March 28, 2017

Best Finance Apps: Top Money Resources

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Getting a hold of your financial situation is so much easier when you can keep your eye on it. Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Finance Apps award help you do just that. Check out this list to see which one is right for you.

Top Finance Apps

Feel like you don't know where your money goes? It's the number one issue people have when they struggle to pay their bills. Credit cards can help you manage your cash flow, but they can also mask how much money you truly have. Finance apps can give you a clearer picture of what's going on with your finances - a credit-focused app can help you keep track of your credit reputation no matter where you are you, while a budget app can let you know whether you can actually afford dessert when you're out at a restaurant.

Yes, keeping your spending in check has a lot to do with being frugal and sticking to a budget. But a lot of it has to do with visibility. It's about knowing how much money you have coming in and how much you have going out - sounds easy on the surface but it's tough to do the more complicated your life gets. The mortgage, car loans, kid expenses, and investments all add to the money tangle you're expected to make sense of month after month.

That's why we came up with this list. Don't waste time with just any app you find that claims to help you with your finances. Stick to this list of the very best finance apps, and you'll be clearing your path to financial freedom.

  • Mvelopes

    Mvelopes is a budgeting app that can do everything from tracking your bills, helping you manage your budget, capturing receipts, and more.

    Why Mvelopes is a Top Finance App: Anyone looking for a dedicated, full-featured budgeting app should look into this award-winning option.

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  • Prosper Daily

    Prosper Daily is a finance tracking app that allows you to view all of your bank account information in one place, track your spending, view your credit score, and more, all free.

    Why Prosper Daily is a Top Finance App: Rather than fiddling with multiple banking and spending apps, get all of that information in one place with this handy tool.

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  • TaxSlayer

    TaxSlayer is a tax preparation and filing program that allows you to easily file from any of your devices.

    Why TaxSlayer is a Top Finance App: Filing taxes on the go is the future, and this app will let you complete everything you need to do, all on your phone, from anywhere.

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  • Coinbase

    Bitcoin and Ethereum are the future of money, and Coinbase makes it simple to invest in either and get started with digital currency.

    Why Coinbase is a Top Finance App: This app allows you to quickly, easily, and securely buy and sell digital currencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum, whether to use as currency or as an investment.

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  • Moneydance

    Moneydance is an all-in-one personal finance app that lets you manage accounts, pay bills, and check in on investments all in one place. Moneydance also provides budgeting and transaction downloads.

    Why Moneydance is a Top Finance App: Make managing your money a breeze with this full-featured app's easy-to-navigate interface.

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  • Credit Karma

    Credit Karma can tell you your credit score, but it can also do much more, including provide tips to raise your score, credit monitoring, and more.

    Why Credit Karma is a Top Finance App: Your credit defines much of your financial life, and this app will help you manage it and improve it, opening more financial opportunities for yourself.

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  • Digit

    Digit is an innovative app that tracks your spending and, every two or three days, extracts a small amount you can afford to a separate account, ensuring you'll have funds for a rainy day.

    Why Digit is a Top Finance App: If saving money is a daunting prospect for you, allow this app to determine how much you can save and do all the work for you.

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  • Goodbudget

    Goodbudget is home budgeting software that allows you to track your expenses, set budget goals, and stick to them.

    Why Goodbudget is a Top Finance App: Built with a proven budgeting system that allows you to proactively plan your spending before you go to the grocery store. This app aims to help folks proactively plan their spending by deciding what they want to spend on and how much they want to spend. That way, they can track spending and know how much they have available to spend on groceries before they get to the checkout counter.

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  • Mile IQ

    Mile IQ makes tracking your business mileage as easy as a few quick taps.

    Why Mile IQ is a Top Finance App: If mileage tracking is a daily part of your job, download this app and make sure you're getting your proper reimbursement or deduction.

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  • HelloWallet

    HelloWallet is a financial wellness app for employees, helping them keep track of expenses coming out of their paycheck, whether for healthcare, taxes, or retirement accounts.

    Why HelloWallet is a Top Finance App: Anyone who wants to track where their paycheck is going should give this app a look, and bosses might even want to recommend it to their employees.

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  • Credit Sesame

    With free credit scores and reports, loan and credit action plans, and even free identity protection, Credit Sesame has what you need to feel secure about your credit.

    Why Credit Sesame is a Top Finance App: This is a great app for those looking for a simple way to track their credit and make sure their financial identity is safe and secure.

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  • XpenseTracker

    Xpensetracker is for both businesses and individuals, allowing people to track expenses and mileage and export them in a spreadsheet-friendly format or an attractive PDF format.

    Why XpenseTracker is a Top Finance App: If tracking expenses for yourself or your business is a priority, this app makes doing so, and storing all of the data, easier than ever.

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  • Coin

    Coin is a combination app and hardware system that replaces all of your payment methods with a single, secure, credit card-sized device.

    Why Coin is a Top Finance App: Rid yourself of your pile of credit cards and even your checkbook by packing this innovative, simple bit of tech in your wallet instead.

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  • Circle Pay

    Circle Pay is an app that makes sending money to friends and family as easy as a text message, no matter where they are.

    Why Circle Pay is a Top Finance App: Perfect for roommates splitting bills, friends splitting a check, or any other time you need to get someone money fast, this app is about as quick and easy as it gets.

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  • Levelmoney

    Levelmoney allows you to connect your banks, plan your spending, and figure out how much you have left to spend in any given month to maintain your budget goals.

    Why Levelmoney is a Top Finance App: With features like balance prediction and bill prediction, this app is a smart, extremely useful way to help yourself be budget-smart.

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  • ClearCheckbook

    ClearCheckbook allows you to view every aspect of your personal finances from any device you own; you can balance your checkbook, see all of your recurring charges, and more.

    Why ClearCheckbook is a Top Finance App: This full-featured software is perfect for those who demand more control and options in their financial apps than that provided by the usual banking and budgeting apps.

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  • Finovera

    Finovera aims to simplify your financial life by downloading and storing bills, account statements, and more, so you can get organized and rid yourself of the stack of paper bills in your home.

    Why Finovera is a Top Finance App: Anyone who wants a clean, quick, and easy way to keep track of billing will love this app.

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  • Activehours

    Activehours is an app that lets you get your paycheck when you want - without interest or fees.

    Why Activehours is a Top Finance App: Whether you work hourly or on salary, you can use the Activehours app to get your paycheck when you want and use it to avoid debt and predatory payday loan businesses.

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  • Spendee

    Spendee is an intuitive personal finance app that lets you easily track and categorize your spending, share wallets, and more.

    Why Spendee is a Top Finance App: This app not only lets you see where your money is going, but provides the tools you need to analyze your spending habits, too.

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  • Taxfyle

    Taxfyle is a quick, easy way to find a professional to do your taxes. When using Taxfyle you don't need to enter any information, instead, you upload your documents onto their secure and encrypted profile and your TaxPro takes it from there. That's what makes Taxfyle different from the other guys. You don't have to spend hours inputting any information. It's a much more cohesive experience where you know a professional is taking care of it and actually filing your taxes for you.

    Why Taxfyle is a Top Finance App: If you hate doing your taxes as much as most people do, this app makes it a snap to find someone to handle it for you. Their algorithm finds the most qualified tax pro that has expertise and experience in your specific tax position. These tax pros are also vetted thoroughly before they are allowed to pick up any job, so you know you're getting someone they trust. They also allow users to rate their pros.

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  • MoneyLion

    MoneyLion is a personal finance app geared toward improving users' financial wellness; you can monitor your credit score, apply for personal loans, receive financial advice, and more.

    Why MoneyLion is a Top Finance App: Balancing your finances can be difficult, but this all-in-one app, which combines budgeting, credit monitoring, and credit services into one product, makes it easy.

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  • Pay Off Debt

    Pay Off Debt lets you organize all of your debts on one app, create an action plan, and start paying them off.

    Why Pay Off Debt is a Top Finance App: This app will help you determine how much you can pay off and when you can pay it so you can become debt-free.

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  • IOU

    IOU is a handy app for tracking all of the debts owed to you - whether it's a book or movie you lent someone, a lunch you bought for a friend who forgot their wallet, or anything else.

    Why IOU is a Top Finance App: You can save big bucks by remembering all the small debts owed to you, and this gives you the tools you need to do it.

  • Back in Black
    Back in Black is a budgeting app for iOS that allows you to categorize your spending, set spending limits for each category, and set and meet long-term financial goals.

    Why Back in Black is a Top Finance App: A new feature on this app allows you to sync budget information between multiple devices and people so you and a friend or loved one can hold each other accountable for your budgeting goals.

  • MoneyStream

    MoneyStream allows you to organize your bills, schedule payments, and keep tabs on your spending, all in one place.

    Why MoneyStream is a Top Finance App: This app's team of financial experts will even help you save money you're overpaying on certain bills.

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  • Wallaby

    Wallaby is a handy app for shoppers that tells them which credit card is the best one to use every time you go to the store or shop online.

    Why Wallaby is a Top Finance App: This app will help you track your credit card rewards across all your cards, ensuring that you're maximizing your rewards and using the best card for your spending habits.

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  • Lenny Credit

    Lenny Credit is a simple lending app that allows you instantly apply for a line of credit up to $10,000.

    Why Lenny Credit is a Top Finance App: This app is easy to sign up for, and is a great option for anyone looking to build up a credit history. What sets Lenny Credit apart is their educational aspect. They don't just give their users a credit line, they teach them how to use it to build great credit, including training them on utilization ratios, managing multiple lines of credit, payment history, etc.

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  • iXpenseIt

    iXpenselt lets you easily log expenses, store receipts, track your spending, and more.

    Why iXpenseIt is a Top Finance App: This app's many features are designed to be intuitive and quick to use, meaning you can log your expenses and receipts in seconds and get back to your life.

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  • Tycoon

    Tycoon gives freelancers the tools they need to track what they're owed and ensure their clients are paying them on time.

    Why Tycoon is a Top Finance App: Freelancers looking for an app that will make tracking their invoices and getting paid an easier endeavor should give this app a look. Stay tune, Tycoon will soon have exciting new premium features, such as the ability for freelancers to track taxes they owe.

    Did you know: Some of the challenges freelancers face are overestimating the amount of money they 'take home' and underestimating the amount they need to pay for taxes. Tycoon's new, premium features allow users to deduct commission fees as well as a percent of taxes from their jobs so they know what their actual take home income is. This feature is great for freelancers to keep track of how much money they should be setting aside from each paycheck for their taxes.

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  • My Weekly Budget
    My Weekly Budget is a handy app that lets you focus on simple spending goals each week, helping you to meet your financial goals in the long run.

    Why My Weekly Budget is a Top Finance App: Keeping short-term, weekly financial goals is a great way to meet your long-term goals, and this app will help you do it.

  • Smorecard

    Smorecard is a simple app that will tell you which card you should use for which purchases in order to maximize your rewards.

    Why Smorecard is a Top Finance App: If you have multiple credit cards with different rewards programs, this app will help you get the most out of your rewards.

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