February 20, 2018

Best B2B Companies: Top Business Experts

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Winners of CreditDonkey Best B2B Companies Award have been announced. These B2B companies know what your business needs to grow and run smoothly.

Best B2B Companies You Cannot Ignore

As a small business owner, there’s only so much you can do alone. This is when the services of a business-to-business (B2B) company will be invaluable. A B2B sells services or products to another company. These B2B companies know the struggles that businesses face and their needs. They offer solutions to streamline processes, do things more efficiently, and help your business grow.

At CreditDonkey, we help small business owners make smart financial decisions. Oftentimes, it’s necessary to invest in professional services to further your business. We’ve come up with a list of the very best B2B services for small business owners.

Read on for the best B2B services to reach your goals.

  • Joonko (Techstars, Salesforce Incubator)

    Joonko (Techstars ‘16, Salesforce Incubator ‘17) is a real-time diversity and inclusion coach for companies, which can identify unconscious (or conscious) bias events as they happen and help your employees and managers to overcome it immediately.

    Why Joonko is a Top B2B Innovator: They are solving D&I challenges using Artificial Intelligence, in real-time, while delivering measurable results that can move the needle for their customers. Their Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms will constantly evaluate existing data to identify events of Behavioral bugs or Cultural Typos. If you’re human, you’re unconsciously biased. For better or worse, this is how the brain works as it aims to ease the decision-making process by making decisions based on what is familiar and safe. To shed light on this process and achieve your diversity and inclusion goals, you need to identify and tackle behaviors, events, and decisions as they occur.

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  • Greenhouse

    Greenhouse offers recruiting software and an applicant tracking system built to streamline your entire recruiting process.

    Why Greenhouse is a Top B2B Innovator: Their tools will help you find better candidates, interview better, and hire the right people using the power of data. Their end-to-end hiring solution with planning, sourcing, interviewing, and hiring tools all included will make bringing in new talent easier than ever.

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  • SpareFoot

    SpareFoot makes it a snap to find and reserve storage space in a matter of minutes. Co-founders Chuck Gordon and Mario Feghali started SpareFoot in Austin in 2009 and aim to make storage and moving easier for everyone in the country.

    Why SpareFoot is a Top B2B Innovator: You can easily discover affordable options for self-storage, car storage, storage with pickup, or even moving trucks. You can find storage options nationwide, compare prices with ease, and reserve your pick online.

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  • Olapic

    Olapic aims to help your business achieve a high-performing visual approach to content with user-, brand-, and influencer-generated content. Co-founder and CEO Pau Sabria previously worked at the Boston Consulting Group and now oversees Olapic's strategy and direction in the marketplace, while co-founder and COO Luis Sanz previously worked for companied like Accenture and Ericsson, and co-founder and Head of EMEA Jose De Cabo previously worked as a management consultant at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

    Why Olapic is a Top B2B Innovator: Their visual commerce and marketing platform gives users access to tons of content, allowing them to request it from influencers, loyalists, and even employees using their Creator Platform and Content App. You can then publish it to all of your owned channels, include it in your marketing materials and emails, and even make it shoppable.

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  • Kapow

    Kapow gives businesses a simple platform for booking corporate events at unique, beautiful venues all over the country.

    Why Kapow is a Top B2B Innovator: Their online tools let you easily manage your event, send out invitations, track RSVPs, and even follow up afterwards to help maximize your ROI. In addition, their website is also packed with great ideas for venues and the events themselves to help make yours stand out.

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  • BentoBox

    BentoBox is a platform that offers beautiful, well-designed, mobile-friendly restaurant websites.

    Why BentoBox is a Top B2B Innovator: BentoBox offers website hosting and features hospitality-specific tools that drive revenue for restaurants online, as well as excellent customer support. Their sites feature a clean design that make it easy for visitors to find and navigate a menu, click to call a phone number, make reservations, buy gift cards, inquire about private events, place catering orders and more, all built to attract and engage potential guests.

    Read: Q&A with Charles Bililies of Souvla
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  • BetterWorks

    BetterWorks makes business goal tracking and management software designed to help employees set and reach their goals.

    Why BetterWorks is a Top B2B Innovator: Using their solution, you can make goals a meaningful part of your employee feedback process, schedule check-ins that will help your managers become great coaches, and exchange peer-to-peer feedback in real-time. With goal-setting and tracking combined with ongoing, positive-minded feedback, your company can easily improve employee performance and boost its bottom line.

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  • Density

    Density is a sleekly-designed, internet-connect people counter that anyone can self-install.

    Why Density is a Top B2B Innovator: Designed to measure traffic in a network of spaces in real-time, at any scale, it can help design better, smarter spaces, improve security, and more. For businesses, it can help measure foot traffic and provide data on the busiest and least busy times of day, which can help improve operational efficiency.

    Read: Director, Product Marketing
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  • Terminus

    Terminus' B2B account-based marketing software offers the reach and coverage needed to track the engagement and progression of your target accounts.

    Why Terminus is a Top B2B Innovator: Using their solutions, you can find and target the best-fit accounts, engage more stakeholders, and deliver the right marketing message at the right time. Their account-based approach aligns sales and marketing to efficiently engage the accounts that are the most likely to buy.

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  • Showpad

    ShowPad's sales enablement platform can boost sales productivity, improve sales conversations, streamline training, and more. CEO and co-founder Pieterjan Bouten previously co-founded the mobile development agency In The Pocket with ShowPad co-founder and CPO Louis Jonckheere, making this their second venture together.

    Why Showpad is a Top B2B Innovator: Their solutions can help your sales team save up to 30% of the time spent on administrative tasks and preparation, enabling them to increase customer visits per representative by as much as five per week. With more active selling time in combination with higher-quality conversations, your sales team's ROI can skyrocket.

    Read: A Message From Showpad's Co-Founders & Co-CEOs
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  • Tradeshift

    Tradeshift's flexible business commerce platform is built to help agile, growing companies buy and sell more effectively.

    Why Tradeshift is a Top B2B Innovator: They help businesses connect all of their suppliers digitally, get early payment discounts, buy what they need faster, manage supplier risk, and more. With solutions for procure-to-pay, supplier engagement, SMB, and even the ability to build your own solution, Tradeshift's flexibility and ease of use is second to none.

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  • Handshake

    Handshake's mobile sales and B2B eCommerce platform works to help both manufacturers and distributors grow their businesses.

    Why Handshake is a Top B2B Innovator: Their solutions make it easier to find and order your products in-person and online, reduce costs, and improve the customer eCommerce experience, resulting in the stellar sales experience today's customers demand. They also offer world-class mobile user experiences, a focus on B2B commerce, and a fast rollout using pure cloud technology.

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  • Notarize

    Notarize allows its users to get documents legally notarized online, 24/7, by a Notary Public.

    Why Notarize is a Top B2B Innovator: The whole process takes just five minutes and a single video call. It's fast, easy, and secure, and you can even do it using your iPhone if you're on the go.

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  • SupportBee

    SupportBee is an email ticketing system built to get everyone at your company more involved in customer support. CEO Hana Mohan, who previously co-founded and coded Muziboo and helped grow it to over half a million users, also co-built AboutmyBrowser.com.

    Why SupportBee is a Top B2B Innovator: Their shared inbox system works just like email, so everyone on the team can see open tickets and know what needs to take priority. SupportBee also has all of the features needed for collaboration across teams and software tools, including private comments, teams, assignments, and more.

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  • Social Tables

    If you're looking for top-quality event planning software that will leave your clients wowed, Social Tables might be your solution.

    Why Social Tables is a Top B2B Innovator: With easy sourcing, diagramming, check-in, real-time collaboration tools, and incredible customer support, Social Tables will ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. Their Convert software can even help you grow your group bookings by providing branded, mobile-friendly, interactive website content.

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  • AgilOne

    AgilOne is a customer data platform built for B2B enterprises. CEO and Founder Omer Artun, PhD, earned his degree in Computational Neuroscience and Physics from Brown University and was previously an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business.

    Why AgilOne is a Top B2B Innovator: It works to help you get to know your customers better, engage with them at the right time, and maximize their value using the power of data in conjunction with AI. With AgilOne, you'll be able to gain a comprehensive view of a single customer, or take a step back and learn how to communicate more intelligently with all of your customers using AI.

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  • SkyKick

    SkyKick is an integrated cloud platform built to help IT providers become more successful in the cloud. Co-founder and co-CEO Evan Richman previously worked for 7 years at Microsoft, while co-founder and co-CEO Todd Schwartz was a Director of Product Management there and co-founder and CTO Brad Younge spent 10 years at the business and technology consulting firm Statera before helping build SkyKick.

    Why SkyKick is a Top B2B Innovator: Their set of powerful cloud management products makes it easier to migrate and backup to the cloud, as well as manage your customers' SaaS apps in one dashboard. SkyKick is delivered in whatever way you choose, whether through a web app, via your distributor's marketplace, or through an API that lets you build custom experiences.

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  • Bigleaf Networks

    Bigleaf Networks provides solutions that can protect and optimize VoIP, VPN, and SaaS apps for your business.

    Why Bigleaf Networks is a Top B2B Innovator: They provide an easy way to use multiple internet connections; with one simple install, you'll enjoy adaptive cloud performance that's smoother than ever before. You'll see more uptime, major issues like dropped VoIP calls fixed, and even minor issues like choppy apps smoothed out.

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  • Skilljar

    Skilljar is an easy-to-use online customer training platform that promotes quick onboarding and customer success.

    Why Skilljar is a Top B2B Innovator: Their Learning Management System runs smoothly for both students and admins, can be used anywhere, and empowers you to create beautiful experiences packed with content. Using Skilljar, you can educate potential customers about your industry and product, provide on-demand training to quicken onboarding, and increase customer engagement and satisfaction across the board.

    Read: Meet Matt Buchan, Director of Finance at Skilljar
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  • CloudBeds

    CloudBeds is an all-in-one hotel management software platform used by over 170,000 properties in 120 nations.

    Why CloudBeds is a Top B2B Innovator: Partnering with hundreds of travel and technology brands, it allows you to complete every task you need to do, whether it's room management, booking, or accounting. You can use it to find new booking sites to list on, avoid booking commissions, and spend less time in spreadsheets and more time catering to your guests.

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  • VendOp

    VendOp's supplier intelligence solution enables businesses to generate actionable insights about their supplier base using employee reviews. CEO Andy Kohm brings 10 years of experience in supplier sourcing with the medical device industry to VendOp.

    Why VendOp is a Top B2B Innovator: Using performance and quality data, it allows you to cut procurement costs by drastically reducing sourcing times and procurement administration. It also allows you to identify your best suppliers while weeding out the low performers and replacing them with better options, all using quick, simple tools.

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  • Wootric

    Wootric helps businesses win customers for life with loyalty surveys that provide a real-time look at customer satisfaction rates.

    Why Wootric is a Top B2B Innovator: These surveys can be placed inside your SaaS, mobile apps, or website, and can even be delivered via email or SMS text message. By continuously measuring customer happiness, you can ensure that you never miss out on a trend, never leave a customer hanging, and are always working toward improved retention and referral rates.

    Read: Prabhat Jha takes the CTO helm at Wootric
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  • Slope

    Slope makes it easy to manage your creative work with a platform that ensures your team can always plan, track, and collaborate as one to create top-notch content.

    Why Slope is a Top B2B Innovator: It does this with a single, simple tool, streamlining your workflow and bringing your whole team together for every step of every project. Users can also track each project's progress from start to finish, then upload and collect feedback and approvals, all in the same place.

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  • Fueloyal

    Fueloyal's GPS fleet tracking and fuel management solution can help you save up to $300 per month, per truck in your fleet.

    Why Fueloyal is a Top B2B Innovator: With real-time tracking and fuel purchase optimization, Fueloyal will always guide your trucks to the cheapest diesel fuel and truck stops on their route. Helping fleet managers and owners cut costs while increasing visibility, this service is also affordable, easily paying for itself in fuel cost savings.

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  • Spoiler Alert

    Spoiler Alert is a food business management solution that helps businesses recover value from their unsold inventory.

    Why Spoiler Alert is a Top B2B Innovator: The data it provides unlocks item-level insights that can drive operational improvements at a single location or across multiple locations, helping to optimize the flow of unsold inventory to both new and established outlets. Great for food manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and grocery retailers alike, Spoiler Alert saves businesses money and reduces food waste at the same time.

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  • OrderGroove

    OrderGroove's Relationship Commerce Cloud platform helps businesses improve their customers' experience by anticipating their next order in any channel. CEO and Founder Greg Alvo previously held a number of Sales and Business Development roles at Liquidation.com, and currently leads the overall strategic direction and oversees the daily operations of OrderGroove.

    Why OrderGroove is a Top B2B Innovator: With order, reorder, and subscription solutions, OrderGroove drives frictionless purchasing experiences that promote great customer relationships and repeat business. Their platform delivers these experiences wherever your customer is, with solutions for eCommerce, POS, and CRM.

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  • 30K

    30K computes the number of frequent flyer miles for any flight, even allowing users to personalize their search by connecting their memberships. CEO Alex Jawad is a serial entrepreneur who built and sold two successful business prior to founding 30K.

    Why 30K is a Top B2B Innovator: They strive for top-notch accuracy and reliability, providing trustworthy data from millions of new data points that are waiting to monetized. With dedicated technical and customer support and an easy-to-integrate API, you can have 30K up and running in less than 30 days.

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  • SimpleLegal

    SimpleLegal provides a range of digital legal services that help corporate legal operations teams operate more efficiently.

    Why SimpleLegal is a Top B2B Innovator: Their intuitive interface displays only the information your legal team needs, giving them better insight into operations and making their tasks easier. SimpleLegal's tools will ensure your team knows where every dollar is being spent, so you can get a high level summary or a deep dive into the nitty gritty details.

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  • 30SecondsToFly

    30SecondsToFly provides an AI-powered virtual corporate travel assistant for small to mid-sized businesses.

    Why 30SecondsToFly is a Top B2B Innovator: Their solution allows your employees to configure their very own travel assistant that still reports analytics to you. Their AI can chat with your team to reserve, book, or change itineraries, making business travel easier for everyone while still adhering to your travel policy.

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  • On Second Thought

    On Second Thought is the text messaging tool you've always wanted: the one that lets you unsend texts.

    Why On Second Thought is a Top B2B Innovator: It's an app that keeps all of your contacts, messages, and group chat in one place just like you'd expect, but it also allows you to take back messages. This is great for everyday use, but is also useful for avoiding miscommunication and confusion at work, between business partners, and more.

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  • Brainsy

    Brainsy (formerly Fanaticall) is a company that builds and powers knowledge sharing networks that serve as learning centers for associations, professional societies, and more.

    Why Brainsy is a Top B2B Innovator: Their SaaS works for private companies, trade associations, and other membership organizations, helping to facilitate learning and the free exchange of knowledge. Companies can even monetize their social networks or affinity groups, creating new revenue sources.

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  • Emburse

    Emburse provides physical and virtual cards made specifically for business expenses and vendor payments. CEO Peter Lai co-founded the document embedding service Crocodoc, which was acquired by Box in 2013, prior to founding Emburse.

    Why Emburse is a Top B2B Innovator: Their solution lets companies share virtual cards across multiple employees or distribute physical cards, allowing them to organize expenses and manage spending across the team. This can help you simplify remote office expenses, issue employee debit cards quickly and easily, automate vendor payments, and much more.

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  • Mobodexter

    Mobodexter is making the Internet of Things easier for businesses to take advantage of.

    Why Mobodexter is a Top B2B Innovator: IoT is the future for many businesses, and Mobodexter's technology is working to help process the data from these devices and take advantage of it in a timely manner. They're also taking advantage of blockchain and drone technologies to further enhance business outcomes for their clients.

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  • WorkBright

    WorkBright makes the entire onboarding process paperless, with intelligently-designed software that makes it easier for both you and new hires.

    Why WorkBright is a Top B2B Innovator: Their system sends automated email reminders with increasing frequency as the new hire's start date approaches, ensuring that all employees walk in on day one with their paperwork already completed. This will increase accuracy in your employee files, allow for a smaller HR staff, and more.

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  • Aviso

    Aviso's sales forecasting and management software will help your team improve forecast accuracy, manage the sales pipeline more efficiently, and close more deals.

    Why Aviso is a Top B2B Innovator: Using their unique predictions, you can easily determine how your current quarter is set to unfold, whether you'll meet your goals, and what obstacles are standing in your way. Their pipeline and deal reviews have likewise been revolutionized, making them smarter and more actionable than ever before.

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