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Study: Average Honeymoon Cost

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The cost of honeymoons keeps rising. This doesn't keep couples home, though. Learn how couples make the most out of theirs.

Is a honeymoon a one-in-a-lifetime thing for you? Or just another holiday you enjoy with your boo?

Every couple has their own idea of a perfect honeymoon. But many times, they can get costly. Or things go south and the weather is less than perfect.

With strategic planning, all that can be avoided. Here's the scoop on honeymoons.

Budgeting and Planning for a Honeymoon

Honeymoons literally span the globe. Putting a price on it is a difficult task. But, there is an average cost.

Let's dive in.

Average Honeymoon Cost
After all the stress of planning a wedding, you need to get away. But it's going to cost you. The average couple spends about $5,000 on their honeymoon. This is in addition to wedding costs, which averages a little over $35,000.

Honeymoon Budgeting
Couples are all over the board when it comes to honeymoon budgets. Some go all out. They figure it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and don't hold back. Others are more frugal.

The average couple, however, is taking part in a new trend. They use honeymoon registries, like Wanderable, The Knot Cash Funds, Zola or Honeyfund. Say goodbye to yet another blender! Instead, they receive money towards their honeymoon. It's like crowdsourcing for your vacation.

Here's a comprehensive list of honeymoon registry sites that every bride should know about.

Depositing honeymoon funds in a separate, high-yield savings account, such as CIT Savings Builder, is a smart move for all soon-to-be newlyweds. Check to see if there are any CIT Bank promotions right now as you plan your romantic getaway.

Average Honeymoon Length
The average honeymoon lasts for 8 days. This will vary based on where you go. Couples traveling overseas tend to stretch their time out a little more. It just makes sense. If you travel all that way, you might as well enjoy it.

When to Plan Your Honeymoon
There are many decisions to make while planning your wedding. Each detail begs your attention right away. It's best to make a timeline so you know what you need to do and when.

On that timeline, make room for honeymoon planning at least 6 months before your wedding date.

This gives you time to do research. It also allows you to shop for the best deals. Waiting until the last minute could leave you with less than desirable prices.

The Hottest Honeymoon Spots

Do you want to honeymoon where the celebs go? Maybe you prefer something much more private. Find all the details below.

Number One Honeymoon Spot
Everyone has their own dream honeymoon spot. Some prefer romantic cities like Paris. Others prefer the pristine beaches of Hawaii. But, the number one spot is the Maldives.

Known as "paradise," the Maldives hosts many luxurious resorts and beaches. Each one exudes romance and privacy—just what the bride and groom ordered.

Number One European Honeymoon Spot
13% of couples choose a European honeymoon. Italy is the most popular destination. Florence, Amalfi Coast, and Tuscany are all popular with honeymooners.

Did Rome come to your mind as a romantic European country? You're not wrong, but it's not the number one spot.

Instead, Tuscany takes the spot. It's just as romantic—only less touristy and crowded. Life is very slow-paced and enjoyable in this Italian countryside. This is why honeymooners love it so much.

Honeymoon in Bora Bora Cost
Just a short flight from Tahiti awaits a tropical paradise. This luxurious honeymoon comes at quite a price, though.

On average, Bora Bora packages range between $3,000 and $5,000 per person. Of course, it depends on when you travel and how long you stay.

Honeymoon in Hawaii Cost
Hawaii and all its beautiful islands can provide a memorable honeymoon. It can also be a very costly honeymoon if you aren't careful. Don't let that deter you from your dreams, though.

If planned right, you can honeymoon in Hawaii for an average of $4,000. You just have to know when to go.

Right now, April, May, September, and October are the cheapest times to visit. Just avoid any holidays during those months. They jack the prices up because more people vacation then.

Honeymoon in the Maldives Cost
Your best bet for a honeymoon in the Maldives is to choose an all-inclusive resort. This way, you get your hotel, food, and drinks. Some resorts also include activities.

You can find all-inclusive deals for as low as $500 per night in the off-season. During peak season it goes up to $1,500 per night.

Don't forget about the seaplane transfers to get to the island. They could run you between $250 and $400 per person.

Paying for the Honeymoon

It always comes down to money, doesn't it? Someone has to pay for it. Will you buck tradition?

Who pays for the honeymoon?
Traditionally, the groom's side of the family pays for the honeymoon. But modern couples are bucking that custom. 60% of couples pay for the honeymoon themselves from their own savings.

Honeymoon funds are also getting more popular. 27% of couples who had a registry, set up a honeymoon fund to help pay for the getaway.

Wedding traditions may be old-fashioned, but many people still follow them. The bride's family typically picks up a large portion of the bill. But, traditionally, the groom and/or his family pay for the honeymoon.

How to save on a honeymoon?
Honeymoons don't have to break the bank. Use these simple tips to help you afford your dream vacation:

  • Use a travel agent
  • Choose priorities that both the bride and groom desire
  • Honeymoon off-season
  • Stay off the beaten path
  • Fly into less popular airports
  • Try an all-inclusive vacation
  • Plan ahead

Benefits of Using a Travel Agent
No matter how much you love DIY projects, leave your honeymoon to the experts.

You never know when a travel agent will have insider information for you. It could be a hot deal or a must-see excursion. This is supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, so don't leave it to chance.

You are likely stressed enough with the wedding planning. What if you overlook an important detail? The travel agent will make sure this doesn't happen.

Fun Facts About Honeymoons

Skipping the honeymoon? Bringing friends along? It all might sound strange, but it really happens.

How many couples actually take a honeymoon?
Not every couple takes a honeymoon. It's usually due to finances and work restraints. However, 85% of couples still manage to sneak away at some point.

What is a mini-moon?
30% of couples that don't have the time or money for a stretched out vacation opt for a mini-moon. It's an abbreviated version of the honeymoon. They usually last 2 or 3 days and are closer to home.

Consider it a few days to get away from the hustle and bustle you likely experienced. But you won't break the bank getting away.

What is a buddy moon?
3% of couples take a rather unique type of honeymoon. It's called the buddy moon. As the name suggests, buddies come along.

Jennifer Aniston and her beau Justin Theroux started the trend with their own buddy moon. Now others are following suit and even putting their own twist on it.

Is it still tradition for the groom to plan the honeymoon?
If we are talking wedding etiquette, yes. The groom should plan the honeymoon. Is it ideal, though? It probably isn't.

The bride likely has opinions too.

Planning together makes sure both have a memorable vacation. It also helps break up the stress of wedding planning.

Timing the Perfect Honeymoon

Timing your honeymoon is a big piece of the puzzle. You don't want to get stuck in hurricane season or experience below-average temperatures. Do your research before choosing your destination.

Best Place to Honeymoon in January
The cold winter months seem to leave little to be desired for a honeymoon. But, you still have many options:

  • Bahamas
  • The Maldives
  • Mexico
  • Lake Tahoe (for a skiing honeymoon)

Best Place to Honeymoon in June
June is a popular wedding month. But it also leaves you more possibilities for a luxurious honeymoon. The most popular June honeymoon locations include:

  • Bermuda
  • Fiji
  • France
  • Greece
  • Hawaii
  • The Maldives

Best Time to Honeymoon in Hawaii
If money isn't an issue, honeymoon in Hawaii between March and July, or between October and November. If money is an issue, try to stick to April, May, September, and October.

Worst Time to Honeymoon in the Caribbean
The Caribbean suffers a serious hurricane season. Technically, it runs from June to November. But the worst months are August through October. If you go on the outskirts of the season, like June or November, you should be okay.

One Important Tip

Just do yourself a favor. Don't leave on the night of your wedding.

Why shouldn't you leave for your honeymoon on your wedding night?

Plain and simple—you will be tired! You run the risk of forgetting things when you are exhausted. There is also so much to do after a wedding. Give yourself a day or two after the wedding. Then you can truly relax and enjoy your honeymoon.

The Bottom Line

Your honeymoon is what you make it. There aren't any standards.

You and your fiancé should make the decision together. Whether you stay close or travel far, the fact that you are together is all that should matter.

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