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April 19, 2018

Ally Invest Promotions

Save with top Ally Invest promotions for cash bonus, free trades, and transfer fee reimbursement.

Top Ally Invest Special Offers

Ally Invest (formerly TradeKing) is one of the most trusted online brokers. Its offers low fees per trade, superior customer service, and a full range financial services. Read our in-depth review to see why Ally Invest scored 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Ally Invest is currently offering two brokerage promotions:

Cash Bonus and Free Trades Promotion

Ally Invest now offers a big sign up bonus for new qualifying customers: up to $200 cash bonus OR $500 of free trades.

This deal is for new customers with $10,000 minimum investment for the free trade promotion and $25,000 minimum investment for the cash bonus promotion. You must open the account by April 30, 2018 and fund it within 15 days of account opening.

  • $200 Cash Bonus: You must maintain the account minimum of $25,000 and execute at least 3 trades within 90 days of account opening. You will receive the cash credit within 10 business days of meeting the requirements.

  • $500 of Commission-Free Trades: If you choose this option, you will receive $500 in credit for equity, ETF, and option trades made within 90 days of account opening. You also must maintain the account minimum of $10,000 for 90 days.

Here is how to get this offer on Ally Invest: You'll need to open a new account and follow the promo terms including making the minimum deposits within 15 days of account opening.

    Ally Invest

    Get $200 Cash Bonus

    New Ally Invest customers only with $25,000 minimum opening deposit. Account must be funded for at least 90 days to be eligible for cash bonus. Excludes retirement accounts.

    Expires 4/30/2018

    Ally Invest

    Get 90 Days Free Trades

    New Ally Invest customers only. Get up to $500 in commission-free trades for 90 days with $10,000 minimum opening deposit. Includes all trades and options contracts.

    Expires 4/30/2018

Ally Invest Transfer Fee Reimbursement

Ally Invest will reimburse the account transfer fees up to $150 charged by another broker when you transfer your account (with a value of $2,500 or more) to Ally Invest.

Here's how it works:

  1. Open a new Ally Invest account.

  2. Complete the transfer form.

  3. Make sure you have a copy of the entire most recent statement from your current broker.

  4. Log into your account and go to the Investments section. Select “Document Upload” to upload the form.

  5. Or mail in the form to Ally Invest Securities, PO Box 49050, Charlotte, NC 28277

Reimbursements will be made to your account via credit within 30 days of receipt of proof of transfer fees.

    Ally Invest

    Switch to Ally Invest and get up to $150 in transfer fees reimbursed

    Move your account to Ally Invest and they will credit your transfer fees up to $150 when you complete a first-time account transfer of $2,500 or more. This transfer reimbursement offer does not apply to Termination Fees or Maintenance Fees

Note: Ally Invest reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time without prior notice or extend the offer at its sole discretion.

How to Get the Best Deal at Ally Invest

Ally Invest offers some of the lowest fees among online brokerages. It has a wide product variety, a great trading platform, and great research tools. Before you go with Ally, though, find out how Ally Invest works to find out if it's the best discount broker for you.

Check for promo codes on CreditDonkey. Ally Invest typically offers some sort of promotion for investors opening up new accounts. However, you usually need a large opening balance to qualify for the deal.

    Ally Invest

    Get $200 Cash Bonus

    New Ally Invest customers only with $25,000 minimum opening deposit. Account must be funded for at least 90 days to be eligible for cash bonus. Excludes retirement accounts.

    Expires 4/30/2018

When to Use Ally Invest

  • Anytime you’re ready to invest. Ally Invest has no minimum account requirement. However, if you want an Ally Invest Managed Portfolio, the minimum balance required is $2,500.

  • When opening an IRA. There’s no minimum account balance for an IRA with Ally Invest, so it’s a great place to supplement your other retirement savings.

  • If you want to trade Forex or Futures. Not all brokerages has Forex or Futures trading. Ally Invest offers a very wide breadth of services, so you can invest in almost anything.

  • When you’re unhappy with your current broker. If you have at least $2,500 managed by another broker, Ally Invest will pay up to $150 in other broker transfer fees when you make the switch.

What to Do After You Open an Account

  • Take advantage of customer service. Ally Invest ranks high for its customer service, whether it’s on the phone or online. They offer 24/7 help, so you can access someone anytime you have a question.

  • Download the mobile app. You can make trades, get live streaming quotes, chart positions, current news, and set custom stock alerts from the convenience of your phone.

  • Use the research tools. Ally Invest has some great research tools, including: streaming charts, company snapshots, profit/loss calculator, and probability calculator.

You may also want to take a look at current Ally Bank Promotions for savings and CDs.

Best Things to Trade at Ally Invest

  • Stocks. Trading stocks online is easy with a simple flat fee of $4.95 per trade. This is extremely inexpensive. It’s also the lowest among online discount brokers.

  • Options. Trading options costs just $4.95 + $0.65/contract.

  • Bonds. Investing in bonds cost just $1 per bond, with a $10 minimum.

    Ally Invest

    Trade stocks for $3.95

    Special Pricing: $3.95 per online stock and ETF trade. Must maintain $100,000 average daily balance or execute 30 or more trades per quarter.

    Ally Invest

    Ally Brokerage Promotion

    Ally acquired TradeKing and rebranded it Ally Invest. This brokerage offers a single online trading platform to manage your investments.

    More Information

  • Pricing information from published website as of 09/18/2017
  • For the complete terms and conditions, view the merchant's website. While reasonable effort has been made to maintain accurate and updated information, the information shown on this site may vary, be out of date, or not applicable to you. All information is provided without warranty. Please review the terms and conditions on the merchant's website.
 Ally InvestE*TRADE
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Ally Invest



Benefits and Features

Stock Trading$4.95 per trade ($3.95 per equity trade special pricing for high-volume/high-balance traders)$6.95 per trade
$4.95 per trade if you make 30+ trades a quarter
Options Trading$4.95 base + $0.65 per contract (50 cents per options contract special pricing for high-volume/high-balance traders)$6.95 + $0.75 per contract
$4.95 + $0.50 per contract if you make 30+ trades a quarter
Minimum Deposit
$500 for brokerage accounts
No account minimum for retirement accounts
Mutual Fund Trading$0 to buy/sell load mutual funds
$9.95 to buy/sell no load mutual funds
$0 for no-load, no-transaction-fee funds
$19.99 for transaction-fee funds
Commission Free ETFs 200+ including ETFs from WisdomTree, Global X Funds, and db-X Deutsche Bank
Penny Stocks$0.01 per share on the entire order for stocks priced less than $2.00. Maximum commission per order not to exceed 5% of the trade value, with minimum commission of $4.95.
Broker Assisted Trades
$20 + Regular Commission
$25 + Regular Commission
Customer Service
(855) 880-2559 (Open 24/7)
(650) 599-0125
Inactivity Fee 
Maintenance Fee 
BankingIntegrated with banking on Manage your Ally banking and investment accounts in one place.Checking account offers no minimum balance requirements, free online bill pay, and unlimited debit card and check transactions.
Mobile App
Desktop App E*TRADE Pro (requires you execute at least 30 trades during a calendar quarter or maintain brokerage account balance of at least $250,000)
Forex Trading
Futures Trading
Online CommunityTrader Network to connect with other investorsETrade Community lets you exchange trading and investing ideas with other ETrade customers.
Seminars Live events and educational seminars at local branches.
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Ally Invest: Pricing information from published website as of 09/18/2017

E*TRADE: Pricing information from published website as of 03/13/2017

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