Wedding Budget Calculator

How much money will you spend on your wedding? Use this free wedding budget calculator to estimate costs for your big day.

Wedding Budget Calculator

Your wedding will be one of the happiest and most memorable days of your life.

All the days of prep before it? Not so much.

Unfortunately, all wedding planning isn't as fun as cake tasting. And if you're not careful, costs can quickly get out of hand.

This calculator will break down your wedding expenses. Try adjusting your expenses until you hit your budget goal. If you're finding it hard to keep costs low, check out 5 ways to save money on your wedding down below.

Average Wedding Costs

No two couples are the same. What other people deem absolutely necessary for their wedding might seem outrageous to you (and vice versa).

But it's helpful to know some average wedding costs to gauge where your plans fit in. Here's a look at how much couples across the U.S. spend on average for their big day:

That's more than $35,000 for just the wedding and engagement ring not including honeymoon costs.

If you need extra time to grow your wedding savings, try putting it in a high-yield savings account. It's a safe place to store money for short-term goals, and it earns more than a traditional bank account.

Once you start planning a wedding, you'll quickly find that costs add up fast. But that doesn't mean you need to break the budget while building your ideal ceremony and reception.

5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

It's no secret that everything wedding-related costs a premium. Try these few changes to help keep costs low as possible.

Choose a strategic date and time
The most popular times to get married are also the most expensive. Venues raise their prices during peak wedding season from June to September. January, February, and March are usually less popular and less expensive.

Likewise, Saturdays and evenings are the most popular and expensive times for a wedding. Opt to have your wedding on Sunday morning, on the other hand, and you'll pay a lot less.

Shorten the guest list
This one can be tricky for those with large families and friend groups. But it's one of the best ways to lower your wedding cost. Cutting just 10 people from your guest list will help you save on invitations, catering, venue fees, tables, chairs, and lots more.

Ditch the paper invites
Between save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, RSVP inserts, and postage, couples spend a surprising amount just on stationery. Online invitations can help you save money and make your wedding a little more eco-friendly.

If you're not ready to completely ditch the paper invites, consider a simple invitation with directions to access your wedding website instead.

DIY the not-so-important stuff
When was the last time you really scrutinized a cocktail menu or decorations at a wedding? Figure out which details aren't important to you and DIY them. Most people won't notice or care that you didn't splurge on the little things.

Find an alternative venue
Dedicated wedding venues and banquet halls are pricy. Consider renting a park, garden, or historical building instead. Bonus: A space with great views and natural beauty lets you get away with fewer decorations.

Bottom Line

No matter how much you're willing to spend on your wedding, the important part is that you set a budget and plan ahead. Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot more than you bargained for.

Every couple is different, with different tastes and expectations. Take some time to decide which expenses are most important to you and how much you can afford overall.

Even if you have to cut costs in certain areas, you'll still have a memorable day filled with wedded bliss. It'll be even sweeter knowing you did it without putting a ton of stress on your finances.

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