November 19, 2017

Best in Sales and Marketing: Top Business Tech

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Accelerate your sales and marketing process. Winners of the CreditDonkey Best in Sales and Marketing Award have been announced.

Best Sales and Marketing
Best Sales and Marketing © CreditDonkey

The Latest Innovations for Finding and Keeping Customers

If you're like most small business owners, your resources for marketing and sales are tight. Perhaps you're trying to do most or all of the outreach for new customers yourself. If it gets neglected or doesn't get the attention it needs, your business will suffer.

Advances in software and innovative companies have combined to create solutions that take out a lot of the tough, time-consuming work involved in marketing and sales. With the right solution, pushing out messages, managing lists, testing messages, and segmenting your audience can be done with the push of a few buttons. Find the right solutions for your business, and you've freed up a big chunk of time for strategic thinking around your marketing and running the business.

But first you need to choose which solutions are right for your business needs. There are a ton of sales and marketing apps, software, and tools out there vying for your attention, but only the ones on this list are the cream of the crop.

CreditDonkey specializes in helping small business owners with their capital spending by reviewing and comparing service providers. This list is a starting point for finding the best fit for your company.

Best Sales and Marketing
Best Sales and Marketing © CreditDonkey

  • iContact

    iContact is a powerful email marketing tool that that offers clear options for small and medium-sized businesses with an intuitive, modern interface to help you create beautiful marketing messages.

    Why iContact is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their email marketing automation offers advanced features like behavioral targeting, workflow automation, and intuitive reporting, all in one platform. iContact's Salesforce integration makes sending mass emails and tracking the results with your CRM much easier, thanks to native integration that fits seamlessly inside your Salesforce dashboard.

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  • Ticketfly

    Ticketfly is a ticketing platform that connects fans with live events and provides ticketing and marketing solutions for promoters. CEO and co-founder Andrew Dreskin is a former promoter, making Ticketfly the only ticketing platform built by promoters, for promoters.

    Why Ticketfly is Best in Sales and Marketing: Ticketfly has an innovative heritage that includes Andrew Dreskin's experience selling the first music ticket online. The platform goes way beyond ticketing, including powerful digital marketing offerings and services such as website design, automated marketing channels, and self-service tools. Their integrated tools and top-notch support make it easy to build awareness of your events with automated social event publishing, branded email campaigns, and more.

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  • Shareaholic

    Shareaholic is content amplification software that works to put your content in front of more eyeballs, driving web traffic and increasing revenue.

    Why Shareaholic is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their platform enables marketers and publishers to personalize how their content is discovered, consumed, and engaged with. Their products offer ways to help marketers grow and engage with their audiences and gain insights into how their content is shared, helping them to continually improve their strategies.

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  • SAVO

    SAVO is the leader in the sales enablement market, having pioneered the sales enablement category in 1999 and is currently leading the space with its latest acquisition of KnowledgeTree. Jason Liu is the CEO of SAVO Group and joined the company in 2015. Liu brought-forward a dramatic transformation in the company in 2016; achieving operating profitability by mid-year, while also driving a redesign in its core technology and reporting platforms as a basis for rapid innovation. A stable operating structure has been foundational to SAVO’s acquisition strategy, which began with a June 2017 purchase of KnowledgeTree. As organic growth continues to accelerate upwards, SAVO will continue to also drive inorganic growth, as it brings its customers new capabilities through the consolidation.

    Why SAVO is Best in Sales and Marketing: SAVO provides the most insightful, prescriptive and secure sales enablement platform for global use, thereby delivering content to sellers within the context of their selling situation. With SAVO, companies achieve their revenue initiatives by aligning their sales, marketing and operations to work together with an unwavering focus on the customers and enhanced results in the field.

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  • Magnetic

    Magnetic offers marketing solutions with soul: they strive to understand the human perspective behind the data to uncover the intent of in-market buyers. CEO James Green has over 20 years of executive experience at companies including the Walt Disney Company, Pixar, and Sabela Media.

    Why Magnetic is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their data is compiled from over 250 million shopper profiles, 1 billion devices, and 450,000 partner sites. They offer ad solutions that help you reach customers at just the right moment, email marketing messages that feel personal, website solutions to drive conversions.

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  • Marketo

    Marketo offers top-notch marketing automation software for any business, no matter the size. CEO Steve Lucas was previously president of SAP's Platform Solutions and senior vice president of Platform Marketing at

    Why Marketo is Best in Sales and Marketing: From lead management to email marketing to mobile, they have solutions for all of your marketing needs. Marketo aims for constant innovation, striving to meet your marketing needs in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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  • DataFox

    DataFox helps businesses gain an edge in lead prospecting with smart insights backed by machine learning and data science. CEO Bastiaan Janmaat previously worked identifying growing tech companies at Goldman Sachs and is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    Why DataFox is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their prospecting platform provides more prospects with less work, with 30+ filters that will help you find hidden gems, whether or not they're in your CRM. You'll also receive customized insights via newsfeeds, email, or real-time mobile alerts, and you can use their 40+ filters to get only the insights you need.

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  • Criteo

    Criteo, the leader in commerce marketing, is building the highest performing and open commerce marketing ecosystem to drive profits and sales for retailers and brands. More than 2,700 Criteo team members partner with 17,000 customers and thousands of publishers across the globe to deliver performance at scale by connecting shoppers to the things they need and love. Designed for commerce, Criteo’s Commerce Marketing Ecosystem sees over $550 billion in annual commerce sales data.

    Why Criteo is Best in Sales and Marketing: They use this data to deliver the kind of relevant, personalized ads that create conversions and drive incremental sales. Their dynamic, real-time ads target consumers with relevant offers designed to convert.

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  • Percolate

    Percolate is a complete marketing software system for global brands that aims to help companies see, organize, and improve all aspects of marketing. Co-founder and CEO Noah Brier has spent his career in marketing as a strategist, director, and copywriter, while co-founder and president James Gross previously helped to build the publishing division at the online advertising network Federated Media.

    Why Percolate is Best in Sales and Marketing: With a marketing calendar, briefing management, and social and content marketing tools, this is a full-featured hub that will streamline your marketing. They even offer global-to-local marketing coordination, helping ensure that you have content for every market, anywhere in the world.

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  • Marin Software

    Marin Software offers a cross-channel performance advertising platform that allows marketers to run their advertising channels separately or in concert. CEO, founder, and chairman of the board Chris Lien was previously COO at the online performance marketing company Adteractive, Inc., and before that, chairman and CFO of broadband services platform Sugar Media, Inc.

    Why Marin Software is Best in Sales and Marketing: They offer social, search, and display marketing tools that use cross-channel data to help you better target and engage your audience. They also offer small business-focused apps that are easy to use and can save your company money while furthering your message's reach.

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  • Radius

    Radius is predictive business-to-business marketing software built to keep you one step ahead of the competition. CEO and co-founder Darian Shirazi has previously worked for Facebook and eBay, while CTO and co-founder Adrian Druzgalski holds degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley.

    Why Radius is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their "Network of Record" is a massive external data cloud of over 50 billion dynamic signals on over 18 million U.S. businesses, offering a huge trove of data that Radius will help you interpret. Its intuitive interface, advanced security features, and easy integration with your current marketing stack make it a snap to get started, too.

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  • Mailjet

    Mailjet offers a single solution to power all of your email marketing needs, with intuitive tools that will allow you to focus less on emails and more on running your business.

    Why Mailjet is Best in Sales and Marketing: With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor, it's easy to create and edit email templates with no coding skills necessary. Their system reliably changes and scales with your business, seamlessly integrating with your business and managing your email so you can focus on the bigger picture.

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  • Yext

    While your website is an important part of your business's online identity, it is no longer the center of the customer's digital experience with your brand. In fact, Yext found that brick-and-mortar-only businesses get 2.7 times as many views on maps, apps, search engines, GPS and social than on their own websites. Yext puts you in control of the facts about your business across across maps, apps, search engines, GPS, intelligent assistants, and other services customers use to discover your business. Yext is co-founder and CEO Howard Lerman's fourth company, and he is also co-founder and Chairman of off-the-record messaging service Confide, while co-founder and President Brian Distelburger advises several New York City Tech start-ups and sits on the Cornell Entrepreneurship Advisory Council.

    Why Yext is Best in Sales and Marketing: The Yext Knowledge Engine will help you manage the public facts about your business everywhere they appear, helping you control your brand and reach more potential customers. Their solutions can help you show up in listings, manage online reviews from satisfied customers, keep searches for your business up to date, and much more.

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  • Brightedge

    BrightEdge, the global leader in enterprise organic search and content performance, empowers marketers to transform online content into business results such as traffic, conversions and revenue. Founder and CEO Jim Yu received his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business at age 23 and previously worked for Salesforce.

    Why Brightedge is Best in Sales and Marketing: The BrightEdge S3 platform is powered by a sophisticated deep learning engine and is the only company capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social and mobile. BrightEdge’s 1,500+ customers include global brands such as 3M, Microsoft and Nike, as well as 57 of the Fortune 100. The company has eight offices worldwide and is headquartered in Foster City, California.

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  • Retention Science

    Retention Science uses predictive intelligence and AI to achieve marketing automation that still treats customers like the unique people they are.

    Why Retention Science is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their technology combines customer data, predictive recommendations that are trained to increase conversions, and intuitive design to make an easy-to-use marketing platform that creates true one-to-one customer experiences. Cortex, Retention Science's platform, merges AI with marketing automation to reach customers at every stage of their journey, from welcoming emails to winning back at-risk customers. They help power acquisition channels in addition to email. Their AI-generated predictive segments, when used with Facebook's lookalike audience, is generating customers up to 15x return on Facebook ad spend.

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  • Braze (formerly Appboy)

    Braze (formerly Appboy) is the leading lifecycle engagement platform for people and the brands they love. We empower enterprise and digital-first brands to humanize connections with customers, resulting in better experiences and increased retention, lifetime value, and ROI.

    Why Braze is Best in Sales and Marketing: The technology powers multiple channels - in-app, push, email, web, and many more - using customer profiles to deliver unique campaigns to each individual. Braze makes it easy to automate contextual, instantaneous messages across devices and optimize campaign performance to drive ROI and long term customer relationships. With their triple threat of data, technology, and teams working together in unison, they have created a platform that makes marketing more authentic, brands more human, and customers more satisfied with every experience.

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  • Klout

    Klout aims to help users become social media influencers by creating and sharing engaging content.

    Why Klout is Best in Sales and Marketing: It will suggest great content that your audience hasn't seen yet, helping you stand out from the social media crowd, and can tell you what kind of original content will strike a chord with your followers. You can then track your influence using your Klout Score, which uses over 400 signals from eight different networks to measure how effective your social media presence is.

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  • Nanigans

    Nanigans offers advertising automation software that works to find and remarket to your best customers across multiple channels. Co-founder and CEO Ric Calvillo has founded three start-ups including data storage infrastructure software company Incipient, Inc., while co-founder and CTO Claude Denton was previously CTO at education lead generator CourseAdvisor.

    Why Nanigans is Best in Sales and Marketing: With top-notch, scalable software, cross-channel ROI marketing automation, and excellent customer support, Nanigans is also a great choice for in-house marketing teams. By eliminating middleman fees and providing complete transparency into how your advertising budget is being allocated, moving to in-house digital marketing with Nanigans can save your company money and get better results.

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  • Engagio

    Engagio is an account-based marketing platform that will help your marketing team reach named accounts and targets with relevant, engaging messages. CEO and co-founder Jon Miller is a marketing entrepreneur who previously co-founded marketing automation leader Marketo, while CTO and co-founder Brian Babcock has 15 years of experience working with early-stage technology start-ups.

    Why Engagio is Best in Sales and Marketing: If your company wants to land bigger accounts, Engagio will help you by providing account-based insights, tracking engagement, and making it easy to orchestrate account-based programs across departments and channels. Their PlayMaker feature takes the busywork out of orchestrating account-based marketing programs with powerful tools that are easy to learn.

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  • Anaplan

    Anaplan offers a cloud planning platform that's flexible, scalable, and collaborative, enabling organizations to run almost any planning process in every part of the business. Founder and CTO Michael Gould has more than 25 years of experience in design and architecture, while president and CEO Frank Calderoni has over 30 years of successful executive leadership at companies like Red Hat, Inc. and Cisco Systems.

    Why Anaplan is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their modeling and calculation engine moves beyond using analytics from past data for planning, offering managers predictive results from different decisions before they act. Called Hyperblock, it allows users to create highly detailed planning models using all available data (down to the transactional level) to make smart, impactful decisions.

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  • OutboundEngine

    OutboundEngine is a marketing automation platform for small business; it sends targeted campaigns to contacts in your network, tracks engagement, and shows you who's ready to talk. Founder and CEO Branndon Stewart has 15 years of technology marketing experience. He has helped grow several Austin-based start-ups and prior to starting OutboundEngine served as VP of Marketing at Boundless Network.

    Why OutboundEngine is Best in Sales and Marketing: OutboundEngine combines easy-to-use software and a team of professional designers and marketers to create engaging, professional campaigns, automatically. By sending email and social media campaigns that brand you as an expert and keep your target audience engaged, OutboundEngine helps you maintain customer relationships and drive repeat business and referrals. Their platform also cuts down on guesswork, showing you your most engaged, valuable contacts so you can work smarter.

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  • Infer

    Infer uses machine learning to optimize and expand businesses' sales and marketing funnels. CEO and co-founder Vik Singh helped create and architect the open search platform Yahoo. BOSS, while co-founder and engineering professional Yang Zhang previously worked at Google Research, Microsoft Research, and Yahoo Labs.

    Why Infer is Best in Sales and Marketing: It starts with the existing data from your CRM or marketing automation system, which it uses to identify thousands of signals, and then applies machine learning to determine which prospects are most likely to become customers. This intelligent data is then deployed across your stack, helping your sales and marketing teams focus on the most valuable prospects.

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  • BrightFunnel

    BrightFunnel offers a B2B marketing attribution and forecasting suite that gives your marketing team visibility into what works so they can better control the customer journey. The current CEO is Chris Mann. Co-founder Nadim Hossain has over 17 years of experience in building, marketing, and selling cloud applications and was previously VP of Marketing and Sales Development at PowerReviews, while co-founder and CTO Nisheeth Ranjan has over 20 years of experience in engineering and management at Netscape and Trulia.

    Why BrightFunnel is Best in Sales and Marketing: It analyzes every marketing program, channel, campaign, and initiative to show how it contributes to pipeline and revenue. This makes it easy for your business to optimize execution by making better marketing decisions and improving productivity.

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  • Main Street Hub

    Main Street Hub saves small businesses time and money by managing their presence across social media networks, finding and engaging new customers in your community. Co-founder and co-CEO Andrew Allison previously worked in education policy and political speechwriting, while co-founder and co-CEO Matt Stuart held investment and advisory positions at Colony Capital and Goldman Sachs prior to his work at Main Street Hub.

    Why Main Street Hub is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their team of experts will help your social media messages get seen by your target audience and protect your reputation on online review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Most of all, Main Street Hub will save you hours of social media management time every week, freeing you up to focus on running your business.

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  • Influitive

    Influitive is driving the shift from company-centric marketing to advocate marketing with AdvocateHub, software that harnesses the voices of your customers to drive engagement. CEO and founder Mark Organ is also the founding CEO of B2B marketing company Eloqua, which was acquired for $871M.

    Why Influitive is Best in Sales and Marketing: Customers tend not to trust marketers or salespeople, but referral and advocate marketing is seen as more trustworthy; AdvocateHub will motivate your top customers to share your content, reviews, and testimonials to bring you more business. This also helps you build one-to-one relationships with your top customers, driving repeat business, which in turn creates more advocates.

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  • Alignable

    Alignable is a small business network that connects you to other small business owners in your community, boosting local awareness of your expertise and your company. CEO Eric Groves was previously SVP of Sales & Business Development at Constant Contact for over ten years.

    Why Alignable is Best in Sales and Marketing: This free service helps business owners build trusted relationships in their communities, driving referrals and more business. Their platform even features referral tracking, which lets you exchange referrals with other local business owners and keep track of everything, all in one place.

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  • FameBit

    FameBit is a YouTube influencer marketing platform that makes it easy to find and work with social media stars to drive brand awareness, build buzz, and reach the next generation of consumers.

    Why FameBit is Best in Sales and Marketing: It's easy for brands: FameBit brings influencers to you, making it easy to find and hire them, and their platform makes collaboration easy. It's also a great resource for content creators who are looking for brands to partner with.

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  • Contactually

    Contactually is CRM and contact management software built to help you grow and nurture the relationships that power your business. Co-founder and CEO Zvi Band is also an engineer who is fostering a tech community in Washington, DC, while co-founder and COO Tony Cappaert is an MIT alumnus who previously worked with Microsoft.

    Why Contactually is Best in Sales and Marketing: It connects directly to your company email to generate a relationship database where it's easy to categorize contacts and keep track of who to reach out to and when. This way, you can keep in touch with all of your top contacts and stay top-of-mind so you can build repeat and referral business.

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  • Evergage

    Evergage is a complete, real-time marketing personalization platform that enables true one-to-one customer engagement. CEO and co-founder Karl Wirth spent 10 years innovating both product and marketing at companies like Red Hat and RSA Security, while CTO and co-founder Greg Hinkle previously led development of Systems Administration and Monitoring products at Red Hat.

    Why Evergage is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their system uses machine learning to create detailed customer profiles that you can use to individualize interactions. This makes it simple to create and deploy personalization campaigns in mere hours with no need for developers or IT.

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  • SocialToaster

    SocialToaster is a marketing service that harnesses your brand's biggest fans to push your content to a wider audience.

    Why SocialToaster is Best in Sales and Marketing: All you do is create the content, and SocialToaster will push it to your superfans, who can share it to their social channels with a single click. They'll tailor a campaign just for you, and when it begins, they make it easy to track your progress and view results.

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  • BrandYourself

    BrandYourself helps you manage your online reputation by letting you clean up and protect your Google results. CEO and co-founder Patrick Ambron started an SEO company in college, but quickly shifted to helping individuals improve their search results with BrandYourself, while co-founder and Director of Product Pete Kistler realized the need for a service like BrandYourself when his search results turned up a convict who shared his name.

    Why BrandYourself is Best in Sales and Marketing: It works for both individuals and businesses, with tools that help you suppress negative search results while boosting the positive ones so you stand out from the competition. Check out their website and sign up for a free account to see how it works, risk-free.

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  • FlowVella

    FlowVella is a tool that helps marketers build better mobile presentations, combining text, PDFs, video, galleries, and more to transform your story into an interactive conversation.

    Why FlowVella is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their Kiosk Mode feature can turn an iPad into a secure, interactive experience ideal for events, trade shows, retail stores, and more. It works online or offline, allowing you to create and edit professional-level presentations on the go, storing them on the cloud.

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  • BlueConic

    BlueConic is a simple, accessible customer data platform that allows marketers to harness the data they need to individuals at every interaction and synchronize their intent across the entire marketing ecosystem.

    Why BlueConic is Best in Sales and Marketing: Your digital channels will be tightly linked, seamlessly moving customer data from one to another to improve targeting. This means decreased bounce rates, improved targeting, and better customer relationships.

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  • Oktopost

    Oktopost is the only B2B Social Media Management platform which enables marketers to engage audiences, measure results, and amplify reach on social media.

    Why Oktopost is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their platform makes it possible to publish large-scale content, tie your content's performance to clicks and lead generation, and integrate this data with your marketing automation platform. Oktopost's powerful social response solution allows your team to assign social conversations to relevant team members, ensuring everyone is working together to deliver a seamless customer experience.

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  • Traackr

    Traackr is an Influencer Marketing Platform that helps you manage your influencer marketing, get insights into just how influential your influencers are, and expand your network.

    Why Traackr is Best in Sales and Marketing: Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in any marketer's arsenal, and Traacker's tools aim to help you harness it, measure it, and improve it. It helps you find the right moments to connect with influencers so you can inspire them to remember you and build relationships that last.

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  • Ambassador

    Ambassador is referral software that offers tools to help you optimize your referral marketing results.

    Why Ambassador is Best in Sales and Marketing: 82% of consumers seek recommendations before committing to a purchase, and Ambassador can help your business harness referrals to bring in customers who close faster, buy more, and keep coming back. Their platform makes it easy to enroll and segment your new brand ambassadors, manage and track their referrals, and even reward them with cash, gift cards, loyalty points, and other goodies.

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  • OneSpot

    OneSpot offers a data-driven approach to building lasting customer relationships using content marketing personalization. President and founder Matt Cohen was previously a partner at G-51Capital, a leading Austin-based, early stage venture capital firm, and has been working in internet and digital content for almost two decades.

    Why OneSpot is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their machine learning enables personalized content marketing at scale by building a dynamic view of each customer's interests, preferences, and digital journey stage, surfacing relevant content to engage them. Their cross-channel integration means that users can be targeted wherever they are, on any device, so your message is sure to reach them.

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  • Metadata

    Metadata is an account-based targeting platform that aims to take the guesswork out of your B2B content marketing.

    Why Metadata is Best in Sales and Marketing: It works by reverse-engineering your ideal buyer; just connect your CRM and it will score your buyers and profile buyer personas. Then, it will target lookalike audiences so your content can find new buyers across channels.

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  • Snapwire

    Snapwire is changing the way brands create content by offering royalty-free photos created just for you.

    Why Snapwire is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their proven photographers will respond to your requests and create authentic photographs that are on-brand. This means you can stop scouring the internet for the right content, and instead collaborate with creatives to create beautiful, unique photos that will stand out from the crowd.

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  • Spinnakr

    Spinnakr makes website analytics easy and fun with AI-powered insights. Co-founder Adam Bonnifield ran digital strategy for political campaigns in college, breaking Congressional fundraising records, while co-founder Michael Mayernick founded Proudly Made in DC and co-organizes the DC Tech Meetup.

    Why Spinnakr is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their software identifies opportunities and trends in your web traffic in real-time, and alerts you if it's important. They then empower you to respond by letting you deploy messaging to your website based on any segment of visitors their software identifies.

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  • TapInfluence

    TapInfluence is automating influencer marketing by making it easy to find and reach influencers, measure their performance, and automate legal, disclosures and payments.

    Why TapInfluence is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their opt-in marketplace gives your business instant access to thousands of vetted, experienced influencers, and they'll help you find the right ones for your brand. TapInfluence's workflow automation then makes building and executing influencer marketing campaigns faster than ever, no matter their size or complexity.

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  • ExpertFile

    ExpertFile is an expert marketing platform that allows business to better showcase their expertise and promote themon their website, in search and on ExpertFile’s free global directory of thousands of credible experts on over 25,000 topics.

    Why ExpertFile is Best in Sales and Marketing: ExpertFile allows marketers to leverage their expert content to increase website engagement and market visibility, driving more opportunities for media, speaking, sales, partnerships and more. Their software platform enables marketers to easily design and integrate custom searchable directories, expert profiles, and featured content directly on their website. If you're an organization that's looking for ways to promote your own experts, this platform will increase their visibility.

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  • NeoReach

    NeoReach is a self-service influencer marketing platform that enables you to unify and streamline your influencer marketing.

    Why NeoReach is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their tool indexes the social web so you can get the detailed insights you need to create lists and select the right influencers. From there, you run your own influencer campaigns, manage your relationships, and build your network, all without paying commission.

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  • MomentFeed

    MomentFeed is mobile customer experience management software for brands with multiple locations that helps you deftly navigate the complex mobile landscape and generate more foot traffic to your door. Chairman and CEO Robert Blatt has more than 25 years of senior management experience with telecommunications, enterprise software, B2C, and SaaS companies.

    Why MomentFeed is Best in Sales and Marketing: It leverages your multiple locations to become more visible and more engaging on mobile, helping you dominate the competition online and off. With mobile advertising and marketing, social media engagement, rating/review management tools and more, your company will master mobile in no time.

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  • Outreach

    Outreach is a sales engagement platform for both inbound and outbound sales that's built to help your team engage prospects more effectively and efficiently.

    Why Outreach is Best in Sales and Marketing: It brings together everything your reps need to sell under one roof: optimized calls, personalized emails, A/B testing, intelligent workflows, and more. Outreach even features outbound sales analytics that provide your reps with the insights they need to decide how to spend their time and engage with prospects.

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  • Jetlore

    Jetlore is a prediction platform that enables your marketing team to go beyond personalization, using AI to learn and adapt to customers' behaviors.

    Why Jetlore is Best in Sales and Marketing: With each interaction, it learns more about each customer and dynamically adapts in real-time to amplify the content a customer is interested in and mute the content they're not. Its AI tracks every piece of content, ensuring that no two customers get the same experience, and no customer sees the same content twice.

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  • Hyperactivate

    Hyperactivate aims to boost businesses' social media engagement by using an innovative suite of content-sharing tools to activate fans and followers.

    Why Hyperactivate is Best in Sales and Marketing: They have the experience and reliability you need in a social engagement platform, and offer quick turnaround times for your campaigns. Visit their website and check out their flagship social media engagement tool, Hashtagart, which creates stunning mosaics out of your followers' and fans' profile pictures.

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  • RingDNA

    RingDNA is an inbound and outbound voice solution for your sales team that works to boost productivity and bring your reps to success faster than ever. CEO and founder Howard Brown is a three-time entrepreneur with experience and success in innovating the fields of marketing, cloud computing, and sales.

    Why RingDNA is Best in Sales and Marketing: With inbound and outbound call tracking, your team will know who's calling and what to sell them before they ever pick up the phone. Your reps can also save hours each week with the Voicemail Drop feature, which allows them to leave pre-recorded voicemail messages with a single click.

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  • Crowdtap
    Crowdtap is a people-powered marketing platform that connects your brand with a motivated community of people who will power your conversation. CEO Matt Britton previously served as CEO at MRY, and during his tenure there the agency worked with companies such as Microsoft, Ford Motors, and Google.

    Why Crowdtap is Best in Sales and Marketing: The platform brings together brand loyalists and potential customers, along with professional partners and everyday consumers, to create a thriving collaborative community around your brand. You use this community to listen to opinions and hear about experiences, so you can analyze the conversation and make informed, agile marketing decisions.

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  • Ripl

    Ripl is a social media marketing tool designed for small businesses who want to share video, but don't think they can afford professional-level video content. Founder and CEO Paul Ingalls was previously a co-founder and CTO at Smilebox and a development manager at RealNetworks.

    Why Ripl is Best in Sales and Marketing: This app makes it easy to create slick videos for your social media marketing: just add photos and text to include in your post, choose your design, customize it, and share. Video content gets more views and more shares than text or photographic content alone, so get started with Ripl today.

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    Follow @Ripl_App

  • Betaout

    Betaout is an all-in-one eCommerce marketing platform that automates everything from email marketing to ad retargeting.

    Why Betaout is Best in Sales and Marketing: Its features include cart recovery that helps you prioritize and target abandoned carts, customer segmentation for more personalized ads, and more. Their detailed analytics give you a wide view of the information you need to run your business and make smart marketing decisions.

    Read: How To Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts In 7 Simple Steps
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  • LaunchBit

    LaunchBit helps marketers reach professional audiences with tools for B2B lead generation. CEO and co-founder Elizabeth Yin previously worked at Google and holds degrees from Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School, while co-founder and CTO Jennifer Chin graduated from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and focuses on technology and product with LaunchBit.

    Why LaunchBit is Best in Sales and Marketing: Users can take advantage of unique ad formats that boast higher click-thru rates than typical display ads, and optimize their campaigns with help from real-time statistics and insights. LaunchBit offers the tools you need to reach high-quality professional leads like small business owners, programmers, and many others in a cost-effective way.

    Read: Do images affect click-through-rate in your email newsletter?
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  • SocialTools

    SocialTools makes it easy to create contests and promotions for Facebook to engage more potential customers and boost your brand.

    Why SocialTools is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their platform makes it easy to create an app, customize it with your own personal spin, and publish it to your Facebook fan page. Choose from a huge variety of app categories, like sweepstakes, image contests, story contests, and more.

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  • RetentionGrid

    RetentionGrid is a customer retention platform for e-commerce that offers customer loyalty segmentation, lifecycle analytics, and automated marketing campaigns to keep your customers coming back.

    Why RetentionGrid is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their intuitive loyalty segments make it easy to tell who your most loyal customers are and where action is needed at a single glance. You can also easily broadcast emails by segment using an easy-to-use campaign creation tool that lets you design, test, and send marketing emails on the fly.

    Follow @RetentionGrid

  • Blitzen

    Blitzen is a personal marketing platform that aims to help you get to know your customers as people, and not as a list of email addresses.

    Why Blitzen is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their interface lets you see all of your customer data in one view, and you can customize how it segments and scores your contacts so it thinks like you do. Blitzen can even help you convert more traffic with smart, stylish forms that are a snap to customize.

    Read: Revenue generation processes in an organization with Joe Gelata
    Follow @Blitzen

  • Gazemetrix

    Sysomos Gaze lets you locate and manage your brand in social photos, helping you identify both risks and opportunities.

    Why Gazemetrix is Best in Sales and Marketing: You can use it to discover influencers sharing images related to your brand, for example, and then engage with them directly. It even allows you to quickly and easily purchase the rights to the images you find that you love.

    Follow @gazeMetrix

  • Vionic

    Vionic offers social media automation tools that let you offer deals, coupons, sweepstakes, and more, right on your Facebook page.

    Why Vionic is Best in Sales and Marketing: Unlike many other daily deal companies, Vionic offers you total control at lower price than the competition - just a 9.9% transaction fee. By publishing your deals straight to your Facebook page, you ensure that your fans - rather than just one-time impulse buyers - are seeing them.

    Follow @Vionicinc

  • GinzaMetrics

    GinzaMetrics offers enterprise-grade content intelligence and search analytics to improve your search rankings. CEO and founder Ray Grieselhuber has ten years of experience in the search and digital marketing space, including as one of the original product creators at the San Diego search agency Covario.

    Why GinzaMetrics is Best in Sales and Marketing: With powerful SEO tools, strategic marketing channel insights, optimization recommendations, and more, they have everything your team needs to stand out. Their tools can seriously boost your content marketing game, too, with keyword discovery to drive new topics, workflow management, and insights into your competitors' content.

    Read: Create data driven content marketing
    Follow @ginzametrics

  • MyCityWay

    MyCityWay is a cloud-based mobile marketing automation platform that enables brands to automatically deliver personally targeted messages based on customer knowledge and real-time signal data from connected devices.

    Why MyCityWay is Best in Sales and Marketing: The platform segments audience by interest, need, current situation, and more, then personalizes interaction at every customer touchpoint through real-time context. It can even send welcome messages and personalized deals to customers in brick-and-mortar locations.

    Follow @MobileROI

  • Bluedot Innovation

    Bluedot Innovation powers location-based marketing, commerce, engagement, and analytics platforms, reaching customers anywhere and providing you with real-time data on their behaviors. Co-founder Filip Eldic leads R&D at Bluedot and previously launched a number of successful, location-based start-ups, while co-founder Emil Davityan has led complex projects with major technology companies and international governments alike.

    Why Bluedot Innovation is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their razor-thin geofencing technology, called Geolines, enables hyper-accurate, location-based marketing for more flexibility and great performance. These Geolines can push notifications to customers, delivering ads, offers, and content, enabling preorders and instant purchases, and more.

    Read: Loke Powers Mobile Payments App for Global Bank
    Follow @BluedotInnovate

  • Storygami

    Storygami is an interactive video tool that lets you transform your video content into rich media embeds in a matter of minutes.

    Why Storygami is Best in Sales and Marketing: You can use it to add interactive cards like maps, articles, image galleries, polls, and more to drive audience engagement. The videos you make with Storygami can be embedded in your website and even shared to outlets like Twitter, Kickstarter, and Medium.

    Read: Maven of the Week
    Follow @storygami

  • Convertro

    Convertro's Unified Marketing Activation Platform utilizes a single model framework to provide attribution modeling for multi-touch, TV, and mobile attribution and more.

    Why Convertro is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their tools are designed to give you intimate knowledge of the forces driving your business success so you can shape your marketing to power your growth. With a relentless pursuit of customer-level data, they cut down on inaccurate attribution and wasted spending to save you money and improve your targeting.

    Read: Convertro Receives High Ranking Again
    Follow @Convertro

  • Kahuna

    Kahuna is business-to-consumer marketing automation and engagement software that helps you build relationships with every customer. CEO Sameer Patel was previously GM/SVP at SAP/SuccessFactors, and prior to that worked in consulting and in the systems integrator business.

    Why Kahuna is Best in Sales and Marketing: They know that the key to getting consumers to listen to your message is to listen to them first, and they'll help you understand their preferences and behaviors so you can engage them in a meaningful way. That means that they can help you personalize your marketing messages in both content and context, sending messages your customers will respond to on the devices and channels they prefer.

    Read: The 5 Ws of Modern Marketing
    Follow @kahuna

  • AdStage

    AdStage is cross-channel marketing software that makes it easy to manage your paid search and social campaigns, putting reporting, automization, and optimization all under one roof.

    Why AdStage is Best in Sales and Marketing: You can create complete cross-channel reports with a simple drag and drop interface and automate your Adwords, Bing, Facebook, and other campaigns with ease. You can then manage it all with powerful tools that let you bulk edit, group your campaigns, and test ad variation across channels.

    Read: When the Ultimate PPC Experts Peer into 2017
    Follow @adstage

  • ToutApp

    ToutApp is enterprise-grade sales software for your entire team, working to increase your sales pipeline, drive consistency and productivity, and help you more accurately manage and forecast.

    Why ToutApp is Best in Sales and Marketing: Its full suite of features includes email, website, and document tracking, high deliverability email, great reports and insights, and many more. ToutApp also integrates seamlessly with your workflow, from email to CRM, to make sales productivity simpler than ever.

    Read: The Sales Leader's Guide to Building a Revenue Generating Machine
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  • Iterable

    Iterable is marketer-friendly growth marketing software that's seamlessly multi-channel, reaching customers wherever and whenever is right for them. Co-founder and CEO Justin Zhu previously worked at Twitter building User Growth systems, while Head of Product and co-founder Andrew Boni previously worked on Adsense at Google.

    Why Iterable is Best in Sales and Marketing: Your marketers won't have to work with separate tools or products to send the right message to the right device, at the right time. It's also easy to build workflows and entire campaigns in minutes, conduct A/B tests, and collect your results in real-time.

    Read: Series B and Beyond
    Follow @Iterable

  • Crimson Hexagon

    Crimson Hexagon is a leading social media analytics company that helps brands discover new insights from social media to help them drive strategy. CEO Stephanie Newby is also the founder of the venture investment firm Golden Seeds and previously served in multiple roles with JP Morgan Chase.

    Why Crimson Hexagon is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their software can help you understand what your target market thinks about your brand by tracking emotion and sentiment in social media conversations about your company and products. The insights this uncovers can help your company beat competitors to the punch by identifying new growth opportunities, assist in improving campaign strategies, and more.

    Read: What Is Social Media Analytics?
    Follow @crimsonhexagon

  • SendGrid

    SendGrid is a marketing and transactional email service that empowers businesses to send email newsletters, marketing messages, password resets, and more with confidence. CEO Sameer Dholakia has over 20 years of experience in disruptive cloud and enterprise software solutions and previously served as Group Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud Platforms group at Citrix.

    Why SendGrid is Best in Sales and Marketing: Their Email Marketing Service enables marketers to easily create and send beautiful, highly-targeted marketing messages. With personal attention from email experts, you can be sure that your messages will be secure and will always reach the recipients' inboxes.

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    Follow @SendGrid

  • Quote Roller

    Quote Roller is a sales tool for document automation that gives you the tools you need to turn your leads into clients and close their deals faster.

    Why Quote Roller is Best in Sales and Marketing: With Quote Roller, you can easily create sales documents, use dynamic quoting, get electronic signatures, and more, all in one program. Streamlining the process like this will save your company time and money without sacrificing on accuracy.

    Read: Salesforce Integration with Quote Roller
    Follow @quoteroller

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