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The amount of money you spend on alcohol will blow your mind. Use this calculator to find out your average cost per week, month and year.

It's easy to buy a case of cheap beer. But, as you can see from this calculator, the costs add up very quickly. Imagine if that money went towards a down payment on a house or new car!

For many people, drinking is a way to unwind after a long day, find "liquid courage", and socialize with others. In fact, 69.73% of Americans drink at least one alcoholic beverage per week.

Take a look at other eye-opening financial findings below:

Alcohol spending statistics

  • How much money is spent on alcohol each year in the world?
    The Alcoholic Beverages Market is projected to reach $1,594 billion by 2022.

  • How much money does the average American spend on alcohol every year?
    The average American will spend approximately one percent of an annual gross income on alcohol purchases or around $565 per year.

  • How many calories do you save by not drinking alcohol?
    The average beer has 150 calories. Just multiply that number by how many beers you normally consume each night.

  • How much weight can you lose by giving up alcohol?
    The average beer has 150 calories. So if you give up 4 beers per night, you'll consume 600 fewer calories per day. In one week that works out to 4,200 fewer calories.

    One pound of fat is 3,500 calories so you can expect at least a pound of weight loss the first week.

  • Which countries drink the most alcohol (in liters per capita)?
    1. Moldova (17.4 liters per capita over 15+ years)
    2. Belarus (17.1)
    3. Lithuania (16.2)
    4. Russia (14.5)
    5. Czech Republic (14.1)
    6. Romania (12.9)
    7. Serbia (12.9)
    8. Australia (12.6)
    9. Portugal (12.5)
    10. Slovakia (12.5)

  • How much money is spent on beer every year in the US?
    Americans spend over $37 billion annually on beer.

  • How much do alcoholics spend a month?
    Consuming more than 15 drinks per week for men and more than 8 drinks per week is considered heavy alcohol use. So, alcoholics spend a minimum of $48 - $90 per month.

  • How much do alcoholics spend a year?
    Alcoholics spend $576 - $1,080 on alcohol per year.

  • Which country has the highest rate of alcoholism?
    Belarus. This country's citizens drank a total of 14.4 liters of 473 ounces of alcohol annually.

  • How much do millennials spend on alcohol?
    Millennials generally pay $300 each month on alcoholic beverages.

Benefits of drinking less alcohol

Besides taking a beating on your wallet, alcohol is known to increase the risk of several medical conditions. The occasional glass of wine with dinner is perfectly fine but drinking in excess can take a toll on your body.

Here are some big advantages of cutting your alcohol use:

  1. Improved mental health and moods
  2. Better long-term physical health (lower blood sugar, weight loss and fewer headaches or heartburns)
  3. Strong immune system
  4. Improved liver function
  5. Healthier physical appearance
  6. Better sleep and more energy
  7. BIG money savings

How to reduce drinking alcohol on your own

In general, people should limit their alcohol intake to no more than two drinks per day for men and one drink for women.

If you tend to drink more than that, try out a few strategies for curbing your alcohol intake:

  1. Put a list of reasons why you should drink less in writing
  2. Set a drinking limit
  3. Track your drinking habits in a diary
  4. Don't keep alcohol in your house
  5. Sip your drink slowly
  6. Never drink on an empty stomach
  7. Choose 1-2 alcohol-free days per week
  8. Avoid peer pressure and practice ways to say no politely
  9. Keep busy with physical activities and hobbies
  10. Ask for support from friends and family
  11. Connect with your doctor about what's best for you
  12. Use stop drinking apps (more on that below)

Best apps to stop drinking alcohol

Looking to reduce your alcohol consumption or quit drinking altogether? Some apps can help you succeed in your goal.

Here are the top stop drinking apps based on their design, usability, user ratings, and the likelihood of reaching your target.

  • Sober Grid - The app connects you with a network of individuals in sobriety. You can share your thoughts, experiences, and questions with a community.

    iPhone, Android

  • Twenty-Four Hours a Day - This recovery program is based on the best-selling book by Richard Walker. It gives you access to 366 daily meditations and messages.

    Note, the app costs $5.99 to use.

    iPhone, Android

  • Sobriety Counter - The fun app gamifies the process of quitting drinking. It offers games, badges, and rewards for not drinking.


  • Nomo - This app is perfect for anyone recovering from alcoholism, codependency, smoking, tobacco, or any other addiction.

    iPhone, Android

Bottom line

Do you feel that you're drinking too much? Too often?

Reducing your alcohol usage will benefit your mind, body, and wallet. But remember: Everyone's journey is different. And there are a lot of resources out there to help you.

If you'd like better control of this habit, check in with your doctor first. They'll let you know if it's better for you to cut back or abstain.

Small steps do add up. Keep your eye on the prize and pat yourself on the back for your successes.

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