December 5, 2022

Cheapest Website Builder

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The best low-cost website builders are WordPress, followed by Weebly and Square. Which is right for you? Read on to learn about pricing and features.

Designing websites used to require coding knowledge and expertise. But that's all changed.

Now, you can create websites using templates and drag-and-drop functionality. And a lot of these website builders are pretty cheap.

The biggest decision to consider is: What's the right website builder for you?

Your answer will depend on your priority. That's why you'll find the best low-cost website builders for e-commerce, blogging, and business below.

Read on to learn about pricing, features, and best-value plans.

Best Cheap Website Builders

You can use website builders to set up an online store, a professional portfolio, a content-based blog, or a business website. And many are free or low-cost.

But their features vary depending on the plan you choose. Here's a summary of what you can get from each builder:

For eCommerce:

WeeblySquare OnlineBig Cartel
Price per month$0 to $26$0 to $79$0 to $19.99
Free plan available
StorageUnlimitedUnlimited10 GB
Connect a custom domain
Free domain for a year

For Blogs:

Price per month$0 to $45$0 to $39$16 to $45 (on website plans)
Free plan available
StorageUp to 200 GBUnlistedUp to 100 GB
BandwidthUnlistedUp to 400 GBUnlimited
Connect a custom domain
Free domain for a year

For a Business or Personal Site:

Price per month$16 to $49$4.99 to $19.99$9 to $49 (per year)
Free plan availableFree trial onlyFree trial onlyFree trial only
StorageUnlimitedUp to 750 GBUnlisted
Connect a custom domain
Free domain for a year

Some website builders also offer all-in-one services like hosting packages, but you can find other hosting service. However, if you're starting, this might be a good way to begin.

Should you connect a custom domain to your new website? A domain is your website's address, so having a unique domain can set you apart. You can easily buy and register a new domain, and most website builders allow you to connect them to your site (be sure to check for this functionality). Other website builders let you register a domain through their service.

Is this your first time building a website?

Cheapest Website Builders for eCommerce

These website builders have features specific to help you build an online store. Read on to find the 3 cheapest high-quality options.

1. Weebly



  • Easy to use
  • Simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Free online store is possible
  • Industry-focused templates
  • Photo gallery from Unsplash
  • Can upload favicons


  • Hosting is relatively slow
  • Limited templates
  • Limited flexibility compared to other website builders

Weebly is not only one of the cheapest but also one of the most intuitive website builders out there. It's likely suitable for small businesses, although you can use it for larger ones too.

You can set up a store even with their free plan. This is a unique feature among website builders since others make you pay for this feature.

Their interface is simple, and the themes are minimalistic. They also have a mobile app so you can manage your website on the go.

Weebly is a web hosting service acquired by Square Online last 2018. It's the reason why you'll be redirected to Square's website to log in. Both platforms have their own website builders, and you'll learn about Square below.

Why we like it:
There are free eCommerce features in Weebly that you may have to pay for with other builders. For example, you can list unlimited items in your store, use an automatic tax calculator, or add coupons and gift cards.

Paid features are also fairly affordable, with the most expensive plan at $29 per month. At that price, you'll basically have everything you need to build and promote your online store.


Price per month (billed annually)Price per month (billed monthly)
Free Plan$0$0
Personal Plan$10$13
Professional Plan$12$16
Performance Plan$26$29

Best Value? Weebly's Professional Plan

It's best to try the free plan before committing to a paid one. But the Professional Plan offers essential features for your online store without ads. It also lets you list unlimited products so you can grow your store without limits.

Weebly offers many features that you can use to set up your online store quickly. For example, you can offer coupons and gift cards and make in-store pick-up available.

When creating your website, you can also integrate third-party apps to improve your website's functionality. That way, you can link videos of your business advertisement or share your social media posts with your audience.

SEO and social media integrations are also available to ensure your site reaches your customers.

Here's an overview of the other features you get with their different plans.

Weebly's FeaturesFree PlanPersonal PlanProfessional PlanPerformance Plan
Website Features
Connect a custom domain
Free domain
Removed Square Ads
Security Features
SSL certificate
Online Store Features
Abandoned cart emails
Digital goods
Item reviews
Payment gatewaysUnlistedUnlistedUnlistedPayPal
Inventory management
Automatic tax calculator
Shipping calculator
Shipping labels
Marketing Features
Pop-up notifications
Advanced insights
Phone support
Priority support

All plans come with Live Chat and email support. But they also have forums you can check out.

Weebly's customer support number is (844) 493-3259, or you can email their support team at

2. Square Online



  • Free online store possible
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • SEO features on all plans
  • Scalable and suitable for large businesses
  • Integrates with Square payment solutions


  • Transaction fees
  • Limited templates
  • Limited flexibility on website builder

Square Online is another website builder by Square, a mobile payment company offering various tools for businesses. Given that Square offers a point-of-sale system, your website can also sync with their POS, even with the free plan.

This seamless integration allows you to manage online and in-store sales efficiently. You can sync items, create a loyalty program (e.g., sales history and loyalty points), and manage your staff with team-based permissions.

Your site will also be mobile-friendly, so your customers can make purchases wherever they are.

Why we like it:
Square Online lets you set up an online store for free with unlimited products. It integrates with multiple payment gateways, such as Square Pay, Apple Pay, 2Checkout, and others.

You can also use the site for donations, which is great if you're a nonprofit organization. The feature is available for all plans.

With Square, it's convenient if you have multiple businesses because you can build multiple sites at no cost.


Price per month (billed annually)
Free Plan$0
Plus Plan$29
Premium Plan$79

Best Value? Square Online's Plus Plan

The Plus Plan has almost all of the features in the Premium Plan. The only difference is that you don't get real-time shipping and the transaction fee is 2.9% + 30¢ instead of 2.6% + 30¢.

One of the highlights of using Square Online is that it integrates with your Square tools in-store. For all plans, you have features offering on-demand and in-house delivery, in-store and curbside pick-up, and shipping labels and discounts.

You can also promote your products on social media by connecting your accounts to the site. This way, you can easily engage with your audience from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Other features available are the following:

Square Online's FeaturesFree PlanPlus PlanPremium Plan
Website Features
Storage<500 MBUnlimitedUnlimited
Connect a custom domain
Free domain
Embed code
Custom fonts
Age confirmation
Removed Square Ads
Security Features
SSL certificate
Online Store Features
Processing fee2.9% + 30¢2.9% + 30¢2.6% + 30¢
Operations management
Payment gatewaysAfterpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square Pay, Cash App PayAfterpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square Pay, Cash App Pay, PayPalAfterpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square Pay, Cash App Pay, PayPal
Automatic tax calculator
Abandoned cart recovery
Product itemsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Item reviews
Gifting options
Marketing Features
Advanced analytics

3. Big Cartel


  • Free online store
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Stripe Integration
  • All templates are free
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly


  • No free domain available
  • Limited themes
  • Limited features
  • No features for blogging

Big Cartel is a website builder made by artists for artists. If you're just starting a creative business, it's a good option.

It has all the basic features you'll need for an online store. You can start with 5 products or list up to 500 at most. However, compared to other website builders, there's not a lot of flexibility or features when editing your website.

Nonetheless, it makes it simple and easy to use. It also has a mobile app so you can manage your website on the go.

Why we like it:
It's a great tool for starting a small business. You can set up a store for free or even go for their most expensive plan, which costs a reasonable $19.99 per month.

You won't be bombarded with complex features, which means you can set up a simple yet profitable website without technical knowledge.

Big Cartel is often used by businesses selling prints or making crafts and jewelry. Instead of using other platforms such as Etsy, creating your own website with Big Cartel means you don't have to worry about paying a commission.


Price per month
Gold Features$0
Platinum Features$9.99
Diamond Features$19.99

Best Value? Big Cartel's Platinum Features

The Platinum Plan has all the features you need to set up your business, and you have a 50 product limit, which is more than enough for most small businesses. If you want to add more products, the Diamond Features lets you sell up to 500 products, which you can easily upgrade to.

Big Cartel integrates with the popular payment processing platform, Stripe, allowing you to easily take payments and sell to a wider audience. You can also use Stripe to take payments in person. You'll just have to order your card reader from Stripe.

You can also offer discounts and promotions regardless of the plan. Product option groups are also available, making it suitable for clothing businesses. You can add variations in colors and sizes, for example.

Big Cartel also calculates and collects sales tax automatically on all U.S. orders. After your customers make a purchase, you can notify them about shipping information through shipment tracking features.

Other features from each plan are:

Big Cartel's FeaturesGoldPlatinumDiamond
Website Features
Connect a custom domain
Theme code editing
Bulk editing
Online Store Features
Product items550500
Inventory tracking
Image per product155
Marketing Features
Real-time stats
Google analytics

Cheapest Website Builders for Blogging

In addition to setting up online stores, website builders can help you manage your content. You can use them for blogs, podcasts, or videos.

If you want a content-focused website, you can choose from WordPress, Webflow, or Wix.

1. WordPress



  • Jetpack on all plans
  • Dozens of free themes for all plans
  • Earn ad revenue through WordAds
  • Newsletters on all paid plans
  • Subscriber-only feature on paid plans


  • One plan applies to one site only
  • Limited free features
  • Paid premium themes

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders out there. They even claim that 43% of the websites are made with WordPress. That's almost half of all websites created!

And it's popular for a reason. is a hosted WordPress website, but the content management system is free to use.

In this article, we'll be focusing on Because it's the managed version of WordPress, you don't need much technical knowledge. Software updates are also taken care of.

Should you use vs. is a content management system free for anyone to use. If you want more options and customization, it's the right choice. provides hosting for your WordPress websites with free and paid plans. If you want a website builder with included hosting, this is a great place to start.

Why we like it:
WordPress is one of the most flexible website builders. With over thousands of themes and plugins, you're sure to create a website suitable for your branding.

You can design through drag-and-drop editors, but you can also use custom codes for your site. If you have an idea of what you want to do, there's likely a plugin for that.

If you start with a free plan, you can upgrade without difficulty for additional customization options and features. Migrating from different hosts is also easier through export and import tools.


Price per month (billed annually)Price per month (billed monthly)
Free Plan$0$0
Personal Plan$4$9
Premium Plan$8$18
Business Plan$25$40
eCommerce Plan$45$70

Best Value? Wordpress's Business Plan

If you're a content-based business, you'll get the most value from a Business Plan. You can add third-party services at no additional cost, which includes plugins, themes, or codes.

You can also start earning through ad networks such as Google AdSense. Unlike the Premium Plan, videos don't count against your storage allotment.

Features: has a lot of features, especially on paid plans. It offers a lot more compared to its competitors. This gives you more flexibility on how to structure and design your website based on how you want it to look and function.

Here's a summary of what you can get in each plan. Remember that you only get free domain and live chat support in the annual or two-year plans.

Wordpress FeaturesFree PlanPersonal PlanPremium PlanBusiness PlaneCommerce Plan
Website Features
Storage1 GB6 GB13 GB200 GB200 GB
Connect to a custom domain
Free domain for a year
Premium themes available
Upload videos
Install plugins
Earn ad revenue
Removed WordPress ads
Security Features
SSL certificate
Automated site back-ups and one-click restoration
Online Store Features
Online store design options
Credit and debit card payments
Other payment gateways (Stripe, Square, PayPal, etc.)
Shipping carriers integration
Marketing Features
Google analytics integration
Unlimited email support
Live chat support
Priority support

Pro tip: You can also accept donations on your website through the Donations Form block. It's one of the available payment features, including the Payment Button and Premium Content blocks.

The Payment Button block uses Stripe so that you can collect credit card payments for your store. The Premium Content block, on the other hand, lets you accept regular payments for subscriptions or exclusive content.[5]

2. Webflow

credit: webflow


  • Unique and creative templates
  • Interactions and animations
  • Large CMS database available
  • Hire an expert to help build the website
  • 400+ free lessons from Webflow University


  • Expensive templates
  • Complex website builder interface
  • Expensive eCommerce plans

Webflow is a website builder that's free to use. You can design your website and export static code (JavaScript, HTML, or CSS) to host on another platform. Or, you can just host on Webflow too.

If you know how to use Adobe Photoshop, Webflow's interface looks quite similar. It can initially seem overwhelming, but the number of features increases its flexibility.

Designing and organizing your web pages will almost feel like you're designing a magazine. The editor uses a drag-and-drop feature to help you easily preview and adjust layouts. If you prefer, you can also add your own code to your pages.

Why we like it:
Even though the interface is a little different, it has a step-by-step tutorial to help you design your website. You'll love the amount of editing you can do if you're a designer.

Whether you're building a portfolio, a personal blog, or marketing your business, you can make it look its best and unique from other websites.

You can also set up an eCommerce store as needed. But the CMS plan is their most popular plan that's best for blogs and content-driven websites.

It lets you create CMS Collections, making it easier to manage blog posts and pages seamlessly through its interface.


Price per month (billed annually)Price per month (billed monthly)
Starter (Free Plan)$0$0
EnterpriseContact WebflowContact Webflow

Best Value? Webflow's CMS Plan

The CMS plan will give you plenty of room for content at an affordable price. You can publish up to 2,000 CMS items and have up to 3 guest editors for your site. You can also organize your content for up to 20 collections, which is a lot if you're building a portfolio or a blog. The maximum monthly visit to your site is up to 250,000, which is helpful if your site runs on ads (e.g., Google AdSense).

Webflow has separate pricing plans if you plan to build an online store. They're not the cheapest, but we'll list them below if you decide to upgrade.


Price per month (billed annually)Price per month (billed monthly)

Features for eCommerce differ from general features. We'll focus on the general ones as they are most suitable for content websites.

Webflow's strength lies in its interactions and CMS. You can place pre-built interactions, trigger-based interactions, and After Effects Lottie integration on your site. Depending on your plan, you can have 10,000 or more CMS items.

If you want to set custom features, you can do so with the Enterprise Plan. But you'll have plenty of room for content with the other paid plans.

Webflow's FeaturesStarterBasicCMSBusinessEnterprise
Website Features
Publish to
Connect to a custom domain
Removed Webflow branding
Static pages2100100100100
Guest editors00310Custom
Site search
Custom code
Dynamic embeds
CMS Items5002,00010,00010,000+
CMS Collections200204040
API accessRate limited0120 RPM120 RPMCustom
Per item and multi-item publishing
Scheduled publishing
Monthly visits1,000250,000250,000300,000Custom
Security Features
SSL certificate
Site password-protection
Page password-protection
Two-factor authentication
Marketing Features
Form submissions50 (lifetime)500 per month1,000 per month2,500 per monthCustom
Form file upload

3. Wix


  • Industry-specific templates
  • Artificial design intelligence website builder
  • Open dev platform available
  • Booking and events system
  • Subscriber-only feature
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly


  • Fewer features
  • Limited storage compared to competitors
  • Slow compared to competitors

Wix is another popular website builder that's good for both content-driven websites and online stores. Like Webflow, their templates are more unique and aesthetically pleasing compared to competitors.

The editor comes with preset layouts you can easily update, such as an About page, Contact, Promotion, Services, etc. This way, you won't need a lot of brainpower when deciding what a page will look like.

It also offers a lot of flexibility. You can change the colors of the themes to match your branding and add page transitions for dynamics.

Why we like it:
Wix has an intuitive website builder. Even without tutorials, you'll be sure to figure out how to make your way around it. It's a flexible drag-and-drop builder that doesn't follow a fixed grid, so you can move elements around easily.

Templates also make it a lot easier to edit sections. Some are focused on blogs and portfolios, which is great for your content-driven business. You can select presets from their content manager, such as projects, courses, recipes, etc.

If you need more tools, you can easily add integrations through the Wix App Market built within the editor.


Price per month (billed annually)

Best Value? Wix's VIP Plan

The VIP plan offers the most features at an affordable price. You can run your content-based website with unlimited bandwidth and 35 GB of storage. You can also add videos for up to 5 hours. Maybe you have mini-courses you want to share. If you're a budding business owner, you can also design your logo with Wix.

Wix has separate pricing plans for eCommerce stores. Unlike the cheapest ones in the eCommerce section, Wix has storage limits for online stores. If you're interested, the pricing is as follows:

Price per month (billed annually)
Business Basic$27
Business Unlimited$32
Business VIP$59

Features for website and eCommerce plans differ, but let's focus on the website features. Before you start, you can explore over 800 templates to see which suits your business. You can also download the mobile app to manage your website on the go.

Wix offers other services such as email marketing, the creation of social posts and Facebook ads, or client management. These are all available through Ascend plans that can be integrated with your site.

Unlike other website builders, the features are available in one plan. However, these are the only ones available through Wix's website builder:

Wix's FeaturesComboUnlimitedProVIP
Website Features
Storage2 GB5 GB50 GB100 GB
Bandwidth2 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Connect a custom domain
Free domain for a year
Video hours30 minutes1 hour2 hours5 hours
Site booster app (Free for 1 year)
Visitor analytics app (Free for 1 year)
Design a professional logo
Removed Wix ads
Security Features
SSL certificate
Customer care24/724/724/7Priority customer care

You can use its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to build a website. The AI will do the work for you after you answer some questions. If you want to play around with the builder, you can do so after choosing a template.

Cheapest Website Builders for a Business or Personal Site

If your goal is mainly to have a platform for your business or a personal website, then there are website builders for that. You can choose to showcase completed projects or portfolios, for example.

The cheapest include Squarespace,, and Carrd.

1. Squarespace


  • Combined website and eCommerce pricing plan
  • Easy-to-use website builder
  • Industry-specific templates
  • Enterprise solutions available
  • Student discount available
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly


  • Similar-looking templates
  • Only new domain names can be registered
  • No menu hierarchy (deep menus)

If you prefer a minimalist website or one with a timeless design, Squarespace would be a good choice. It's got industry-specific templates so that you can choose one most suitable for photography, health and wellness, food, etc.

Compared to other website builders, however, you don't get a free plan. You can instead opt for a free trial to get an idea of their interface and features. After 14 days, you'll need to upgrade to a plan to continue.

If you prefer, you can also hire a Squarespace expert to do the work for you.

Why we like it:
Everything about the website builder is intuitive. It uses a drag-and-drop feature, but the grid layout isn't limited, so that you can place elements anywhere on the page.

You can easily add section templates for typical pages such as About, Products, Portfolios, etc. Because of this, you can finish your website in just a couple of hours.

The editor is also easy to navigate, so you can customize icons, manage your online store, review analytics, and view your audience profiles from a single sidebar.


Price per month (billed annually)Price per month (billed monthly)
Basic Commerce$27$36
Advanced Commerce$49$65

Best Value? Squarespace's Business Plan

For a content-driven website, the Business Plan can help you get started. You'll have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited contributors, and most of the features in the commerce plans. However, if you want to offer subscriptions to your audience, you'll need to opt for Advanced Commerce. Other than that, the Business Plan will give plenty of room for content.

The Personal Plan lacks most of the features that Squarespace is known for. It's best suited for portfolios or online resumes where you don't need a lot of contributors, integrations, marketing, and online store features.

However, with the rest of the plans, you'll get unlimited contributors, access to Squarespace integrations, a professional email, custom coding, and all the marketing features.

The business plan will be lacking in eCommerce integrations, making Commerce plans best for it. Here are the rest of the features in detail:

Squarespace's FeaturesPersonalBusinessBasic CommerceAdvanced Commerce
Website Features
Free domain for a year
Video storage30 minutes30 minutes30 minutes30 minutes
Professional email from Google
CSS and JavaScript customization
Online Store Features
Transaction fees3%0%0%
Product itemsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Customer accounts and product reviews
Abandoned cart recovery
Sell subscriptions
Advanced shipping and discounts
Security Features
SSL certificate
Marketing Features
Basic website metrics
Advanced website analytics
Google ads credits
Pop-ups and banners
Video studio appLimited accessFull accessFull accessFull access
Customer Support24/724/724/724/7



  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Add-ons available
  • 1-click installer for WordPress
  • Can set up a hierarchy of pages from the menu


  • Separate plans for online store features
  • Separate plans for professional email
  • No site migration service is a web hosting service that also provides a website builder together with their hosting plans. The website builder is easy to use and comes with standard and premium templates.

Before you get started, you'll be prompted to choose the industry of your business. They suggest templates specific to it. But you can still select from other templates if you prefer.

The templates' designs are simple, meaning your web pages may not be unique. But you can always make it yours by editing each section's theme's colors and layouts.

Why we like it:
You can build multiple websites depending on the plan, which is ideal if you manage multiple businesses. Because the editor uses a drag-and-drop feature and a flexible grid, you can position elements (images, text boxes, buttons, etc.) almost anywhere on a page.

You'll also access a gallery of Shutterstock images which could be useful as cover photos or placeholders. With these features, you'll get to set up your website in a few.

The website builder is free for the first year you purchase a hosting plan. The pricing for web hosting are:[9]

Price per month for the first year (billed annually)Renews at (billed annually)

After the first year, you'll have to pay for the website builder. The plans to choose from are:[10]

Price per month for the first year (billed annually)Renews at (billed annually)
Business + eCommerce$0$16

Best Value?'s Explorer & Business + eCommerce Plan

If you're a new small business owner, the Explorer hosting plan can provide the best value with 100 GB of storage and unlimited traffic. Or, if you need an online store, you can opt for the Business + eCommerce website builder plan. You'll only need to upgrade if you need more storage and websites, but the other features are the same.

In all of's hosting plans, you'll get unlimited data traffic and database sizes. Each will have a varying number of domains supported, but you can also have unlimited subdomains.

Unlike other website builders, however, SEO is an add-on for most plans. An online shop is an additional charge as well. But there are plenty of additional features which make these plans worth it.

Take a look at them below:'s Hosting Plan FeaturesBeginnerExplorerEnthusiastExpertGuru
Website Features
Storage50 GB100 GB200 GB500 GB750 GB
Domains supported115710
Security features
Daily backup+Restore+Restore+Restore
SiteLock findAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Domain lock
Online Store Features
Online shopAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Marketing Features
Number of mailboxesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Mailbox size3 GB3 GB3 GB3 GBUnlimited
24/7 server monitoring

Want extra security on your website?

SiteLock and domain lock are security features to protect your website. SiteLock scans your site for malware and vulnerabilities and fixes problems accordingly. On the other hand, domain lock prevents any unauthorized transfer of your domain to another registrar.

Website Builder FeaturesStarterPremiumBusiness + eCommerce
Website Features
Free domain for 1 year
Desktop and mobile page editor
Faster load times
Free images
HD image support
Online shop
Security Features
SSL certificate
Backup and Restoration
Marketing Features
Web stats
Google Analytics and FB Pixel
Google Ads credit
24/7 Support

You won't get a free plan with, but a free trial is available for 14 days.

3. Carrd


  • Simple website builder
  • Multiple sites in a single plan
  • Most affordable compared to competitors
  • Automatic or manual mobile responsiveness


  • Limited features and templates
  • No free image gallery
  • No hierarchy of pages for the menu

Carrd is possibly the simplest website builder compared to its competitors. It's great for building single-page websites, landing pages, portfolios, forms, or online resumes.

You can choose from their pre-made templates or start with a blank canvas. It also comes with a mini-tutorial when you start editing.

It's great for freelancers or small businesses that don't need a lot of complicated features on a website. If your goal is to gain more clients, Carrd provides forms and contact pages you can easily set up.

Why we like it:
A free plan with Carrd will give you three sites. Its Pro plans are billed annually for less than $50. It's one of the most affordable ones out there. If you want to try the Pro features before committing, you can also opt for the free 7-day trial.


Price per year
Pro Lite$9
Pro Standard$19
Pro Plus$49

Best Value? Carrd's Pro Standard

You can get most of the Pro Plus features with the Pro Standard, except you can only create up to 10 websites. But for most small businesses, this is more than enough. In this plan, you also have all the features necessary to create functional and aesthetically pleasing pages.

All Pro features will let you use site icons, pro and custom templates, upload videos and quality images, and set up slideshows.

This way, you can showcase your completed projects or advertise your business simply and effectively.

If you work with other people, you can also share your site and grant full editor access to them.

Carrd's FeaturesPro LitePro StandardPro Plus
Website Features
Number of sites31025
Premium URLs
Connect a custom domain
Removed Carrd branding
Large images and videos
No element limit
Widgets and embeds
Meta Tags
Security Features
Download sites
Marketing Features
Share images
Google Analytics
Site transfers

How to Choose a Website Builder

Aside from payments, domain, and hosting, there are other things to consider in choosing a website builder. These can affect your entire website experience, so it's best to shop around and compare.

  • Ease of use. Website builders are supposedly easier to use with the drag-and-drop option. But some require extra plugins to do so. You can use the free versions to test whether the editing interface works for you.

  • Responsiveness. Some website builders naturally adapt to whichever device a reader or customer uses. But others don't, so you'll have to check what your pages look like on mobile devices consistently.

  • Free elements. In editing mode, the elements refer to the text boxes, images, maps, forms, and other features you can place on your web page. Some elements are free, while others are paid. Paid elements typically come from plugins.

  • Payment options. If you're going to set up an online store, this is one of the first things you should consider. Does the website builder integrate with PayPal, for example? Can it accept payments through debit or credit cards? These features don't always come free.

Our Methodology

In choosing the cheapest website builders, we considered the price, features, and what they're best used for.

Some website builders are best for online stores, while others are more suited for simple websites.

There are also options for personal use, such as portfolios or resumes. Usually, if you're focused on content, it's best to go for website builders that let you easily share your content - which is why we also listed them for you.

For ease of use, we considered those with drag-and-drop features - which is the majority of this list. All of them are mobile-friendly, so your audience can reach your platform wherever they are.

Basically, we made sure these choices give the most in terms of functionality and aesthetics to ensure you can create a professional website even at a low price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cheapest website designer? Some website designers come with free plans. But even the paid plans will cost you less than $10 per month. You can check out Weebly and WordPress, for example. Prices are typically cheaper if you choose to pay annually instead of monthly.

  • What is the least costly way to build a website? It's possible to save if the website builder comes with hosting and a free custom domain. These free domains typically last a year and let you get started with no investment. When you're researching website builders, try the free plan first. If you like it and want more features, then you can pay later.

  • Can I build a website myself for free? Yes, you can. Website builders with free plans let you do this. You can even set up an online store with some of them. But free plans typically come with subdomains and ads. If you want a professional-looking website with a custom domain, you'll need to spend some money.

  • What is the best free website builder? Weebly is one of the best website builders, and it comes with a free plan. You can use it to create your online store or share content. It comes with free eCommerce features typically paid for in other website builders. It's affordable even if you upgrade to paid plans.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of low-cost website builders available, and many of them come with free plans. Although some popular website builders are expensive, there are those you can use on a budget.

You could set up an online store, share content, or create a platform for yourself or your business. Typically, the more features you get, the more expensive it'll be.

Remember that many of them come with web hosting and a free domain for a year, which helps you save on costs.


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