March 26, 2024

How Much Are ATM Fees

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Felt robbed by ATM fees? Find out just how much cash they're taking from you.

Those quick ATM stops may cost you more than you think. ATM fees can average $4.73[1] which can add up pretty quickly!

Get the lowdown on ATM fees from different banks. And, how you can avoid them.

How often do you pay ATM fees?

What is the Typical ATM Fee?

Some banks won't charge you a dime if you use an ATM within their network.

But, using out-of-network ATMs will usually cost $2 to $3.50. And that could just be your bank's charge. A surcharge from the ATM operator may apply as well, which averages $3.15.[1]

If you're traveling abroad, ATM fees can go up to over $5, plus a percentage of the withdrawal amount.

For a better idea, here's a list of banks and their fees if you use an out-of-network ATM.

What is the highest ATM fee you've ever been charged?

ATM fees at brick-and-mortar banks

BankDomestic ATM feeForeign ATM fee
Bank of America$2.50[2]$5 + 3%
BMO Bank$3[3]$3 + 2.80%
Capital One$2[4]$2 + 3%[5]
Chase$3[6]$5 + 3%
Citi$2.50[7]$2.50 + 3%[8]
Citizens$3[9]$3 + 3%
First Citizens$2.50[10]$5 + 3%
Huntington Bank$3.50[11]$3.50 + 3%
PNC$3[12]$5 *
TD$3[13]$3 + 3%
Truist$3[14]$5 + 3%
U.S. Bank$2.50[15]$2.50 + 3%
Wells Fargo$2.50[16]$5 *
*may be subject to a foreign transaction fee

Most big traditional banks charge $3 for using an out-of-network ATM. Surcharges from ATM operators may be applicable too.

Foreign transaction fees may also be charged if you withdraw money using an ATM outside the US. This is typically based on a certain percentage of the amount you withdraw.

That means, depending on where you withdraw, you could pay as much as 3 fees for a single withdrawal.

However, premium or relationship accounts may waive such fees as an extra perk for their account holders.

Is it free to withdraw cash from an ATM?
You can withdraw cash from any ATM within your bank's network without being slapped with ATM fees. But if you go out-of-network, you may be subject to your bank's ATM fees plus the ATM operator fee.

ATM Fees at Regional Banks

BankDomestic ATM feeForeign ATM fee
Banesco USA Bank$2[17]3%
CFG Bank>$0[18]ATM operator fees only (if any)
Cross River BankMay be refunded[19]Foreign transaction fee (if any)
Frost Bank$2[20]Foreign transaction fee (if any)
Lone Star BankATM operator fees only (if any)[21]Foreign transaction fee (if any)
Northwest Bank$2[22]$2
Ridgewood Savings Bank$1[23]ATM operator fees only (if any)[24]
Texas Capital BankATM operator fees only (if any)[25]1.5%

Regional banks can have a decent number of in-network ATMs in the states they operate in. For instance, Frost Bank has over 1,700 ATMs in Texas.

Outside of these territories, you may have to pay an out-of-network fee. But, some banks may provide refunds. For example, Cross River Bank reimburses out-of-network fees up to $6/mo.

Note that some regional banks are not specific with their international ATM fees. Nonetheless, you will likely be subject to surcharges by the ATM operator as well as foreign transaction fees.

Banks and credit unions are required to disclose all charges associated with their accounts. Make sure to review the account disclosures when you open an account.

ATM Fees at Online Banks

BankDomestic ATM feeForeign ATM fee
Ally Bank[26]$0Up to 1%
Axos BankMay be refunded[27]May be refunded
CIT BankMay be refunded[28]1%[29]
Discover® BankATM operator fees only (if any)[30]ATM operator fees only (if any)
SoFiATM operator fees only (if any)[32]0.2%[33]

Online banks usually partner with national ATM networks like MoneyPass, Allpoint, and Co-Op. These give you free access to thousands of ATMs. For one, Allpoint has over 55,000 ATMs.[35]

Some online banks will even reimburse out-of-network operator fees. CIT Bank, for example, does not charge any ATM fees and will even reimburse other banks' surcharges up to $30/mo.

Do debit cards have ATM fees?
Debit cards may incur ATM fees if you use them at an out-of-network ATM to withdraw cash.

ATM fees at credit unions

Credit UnionDomestic ATM feeForeign ATM fee
Alliant Credit UnionMay be refunded[36]1%
America FCU$1.50[37]1%
BECUMay be refunded[38]ATM operator fees only (if any)
Connexus Credit UnionATM operator fees only (if any)[39]Up to 1.5%
First Technology FCU$2[40]1%
Navy FCU$1[41]1%
Patelco Credit Union$1.75[42]$1.75 + 1%
Pentagon FCUUp to $1.50[43]Up to 2%
Vystar Credit UnionATM operator fees only (if any)[44]ATM operator fees only (if any)

Many credit unions charge lower ATM fees than traditional banks. Some don't charge fees at all, though you might still encounter ATM operator surcharges.

What fees are charged with ATMs?

Banks usually won't charge you if you use ATMs in their network. But here's a breakdown of charges if you use an ATM outside your bank's network:

1. Out-of-network ATM fee
This is typically a flat fee if you use an out-of-network ATM. It can range from $1 to $3.50 for domestic ATMs and $3 to $5 for ATMs outside the US.

2. ATM operator fee
Also referred to as a surcharge, this is a fee charged by the ATM operator or owner. This could be another bank or an independent ATM distributor.

3. Foreign transaction fee
This is often taken as a percentage of your transaction amount when you use an ATM overseas. It could be as much as 3% of your withdrawal amount.

To illustrate, let's say you withdraw $1,000 at an ATM in Paris. A 3% transaction fee would be $30.

ATMs may no longer have stickers alerting you of potential fees. But no stress - usually, the ATM screen will show a pop-up mentioning any charges before you go ahead with your transaction.[45]

Which banks don't charge an ATM fee?

By law, banks should disclose any fees associated with their accounts. So you can easily spot those that won't charge ATM fees.

For example, Axos Bank has no ATM fees and may refund ATM surcharges for most of its accounts. Alliant Credit Union, Discover® Bank, and SoFi are also some of the banks that do not charge for out-of-network ATM use.

However, you may still pay a surcharge from ATM operators.

How to avoid ATM fees

It's not fun to have to pay extra fees to access your own money. Here's how you can withdraw money and dodge ATM fees:

Stay within network
Stick to ATMs with your bank's logo or those in the bank's fee-free ATM network. Use ATM locators to find nearby ATMs you can use for free.

Plan ahead
If you're traveling where your bank may not have ATMs, make sure to withdraw enough cash first from your home ATM.

Choose a bank that refunds ATM fees
If you frequently withdraw cash, opt for an account that offers ATM fee reimbursements. Some accounts, like Charles Schwab, even refund international ATM fees.

Get cash back at grocery stores
You can pop into a grocery store, make a small purchase, and choose the cash back at check out. Typically this option has no charges, and you don't need to go to an ATM.

Consider a higher-tiered account
Oftentimes, premium checking accounts offer ATM fee waivers. However, high-tiered accounts usually also have higher minimum balance requirements.

Use other payment methods
Make use of your credit card or debit card if you can. Or if you owe another person money, you can pay them back through Zelle or digital payment apps like Venmo.

Why do ATMs charge twice?
Some ATMs may charge you twice - one is for your own bank's out-of-network ATM fee, and the other is the surcharge from the ATM operator. Combined, the fees can be as much as $7 a pop and can add up quickly if you're not conscious about them.

What is your usual reaction to ATM fees?

Bottom Line

Most banks charge ATM fees if you use an ATM out of their network. Plus, the ATM operator may charge a fee.

Before you use just any ATM, make sure you know your bank's fees and which ATMs you can use for free.

Try to optimize your spending by using your credit card or debit card more often. Some allow you to rack up points or cashback rewards.


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