August 12, 2018

Best in Business Intelligence: Top Experts

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Raise the bar of your small business. Use our list of Best in Business Intelligence to learn how to get insightful data and access powerful infrastructures for running your business and making smart decisions.

Top Business Intelligence Resources and Platforms

Information is power—and business intelligence technologies and resources help you get at the essential information you need for knowing exactly how your business is really doing, what's likely going to happen, and, most important, what you should do next. Don't make choices in a vacuum—know what you're dealing with by hooking up your business with a business intelligence resource.

CreditDonkey is all about smart money and comparison shopping—this list helps your small business do both by knowing which of the many, many business intelligence providers out there are worthy of your attention and exploring how they compare.

Check out this list and elevate the intelligence of your business.

  • Revulytics

    Revulytics provides software usage analytics that give companies actionable insights into who's using their software and what they're doing with it. Founder, President, and CEO Joseph Noonan has led Revulytics since 2006, and previously held executive positions at Authentica, Inc., and Eprise Corp.

    Why Revulytics is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: This allows companies to ensure license compliance by converting pirated users into paying ones. Their usage analytics, meanwhile, give companies insight into how their software is being used so they know where improvements and changes need to be made.

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  • MuleSoft

    MuleSoft's mission is to help organizations change and innovate faster by making it easy to connect the world's applications, data and devices. Anypoint Platform is a hybrid integration platform that enables organizations to easily build and rapidly scale an application network of apps, data, and devices, whether on-premises or in the cloud, through APIs and integrations.

    MuleSoft CEO Greg Schott has over 20 years of experience building and leading technology companies all the way from early stage to IPO, and has previously worked at SpringSource and Agile Software.

    Why MuleSoft is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: By making it easy to connect applications, data and devices in an application network, Anypoint Platform enables MuleSoft's customers to quickly deliver differentiated customer experiences, new revenue channels, and entirely new business models.

    Designed to enable users in various roles, including IT and lines of business, Anypoint Platform allows organizations to adopt a new technology operating model where IT delivers reusable assets using APIs that developers across the organization can leverage and self-serve to rapidly compose and deliver new applications, giving businesses unprecedented agility.

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  • Birst

    Birst creates business intelligence and analytics software that aims to meet the needs of both business and IT users. Birst was co-founded by Brad Peters and Paul Staelin after their successful tenure as product leaders at Siebel Systems, later Oracle Business Intelligence.

    Why Birst is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Birst's cloud-based networked analytics platform includes self-service tools, which enable users to adapt the experience to their preferences, allowing them to consume data in the way they prefer. Because the cloud-based platform enables users to network analytic instances, all team members, departments, and IT employees can instantly share data and findings across the organization.

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  • Izenda

    Izenda is an embedded business intelligence and self-service platform that makes it a snap for your end users to access top-tier, scalable reporting.

    Why Izenda is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Their technology embeds seamlessly into existing applications, making it invisible to end users and providing an easy solution for complex data problems. Their reporting and analytics tools are powerful but simple to use, which allows novices and power users alike to get what they need.

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  • ThoughtSpot

    ThoughtSpot is a next-generation analytics platform for enterprises, making it easier than ever to get answers from company data. Co-founder and CEO Ajeet Singh previously co-founded the enterprise cloud company Nutanix and served as its CPO, while co-founder and CTO Amit Prakash is also a co-founder and CTO at Thoughtspot.

    Why ThoughtSpot is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Designed for true self-service for everyone, users only have to enter search terms to analyze data, and can get automated insights with a single click. This ease of use speeds up the pace of work, radically reducing reporting backlogs and putting everyone on the same page with shared metrics.

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  • Frrole

    Frrole's top-notch AI platform for enterprise uses social data to better understand consumers at scale.

    Why Frrole is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Their Deepsense AI platform for recruiters and hiring managers uses AI to evaluate job candidates at scale by automating the building of candidate profiles. They also offer Scout, a platform for marketers, market researchers, and analysts that uses social listening, audience and influencer intelligence, and on-demand research to provide real-time actionable insights.

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  • Predata

    Predata is bringing alternative data and machine learning to the investing world.

    Why Predata is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Their platform empowers financial professionals to use alternative data from social and collaborative media in their investment strategies. Users can backtest this new data to discover how it has predicted market fluctuations in the past, then set custom alerts so they know as soon as signals breach their chosen volatility levels.

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  • Fractal Labs

    Fractal aims to make business finance simple with an automated financial assistant.

    Why Fractal Labs is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: It interprets all of your data just like a finance professional, identifying blind spots and providing timely insights and helping decision-makers identify solutions and opportunities. It also makes it easy to clearly communicate a company's financial data with secure, permission-based access that facilitates real-time financial discussions.

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  • Intelligent InSites

    Intelligent InSites is working to help healthcare clinics operate more simply and efficiently using the power of data. President and CEO Shane Waslaski has a background in executive leadership across multiple sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation.

    Why Intelligent InSites is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Their platform automates everything from location movements to workflows to messaging while providing reports and insights to help users find patterns and outliers. They have products available not just for clinics, but for asset management and acute care, too.

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  • Attivio

    Attivio is a leading cognitive search and insight platform with applications in customer support, risk avoidance, and more. CEO and Director Stephen Baker has over 15 years of executive experience in enterprise software, and was previously President and Chief Revenue Officer for RAMP Holdings.

    Why Attivio is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Using natural language processing, AI-powered search, and text analytics, your customer service reps, for example, can become more productive and your customers will be happier thanks to smarter, faster search answers. Companies that desire a unified digital workspace will also love Attivio, which can provide quick, clear answers in enterprise systems.

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  • Realeyes

    Realeyes is providing data on how users feel while watching online video using webcams, computer vision, and the latest in machine-learning technology.

    Why Realeyes is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: For example, their studies have shown that 6-second ads can pack a huge punch in the age of diminishing attention spans, and their technology can help you make every second count. It's easy to launch and implement, too; just drag and drop your video to their dashboard, and their volunteers will start giving you the data you need.

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  • OmniEarth
    OmniEarth uses advanced geoanalytics to help their subscribers understand, manage, and predict the world around them. President and CEO Lars Dyrud, PhD, was previously a senior scientist and section lead at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory; he created OmniEarth to provide analytics to companies that were previously only available to scientists.

    Why OmniEarth is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Their services and products can help users manage resources; they help cities understand water consumption, for example. Their AI can even help spot problems like roof deterioration on a building, which can help to predict insurance liability.

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  • idaciti

    idaciti allows financial professionals to easily research securities filings and historical financial data. CEO and Co-founder Emily Huang previously co-founded the automated financial filing company Rivet Software, while co-founder and CRO Christine Tan, PhD, did her academic research in financial reporting and has experience working a variety of data formats.

    Why idaciti is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Their technology parses public filings every 15 minutes, which means users have access to up-to-the-minute, accurate data. Their Storyboard function even allows financial professionals to turn that data into compelling, decision-driving stories packed with the latest data.

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  • Dyn

    Oracle Dyn is a global business unit focused on cloud infrastructure that securely connect users with digital content and experiences across a global internet. Oracle Dyn's services are also integrated as part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform.

    Why Dyn is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Dyn's services include Managed DNS, Email Delivery and a Web Application Security suite. These solutions are powered by a global network that drives 40 billion traffic optimization decisions daily for more than 3,500 enterprise customers, including preeminent digital brands such as Netflix, Twitter, CNBC and LinkedIn.

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  • Kompyte

    Kompyte's competitor analysis software lets its users track the competition's every move, from website and product redesigns to digital marketing campaigns.

    Why Kompyte is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Whenever a competitor makes a move that could impact your business, Kompyte will give you a real-time alert so you can respond accordingly. This allows you to learn which of your competitors' marketing strategies are working so you can spot trends and create better, smarter content.

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  • Linkurious

    Linkurious provides on-premises graph visualization and analysis software built to help companies uncover hidden cyberthreats.

    Why Linkurious is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Their approach gives companies a full view of the networks around them so they can more easily uncover suspicious connections. It's easy to get started, too; just import your data into Linkurious and start querying your data.

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  • Factivate

    Factivate makes marketing analytics easy by providing digital marketers with automated reports, beautiful dashboards, and custom KPI alerts in an intelligent solution that requires no programming knowledge. They even provide a number of best-practices marketing report templates to help digital marketers start automating their campaign reports and dashboards instantly.

    Why Factivate is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: The tool's combination of custom KPI alerts with automated reports ensures marketers behave optimally. It allows users to combine all of their third-party services in one place and get real-time reporting (or dashboards) for the entire team, allowing everyone to stay on top of their campaigns while saving them time and money. Connecting sources like Facebook Ads, Instagram, and Google analytics to the platform is done with as little as 3 clicks and gives users a holistic view of their campaigns that's easy to engage with, saving marketers over 150 hours per year. Factivate's custom KPI alerts then ensure marketers are alerted whenever an important change to their KPIs happen, saving marketers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

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  • Agronometrics

    Agronometrics is a commercial data management platform for the fresh produce industry.

    Why Agronometrics is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Every day, it collects, standardizes, and presents prices and volumes for agricultural commodities worldwide. This allows users to compare their performance against the market at large in near-real-time, and they even offer personalized consulting services that will help you devise the best solutions based on your findings.

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  • Overfit

    Overfit uses statistical learning techniques to identify employees who are high turnover risks so companies can take effective action to retain them.

    Why Overfit is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Their data pulls from various sources to produce a list of the highest flight risks, allowing companies to make data-driven decisions when it comes to raises, promotions, and more. Their product can even tell users which driving factors are motivating flight risks so management can make changes and improve employee retention.

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  • Gnosis

    Gnosis' revolutionary, market-driven forecasting technology is built on Ethereum, a next-gen blockchain protocol.

    Why Gnosis is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Olympia, the alpha version of Gnosis' prediction market platform, allows users to try their hand at prediction markets in a tournament format as a proof-of-concept for what Gnosis can achieve. For example, it can help in price discovery, assist securities research firms in obtaining feedback on expected stock fundamentals, and much more.

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    MAPEGY analyzes real-time innovation data and synthesizes it into a range of key insights that will help your company stay a step ahead of the competition.

    Why MAPEGY is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Their technology can provide interactive, on-demand reports that include market overviews, evolving trends, forecasts, and much more. Using their API, you can gain access to their database using your own suite of tools to draw insight from around the world of global innovation and technology dynamics.

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  • Templafy

    Templafy works to secure an on-brand, productive document culture for enterprises.

    Why Templafy is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: It gives users access to company documents, slides, images, and more wherever they need them, and templates automatically adapt to users' profiles to save work and time. Not only that, but Templafy's solution automatically ensures legal and brand compliance across all documents.

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  • Xcalar

    Xcalar is an open, extensible analytics platform that aims to deliver insights to everyone with simplicity and speed.

    Why Xcalar is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: Their state-of-the-art, cloud-scale platform scales to thousands of users and petabytes of data for on-cloud and on-premises deployments alike. Their user interface makes designing models and algorithms easy, too, and it's even easy to install and set up.

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  • Argus Insights

    Argus Insights' technology is designed from the ground up to provide turnkey analytics curated to your market, so you'll always get insights you need to stay ahead of the competition.

    Why Argus Insights is a Top Business Intelligence Resource: They focus on the issue of "brand blindness," which makes successful companies blind to up-and-coming competition; they'll ensure that you have access to data concerning not just your company, but the entire market. They also have a unique way of measuring responses across social media, measuring promises made by brands against customer reviews to gauge product acceptance.

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