February 25, 2018

Study: LGBT Statistics

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More than 10 million adults identify with the LGBT community. The number is continually on the rise as more people feel comfortable "coming out."

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Keep reading to learn more interesting facts about the LGBT community.

Living in the LGBT Community

  • How many LGBT adults live in the U.S.?
    Today there is an estimated 10 million LGBT adults living in the U.S. This is 4.1% of the United States population and is 0.6% more than in 2016.

  • How many LGBT youth live in the U.S.?
    There are approximately 5 million LGBT youth living in the United States. They represent 7% of the youth population.

  • How many LGBT adults over the age of 65 are in the U.S.?
    There are approximately 1.5 million LGBT adults over the age of 65 currently living in the US.

  • How many LGBT in the U.S. are male?
    48% of the LGBT community is male.

  • How many LGBT in the U.S. are female?
    52% of the LGBT community is female.

  • How many LGBT adults admit their sexual preference to family members?
    LGBT adults often come out to their parents separately. 56% of the LGBT community has come out to their mother and 39% came out to their father.

The LGBT Community and Homelessness

  • How many LGBT are homeless?
    Approximately 1 in every 5 LGBT adults is homeless.

  • How many LGBT youth are homeless?
    As many as 640,000 LGBT youth are homeless. This is 40% of all homeless youth in America.

  • How many transgender people have been evicted from their homes due to their sexuality?
    One out of every ten transgender persons has been evicted from their home because of their sexual identity.

Discrimination and LGBT

  • How many LGBT people experience discrimination?
    Approximately 1 in every 4 LGBT people has undergone some type of discrimination in their lifetime.

  • How many transgender workers have been fired or not hired due to their sexual identity?
    As many as 30% of transgender workers have reported some type of discrimination in the workplace, including being fired or not getting a promotion because of their sexual identity.

  • How many elderly LGBT couples suffer from poverty?
    It's estimated that 9.1% of gay couples and 4.9% of lesbian couples over the age of 65 live in poverty due to a lifetime of discrimination in the workplace.

Violence and the LGBT Community

  • How many hate crimes occur as a result of a person's sexual orientation?
    Approximately 1,218 hate crimes occurred as a result of a person's sexual orientation.

  • How many hate crimes occur as a result of an anti-gay bias?
    Of the 1,218 hate crimes, an estimated 764 of the crimes were a result of anti-gay biases. An estimated 21.5% of the crimes were a result of a mixed group bias, whether the perpetrators were against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transgender people.

  • How many homicides of LGBT people occur each year?
    In 2016, the latest full year reported, there were 77 total homicides of people from the LGBT community. The latest information reported for 2017 shows 36 homicides of LGBT people in the first half of the year. The numbers have steadily risen since 2012, when only 25 LGBT homicides occurred.

Suicide and the LGBT Community

  • What is the rate of suicide among the LGBT community?
    People within the LGBT community attempt suicide between 2 and 6 times more than heterosexuals.

  • How much more frequently do LGBT youth attempt suicide compared to non-LGBT youth?
    LGBT youth attempt suicide 5 times more than non-LGBT youth. In addition, LGBT youth are 5 times more likely to need medical attention as a result of their suicide attempt than non-LGBT youth.

  • How often does a transgender person attempt to commit suicide?
    In a study of more than 27,000 transgender people, 40% of them admitted to attempting to commit suicide at least once in their life. Almost 95% of the respondents claimed to have done so before they reached age 25.

Depression and Substance Abuse

  • How likely are those in the LGBT community to suffer from depression?
    The fear of coming out that many in the LGBT community experience increases their risk of depression and/or anxiety as much as 3 times.

  • How many people in the LGBT community suffer from substance abuse?
    Almost 30% of people in the LGBT community suffer from some type of substance abuse. In the general population, 9% of people suffer from some type of substance abuse.

  • How many people in the LGBT community suffer from alcohol abuse?
    Almost 25% of the LGBT community suffers from alcohol abuse. Comparatively, just 10% of the general population suffers from alcohol abuse.

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