Updated April 20, 2022

How Much to Tip Dog Groomer

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Dog groomers provide a helpful service and work hard to take care of your furry friends. Here's how much you should tip them for their work.

Dog grooming is just like any hospitality service. Find out how much to tip groomers for taking care of your pup.

How much do you tip a dog groomer?

You should tip 15% - 20% for adequate service and 20% - 25% for excellent service for dog grooming. A typical dog grooming services usually involves:

  • A bath with shampoo
  • A blow dry
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning

It might also include conditioning, teeth brushing (full dental cleaning usually costs between $70-$300), and extras like fur styling or accessories like bows.

Do you tip a self-employed dog groomer?
Yes, you should tip a self-employed dog groomer if you liked their work. The standard hospitality rate is 15% - 20%.

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What if I can't afford to tip?
If you can't afford to tip the dog groomer, at least be sure to extend a hearty "thank you" or even a note. Even better, tell your dog-owning friends about the groomer to boost their business. It will surely be appreciated.

Do you tip the owner of the dog grooming business?
You generally tip the person who personally took care of your pet. But if you want to tip the owner of the grooming business as well, you can thank them for their business with a 15% - 20% tip.

When to tip your dog groomer extra

Dog groomers often deal with finicky and difficult pups, and they go the extra mile to make sure your dog leaves the salon feeling glamorous.

If any of the following circumstances apply to you or your dog (which are very common!), you might consider tipping a little extra:

  • If your dog bites or scratches the groomer
  • If your dog pees while being groomed
  • If your dog has extreme matting in their fur
  • If your dog is exceptionally dirty (especially if there's fecal matter involved)
  • If your dog is very old or overweight and can't stand while being groomed

If you get truly terrible service, you're not required to tip your dog groomer. As with any other service, tip based on your level of satisfaction and the quality of the service. But try to be understanding if there are special circumstances, like the ones listed above.

How much do you tip the dog groomer at PetSmart?

If the pet groomer did a solid job, you should tip 15% - 20%. You can tip even more if you were really impressed with their service.

PetSmart groomers earn a percentage of the total price you paid for the service (usually 40% - 50%). If your groomer did a good job, a tip shows them that you appreciate their hard work.

How much does it cost to groom a dog at PetSmart? Dog grooming at PetSmart costs between $30 and $80, depending on the size of your dog and which services you get. Get an estimate for your pup at PetSmart's website here.

Do you tip dog groomers at Petco?

It's recommended that you tip 15% - 20% for a dog groomer. You can tip more of less depending on how satisfied you are with their service.

Like PetSmart, Petco groomers take home a percentage of the total service cost, so a healthy tip would surely be welcome. Review the special circumstances listed above to know when you should tip a little extra.

How much to tip a mobile dog groomer?

You can tip 15% - 20% for mobile dog grooming service. Since the dog groomer comes to you, they've likely factored in transportation costs when setting their prices.

However, you are free to tip extra if you're especially grateful for the convenience of their mobile grooming service.

You can save money by trimming your dog's nails yourself. Take a look at this guide on how to safely trim your dog's nails from our friends at PetKeen.

How much to tip a dog groomer at Christmas?

If you have a regular dog groomer, you should give any small gift and/or a 30% - 40% tip as a thank you during the holidays. This gesture will surely be noticed and be appreciated, as dog groomers rely heavily on tips to make ends meet.

Bottom line

Dog grooming helps protect your pup against unhappy patches of skin and overly long nails. It's part of your pet's overall health plan.

And for such an important service, it's absolutely important to tip your dog groomer 15% - 20%.

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