May 13, 2019

Best Women Focused Companies: Top Experts

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Winners of CreditDonkey Best Women Focused Companies award have been announced.

Best Women Focused
Best Women Focused © CreditDonkey

Top Women-Focused Innovations You're Missing Out On

There are tons of resources for women, but which ones are worth your time? Here is a list of the best women-focused innovations.

At CreditDonkey, we aim to empower women through financial education. These innovators fit our objective of inspiring and helping women. Read on for our top picks.

Best Women Focused
Best Women Focused © CreditDonkey

  • Snap+Style

    Snap+Style is an app that can get you advice from a professional stylist, anywhere, anytime. Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer Anna Jensen oversees stylist recruitment, communications, social media, and more for the company, while co-founder and CTO Gary Myers has 20+ years of software development experience.

    Why Snap+Style is a Top Women Focused Innovator: You can get advice for putting together a great outfit from what's in your closet, or tell the app what your style is and get new, shoppable outfit suggestions. By giving feedback to your stylists, you'll see their suggestions improving over time until they perfectly suit your style.

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  • MI OLA

    MI OLA creates sexy, stylish bikinis that support the active lifestyle their wearers love.

    Why MI OLA is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Their bikinis are built to stay in place while looking great; feel free to surf, swim, and play without worry. Every component of their bikinis has been built to keep you covered and keep you looking your best, with durable material that won't stretch or fade after use.

    Read: About MI OLA
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    SignUp offers free online signup sheets, as well as volunteer scheduling and management software.

    Why is a Top Women Focused Innovator: makes it easy to create events and quickly track who's signing up without the need for long, annoying email chains or chat threads. Mobile signups, automated reminders and calendar sync keep everyone on track. It's perfect for everything from school trips to youth sports snack schedules to potlucks to nonprofit volunteer events.

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  • Faircare

    The National Domestic Workers Alliance is working to improve labor protections from jobs that have often been excluded from them, including housekeeping, nannying, and caretaking.

    Why Faircare is a Top Women Focused Innovator: They have been winning policy changes for a decade, helping to pass domestic workers' rights legislation in eight states. They're also constantly working to create strategies, products, and partnerships to shape the future of domestic work.

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  • Kindara

    Kindara is a fertility awareness app that makes charting your fertility easier than ever. CEO Ira Hernowitz has worked with a number of family-focused brands throughout his career, including Stride Rite, Babies R Us, and Playskool.

    Why Kindara is a Top Women Focused Innovator: This app is built both for women who are trying to get pregnant as well as those looking to avoid pregnancy. It can track your body's data, help you to better understand your body, and even provide answers to your fertility questions.

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  • Mogul

    Mogul is an online platform that empowers women from all industries, all over the world, to connect, share information, and access knowledge. Founder and CEO Tiffany Pham developed the first version of Mogul as a coder; she appears as a judge on the TLC show Girl Starter and as a cohost of the show Positive Pushback.

    Why Mogul is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Here, women can ask questions and receive answers from the community, sell their products, search for jobs, and more. They even offer online courses for continued education in subjects like career development, financial planning, travel, and much more.

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  • WorthFM

    WorthFM is a financial management platform built to help women create a strong financial base on which to build. Founder and CEO Amanda Steinberg founded WorthFM in 2009 with the aim of bringing a fresh perspective to personal finance, and has since been honored by numerous publications as a financial luminary.

    Why WorthFM is a Top Women Focused Innovator: It's designed not only to help grow your net worth, but also to improve your knowledge of investing and money management. They connect your savings, retirement, and investment accounts, learn about your finances, and provide actionable guidance to help improve your financial situation for the long-term.

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    Working toward financial independence? Sisters for FI covers 5 reasons why approaching finance differently can help young women get closer to their goal.

  • Ava

    Ava is a bracelet that's been clinically proven to accurately track a woman's ovulation cycles. CEO Pascal Koenig has been working in wearable technology over a decade, while Chair of the Board Renate Schreiber was previously the CEO of breastfeeding product and medical vacuum solutions leader Medela Group.

    Why Ava is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Just wear it at night, and it will provide insights about your fertility, pregnancy, and overall health. It can detect the beginning of a fertility cycle in real-time, and is completely effortless; just put it on before you go to bed and sync it with your mobile device when you wake up to check out its data.

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  • Eclipse

    Eclipse offers immediate results for women with loss of bowel control. In a clinical study, 86% of women successfully fit and who wore it for a month, found Eclipse to be effective.

    Why Eclipse is a Top Women Focused Innovator: It's an insert that is fit and provided in your doctor's office, easy to place and remove, and is comfortable for almost all women. While doctors have traditionally recommended invasive surgical procedures to treat ABL, Eclipse allows women who suffer from this condition to regain control and lead a full, active lifestyle, minus the surgery.

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  • Fox and Jane
    Fox and Jane Hair Salons in New York City is not only a great salon, but also a place for beauticians and stylists to learn more about their trade.

    Why Fox and Jane is a Top Women Focused Innovator: They invite innovators from around the world to share their knowledge, and offer both creative and business-focused classes. With a team of highly sought-after stylists, they also offer creative energy and top-notch service to all of their clientele.

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  • Landit

    Landit offers a personalized playbook for women who are looking to take their career to the next level. Co-founder and CEO Lisa Skeete Tatum was previously a General Partner at the venture capital firm Cardinal Partners and currently serves on a number of boards, while co-founder and Board Member Sheila Marcelo is also the founder, CEO, and Chairman of

    Why Landit is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Their app-based guide will give you access to experts, tools, and resources, giving you exactly what you need, when you need it. Whether it's job opportunities, coaching, stronger personal branding, or even your own personal board of advisors, Landit is here to help you achieve your goals.

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  • The Flex Company

    The Flex Company makes the FLEX, a disposable tampon alternative that lasts up to 12 hours. Co-founder and CEO Lauren created FLEX to help women who feel uncomfortable with their own periods, and to help engage people, particularly men, in conversations about women's bodies.

    Why The Flex Company is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Rather than absorbing menstrual fluid, the FLEX catches it, and its soft, flexible design helps to reduce cramping and prevent infections. If you visit their website, you can get your first 3 months of FLEX for just $15, with shipping provided for free.

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  • The Vinetta Project

    The Vinetta Project, is a leading events ecosystem and deal flow pipeline that supports early stage female founders with access to growth resources and capital. They run events in 7 cities across North America and have one of the largest databases of Seed to Series A female founders.

    Why The Vinetta Project is a Top Women Focused Innovator: While startups founded by women are 20% more likely to generate revenue, they are still underrepresented; that's why The Vinetta Project is aiming to change the distribution of knowledge, power, and capital in the startup world. They source female founders with great potential with proven business models and give them access to elite events, resources, networks, and capital to help them build better businesses.

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  • Storq

    Storq is changing the maternity clothing game by crafting stylish garments that women actually want to wear.

    Why Storq is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Their flagship Basic Bundle contains 4 luxe essentials that will get you through all 9 months of pregnancy, pre-packaged for an easy shopping experience. They also offer high-quality, luxurious clothing for breastfeeding and parenting in the form of simple, uncomplicated garments that don't skimp on style.

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  • Confi

    Confi is a crowdsourcing site for sisterly advice, with expert-approved tips and guidance on sensitive health topics. Co-founder Tess Brooks has a passion for empowering women and wants to use her Harvard Business School MBA to create a positive, sustainable social impact, while co-founder Rachel Hanebutt has a passion for teaching sex-positive sex and health information to the young people who need it.

    Why Confi is a Top Women Focused Innovator: If you have questions about sex, hygiene, mental health, or even drugs, this site has your answers. They aim to help women be more confident with themselves by answering the most common questions that some might consider embarrassing.

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  • GirlTalkHQ

    GirlTalkHQ is a news media website focused on female empowerment, with articles and interview with and about women who are changing the world. Creator and Editor-in-Chief Asha Dahya hosted and produced TV shows in Australia, the UK, and Los Angeles for more than 10 years, and aims to provide a platform for her generation of women to make their voices heard.

    Why GirlTalkHQ is a Top Women Focused Innovator: The biggest difference between this site and other news media sites is that GTHQ focuses on content for, about, and by women that inspires, informs and empowers, while aiming to publish only positive content. They focus on 7 topics: body image, careers and women in leadership positions, positive celebrity messages, women accomplishing extraordinary things, women's representation, women's health, and user-generated content that allows readers to share their own powerful and inspirational stories.

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  • Kidizen

    Kidizen is an iOS and Android app that makes it easy to shop, sell, and share kids' fashions.

    Why Kidizen is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Parents can independently create and run a storefront with Kidizen, reselling kids' outgrown clothing to earn money or buy clothes at low prices. It also provides a platform for moms to express themselves and connect through their shared experiences and sense of style.

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  • Dagne Dover

    Dagne Dover aims to fuse fashion with athlete-caliber function to create the perfect bag for today's mobile lifestyle.

    Why Dagne Dover is a Top Women Focused Innovator: They offer a wide range of high-quality, durable, and stylish products, from totes to backpacks to satchels to pouches. All of their products are intelligently designed to carry everything you need to be prepared for what life throws at you.

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  • VINA

    VINA is a friendship app that works like Tinder for making new girlfriends.

    Why VINA is a Top Women Focused Innovator: You can swipe right to make new friends, join communities of like-minded women, take quizzes, read articles, and more. VINA aims to empower women to choose community over competition by linking them up with a supportive community of people who love what they love.

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  • Be Girl

    Be Girl makes unbelievably comfortable underwear and period panties with unparalleled performance.

    Why Be Girl is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Every purchase made makes a contribution to Be Girl's mission of providing high-quality menstrual products and education to women and girls in underprivileged areas around the world, helping them lead happier, healthier lives. The products you buy, meanwhile, are crafted from high-quality materials into an award-winning, 100% leak-proof design.

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  • Ovia Health

    Ovia Health is a women's health and technology company supporting women and families from preconception and pregnancy through return-to-work and parenthood.

    Why Ovia Health is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Over 9 million women and families have used Ovia Health's industry leading apps, Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy, and Ovia Parenting, on their journey to parenthood. Ovia Health's maternity and family benefits solution for employers uses mobile technology and predictive coaching to engage women daily throughout the fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood journey; deliver evidenced based clinical programs in real-time; boost utilization across an employer's benefit ecosystem; and help parents confidently and successfully return to work.

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  • Womentum

    Womentum is a crowdfunding platform built to support women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

    Why Womentum is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Contributors can use it to discover women in need of funding for their business, donate as little as $5 or as much as they like, and watch your impact grow. The women who benefit from Womentum pay it forward, which means your donation to one business can grow and grow, impacting the lives of more and more women entrepreneurs.

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  • Mid/Wasteland

    MidWasteland is a New York City fashion, lifestyle, and dating blog for women all over the country. Founder Monica Dimperio is a lifelong fashion fan and lifestyle blogger who created MidWasteland to share what inspires her with the world.

    Why Mid/Wasteland is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Packed with fun fashion tips, weekend getaway ideas, sex and dating tips, and much more, it's a hip lifestyle blog packed with unique content. Rounded out with beauty tips, home decorating picks, news and opinion articles, and even movie and TV recaps and reviews, there's something here for just about every woman.

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  • Pretty Pushers

    Pretty Pushers makes labor and delivery gowns that serve as comfortable alternatives to the scratchy, unisex hospital gowns used for giving birth. Founder Mary Apple made the first Pretty Pusher labor and delivery gown when it was time to deliver her first child, and has since sold them to more than 100,000 new moms around the world.

    Why Pretty Pushers is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Their gowns have openings in all the places your doctor needs for fetal monitors, IVs, and epidural access, so you don't have to feel uncomfortable and exposed. Their gowns are crafted from 100% cotton, with no unfinished edges or trim and as few seams as possible, and are made sustainably so you don't have to feel badly about disposing of it after wearing it once.

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  • Spitfire Athlete

    Spitfire Athlete is an app for women athletes that helps them build strength and power with scientifically structured training. The app was built by Erin Parker and Nidhi Kulkarni, both full-stack engineers and award-winning athletes.

    Why Spitfire Athlete is a Top Women Focused Innovator: With this app, you can check out the training regimens of nationally-ranked athletes, keep track of your warm-up, workout, cool down, and track your progress all at once. The app can even help guide you toward your fitness goals, getting you the results you want.

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  • Panty Prop

    Panty Prop makes comfortable period panties and swimwear with leak-proof protection. CEO and Founder Crystal Etienne developed Panty Prop to innovate a stagnant industry and give women and girls an alternative to chemical-packed pads and tampons.

    Why Panty Prop is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Their products feature an intuitive design with a built-in absorbent cotton gusset that ensures stain-free, leak-proof comfort. They even offer discrete, absorbent, odor-free incontinence boxer briefs for men.

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  • CoCo

    Conscious Collective makes certified, all-natural hair products for hair of all kinds.

    Why CoCo is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Whether your hair is straight or curly, they have products for you, and part of every purchase goes to help a woman entrepreneur build her business. All of their products are carefully crafted and derived from botanicals, with something for every hair type, climate, and daily routine.

    Read: Free Sample
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  • LUCY

    LUCY is working to reimagine care for today's working parents with prenatal and postpartum support.

    Why LUCY is a Top Women Focused Innovator: It's a tech-enabled service that predicts each family's needs and creates an individual plan tailored to them. Each plan covers pregnancy up through the baby's first six months, and is entirely customizable, evolving over time to better suits parents' lives.

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  • Flock

    By 2024, there will be 1.4 million more tech job openings than college grads to fill them, and Flock aims to help talented, diverse developers fill those jobs.

    Why Flock is a Top Women Focused Innovator: They provide mentoring for diverse tech students and those new to the industry, as well as check-ins from the Flock team to build a strong, supportive community. The people they mentor and support can, in turn, grow to mentor and support new Flock members, building a stronger, more diverse industry.

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  • Groove

    Groove is an app that uses advanced algorithms to predict users' upcoming periods with accuracy, so you're always prepared. CEO Jennifer Aldoretta studied mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech, and left her engineering job to create Groove with the vision of helping women and girls better understand their bodies.

    Why Groove is a Top Women Focused Innovator: It tailors the experience to your unique body, experiences and goals, whether you want to use it to track fertility to assist in getting pregnant or just want to track your cycle. The more you use it, the better it gets as it learns your body's patterns and tells you what to expect.

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  • Cabiria

    Cabiria offers a line of whimsical, sensual clothing styles for women in sizes 12 to 24. Cabiria is the brainchild of award-winning costume designer and wardrobe stylist Eden Miller, who has over 20 years of experience in the garment world.

    Why Cabiria is a Top Women Focused Innovator: With fabrics and craftsmanship akin to high-end fashion labels, they're filling a niche for stylish, plus-sized women looking for unique styles, unusual materials, and high quality. Each fabric has a limited quality, creating exclusivity and cache for their customers in addition to making them feel confident and sexy in their clothing.

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  • Makeoverly
    Makeroverly is a Q&A blog for fashion and beauty, packed with how-to's, trend news, style picks, and more.

    Why Makeoverly is a Top Women Focused Innovator: If you want to learn advanced makeup techniques, can't-miss skincare regimens, or just where to find the latest, greatest beauty products, this is the blog for you. If you're a beauty, fashion, or lifestyle blogger yourself, you can even sign up and offer to contribute to this site's wealth of knowledge.

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  • Monarq

    Monarq is an incubator that's helping visionary women entrepreneurs start, grow, and fund their own startups. Founders Diana Murakhovskaya and Irene Ryabaya both traded their Wall Street jobs to help women build their companies and improve their lives.

    Why Monarq is a Top Women Focused Innovator: They're combating gender bias by supporting their diverse founders with a strong network, funding, and consulting services. They also curate events that connect women with influencers, industry experts, investors, and other entrepreneurs to help them grow their ideas into fundable startups.

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  • preconceive

    preconceive offers classes and private appointments with fertility, pregnancy, and parenting experts. Founder and CEO Sarah Robinson began her career in marketing, brand strategy, and communications with Estée Lauder and MAC Cosmetics before starting preconceive.

    Why preconceive is a Top Women Focused Innovator: They offer classes, too, with prenatal guidance, childbirth preparation, breastfeeding advice, and more. Their one-on-one appointments cover these topics and more, including sleep, nutrition, personal training, and even adoption.

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  • WomenLaunch

    WomenLaunch is a resource for women entrepreneurs that offers startup consulting, seminars, and workshops to founders. Founder Katherine A. Gorges has over 17 years in the high-tech marketing and sales world, as well as her own Silicon Valley marketing consulting business, and aims to help other women achieve similar and greater successes.

    Why WomenLaunch is a Top Women Focused Innovator: It also functions as a peer-to-peer accelerator, providing networking, mentoring, and coaching to help women build successful, scalable businesses. Their aim is for women to support and empower one another to achieve their goals, rather than to focus on competition.

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  • dMondaine

    dMondaine crafts luxury shapewear lingerie with smoothing, contoured bands that enhance your shape.

    Why dMondaine is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Their shapewear isn't function over form; it's sexy, chic, and sophisticated, while providing clean lines and all the benefits you would expect from shapewear. Their website even features a virtual fitting room where their consultants will answer all of your questions and concerns to get you the perfect fit.

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  • Global Success Fund
    The Global Success Fund is the first impact investment fund that rewards both financial returns and positive social impact, and it's built to empower both small business and women. Founder and CEO Kim Kastorff also founded the Benefit Corporation & Certified B Corp. Kimpacto, Inc., and previously worked in commercial banking, business credit lending, investment fund management, and other areas of the financial sector.

    Why Global Success Fund is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Their GSF-Latina fund invests in micro-businesses and social projects that either support or include women, and they aim to promote economic empowerment, low-interest loans, business resources, and support networks. With loans available up to $250,000 and quick approval, not to mention incentives for social impact, this fund is helping to improve small business' and women's abilities to improve the world.

  • Britelites

    Britelites creates bold, vivid, moisturizing temporary hair colors that will make you look like a rock star. Founder and creator of Britelites Sara Rose created her product as inexpensive alternative to traditional hair coloring products that's actually good for your hair.

    Why Britelites is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Their patent-pending product washes right out with shampoo, can be applied in just 5 minutes, and requires no special skills or equipment. It also contains no harmful chemicals, and is instead packed with natural oils and vitamin E for moisturization and protection.

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  • Rent A Gent

    Rent A Gent is a service that provides gentleman for events, bachelorette parties, and more.

    Why Rent A Gent is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Just visit their website, browse their selection of guys, select your top choice for whatever event you're planning, and book. Whether you want some sexy bartenders for a big event or a dancer for your next party, Rent A Gent has got your back.

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  • Scalisi Cosmetics

    Scalisi Cosmetics offers a range of anti-aging skincare products made with natural ingredients for sensitive skin. Founder and CEO Jill Scalisi created Scalisi Skincare after being diagnosed with skin cancer and being left dissatisfied with the skincare options available to her, using her background in science and financing to build her line of products.

    Why Scalisi Cosmetics is a Top Women Focused Innovator: They combine science with natural beauty, with peptides that convince the brain that a wrinkle is a cut, and without parabens, retinol, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Their products are proven to work and feel beautiful in addition to being all-natural; their five years of research and development and two years of formulating has created a perfect skincare system.

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  • FlyTechnista

    FlyTechnista is helping women connect with curated resources in the technology industry, including development, design, data, and entrepreneurship resources. Founder and CEO TeLisa Daughtry is a social entrepreneur, developer, and creative with 15 years of multi-industry experience who is devoting her time and talents to building a community to empower girls and young women in technology.

    Why FlyTechnista is a Top Women Focused Innovator: They're an online community that aims to bridge the gap between women and girls and the access to educational, career, and entrepreneurial opportunities that lead to success in the tech field. Just visit their website, tell them where you live, and start connecting with resources that can help jumpstart your education or career.

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  • Activyst

    Activyst creates bold, high-quality activewear and gym bags for women and girls. Co-founder and CEO Katie Rock worked with WHO in Nicaragua, where she researched gender equality in sports, which inspired her to create Activyst, while co-founder and COO Leigh Orne holds an MBA and aims to create positive social change through business.

    Why Activyst is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Their mission, in both their clothing design and their company, is to empower girls and young women to play sports, stay active, and be strong. To that end, 10% of all of their profits are dedicated to promoting girls' sports and physical activity programs.

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  • PMS Bites

    PMS Bites are delicious, healthy chocolate snacks designed with all-natural ingredients often taken by women to alleviate bloating, cramping, and mood swings. Tania Green is an entrepreneur who knows that PMS days tend to be the hardest days, and created her recipe to give women a guilt-free way to indulge in cravings to make those days better.

    Why PMS Bites is a Top Women Focused Innovator: Made with vegan, gluten-free, and all-natural ingredients, PMS Bites can help women satisfy their cravings without sacrificing good nutrition. Studies have found a direct correlation between sugar intake and PMS symptoms; that's why PMS Bites are providing a snack that can hit the sweet tooth without making you feel worse.

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