Updated October 7, 2014

Survey: Halloween Candy Statistics

Candy Givers Don't Always Give Out Their Favorites

The majority of Americans will have a bowl of candy ready for trick-or-treaters this Halloween, but some of them will be stingy with what type of treats they dole out, according to a CreditDonkey.com survey.

While those who celebrate Halloween (78.7 percent of respondents) always hope to receive their favorite chocolate bar or sticky treat, they are not always feeling that generous when it comes to which types of candy they give away.

What Candy Do You Like to Receive/Give

Just over 90 percent of Halloween participants plan to hand out more or at least the same amount of candy this year as they did last year. But what they like to receive and what they like to give differs across the various candy brands.

  • 89.7 percent like to receive Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, 81.7 percent like to give it out
  • 89.6 percent like to receive Kit Kat, 76.0 percent like to give it out
  • 88.5 percent like to receive Twix, 73.2 percent like to give it out
  • 86.9 percent like to receive M&M's, 79.5 percent like to give it out
  • 85.2 percent like to receive Snickers, 78.9 percent like to give it out
  • 83.4 percent like to receive Hershey's Chocolate Bars, 72.3 percent like to give it out
  • 80.4 percent like to receive Milky Way, 72.5 percent like to give it out
  • 78.6 percent like to receive Nestle Crunch, only 66.8 percent like to give it out
  • 76.6 percent like to receive Starburst, 67.4 percent like to give it out
  • 76.5 percent like to receive Skittles, 68.0 percent like to give it out
  • 76.4 percent like to receive Butterfinger, only 68.7 percent like to give it out
  • 75.8 percent like to receive 3 Musketeers, only 67.9 percent like to give it out
  • 66.7 percent like to receive Nerds, 59.0 percent like to give it out
  • 65.8 percent like to receive Sour Patch Kids, 50.8 percent like to give it out
  • 60.5 percent like to receive Twizzlers, 52.8 percent like to give it out
  • 56.5 percent like to receive Smarties, 54.4 percent like to give it out
  • 55.6 percent like to receive Tootsie Rolls, 56.7 percent like to give it out
  • 54.9 percent like to receive Pop Rocks, 42.0 percent like to give it out
  • 47.8 percent like to receive Now and Later, 42.0 percent like to give it out
  • 46.8 percent like to receive Candy Corn, only 41.3 percent like to give it out
  • 42.0 percent like to receive Dots, 41.5 percent like to give it out
  • 28.9 percent like to receive Good & Plenty, 32.1 percent like to give it out
  • 23.2 percent like to receive Raisins, 23.7 percent like to give it out

Smart consumers try to be careful with how much candy they buy for trick-or-treaters and what type they buy. They don’t want to have a leftover bowl of their favorite candies sitting around the house the next day, tempting them. For diet reasons, you may not want to buy your favorite candy as the kind you’ll give out. That being said, very few trick-or-treaters will be happy if you give them raisins.

(From October 7, 2013 to October 11, 2013, CreditDonkey surveyed 1,076 Americans, age 18 and over for their opinions and plans regarding the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays. 78.7 percent plan to celebrate Halloween. Results and analysis are based on the Americans who plan to celebrate Halloween.)

Sarah Johnson is a senior editor at CreditDonkey, a credit card comparison and reviews website. Write to Sarah Johnson at sarah@creditdonkey.com. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for our latest posts.

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