November 19, 2017

Best Public Speaking Blogs: Top Business Experts

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Speak up and be heard. Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Public Speaking Blogs have been announced.

How to Improve at Public Speaking

It's tough to put yourself out there - to speak well and be engaging enough that everyone pays attention. The best blogs about public speaking help you do exactly that, with tips to win over the crowd and inspiration to keep doing it, whether you're new at the game or improving the craft.

Even more compelling for some of you are the templates and ideas on presentations some experts are willing to share.

It's a wide-open industry, with many people needing to speak publicly for their jobs or using the public speaking circuit to market their business. For that reason, a steady stream of blogs on public speaking have come out in recent years. The ones we've listed below are the ones worth paying attention to, as they have helpful content from interesting, knowledgeable public speaking bloggers.

At CreditDonkey, we help small business owners and consumers with tools and ideas on how to improve their business and careers and spend their funds wisely. The Best Public Speaking Blogs can help you tremendously in your everyday work life.

  • Prezi Blog

    Prezi offers online presentation software that makes creating beautiful, engaging presentations easy, even if you're not a designer. Prezi CEO and co-founder Peter Arvai joined forces with his co-founders Adam Somlai-Fischer and Péter Halácsy, in 2008 to create a more engaging way for people to share stories. Prior to Prezi, he created a mobile newsreader that allowed users to follow TED talks on mobile devices.

    Why Prezi Blog is a Top Public Speaking Resource: Their blog is packed with tips on creating perfect Prezi presentations, from designing the look to learning the little tricks that can make or break a big presentation. You can even check out some of the top Prezis created by professionals for everything from TED talks to business sales presentations.

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  • Patricia Fripp

    Patricia Fripp is an executive speech coach whose blog focuses on helping executives create more engaging presentations, tell more dynamic stories, and have more impact. Patricia Fripp is a professional speaker who also specializes in transforming the speaking skills of others, and she and her team are available for coaching, keynote speaking, and improving sales results.

    Why Patricia Fripp is a Top Public Speaking Resource: With tips that include speech preparation, keeping your nerves calm, and engaging with potential buyers during a sales pitch. This a blog that any public speaker should have bookmarked. The blog is also packed with videos of Patricia herself generously doling out expert advice, so you can learn not only from her content but from her presentation.

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  • The Self-Expression Center

    The Self-Expression Center's "Speaking Freely" blog is packed with advice on how to overcome stage fright and the fear of public speaking. Sandra Zimmer, the heart of the Self-Expression Center, is a former acting student who knows how to provide a safe atmosphere for those looking to conquer their fear.

    Why The Self-Expression Center is a Top Public Speaking Resource: With tips on everything from breathing to handling hostile audiences to learning to love the sound of your voice, this blog is for the public speakers who want to do anything but speak in public. It's also a great resource for learning about workshops where you can work with coaches to overcome stage fright and become a more engaging public speaker.

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  • Toastmasters International

    Toastmasters International is a nonprofit that teaches the skill of public speaking, and their blog offers tips for all kinds of public speaking, from small meetings to large conventions. Toastmasters International has over 345,000 members in 142 countries, all working to improve their public speaking skills to become better leaders.

    Why Toastmasters International is a Top Public Speaking Resource: Whether you're running a meeting, making a speech, or simply announcing over a PA system, Toastmasters' blog has expert advice that you can use to become more engaging than ever. This blog also features inspirational stories from public speakers around the world, wise words on how to write great speeches and presentations, and more.

    Read: Toastmasters International
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  • Decker Communications

    Decker Communications' blog covers a wide range of public speaking topics, from how to handle challenging Q&A to how to take control of a presentation in the boardroom. Decker Communications is a training and consulting firm that transforms business communications, and offers online and offline classes and workshops to help speakers deliver a meaningful message to an attentive audience.

    Why Decker Communications is a Top Public Speaking Resource: Their multiple topics include a range of informative and inspirational articles on continuous improvement that can help even the best, most seasoned speakers sharpen their message and hone their presentation. With advice on how to seize control during challenging moments in speaking and presenting, this blog can even help you become a stronger leader.

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  • SlideGenius

    The SlideGenius blog is packed with expert PowerPoint presentation design tips to help your next presentation or speaking event go over like gangbusters. In addition to their informative blog, SlideGenius also has a team of expert designers, copywriters, and more, all available to help you get the most out of your next presentation.

    Why SlideGenius is a Top Public Speaking Resource: It's not just all about slides though; you can also learn how to improve your stage presence through humor, sell without pushing, and get over stage fright. Whether you're creating an informative PowerPoint presentation for a sales pitch or looking to craft something dynamic for a big event, you'll find plenty of great advice right here.

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  • Speak Schmeak

    Public speaking expert Lisa Braithwaite's Speak Schmeak offers tips for improving your stage presence, building confidence as a public speaker, and more. Lisa is a trainer and educator with a lifelong passion for public speaking, and she is available as a coach for hire, too. She has been doing training and education for 25 years.

    Why Speak Schmeak is a Top Public Speaking Resource: Lisa's background as a speaker gives her professional insight into how to engage any audience from word one by staying genuine. Her posts often look into the psychology of public speaking, helping you find the right mindset you'll need to stick the landing during your next speaking event.

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  • Public Words

    Public Words' blog covers just about every aspect of public speaking, from a speaker's lifestyle to the best speaking tips to the business of speaking itself. Public Words founder and CEO Nick Morgan is a top communication theorist and coach with years of experience, including writing speeches for Fortune 50 executives and coaching people to give Congressional testimony.

    Why Public Words is a Top Public Speaking Resource: This blog's multi-part series on the principles of public speaking is an invaluable crash course in how to become an effective speaker for any beginner, and also offers insights for veterans. Whether you want to learn about body language, great storytelling practices, or the latest public speaker conferences, Public Words is an excellent resource.

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  • Nancy Juetten

    Public speaking mentor Nancy Juetten's Main Street Media Savvy blog is dedicated to helping aspiring speakers prepare for the big stage. Nancy Juetten is a public speaking coach and expert who guides and inspires speakers, coaches, experts, and others to raise their profile and become celebrated paid speakers.

    Why Nancy Juetten is a Top Public Speaking Resource: Nancy's blog ranges from thoughtful ruminations on self-confidence and self-improvement to actionable advice for making your public speaking career soar, which means there's content for everyone interested in building a speaking career. She also offers tips for preparing yourself for the long journey to success, from how to earn money before your career kicks into gear to how to create your own press releases and more.

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  • Speak For Yourself

    Karen Cortell Reisman's blog, Speak For Yourself, is packed with tips to help business owners become better communicators, better leaders, and of course, better public speakers. Karen Cortell Reisman is an expert in helping business leaders become the kind of communicators who can grow their business, and is an author of two books, a frequent radio guest, and a public speaker.

    Why Speak For Yourself is a Top Public Speaking Resource: The best leaders are usually the most effective communicators, and Karen's blog can teach you how to improve your body language, your presentations, and even your emails. When it comes to public speaking, this blog is filled with great ways to improve presentations, build your stage presence, and gain confidence when speaking before a crowd.

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  • Manner of Speaking

    Manner of Speaking is a blog filled with inspiration and ideas for public speakers, featuring everything from storytelling to inspirational quotes to tips on confidence and delivery. John Zimmer is a lawyer and near-lifelong public speaker whose aim is to help others build their confidence and improve their speaking skills.

    Why Manner of Speaking is a Top Public Speaking Resource: With videos, personal insights and even content by influencers like Seth Godin, this blog has something for every speaker. There are even posts that dissect famous speeches and public moments, showing you how you can learn from them.

    Read: RHETORIC. The app is here
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  • The Genard Method

    The Genard Method's "Speak for Success" blog is wall-to-wall expert public speaking tips on topics like improving your voice, speaking with authority, and crafting killer presentations. Dr. Gary Genard is an actor, author, and speaking coach whose method has helped business leaders, leadership teams, and other professionals around the world to embody presence and confidence on the biggest stages.

    Why The Genard Method is a Top Public Speaking Resource: The Genard Method offers executive coaching and on-site corporate training in public speaking that's based in the theater and performance. The Method is geared toward helping you become a passionate, engaging speaker with a magnetic stage presence. You'll also learn the art of audience persuasion, how to attune your body language to your spectators, and more.

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  • Cornerstone OnDemand

    Cornerstone helps to recruit, train and manage people for organizations, but their website also features a comprehensive learning guide for public speaking.

    Why Cornerstone OnDemand is a Top Public Speaking Resource: It features articles and how-to's on speechwriting, overcoming stage fright, and engaging an audience, all geared toward those eager to learn this new skill. You'll learn now only how, but why improving your public speaking skills is important for your confidence and your career.

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  • Maniactive

    Maniactive is a blog that's all about great presentations, with content about new presentation software, writing speeches, and delivering your message with confidence and authority. Writer Laura Bergells is a web content developer, community builder, and speaker who specializes in coaching anyone who gives speeches and presentations to tech- and media-savvy audiences.

    Why Maniactive is a Top Public Speaking Resource: It offers posts that focus on often-overlooked aspects of public speaking, like delivering a surprise announcement, or simply the importance of a great greeting. There are even tips for becoming more productive when it comes to creating presentations and writing speeches, so you can work smarter and faster.

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  • Presentation Training Institute

    The Presentation Training Institute's blog offers a comprehensive range of content, much of it focused on engaging and communicating with your audience. The Presentation Training Institute provides presentation training solutions designed to help improve work performance, encourage authenticity, and build a community in the workplace.

    Why Presentation Training Institute is a Top Public Speaking Resource: From asking the right questions of your audience to when to make eye contact and more, this blog's tips for treating your audience right will help take your next pitch or presentation to the next level. This blog is especially helpful for those who give executive presentations to clients or boards, with tons of actionable tips for engaging a smaller audience.

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  • Quantified Communications

    Quantified Communications uses data science to improve how people communicate, and their blog tackles public speaking through a lens of analytics. Noah Zandan, CEO and co-founder of Quantified Communications, formerly worked on Wall Street and in private equity, and holds an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business.

    Why Quantified Communications is a Top Public Speaking Resource: Anyone looking for a scientific approach to public speaking will find this blog fascinating in its approach, as it breaks down speeches from famous figures and uses data to examine what's successful. It also offers data-based tips on job interviews, the language of leadership, and more.

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  • Quiet Revolution

    Public speaker Susan Cain's Quiet Revolution blog is filled with tips for speakers, from how to reduce anxiety to how to win over an audience. Susan Cain herself used to be terrified of public speaking, but has conquered her fear and given hundreds of talks over the last few years.

    Why Quiet Revolution is a Top Public Speaking Resource: Much of the speaking content on this blog is geared toward introverted people and those who otherwise don't want to speak in public. If that sounds like you, you'll love the posts on how to overcome nerves and make yourself heard when you're far from the loudest voice in the room.

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  • Lisa B. Marshall
    Lisa B. Marshall is a communications coach whose blog focuses on how to engage an audience and improve overall public speaking skills. Lisa B. Marshall is the host of the podcast The Public Speaker, which has over 11 million downloads since its 2008 debut.

    Why Lisa B. Marshall is a Top Public Speaking Resource: This blog covers a range of speaking topics, from how to enunciate and project your voice to how to engage a crowd's emotions so they lean in. It also features content focused on communications in general, with articles about how to become a better listener and how to overcome interruptions.

  • Speaking CPR

    Speaking CPR's Public Speaking Blog is packed with tips for crafting the perfect speech with storytelling, humor, and more. Michael Davis is known as "The Storytelling MD" for his speech and storytelling skills, and in 2011 earned the designation of Certified World Class Speaking Coach.

    Why Speaking CPR is a Top Public Speaking Resource: While it also covers topics like overcoming stage fright and captivating an audience with your style, the many speech writing tips on this blog are a real standout. They can help you tailor your speech perfectly to an audience, capture their imaginations with a blockbuster story, and more.

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  • - Robin's Rainmakers Blog

    PR and brand expert Robin Samora's Rainmakers Blog provides guidance for those who want to build a career in public speaking. Robin Samora works with small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to convert prospects and customers into fans, helping them improve brand visibility and awareness both online and off.

    Why - Robin's Rainmakers Blog is a Top Public Speaking Resource: With PR tips, advice for getting the attention of event organizers, and content on how to boost sales through PR and public speaking, this is a great blog for professionals looking to make their voice heard. If you want to use presentations, public speaking events, or video and TV content to promote your brand or business, this is the blog for you.

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  • Comedy Habits

    Comedy Habits is a blog that focuses on how to become a funnier public speaker, with tips gleaned from comedians, TED talkers, and even politicians. David, the founder of Comedy Habits, is a storyteller who has appeared on The Moth and a stand-up comedian who has appeared at The Comedy Store, The Improv, and other top venues.

    Why Comedy Habits is a Top Public Speaking Resource: They know that while audiences love a story, they love a funny story even more, and aim to teach their readers comedy concepts that they can deploy in their next speech or presentation. This blog also offers speaking tips that are unrelated to comedy, including how to start your presentation off right, how to overcome various difficulties, and more.

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  • Successfully Speaking

    Successfully Speaking's blog offers up actionable tips for improving your speaking style and delivery, with advice on improving your vocal presence, body language, and more. Successfully Speaking founder Lynda Katz Wilner is a Corporate Communications Specialist as well as a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist, and her company provides training for both groups and individuals.

    Why Successfully Speaking is a Top Public Speaking Resource: Whether you want to convey confidence and authority or just want the people in the back of the auditorium to hear you, this blog's in-depth tutorials will help. It also features business communication tips like how to be an active listener, the best handshake practices, and many others.

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  • Speaker Sponsor

    Speaker Sponsor's blog is all about the business of public speaking, with industry information, tips on taking a speaking career to the next level, and more. As the founder of Speaker Sponsor, Julie Austin has been a keynote innovation speaker for companies like Northrop Grumman and Procter & Gamble, and her blog is all about helping speakers get paid.

    Why Speaker Sponsor is a Top Public Speaking Resource: If you're a paid speaker or want to become one, this blog will teach you the ropes of booking sponsored speaking engagements, picking the right topic, and branding. Speaking expert Julie Austin also offers insight into the businesses and organizations that sponsor speaking engagements so you can find the right venues to boost your career.

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  • Allison Shapira

    Allison Shapira is a public speaking expert and performer whose blog focuses on helping speakers improve their delivery, calm their nerves, and find their voice. Allison Shapira is the founder and CEO of Global Public Speaking LLC and works with a number of global brands as not only a speaker but also a trainer and executive coach.

    Why Allison Shapira, Global Public Speaking is a Top Public Speaking Resource: This blog does an excellent job of delivering tips for specific speaking situations, with advice for incorporating social media into a presentation, selling to an audience, and much more. It's also filled with great content on speech preparation, with practice techniques, methods of asking for feedback on a speech, and ways to soothe your nerves.

    Read: Allison Shapira's Blog
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  • Prezentt

    Prezentt's blog is all about public speaking and business presentations, with tips for speech delivery and creating top-notch PowerPoint presentations.

    Why Prezentt is a Top Public Speaking Resource: Anyone who creates PowerPoint presentations for corporate events, classes, or any other public speaking scenario will find this blog to be a great resource for tips, templates, and more. It's also a great blog for learning to improve your presentation skills with better body language, more confident delivery, and humor.

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  • Carmine Gallo
    Carmine Gallo's blog features public speaking content that focuses on the practices of some of the biggest names in the business. Carmine Gallo is a keynote speaker, author, and advisor who has advised executives at some of the world's top brands, including Intel, Salesforce, Coca-Cola, and others.

    Why Carmine Gallo is a Top Public Speaking Resource: If you want to learn how Google employees and speaking giants like Tony Robbins do their jobs, this blog is for you. Learning from the best can only make you better, and these articles are filled with information from top speaking professionals that will help you boost your speaking profile.

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  • DiResta Communications

    DiResta Communications' Knockout Presentations Blog is all about creating top-notch presentations in just about any scenario. Founder Diane DiResta has been helping Fortune 500 executives project gravitas and authority to their audiences for the past 20 years with her 4M Masterful Communications System.

    Why DiResta Communications is a Top Public Speaking Resource: Whether you're giving a big investor presentation or just looking for ways to connect with a difficult audience, this blog can help you take your presentation skills to the next level. You'll learn how to give a motivational speech, create a top-notch video presentation, craft a great sales pitch, and more.

    Read: Six Sloppy Speech Habits
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  • Own The Room

    The Own The Room blog focuses on how to convey your message with confidence and authority, using their coaches' real-life experiences as lessons.

    Why Own The Room is a Top Public Speaking Resource: You can learn how to clearly convey your message to your target audience in a speech or presentation with tips on the best language, presentation practices, and more. All of this is conveyed through real-life anecdotes from Own The Room's coaches, so you can learn from methods that have worked for others.

    Read: Blog
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  • Corporate Communication Experts

    Public speaking coach Peter Dhu's blog is chock-full of great public speaking advice, with tips for being genuine and courageous onstage that are a real standout. Peter Dhu has over 20 years of experience when it comes to training and supporting people for whom public speaking is a major challenge.

    Why Corporate Communication Experts is a Top Public Speaking Resource: If you want to truly win over an audience, you have to gain their trust; that's where Peter's tips for being open and building your credibility are so valuable. This blog also features posts on overcoming difficulties like tough questions, stage fright, unwanted feedback, and more.

    Read: Events
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  • Princeton Public Speaking
    Princeton Public Speaking offers plenty of great, actionable public speaking advice, as well as insights from some of history's greatest orators. Princeton Public Speaking owner Matt Eventoff has worked with multinational organizations and coached clients around the world, and was selected to participate in the State Department's Speaker Specialist Program.

    Why Princeton Public Speaking is a Top Public Speaking Resource: From Demosthenes to Martin Luther King, Jr., this blog's lessons from brilliant speakers throughout history are standouts that will inspire you to reach greater heights in your own speaking engagements. Of course, there are also posts on opening and closing your speech, overcoming stage fright, and more.

    Read: 25 Tips to Calm Your Nerves

  • Southwestern Consulting

    Public speaking expert Rory Vaden's blog is comprised of quick-reading posts that teach readers how to climb the ladder to public speaking success. Rory Vaden is the co-founder of Southwestern Consulting, and speaks more than 50 times per year at some of the top organizations in the country, including Mass Mutual, Cargill, and many more.

    Why Southwestern Consulting is a Top Public Speaking Resource: You'll learn about the mistakes to avoid and what it takes to break into the public speaking industry with posts you can read in just a few minutes. Rory's blog also features a helpful podcast, so you can keep your learning going during your commute or workout.

    Read: Succeeding in the Speaking Industry with Brian Tracy
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  • SmartMouth Communications

    SmartMouth Communications' blog is all about helping readers become more prepared for their next big presentation. SmartMouth Communications, founded by Beth Levine, is a communications consulting firm that's all about helping messengers craft their perfect messages.

    Why SmartMouth Communications is a Top Public Speaking Resource: They know how important it is to know your audience, be prepared for any reaction, and project a strong presence onstage, and they'll help you do it. You can also learn more about the art of crafting your presentation, learning how to keep things clear and brief, deciding whether or not you need visual aids, and more.

    Read: Book
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