Updated August 6, 2019

8 Types of People at a Chamber of Commerce Event

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People join their local chamber of commerce partly to forge relationships and promote their business but mostly to meet people. And you will meet a wide range of people when you attend any event.

You'll meet people like you, who care deeply about the community and improving it and who want the best for the nearby businesses. But you'll also meet distinct personality types. Whether it's a networking event or a social get-together, it helps to know what the common characteristics are as you navigate your way through getting to know others who are involved in the organization.

The Avid Networker

Number-one goal: Getting his name out to as many people as possible, wherever he goes.

Key distinction: You know this guy, because he introduces himself to you every time he gets in range. If you have attended five chamber of commerce meetings so far, then you have five of his business cards already. He knows the name of your wife or the mascot of your alma mater, and he seems to know everyone in the room.

Why you should get acquainted: Use the opportunity to observe and learn how this person connects with those around him (or, if he's not making many connections, what he could improve). Does he seem genuine? Is his body language matching what he's saying? Does he use eye contact and listen well, or are his eyes roving around the room for his next target?

The Do-Gooder

Number-one goal: She truly wants to serve her community and take it to the next level.

Key distinction: She's everywhere, not just at Chamber events but at meetings with local officials and even the food pantry. She's always organizing some event and trying to rally others to her many causes. While her actions are to be admired, she is often exhausted as she tends to take on too many projects at once. Others will have high respect for her but steer clear because she's always asking for assistance.

Why you should get acquainted: This person is in-the-know. Highly into your hometown, she knows who does what and the history of every little project, and she has realistic predictions about new developments.

The Photo Bomber

Number-one goal: Getting her face in the paper, on brochures and in your social media feed.

Key distinction: When you first meet her, you wonder where you've seen her before. Then you remember, you've seen her at every ribbon cutting, every gala, and every groundbreaking with the mayor or selectmen. She knows the importance of face time. Her face becomes the symbol of her industry, whether that's real estate sales, banking or catering. When you need that service, it's her face that comes to mind.

Why you should get acquainted: This person can teach you a thing or two about marketing. Since she's been to many events and is a documented networking master, see if she has some tips for you on how to get you and your business noticed.

The Grazer

Number-one goal: Stuffing his face with free food.

Key distinction: This guy is easy to find. He's always sidled up next to the food table munching on cheese cubes and celery sticks. Say "snacks provided," and you can count on at least this attendee. But before being too judgmental, take note: The Grazer will effortlessly meet everyone in the room without ever taking a step.

Why you should get acquainted: He always knows where the best events are in town.

The Peacemaker

Number-one goal: Staying away from conflict.

Key distinction: This person was a wallflower in high school and struggles to meet new people even now. While she is putting herself and her business out there through her involvement in the chamber, she does so tentatively, afraid to say anything that will ruffle any feathers. But with the quiet comes a concentrated observance of all around her.

Why you should get acquainted: She knows when it's worth stepping into the fray and when it's best to let others duke out the details. She knows everyone's temperament and can advise you on how to gauge the moods of those around you as you try to get to know new people or try to influence someone about a proposal.

The Match Maker

Number-one goal: Getting people to meet one another.

Key distinction: She's always introducing someone to someone else. She's great at remembering names and details so that she can get these partnerships going. She wants to match business owners with potential clients, and she wants neighbors to meet neighbors. Essentially, she wants everyone to get along and work together.

Why you should get acquainted: She can help you get introduced to anyone you want to know in town.

The Sales Rep

Number-one goal: Selling his product or service.

Key distinction: You can't have a conversation with this person without hearing about what he's pushing, even if you are not in his customer demographic. He sees every person he comes across as a potential lead, and he's not subtle about it.

Why you should get acquainted: This may be a case of observing what not to do. Chamber gatherings are opportunities to get to know one another and each other's business, but any selling that is done should not be over the top. See how others around him react to his tactics, and consider how you can take a different approach to get the word out about your business in a more effective way.

The Chamber of Commerce Staff

Number-one goal: Advocating for the business community.

Key distinction: In the business world, there are few people who have your best interest at heart with no ulterior motives. Count your local chamber of commerce staff members among those elite few motivated only by what's best for you and your business. Their job is to answer your questions, advise you and connect you with others who will help you succeed.

Why you should get acquainted: These are the people who can help you make long-lasting partnerships, learn the ropes of your local government, and spread the word about your business.

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