free shipping label.

Declutter Alternatives: How it Compares

If you're looking to sell your stuff online, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here's how Decluttr compares to popular alternatives like Swappa and Gazelle.

Decluttr vs Swappa
Swappa is another popular re-sale site for electronics and media. The main difference from Decluttr is that Swappa is a P2P sale site. Instead of Decluttr buying your items and selling them for you, Swappa lets you sell directly to a buyer.

Swappa accepts slightly more types of items than Decluttr, though the prices they sell for are roughly the same. However, Swappa does charge sellers a fee (that's included in the price of the item), while Decluttr charges no fees.

If you want a more hands-off selling experience, Decluttr is probably the better choice.

Decluttr vs Gazelle
Just like Decluttr, Gazelle will buy your items and sell them on your behalf. Where Gazelle stands out is the convenience factor.

They send you a box to ship your stuff (Decluttr only provides the shipping label.) They can also wipe your device of all personal info if you send it as-is.

Gazelle even has kiosks in major cities if you want to skip the shipping hassle. While they make the process easier, Gazelle is known to pay lower prices than Decluttr overall.

If you are okay sacrificing a higher payout for convenience, Gazelle could be a good option.

Got more unwanted stuff to sell? Check out our guide to the best selling apps overall, or take a look at the best sites for selling your clothes.

The Bottom Line: Is Decluttr Worth It?

There are a lot of re-sale sites to choose from, but Decluttr is a pretty good choice for selling your newer tech items. They pay reasonable prices, make the process easy, and provide quality customer service.

If you're looking to free up some space at home and put a little extra cash in your pocket, you should consider using Decluttr.

However, if your items are very old or in poor condition, consider tossing them or giving them away to save your time and effort. Likewise, older collectibles in good condition would be better suited for auction sites like eBay.


  1. ^ "How do I get paid?": Decluttr, 2019.

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