January 17, 2017

Best Career Blogs: Top Business Advice

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What's your next move? The CreditDonkey Best Career Blogs can help you set yourself up for the next rung on the corporate ladder.

Top Career Blogs and Resources

A career is an ongoing effort. It needs tending and attention. You may go a year or two staying in the same role, but you always need to be thinking about your next step - or else you risk letting an opportunity pass you by.

Of course, everyone seems to be an advice-giver when it comes to careers. And the blogosphere has no shortage of career blogs. That's why we came up with this list of the very best blogs about careers that will give you practical advice you can use.

These bloggers know their stuff: Their own careers have taken twists and turns or they have been on the hiring side and know exactly what employers want and expect from job candidates. Job seekers (who, unless you plan to stay at your job forever, are all of us) turn to these career blogs for motivational advice on searching in the right places and perfecting their resume.

At CreditDonkey, we advise our readers about spending and saving their money wisely - and building a solid career is a big part of making sure you're getting the income you deserve and setting yourself up for a strong financial future.

Read on. There's something for everyone on this list, from the newly graduated to the mid-career pros and executives to the semiretired who want to stay in the workforce. And best of luck in your search!

  • The Muse

    Career experts answer common career questions to help readers reach their career goals.

    Why The Muse is a Top Career Resource: Tips vary from productivity to interviews to companies looking to hire, and all aim to help readers prepare for their best career.

    Read: Yes, Outgoing Introverts Do Exist - Are You One?
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  • Career Geek

    Dedicated to all things career, the blog has resources for finding and keeping your perfect job.

    Why Career Geek is a Top Career Resource: Prepare yourself to find the perfect job with tips on resumes, cover letters, networking, efficiency, and more, plus infographics and opinions from top industry leaders.

    Read: Mythical Millennial: Employers and Millennials Are Both Scared
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  • Position Ignition

    The blog helps motivated people get the most out of their careers through advice regarding job changes and career development.

    Why Position Ignition is a Top Career Resource: Get tips for developing a strong job profile, no matter if you're looking for a new job or moving up in a current job. The blog puts a lot of emphasis on profiles and networking.

    Read: 7 Things to Think About When You Start a New Job
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  • Lea McLeod

    Lea spent 30 years in the corporate world and now aims to help people enjoy their work situation with positivity and peace of mind.

    Why Lea McLeod is a Top Career Resource: Lea's expertise leads to insightful articles on how to handle difficult work situations and enjoy your job with a positive attitude.

    Read: First job? 8 Keys to Building a Good Relationship with Your Manager
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  • Brazen Blog

    The Brazen Blog is packed with tips for recruiters, from engaging with top candidates to finding and recruiting the best college grads.

    Why Brazen Blog is a Top Career Resource: This is a useful blog for corporate recruiters as well as for job seekers who want some insight into what recruiters are looking for.

    Read: How to Hire Coachable Employees
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  • Idealist Careers Blog

    From resume tips to advice for switching careers and more, Idealist Careers has the answers you need to find the job you've always dreamed of.

    Why Idealist Careers Blog is a Top Career Resource: This blog features some great advice for those who feel lost at sea in their job and are looking for the kind of work that will give them direction.

    Read: How Nora Achieved Her Dream Of Becoming An Ecologist
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  • Corporette

    Former Wall Street lawyer Kat now writes a blog to help women in corporate settings look professional and fashionable with wardrobe tips and must-have items.

    Why Corporette is a Top Career Resource: Get fashion advice and shopping deals to build a professional wardrobe that fits any office or budget.

    Read: Plus Size Suits, Petite Suits, Tall Suits, & Maternity Suits
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  • HR Bartender

    HR Bartender focuses on the workplace, from company culture to employee engagement and, of course, human resources.

    Why HR Bartender is a Top Career Resource: Management and human resources professionals will find some great content that will help them build their careers on this blog.

    Read: Organizations Need to Consider Family Caregiver Responsibilities
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  • Blogging 4 Jobs

    With a wide variety of HR experience, Jessica showcases her passion for job searching and social media to help job seekers on her site, Workology (formerly Blogging 4 Jobs).

    Why Workology (formerly Blogging 4 Jobs) is a Top Career Resource: Get HR insight into trends like mobile resumes, networking, and new technology, plus examine your job options and get a look inside various industries.

    Read: 7 Ways Managers Can Build Trust in the Workplace
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  • Penelope Trunk

    Penelope is an entrepreneur whose career has taken twists and turns. She uses her experiences to help readers manage their careers through uncharted waters.

    Why Penelope Trunk is a Top Career Resource: Thoughtful posts, which range from self-reflection to career advice and office etiquette, provide readers with information to consider for their next career move to a new company, a new position, or a new school.

    Read: My kids are four years below grade level and I don't care
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  • Dan Schawbel

    Dan Schawbel is an author, speaker, and career-building expert whose blog is dedicated to helping people start at the bottom and reach the highest heights of their field.

    Why Dan Schawbel is a Top Career Resource: Packed with inspirational stories of people who have started with little and risen to the top of their industry, this blog provides many different roadmaps that all lead to one thing: success.

    Read: From Stage Fright In High School To A 6 Figure Global Speaking Business
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  • Women on the Fence

    Erica wants to empower women to get off the fence and commit to the wonderful life they are capable of, including pursuing a career passion that they love and committing to goals.

    Why Women on the Fence is a Top Career Resource: Get inspired and empowered to make the most of your life and career with tips on everything from fashion to technology trends, along with a look at what other women are doing around the world.

    Read: #ManOffTheFence: Smashing The Stigma of Addiction
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  • When I Work

    When I Work is a blog that's jam-packed with practical advice for small business owners, from attracting more customers to keeping employees engaged and happy.

    Why When I Work is a Top Career Resource: Managers and small business owners who are looking for ways to make both their employees and customers happier than ever will find a lot to love in this blog.

    Read: Why Your Small Business Needs To Be Investing In Customer Delight
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  • The Savvy Intern

    The Savvy Intern by YouTern is a community for college students and young professionals who are looking to land their dream jobs, and it features plenty of advice for standing out from a crowded field of applicants.

    Why The Savvy Intern is a Top Career Resource: Young people who are looking to make the leap from student or intern to full-time professional will find excellent tips for doing so here.

    Read: 200+ Powerful Action Verbs Perfect for Your Resume [Infographic]
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  • Michael Lee Stallard

    Management expert Michael helps executives and employees build connection and engagement in their organizations.

    Why Michael Lee Stallard is a Top Career Resource: Get practical tips and inspiration on how to become a better leader with tips from top companies and the best leaders.

    Read: Will Aetna CEO Transform Healthcare (and CEO Leadership While He's at it)?
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  • Emmelie

    Emmelie is a personal branding expert focused on helping Millennials build their online reputation and monetize their business.

    Why Emmelie is a Top Career Resource: Learn how to build and grow your personal brand both in person and online, and get tips to make the most of your business.

    Read: 3 Simple Rules To Follow If You Want To Travel More This Year
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  • Corn on the Job

    Featuring job search suggestions and resume tips galore, Corn on the Job is a blog for those looking for a new job or just starting out in their career.

    Why Corn on the Job is a Top Career Resource: With its expert tips on job applications, including resumes and cover letters, from a staffing professional, this is a great place to learn the best practices for applying for a job.

    Read: The Essence of Effective Team Building
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  • Keppie Careers

    The Keppie Careers blog provides information and resources to help careerists who aspire to win promotions or land new job opportunities. It also offers information and advice for those who plan to launch their own businesses.

    Why Keppie Careers is a Top Career Resource: With a focus on networking and social media, this blog provides cutting-edge information everyone needs to know to succeed in today's economy.

    Read: How to use social networks to get a job
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  • HerAgenda

    Featuring inspiring stories from women professionals and career advancement advice, HerAgenda is a blog for women who want to build a successful, long-lasting career.

    Why HerAgenda is a Top Career Resource: With everything from real-life stories to podcast recommendations to career advice articles, this is a blog that career-oriented women will love.

    Read: Meet The Women Who Run The Oscars
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  • My Lifestyle Career

    My Lifestyle Career is a blog that helps semi-retired people discover ways to profit from doing what they love.

    Why My Lifestyle Career is a Top Career Resource: Anyone who is semi-retired but not ready to stop working will find plenty of creative, interesting, and fun ways to start the next stage of their working life on this blog!

    Read: Who are Your Second-Act Role Models?
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  • The Productivity Pro

    Productivity is key to career advancement, and The Productivity Pro is a blog dedicated to helping readers stay productive in just about any imaginable situation.

    Why The Productivity Pro is a Top Career Resource: We all want to stay productive and advance our careers, and this blog will show you how to do it no matter what life throws at you.

    Read: Five Ways to Tap into the Psychological State of Flow: How to Get into the Zone and Stay There
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  • The Voice of Job Seekers

    The Voice of Job Seekers is packed with advice for those looking for their next job, from how to navigate social media to how to track down the best opportunities.

    Why The Voice of Job Seekers is a Top Career Resource: With a handy podcast and tons of great articles for job seekers, including ways to use your gadgets to find job opportunities, this is a great site for job seekers on the go.

    Read: How to Use Your Blog for Today's Job Search
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  • The Office Blend

    The Office Blend is a blog about work life, focusing on ways to become more successful and happy in your career.

    Why The Office Blend is a Top Career Resource: Packed with thoughtful, salient career wisdom, this blog is for those who are unsure about their work life but don't want to shift careers.

    Read: 4 Signs You've Already Left Your Job
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  • Careershifters

    As the name suggests, Careershifters is a resource all about helping you to successfully change careers. On the site, you can find expert advice, success stories and resources to help give you inspiration, confidence and clarity on your career change journey. You can also find out about their 'How to find the work you love' workshops and their 8-week Career Change Launch Pad course.

    Why Careershifters is a Top Career Resource: Changing careers is a major decision, but the real-life success stories of people who have done it themselves will provide you with a smart blueprint for making the shift.

    Read: From Marketing to Health and Wellness
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  • Executive Career Brand

    Executive Career Brand is packed with tips for managing your online reputation and boosting your personal brand so you can land the job you want.

    Why Executive Career Brand is a Top Career Resource: Your online persona and brand play a major role in who hires you, and this blog will teach you how to manage both to land the career of your dreams.

    Read: 3 Important LinkedIn Profile Housekeeping Tasks
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  • When I Grow Up

    When I Grow Up is a career blog that offers guidance to creative women who are seeking to create the perfect career for themselves.

    Why When I Grow Up is a Top Career Resource: This blog is perfect for creative female entrepreneurs looking for a little guidance and a whole lot of inspiration.

    Read: Women of the World
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  • Career Solvers
    Career Solvers is dedicated to helping readers have success in the job application process, and features some great content on nailing job interviews.

    Why Career Solvers is a Top Career Resource: Interviewing is one of the toughest parts of the job search, but this blog's advice will help you impress every time!

    Read: 10 Networking Mistakes Most Job Seekers Are Still Making

  • Absolutely Abb

    Absolutely Abby is a blog that's all about inspiring and motivating job seekers as they search for their ideal job.

    Why Absolutely Abb is a Top Career Resource: The job hunt can be exhausting and demoralizing, but this blog will give you the encouragement and guidance you need to keep going until you find the perfect career!

    Read: Absolutely Abby - Building Your LinkedIn Network
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  • Career Trend

    Career Trend is all about great career search advice, with a special focus on crafting the perfect resume.

    Why Career Trend is a Top Career Resource: Resume writing is tough, but this blog will help you learn to communicate your true value to any potential employer.

    Read: Executive Resume Writing Service
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  • Campus to Career

    With advice for writing resumes, interviewing, and landing a great internship, Campus to Career is a blog for job seekers, particularly new college grads, who are looking for their dream job.

    Why Campus to Career is a Top Career Resource: Filled with informative infographics and practical advice, this blog is for any college student or grad who's ready to start looking for the job that will lead to their career!

    Read: 21 Interview Tips to Help You Shine
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  • Gen Y Girl

    Gen Y Girl is the work of one young millennial career coach, and it's filled with practical pointers for young job seekers (along with some content for cat lovers!).

    Why Gen Y Girl is a Top Career Resource: This fun, energetic blog is perfect for millennial women who are looking for some career and financial advice from someone who knows the challenges of being a Gen Y woman on the hunt for a job.

    Read: DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub
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  • TopResume

    With resume and CV tips, interview advice, and career guidance, TopResume's blog is filled with must-read content for job seekers.

    Why TopResume is a Top Career Resource: Whether you're trying to refine your personal brand, build the perfect resume, or build your network, this blog has the career advice you need!

    Read: Salary Interview Questions that are Illegal
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  • SixFigureStart

    SixFigureStart features expert advice from former Fortune 500 recruiters who want to help you get the high-paying dream job you deserve.

    Why SixFigureStart is a Top Career Resource: If you've ever wondered what recruiters and hiring managers are thinking, these professionals will help you get into their heads and stand out from the pack.

    Read: Negotiating For Job Title
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  • Career Potential

    Career Potential is a blog dedicated to helping readers get as far as they envision themselves going in their career.

    Why Career Potential is a Top Career Resource: From negotiating for a raise to networking and beyond, this blog is all about helping you take your career to new heights.

    Read: Top 10 Holiday Tips for Career Success
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  • Chameleon Resumes

    Recruitment professional Lisa helps job hunters through the entire process, especially regarding cover letters, resumes, and online profiles.

    Why Chameleon Resumes is a Top Career Resource: Craft the perfect resume and nail the interview with Lisa's tips on things like LinkedIn profiles and interview etiquette.

    Read: LinkedIn Referrals: One More Reason to Properly Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
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  • Daisy Wright
    Daisy Wright is a career coach whose blog covers such topics as resume writing, interviewing, and picking the right references.

    Why Daisy Wright is a Top Career Resource: Job seekers who are looking for a one-stop blog packed with expert tips on all aspects of the job hunt should give this blog a look!

    Read: Warning! You Could Be Damaging Your Brand With This Resume

  • MMM Career Consulting \\ Career Coach

    Job coach Maggie helps put people on the path to their dream careers through her tips about self-discovery and networking.

    Why MMM Career Consulting \\ Career Coach is a Top Career Resource: Maggie helps people brainstorm their ideal career and set the steps in motion to make it happen.

    Read: Success Starts with Creating a Friendly Universe
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  • Personal Branding Blog
    From navigating the minefield of social media to being the best employee you can be, the Personal Branding Blog is all about helping you build and solidify your brand.

    Why Personal Branding Blog is a Top Career Resource: Building a personal brand can go a long way toward landing you the job of your dreams, and this blog is dedicated to helping you do just that.

    Read: 6 Personal Branding Tips for Introverts

  • Cube Rules

    Cube Rules is a blog dedicated to helping you build a successful career so you can achieve the stability and security of long-term employment.

    Why Cube Rules is a Top Career Resource: From keeping your energy up on the job to standing out at work, this blog is all about encouraging readers to build a highly successful professional career.

    Read: 4 Things Everyone Forgets to Put on Their Resume
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  • The Resume Place

    The Resume Place is a blog for those seeking a career in the U.S. government, with a special focus on resume writing and tips for military veterans.

    Why The Resume Place is a Top Career Resource: Those who want to start building their career in government should check out this blog for plenty of excellent resume advice to help them get the position they want.

    Read: Federal Resume Sample and Format
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  • Career Woman, Inc.

    Career Woman, Inc. is a blog for professional women, focusing on content ranging from job-hunting tips to career advancement.

    Why Career Woman, Inc. is a Top Career Resource: Professional women, whether hunting for a job or a promotion, will find plenty of excellent content just for them on this blog.

    Read: 7 Tips To Kick Your Career Into A Higher Gear
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  • Ms. Career Girl

    Ms. Career Girl is a unique blog packed with content including tips for career advancement, successful side hustles, and even lifestyle and relationship advice!

    Why Ms. Career Girl is a Top Career Resource: Professional women who want to balance a successful career with a fun-loving lifestyle will find just the blog they're looking for here!

    Read: Productivity Archives
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  • Ask The Headhunter

    Ask The Headhunter is filled with expert tips from a real-life recruiter, and features reader questions on job searches and career opportunities.

    Why Ask The Headhunter is a Top Career Resource: The question/answer section on this blog includes some of your most pressing real-life job hunt and career advancement questions, all answered by a pro!

    Read: Need a pay stub to hire me? Take a hike.
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  • Kathy Caprino

    Kathy Caprino doesn't want to help you just land a job; her blog is all about helping readers build a happy, healthy work-life that aligns with their deepest personal values, visions and goals.

    Why Kathy Caprino is a Top Career Resource: For many people, their work is something they dread; this blog seeks to help you turn it into something that makes you truly happy and fulfilled.

    Read: Let's Take the "I'm Pleasing Myself" 30-Day Challenge - Please Yourself, For Once
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  • Workboard Blog

    The Workboard Blog is dedicated to helping you become a better leader so you can build a stronger team at work.

    Why Workboard Blog is a Top Career Resource: Workplace leaders who want to improve their team's performance will find tons of practical content on this blog.

    Read: 5 Techniques to Improve Agility and Velocity
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  • Sklover Working Wisdom
    Sklover Working Wisdom brings an employment attorney's expertise to a career blog, and features long-form articles as well as short, wisdom-packed quick reads.

    Why Sklover Working Wisdom is a Top Career Resource: Each week, this blog offers up a quote from a successful businessman or woman and breaks it down, providing readers inspiration and wisdom to start their work week.

    Read: Another Chain Broken

  • Prolific Living

    Prolific Living is a blog that's all about finding both happiness and success through a positive attitude and a proactive approach to your own career.

    Why Prolific Living is a Top Career Resource: If you're not in love with your career, this blog will give you the inspiration you need to make a change for the better!

    Read: 10 Strategies to Avoid Burnout Once and For All
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  • Pathfinder

    Pathfinder is a career blog that aims to cut through the noise with mythbusting and straightforward job search advice.

    Why Pathfinder is a Top Career Resource: If you're looking for a straightforward, clear-headed career blog that doesn't buy into myths or tricks, this is the blog for you!

    Read: Overachievers: Can You Hurt Your Career?
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  • Careertopia

    Careertopia's blog is filled with expert wisdom for achieving a happy, healthy work/life balance in your career.

    Why Careertopia is a Top Career Resource: Those who are wondering where to begin building a career that will keep them happy, healthy, and engaged will find a lot of useful, practical content on this blog.

    Read: 11 Employee Perks To Attract Top Creative Talent (INFOGRAPHIC)
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  • VocationVillage Blog

    The VocationVillage Blog exists to help readers find the career that will help them create a life they love.

    Why VocationVillage Blog is a Top Career Resource:Whether you want to turn your favorite hobby into a career, find a successful side gig, or you just need some great career development or job search tips, this blog will have the content you're looking for.

    Read: Advice on Turning Money-Making Hobbies Into Careers
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  • milewalk

    Career changing, resume writing, interviewing, and more are all covered on milewalk's Tips for Work and LifeĀ® by Andrew LaCivita, a career and HR blog full of practical advice. The blog is written by Andrew LaCivita, founder and CEO of milewalk.

    Why Tips for Work and LifeĀ® Blog by Andrew LaCivita is a Top Career Resource: This blog has content for people of almost every age and at every stage of their job search. You're sure to find some useful content here!

    Read: The Ultimate 22-Year-Old's Survival Guide for Work & Life
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  • Brooklyn Resume Studio

    Dana and team work with professionals in creative and other industries to develop their resumes, personal brands, and job search strategies.

    Why Brooklyn Resume Studio is a Top Career Resource: Learn how to dominate the job search process and make the most of your career with tips from a variety of experts, plus a weekly compilation of top job advice and news.

    Read: Blog Roll
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  • Career Directions

    Career Directions will help you make the best possible impression on potential employers with expert resume tips and guidance for nailing that interview.

    Why Career Directions is a Top Career Resource: Readers who are looking for ways to boost their chances of landing that next great job should definitely check this blog out!

    Read: Your LinkedIn Profile Was Viewed By a Recruiter - Now What?
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  • Create Your Career Path

    Create your career path with Hallie's advice on networking and finding the right job.

    Why Create Your Career Path is a Top Career Resource: Detailed advice for every step of the job hunting process.

    Read: Three Keys to Managing Up
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  • Career Tips to Go

    Find tips, ideas and inspiration to help you achieve career success.

    Why Career Tips to Go is a Top Career Resource: Find out options for your career and get applicable tips on things like work schedules and jumping to a new industry to make your dreams a reality.

    Read: How to start your New Year's resolutions...
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  • Mary Elizabeth Bradford

    Focused on executive resumes, Mary Elizabeth and her blog provide tips for taking your career to the next step.

    Why Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a Top Career Resource: Tips are dedicated to executives and showcase how to leverage your career in growing industries.

    Read: 60+ Most Popular Job Search Articles of 2015
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  • Distinctive Documents

    The Distinctive Documents blog seeks to give your resume, interview, and networking skills the boost they need to land you that dream job.

    Why Distinctive Documents is a Top Career Resource: This blog features a wide variety of resume-writing tips for a number of different kinds of resumes and job hunt situations, making it perfect for anyone seeking to ensure that their resume is exactly what they need it to be.

    Read: Resume Tips to Land a Corporate Job After Owning a Business
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  • Wishingwell Coaching

    The Wishingwell Coaching blog, written by a career coach and psychotherapist, is all about providing psychology-based guidance to job hunters.

    Why Wishingwell Coaching is a Top Career Resource: Inspiration, positive affirmation, and happiness-based career advice is all over the Internet, but this blog's science-based psychotherapy bent makes it a standout. Wishingwell Coaching helps you tackle mindset issues related to job search. That way, you can go after the job you actually want (instead of the job you think you should have). Wishingwell Coaching can help you live your dreams and be your authentic self.

    Read: Career Change at 40
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  • Gia Ganesh

    Gia Ganesh is a career strategist whose blog is all about helping high achieving individuals lead fulfilling professional lives.

    Why Gia Ganesh is a Top Career Resource: High achieving individuals accelerate their career advancement and navigate career transitions successfully.

    Read: Tackle the Elephant In The Room: Effective Salary Negotiation
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  • Melissa Llarena

    Melissa Llarena's blog provides coaching for people undergoing a career transition, with plenty of helpful, specific advice for acing any interview situation.

    Why Melissa Llarena is a Top Career Resource: Job interviews are always nerve wracking, but this blog's situation-specific tips will help you make the best possible impression.

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  • Ivy Exe

    The Ivy Exec blog is packed with great ways for readers to advance their career, whether they're trying to move up the corporate ladder or boost their small business.

    Why Ivy Exe is a Top Career Resource: Ambitious professionals who are gunning for a big promotion or a raise will find plenty of excellent content on this blog.

    Read: 4 Reasons NOT to Fire a Longtime Employee
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  • Career Impressions

    Career Impressions is all about helping you make the best first impression in your job search, from your resume, to your LinkedIn profile, to your interview preparation.

    Why Career Impressions is a Top Career Resource: Keeping up with resume trends can be an overwhelming and stressful task. Take the guess work out of writing an effective resume in this blog, ensuring your resume is always on point.

    Read: Resume Trends for 2016
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  • Recruiting Raya

    Recruiting Raya's Secrets of a Staffing Superhero blog provides expert advice for job seekers, helping them to stand out from a crowded field of applicants by projecting confidence and professionalism through every stage of the application process.

    Why Recruiting Raya is a Top Career Resource: Whether you're seeking a job in a particular field or just need a little advice for organizing your references, this blog will give your job search the direction it needs.

    Read: How to Interview like a Jedi (or a Just a Good Guy)
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  • Mo Faul

    Mo Faul is a career coach whose blog is for readers who aren't where they want to be in their career, and are looking for ways kick start it.

    Why Mo Faul is a Top Career Resource: If you feel like your career is letting you down and you're ready to change, whether it's transitioning to a new career or doing more to stand out at your current one, Mo Faul's blog will give you the guidance and inspiration you need.

    Read: 5 Shifts to Bring Your Soul to Work
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  • Personal Career Management Blog

    Personal Career Management work with individuals and corporate companies providing career coaching and outplacement services.

    Why Personal Career Management Blog is a Top Career Resource: Individuals who are looking for their next role, seeking a career change or redundancy support can find their career tips and blog useful.

    Read: How to successfully manage your career and tackle the job market
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  • Sterling Career Concepts

    Sterling Career Concepts' blog focuses on resume development, successful job search strategies, and career progression advice.

    Why Sterling Career Concepts is a Top Career Resource: This blog provides a wide range of content, and will help professionals with everything from writing the perfect resume to improving workplace performance with an eye toward career advancement.

    Read: Job Search Jumpstart
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  • Careers Done Write

    Get expert insight into the job searching process, from networking to interviewing and everything in between.

    Why Careers Done Write is a Top Career Resource: Debra Wheatman, a certified executive resume writer and certified career coach, answers common job hunter questions and provides advice to land your dream job.

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  • The Writing Guru

    The Writing Guru's blog, with its networking, resume, personal branding, and LinkedIn tips, is for those executives and senior managers who are looking for more guidance in their job search.

    Why The Writing Guru is a Top Career Resource: Wendi Weiner is the only Nationally Certified Resume Writer who is an attorney, and has been referred to as the #1 resume expert. Executives who are looking for ways to stand out from a crowded field of applicants will discover the resume writing, interviewing, and even social media tips they need in Wendi's publications and blog.

    Read: Redefining Your Focus During the Summer
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  • The Prepary

    The Prepary is a blog for those in a career transition, whether that's searching for a new job, transitioning to a new role, or building a professional network.

    Why The Prepary is a Top Career Resource: Much of this blog's content is focused on finding more ways to further your career and build your network, even outside of the workplace, making it great for anyone stressing about a job hunt.

    Read: How to write descriptions of your experience on LinkedIn
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  • CoachDQ

    CoachDQ's blog is filled with practical career advancement advice, from advocating for yourself in the workplace to knowing when it's time to make a change.

    Why CoachDQ is a Top Career Resource: Readers who feel that their career is stagnating can use this blog to find plenty of encouragement and practical advice that will help them make the moves they need to get back on track.

    Read: CoachDQ Blog
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  • Daisy Swan & Associates

    Daisy Swan & Associates are career strategists, and their blog advocates what they call the "whole life approach": happiness in your work leads to happiness in your life.

    Why Daisy Swan & Associates is a Top Career Resource: For many, work is slog each and every day; if that sounds like you, you should check out Daisy's blog for tips on how to change that mindset for a happier, healthier career life.

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  • Career Connector

    Allison Cheston's Career Connector blog is geared toward people at all ages and stages in their careers, including young people seeking advice for the early stages of their career.

    Why Career Connector is a Top Career Resource: Whether you're having trouble getting the job interviews you need or you want advice for leveraging an internship into an entry-level job, this blog is perfect for young people who need career tips.

    Read: Career Dilemmas? Try this Simple Process
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  • Walk of Life Consulting

    Walk of Life Consulting seeks to place clients in sustainable, green economy jobs, and their blog is geared toward helping people land and build careers in the sustainability and impact sectors.

    Why Walk of Life Consulting is a Top Career Resource: Readers interested in careers in the sustainability and impact sectors will find a lot of great guidance on this blog to help them land that job!

    Follow @walkoflifecoach

  • Feather Communications Blog

    The Feather Communications Blog is dedicated to helping readers more effectively communicate via their resume, cover letter, interviews, and follow-ups.

    Why Feather Communications Blog is a Top Career Resource: If you're unsure whether or not your resume and cover letter are communicating what you want them to communicate, this is the blog for you.

    Read: Addressing a Cover Letter If You Don't Know the Contact Name
    Follow @feathercomm

  • The Career Strategy Group

    The Career Strategy Group provides expert career search advice, from researching your target companies and jobs to networking and more.

    Why The Career Strategy Group is a Top Career Resource: When searching for a new career, it's important to be prepared, professional, and well-connected; this is the blog that can help you get there!

    Read: What's Next for Peyton Manning?
    Follow @LauraLabovich

  • Positive Workplace Partners

    Positive Workplace Partners is a consulting firm that helps individuals with job searches, career transitions, personal branding and career advancement.

    Why Positive Workplace Partners is a Top Career Resource: Positive Workplace Partners' aim is to help people achieve their career goals through identification of their skills, strengths and interests and effective engagement with the job market.

    Read: 25 Tips for Making a Successful Career Transition
    Follow @susanpeppercorn

  • Career Happiness Blog

    KBM Coaching's Career Happiness Blog is all about helping professionals gain insight on how to be happier in their careers through mindfulness, career development and positivity.

    Why Career Happiness Blog is a Top Career Resource: Many of us feel stressed out or unhappy at work; if that sounds like you, this career blog's focus on positivity and happiness might be just what you need.

    Follow @kbmcoaching

  • Copeland Coaching

    Copeland Coaching's blog features plenty of practical advice for job seekers, and they even have a podcast for those who prefer to get their career advice through a pair of headphones.

    Why Copeland Coaching is a Top Career Resource: In addition to having an extremely helpful blog for job hunters and those seeking a career transition, Copeland Coaching's blog is perfect for those looking for career coaching content on the go.

    Read: CCP100: Matthew Kosinski, Recruiter.com
    Follow @copelandcoach

  • Riklan Resources

    Riklan Resources' blog offers content on the entire spectrum of your career, from resume writing to successfully navigating difficult workplace situations.

    Why Riklan Resources is a Top Career Resource: Whether you want your entry-level resume to stand out or you're more into standing out from the pack at your workplace, this blog seeks to help you get ahead in your career.

    Read: Looking for the Perfect Match
    Follow @resumewoman

  • Five Strengths

    Five Strengths is for executive job seekers, with advice for crafting the perfect executive resume, dressing for success, and more.

    Why Five Strengths is a Top Career Resource: Executive job openings are highly competitive, but this blog will help give you the edge you need to stand out from the professional pack.

    Read: Video: The Difference between Bragging and Leveling in Your Executive Job Search
    Follow @AmyLAdler

  • Career Coaching 360

    Career Coaching 360 is a blog for those who are either making or thinking of making a career transition, with tips for seeking out the right jobs and choosing the right time to transition.

    Why Career Coaching 360 is a Top Career Resource: If you've been thinking that it's time to make a career change, this blog will help prepare you to take the leap.

    Read: Bouncing Back after Your LayOff
    Follow @SherriThomas

  • Bulls Eye Recruiting

    Top sales recruiting firm Bulls Eye connects employees with the best companies and shares expert knowledge on its blog.

    Why Bulls Eye Recruiting is a Top Career Resource: A variety of tips ranging from interviews and cover letters to technology and ethics from an established recruiting firm.

    Read: Bulls Eye Recruiting Blog
    Follow @bullseyerec

  • Nielsen Career Consulting
    The Nielsen Career Consulting blog offers executives career advice in long-form, detailed articles on a variety of topics.

    Why Nielsen Career Consulting is a Top Career Resource: Whether you're looking for ways to get ahead in your career or advice for improving workplace culture, any executives seeking career advice will find some excellent articles on this blog.

    Read: What Advice Would I Give my Younger Self?

  • Ashley Stahl

    Packed with networking, resume, and job interview tips, Ashley Stahl's blog is geared toward young people looking for some expert guidance on their job search.

    Why Ashley Stahl is a Top Career Resource: Young job hunters will find all of the advice they need here to perfect their resume, ace that big interview, and grow their professional network.

    Follow @AshleyStahl

  • Dynamic Transitions

    The Dynamic Transitions blog is dedicated to helping those who feel unsatisfied or unhappy in their career transition to an exciting new career in a healthy, happiness-inducing way.

    Why Dynamic Transitions is a Top Career Resource: Readers who are unhappy in their careers and thinking about transitioning to something new will find some excellent advice for doing so in a well-considered, thoughtful way on this blog.

    Read: Rich & Lisa Orbe-Austin - Dynamic Transitions, PhD - NYC
    Follow @thecareerdocs

  • Fettner Career Consulting
    Fettner Career Consulting's blog features content written to help people of all personality types succeed in the workplace.

    Why Fettner Career Consulting is a Top Career Resource: Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert or even suffer from ADHD, this blog will provide you with some excellent tips for succeeding in the workplace.

  • Donna Schilder
    Donna Schilder is a career and leadership coach, and her blog offers leadership advice, tips for managing workplace stress and anxiety, and more.

    Why Donna Schilder is a Top Career Resource: This is a well-rounded career blog with an even mix of leadership, career, and business advice that aims to put readers on the fast track to success.

    Read: Donna Schilder

  • Careerfolk

    Careerfolk is all about helping job seekers transform their work ethic and attitude to make them more desirable job candidates.

    Why Careerfolk is a Top Career Resource: If the job search is getting you down or you can't seem to get past that final round of interviews, this blog will help you make the changes and improvements you need to finally get your dream career!

    Read: Focus on Career Trends: Bridging the Skills Gap Without Breaking the Bank
    Follow @careerfolk

  • Harper Spero

    Harper Spero's blog is a unique look at how different people define success in their careers, featuring interviews with various professionals.

    Why Harper Spero is a Top Career Resource: inspiration abounds on this blog, making it a great stop for anyone considering a career change or feeling unhappy on the job.

    Read: Defining Success: Lesley Jane Seymour
    Follow @harper_spero

  • Begin Again Coaching
    Begin Again Coaching's blog is packed with tips for getting "unstuck," gaining clarity, and finding career fulfillment and vitality.

    Why Begin Again Coaching is a Top Career Resource: When you're facing or exploring career transition, this blog offers humor and strategies, while addressing the fear and anxiety that are companion to courageous change.

  • Oliver James

    Recruitment specialists Oliver James' blog is packed with tips for getting ahead in your career, from landing the dream job to asking for a promotion.

    Why Oliver James is a Top Career Resource: Those who are comfortable in their career and are ready to reach for the very top of it will find a lot of excellent tips on this blog.

    Read: Oliver James Associates ranks in Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200
    Follow @OJAssociates

  • My Executive Career Coach

    My Executive Career Coach's blog is a positive-minded, detailed blog dedicated to helping executives land their dream job.

    Why My Executive Career Coach is a Top Career Resource: Executives on the hunt for their next great job will love this blog's expert career search advice.

    Read: December IS an Important Month for Your Career Search
    Follow @LinVanVal

  • Careers in Government

    As the title hints, Careers in Government is a blog for those who want to advance their government career and those who want to get into public sector work.

    Why Careers in Government is a Top Career Resource: A career in government doesn't have to be all that different from a private sector career, and this blog features advice specific to government jobs as well as more general workplace content.

    Read: A Personal Interview
    Follow @careersingov

  • Work Like an Artist

    Work Like an Artist is a blog all about remaining creative, engaged with your work, and finding meaning in your career.

    Why Work Like an Artist is a Top Career Resource: Just about everyone has had second thoughts about their career at some point, but if yours are getting you down, this blog will show you how to discover the independent, creative, and successful person inside you.

    Read: How to Get Motivated
    Follow @KRohde

  • Crystal Marsh Coaching

    The Crystal Marsh Coaching blog is dedicated to empowering millennials to leave dreary jobs and find careers they love or start their new businesses.

    Why Crystal Marsh Coaching is a Top Career Resource: With tons of short, inspirational videos packed with great career advice, this is a blog for millennials looking to make a career change.

    Follow @Crystal__Marsh

  • CareerMetis

    CareerMetis is website and blog that acts as a "wise counselor" for readers looking to grow their professional careers. It features articles and editorials written by industry experts, infographics and a podcast.

    Why CareerMetis is a Top Career Resource: The blog is a one-stop-shop of informational wealth regarding tips on how to thrive in your current career path or expand your horizons toward a new one.

    Read: How to Adapt Your Resume for Large Companies
    Follow @CareerMetis

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