April 3, 2017

Best Frugal Blogs: Top Savings Experts

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Announcing the CreditDonkey Best Frugal Blogs. If you're pinching pennies, digging out of debt, or simply passionate about deals and coupons, you'll find many blogs on this list to follow.

Top Frugal Blogs and Resources

Savvy bloggers who focus on frugality let you in on their secrets for finding ways to cut the family budget, along with tips for saving big at the grocery store and your favorite retailers. Follow any of these awesome bloggers regularly and you'll also get a steady stream of ideas for recipes and DIY projects.

At CreditDonkey, the credit card comparison website, we're all about using your hard-earned money wisely. Why let any of your precious pennies go to waste, and why not tap deals (like cash back credit cards) as long as you're making smart spending decisions along the way?

Do a search on your own for frugality-minded blogs and you'll be inundated by bloggers who don't update their site and who don't offer the type of practical advice you need to make a dent in your debt and stay within budget.

Read on. We've chosen only the very best of the bunch to give you a list of the top frugal blogs that will help you save big and stick to your savings goals. You may even find some here that cover your region, making sure you find the best deals right where you live.

  • The Frugal Girls

    With recipes, travel deals, DIY decor ideas, and much more, The Frugal Girls is all about saving money and living well.

    Why The Frugal Girls is a Top Frugal Blog: Featuring money-saving ideas for family vacations, kids' and baby products, and family dinners, this blog is great for busy families who are looking for more ways to balance their budget.

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    Follow @frugalgirls

  • Bargain Briana

    Bargain Briana is a bargain-hunting blog, with great deal finds for online and in-store shoppers as well as money-saving tips and recipes.

    Why Bargain Briana is a Top Frugal Blog: Readers who are serious about their deal-hunting will discover tons of great markdowns and low-cost products on this blog.

    Read: Sticky Chicken
    Follow @bargainbriana

  • Fabulously Broke in the City

    Fabulously Broke in the City is a blog from a woman who has figured out how to live the lifestyle she wants and save a ton of money despite living in a bustling city.

    Why Fabulously Broke in the City is a Top Frugal Blog: This blog not only has great tips for everyday frugality, but also advice for saving more over time, getting out of debt, and more.

    Read: Do you use your job to justify your spending?
    Follow @brokeinthecity

  • Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

    Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is a personal finance blog that is all about helping readers budget for just about any situation, from major life changes to vacations.

    Why Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is a Top Frugal Blog: Anyone looking for budgeting tips, especially when it comes to saving money for big purchases or major life changes, should check out this blog's tips. The blog also has a lot of posts about self-employment.

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    Follow @bitfs

  • Frugal Mom Eh!

    Frugal Mom Eh. is packed with fun, creative, and money-saving DIYs anyone can do at home.

    Why Frugal Mom Eh! is a Top Frugal Blog: Why go to the store and buy what you can make at home, with the help of this blog?

    Read: Fudgy Avocado Brownies with Avocado Frosting
    Follow @ElizabethL

  • Frugal Living NW

    Frugal Living NW is a budget-friendly blog for Pacific Northwesterners featuring deal finds from online and physical retailers.

    Why Frugal Living NW is a Top Frugal Blog: Readers looking for discounts at physical retailers in the Pacific Northwest will find some good ones on this blog.

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    Follow @frugallivingnw

  • Fabulessly Frugal

    Fabulessly Frugal is filled with advice for saving money, getting free stuff, and finding great deals every day.

    Why Fabulessly Frugal is a Top Frugal Blog: With its daily deals on the front page as well as plenty of money-saving advice, anyone who likes saving money should bookmark this blog.

    Read: Paper Book Hearts
    Follow @fabfrug

  • The Diary of a Frugal Family

    The Diary of a Frugal Family is packed with money-saving and money-making tips, from simple recipes to everyday ways to spend less and make a little extra on the side.

    Why The Diary of a Frugal Family is a Top Frugal Blog: Frugal-living readers should check out this blog's great money-saving ideas, as well as its tips for making extra money from home.

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    Follow @frugalfamily

  • Coupon Sherpa Blog

    Coupon Sherpa is a guide to frugal living through coupons, freebies, and other deals, with regular posts that will point you in the direction of money-saving deals.

    Why Coupon Sherpa Blog is a Top Frugal Blog: This is a well-organized coupon blog that makes it easy to find coupons for whatever you're looking for, be it a restaurant, retail store, or even a special event.

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    Follow @CouponSherpa

  • One Hundred Dollars a Month

    One Hundred Dollars a Month is written by Mavis Butterfield, who shares her methods for feeding her family on just one hundred dollars per month, as well as other frugality tips.

    Why One Hundred Dollars a Month is a Top Frugal Blog: This blog is perfect for families who are looking for ways to save money on everyday expenses without cutting corners.

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    Follow @Mavis100Dollars

  • The Non-Consumer Advocate

    The Non-Consumer Advocate is all about saving money with used goods and making the most of what you already have.

    Why The Non-Consumer Advocate is a Top Frugal Blog: With picks for the best thrift finds and ideas for re-using old items around the house, this is a great money-saving complement for readers who already have their fill of coupon and deal blogs.

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    Follow: @thenonconsumer

  • The Thrifty Couple

    Packed with fun, money-saving DIY projects and tips for saving money every single day, The Thrifty Couple is a great everyday frugality blog.

    Why The Thrifty Couple is a Top Frugal Blog: Many of the tips on this blog are things you can do each day to save more money in the long-term, making it great for those who want to make small changes to save more.

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    Follow @thriftycouple

  • Fun Cheap or Free

    Fun Cheap or Free features grocery, beauty, and lifestyle money-saving tips, as well as plenty of practical budgeting advice.

    Why Fun Cheap or Free is a Top Frugal Blog: This blog's advice columns with titles such as "How Much to Spend on..." and "5 Ways to Save on..." are packed with great money-saving tips.

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    Follow @funcheaporfree

  • SavingsAngel.com

    SavingsAngel is packed with the latest coupon offers, freebies, and deals from major retailers, as well as tips for couponing, budget hacking, and more.

    Why SavingsAngel.com is a Top Frugal Blog: Anyone on the lookout for great deals and coupons will love this site, which is updated daily with more great deals.

    Read: A $1100 health insurance discount
    Follow @savingsangel

  • Couponing101

    Couponing101 not only features great coupon finds from all over the Internet, it will also teach you the basics of couponing as a money-saving strategy.

    Why Couponing101 is a Top Frugal Blog: This is a great beginner's resource for readers who are interested in getting into the couponing craze to save more money.

    Read: Free Fall Printables to Frame
    Follow @Couponing101

  • Queen Bee Coupons

    Queen Bee Coupons features online deals and coupons to a number of major retailers.

    Why Queen Bee Coupons is a Top Frugal Blog: Couponing enthusiasts can find some great discounts to major online and physical retailers like Amazon, Costco, Target, and more on this blog.

    Read: Roast two chickens at once
    Follow @QueenBeeCoupons

  • Mashup Mom

    Mashup Mom is jam-packed with money-saving tips, from deals to coupons to full meal ideas on the cheap.

    Why Mashup Mom is a Top Frugal Blog: This isn't just a blog for frugal moms; it's filled with great ideas for saving more money with coupons and deal finds, and even a few for making extra money.

    Read: Honey Taffy
    Follow @mashupmom

  • 4 Hats and Frugal

    4 Hats and Frugal has budget-friendly recipes, fashion finds, family fun picks, and plenty of innovative tips for saving money.

    Why 4 Hats and Frugal is a Top Frugal Blog: This is a blog all about saving money while still providing great meals and fun for the whole family, making it a good read for frugality-focused parents.

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    Follow @AmiyrahMartin

  • BeFrugal

    BeFrugal is a leading cash back and coupon website. BeFrugal's blog brings readers daily deals, tips for budgeting and saving money, suggestions for fun, inexpensive weekend activities, and more.

    Why BeFrugal is a Top Frugal Blog: Readers can check this blog each and every day for new deals at their favorite retailers, restaurants, and online stores.

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    Follow @befrugal

  • More with Less Today

    More with Less Today is a money-saving blog with daily Amazon deal finds, life hacks, simple recipes, budget travel tips, and even more ways to save money.

    Why More with Less Today is a Top Frugal Blog: This blog is all about living the good life on less money with deals, tips, tricks, and DIYs; perfect for those who want to spend less without sacrificing.

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    Follow @morewless

  • CouponMom.com
    CouponMom compiles huge savings for readers at major retailers, linking tons of new coupons every day.

    Why CouponMom.com is a Top Frugal Blog: Coupon lovers should definitely bookmark this blog, which offers up a huge amount of savings each day.

    Read: $1.49 Pampers

  • Countrified Hicks

    Countrified Hicks is a blog about the simple life, offering up recipes, home canning tips, and plenty of ways to save more by doing more yourself.

    Why Countrified Hicks is a Top Frugal Blog: Folks who love the simple life, saving money by being more self-sufficient, will adore this blog.

    Read: Baby Goat
    Follow @MelodyGravitt

  • The Frugality

    The Frugality features budget-friendly city guides for travelers and chic fashion tips for less.

    Why The Frugality is a Top Frugal Blog: The city guides on this blog are a real standout, sure to help frugal travelers have a great trip without going bankrupt.

    Read: 3 interiors brands on my refurb radar
    Follow @TheFrugality

  • Beltway Bargain Mom

    Beltway Bargain Mom features family fun recommendations as well as freebie and discount finds for the Washington, DC, area.

    Why Beltway Bargain Mom is a Top Frugal Blog: Washington, DC, families will discover some great local activities from this blog, along with some wallet-friendly discounts.

    Read: Football Viewing Party Ideas
    Follow @beltwaybargain

  • A Frugal Chick

    A Frugal Chick features deal finds on groceries, retail goods, gift cards, and more.

    Why A Frugal Chick is a Top Frugal Blog: Bargain hunters will find tons of great deals on this blog, which is updated with new info multiple times per day.

    Read: Regal Summer Movie Express 2016
    Follow @afrugalchick

  • The Frugal Model

    The Frugal Model is written by a New York City model who loves saving money, and features finds and tips for saving on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products.

    Why The Frugal Model is a Top Frugal Blog: Women who love the stylish lifestyle will find tons of great deals and ideas for saving money on this blog.

    Read: 10 Life Changing Lessons from Wayne Dyer
    Follow @thefrugalmodel

  • Stapler Confessions

    Stapler Confessions is all about helping you save money through smart budgeting and good buying practices.

    Why Stapler Confessions is a Top Frugal Blog: We all want to save more money, and this blog's tips and tricks will help you do it.

    Read: How to Cut Cable and Save over $1,000 a year
    Follow @staplerconfesh

  • Coupons in the News

    Coupons in the News is a blog for couponers, featuring sneak peeks at upcoming coupons, news on the latest deals and coupon apps, and more.

    Why Coupons in the News is a Top Frugal Blog: Anyone who wants to know the absolute latest about couponing will find what they're looking for here.

    Read: Target Makes Major Coupon Acceptance Changes
    Follow @couponinthenews

  • The Budgetnista Blog

    The Budgetnista Blog is all about helping women budget better with advice from an expert and best-selling author.

    Why The Budgetnista Blog is a Top Frugal Blog: Women who are looking for ways to better budget their money or get their finances under control should check out this female-focused, money-saving blog.

    Read: How to Raise Your Credit Score Without a Credit Card
    Follow @TheBudgetnista

  • Frugal, Debt Free Life

    Frugal, Debt Free Life is a blog that aims to teach readers how to live on a tight budget in order to get out of debt and save money.

    Why Frugal, Debt Free Life is a Top Frugal Blog: Featuring everything from wallet-friendly recipes to budget-conscious gift ideas for the whole family, this blog is perfect for frugal-minded families.

    Read: 16 money mistakes to STOP making in 2016
    Follow @frugaldebtfree

  • Frugal Workshop
    Frugal Workshop is filled with great deal finds, especially on groceries, from the writer's home state of Tennessee.

    Why Frugal Workshop is a Top Frugal Blog: Tennessee residents looking for grocery discounts in their local stores will discover some good finds on this blog.

  • The Classy Simple Life

    The Classy Simple Life is all about living and eating well without stress and without a ton of money.

    Why The Classy Simple Life is a Top Frugal Blog: Simple living focuses on living well within your means and treating yourself kindly; this blog will help you do it.

    Read: Making the Choice to Live a Simple Life
    Follow @michsummerfield

  • And Then We Saved

    And Then We Saved is a blog that aims to help readers get out of debt with smart spending and saving practices.

    Why And Then We Saved is a Top Frugal Blog: If you're ready to remove your burden of debt, this blog is jam-packed with tips and resources to help you get started.

    Read: Living Tiny
    Follow @AndThenWeSaved

  • Earning My Two Cents

    With tips for saving more, earning money with side gigs, and digging out of debt, Earning My Two Cents is a great combination of personal finance and frugality advice.

    Why Earning My Two Cents is a Top Frugal Blog: If you're always on the lookout for more odd jobs (whether online or otherwise) to earn some extra cash, this blog will give you some great ideas.

    Read: How I Made Over $4,000 From Mystery Shopping In My Spare Time
    Follow @earningmy2cents

  • Pretty Providence

    Pretty Providence is written by two women who are passionate about the frugal lifestyle, and features DIYs, crafts, easy recipes, and affordable fashion advice.

    Why Pretty Providence is a Top Frugal Blog: Women who are looking for creative ways to save money will love this blog's home decor projects and fashion tips.

    Read: Spiralized Greek Salad
    Follow @prettyprovidnce

  • Cheap Students

    Cheap Students is a guide for university students who need to live with less money, focusing on tips like eating for less, buying textbooks inexpensively, and smart budgeting techniques.

    Why Cheap Students is a Top Frugal Blog: University students, particularly those in Canada where this blog is based, will find tons of great ideas for saving money during their lean student years on this blog.

    Follow @cheapstudents

  • Financegirl

    Financegirl is a blog dedicated to helping readers learn how to create and stick to a budget in order to get their finances under control once and for all.

    Why Financegirl is a Top Frugal Blog: If budgeting has never been your strong suit, let this blog be your guide as you learn to chart out a budget that you can stick to.

    Read: 10 Blogs That Teach You How to Make Money
    Follow @NatalieRBacon

  • The Frugal Diva

    The Frugal Diva is a blog dedicated to helping readers live the good life without breaking the bank.

    Why The Frugal Diva is a Top Frugal Blog: With its tips for everything from saving while traveling to inexpensive family outings, this blog is all about achieving great quality of life while still spending less.

    Read: Japan
    Follow @FrugalDivaAlert

  • Consumer Queen

    Consumer Queen is updated multiple times daily with great deals on everything from food to electronics, both online and in-store.

    Why Consumer Queen is a Top Frugal Blog: Bargain lovers should bookmark this blog; it's often updated multiple times a day with great deal discoveries.

    Read: Sonic Drive-In
    Follow @ConsumerQueen

  • Bargain Babe

    With everything from coupon finds to inexpensive recipes and DIYs, Bargain Babe is a blog for budget-conscious readers everywhere.

    Why Bargain Babe is a Top Frugal Blog: The recipes and DIYs on this blog will not only save you money; they're fun, too.

    Read: How to make your own composter for cheap
    Follow @bargainbabe

  • Frugal Mama

    Frugal Mama covers subjects including budget travel, simple recipes, fun DIY projects, and more from the perspective of a conscientious mother.

    Why Frugal Mama is a Top Frugal Blog: Moms looking for ways to save money but still live well and raise healthy, happy kids will love this blog's advice.

    Read: Turning the Page
    Follow @frugal_mama

  • Pretty Frugal Diva

    Pretty Frugal Diva is a blog that aims to help readers live a modern lifestyle on a low budget, with bank account-friendly tips for things like beauty, food, couponing, and more.

    Why Pretty Frugal Diva is a Top Frugal Blog: Readers of aspirational lifestyle blogs will love this blog, which shows the way to achieve some of those aspirations on a tight budget.

    Read: Organizing For the Fall
    Follow @prettyfrugal

  • Passion for Savings

    Passion for Savings features coupons, daily deals, freebie finds, and the occasional tip for making a little extra cash on the side.

    Why Passion for Savings is a Top Frugal Blog: Folks who are serious about saving money will love this resource for its balance of deal finds, frugal living advice, and savings tips.

    Read: Creamy Spinach Roll Ups Recipe
    Follow @passion4savings

  • Lehigh Valley Momma

    Lehigh Valley Momma is packed with tips to save money on a number of activities and products, with tips for thrifting, throwing parties on the cheap, and much more.

    Why Lehigh Valley Momma is a Top Frugal Blog: Frugal moms will love this blog for its advice for finding deals on everything from spa days to retail finds, as well its tips for saving money every day.

    Read: Kid and Science
    Follow @naptimewarrior

  • Twin Cities Frugal Mom

    Twin Cities Frugal Mom finds great deals on both products and family fun excursions in the Twin Cities.

    Why Twin Cities Frugal Mom is a Top Frugal Blog: Minneapolis and Saint Paul families can discover some great discounts on local events on this blog.

    Read: Free Car Seat Recycling at Target Stores September 1
    Follow @TCFrugalMom

  • The Frugal Navy Wife

    The Frugal Navy Wife features advice for saving money on everything from meals to weddings to homeschooling.

    Why The Frugal Navy Wife is a Top Frugal Blog: Parents who homeschool their kids will find some great ideas for saving cash on activities, materials, and more under this blog's homeschooling topic.

    Read: 32 of the Best Places for Free Camping in the Southeast USA
    Follow @FrugalNavyWife

  • Money Can Buy Me Happiness

    Money Can Buy Me Happiness is a well-rounded frugality and finance blog, with tips on everything from saving money every day to investing and earning more.

    Why Money Can Buy Me Happiness is a Top Frugal Blog: Anyone serious about starting to build a nest egg on any income will love this blog's ability to cut through the clutter and bring you ways to save, earn, and invest.

    Read: A Formula for Winning at Life
    Follow @moneycanbuyme

  • The Frugal Vagabond

    The Frugal Vagabond brings readers tips for saving, encouragement and inspiration, and advice for frugal travel.

    Why The Frugal Vagabond is a Top Frugal Blog: Saving money is certainly a challenge, but this blog will give you both the advice and the inspiration you need to get it done.

    Read: The Earth Awaits
    Follow @frugalvagabond

  • Money Smart Family

    Money Smart Family is a blog that's all about saving your family money, whether it's through smart budgeting, great deals, or good, frugal spending habits.

    Why Money Smart Family is a Top Frugal Blog: Frugal families will find tons of practical, everyday advice for saving more money in the long-term on this blog,

    Read: Rental Car Hack
    Follow @steveeconomides

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