May 4, 2022

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency

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Looking for ways to get crypto without breaking the bank? You may be surprised to find there are places where you can get crypto for free.

Crypto is an unstoppable force in the investing world.

But if you're tight on cash, it feels impossible to get in on the action.

Luckily, there are real, legitimate ways to get crypto for free.

Keep reading to find out how to get free cryptocurrency, including sign-up bonuses from exchanges, staking, and more.

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is big business these days, and lots of platforms are vying for your attention. From exchanges to crypto banking services, companies know it's in their best interest to offer enticing rewards to get your business.

That's why some are offering ways to earn crypto for free. Some require an investment of money, time, or energy, but none of them involve buying coins outright.

What's the best way to get free cryptocurrency? If you're really interested in building your crypto portfolio without spending money on it, cash-back rewards and interest accounts are your best bet. Sign-up bonuses and task-based rewards will get you started, but they'll only take you so far.

Below, find out how to take advantage of these opportunities, and how much you can expect to earn.

Cryptocurrency Sign-up Bonuses

One of the easiest ways to earn free crypto is just by signing up for services that want you as a customer. Several platforms are offering generous bonuses to new members, potentially with some requirements.

Cryptocurrency Cash Back & Rewards

With crypto rewards and cash back, you can get free coins just for doing things you do anyway—like buying groceries, filling up on gas, and paying your bills. Cash-Back Rewards Card

You can find a range of crypto Visa rewards cards on

They're more like prepaid debit cards than credit cards and are funded through your crypto wallet balance on, allowing you to spend your coins in real-time.

By using these rewards cards, you can earn 1% to 8% cash back, paid in CRO,'s native token. How much you earn depends on how much CRO you're staking, and those with higher account balances receive higher rates.

Here are some features of's rewards cards:

  • Most cards have no withdrawal fees
  • ATM withdrawal limits are from $200 - $1,000 per month[1]
  • Can be used wherever Visa is accepted
  • Plenty of rewards, such as cash back on subscriptions services, travel expenses, and access to airport lounges

BlockFi Rewards Card

You'll earn points throughout the month, rather than receiving Bitcoin every time you make a purchase.

One day each month, the points you've accrued will be converted to Bitcoin and automatically deposited into your BlockFi Wallet.

Once you have your Bitcoin, you also have the option to take advantage of BlockFi's commission-free exchange to convert it to a range of other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. The advantage here is that certain coins could have higher rates of return than Bitcoin does, potentially increasing your rewards.

Lolli Rewards App

You can earn Bitcoin rewards just for shopping at your favorite retailers by using Lolli, a popular rewards app. It works at over 1,000 merchants like Best Buy.

Rewards rates go as high as 30% and vary by retailer.

Lolli is able to offer these rewards because stores pay them to get you in the door—metaphorically speaking, since it works online as well. Their brand partners pay them when you shop, and they pass on some of that money to you.

Lolli is available for iOS, Android, and desktop users.

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card

You can earn 1.5% cash back in Bitcoin when you shop with the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card, offered in partnership with Visa.

It's accepted wherever Visa cards are and can be used with Google and Apple Pay.

There's no annual fee, no late fees, no returned payment fees, and you can start using a virtual version of the card as soon as you're approved.

There are no special requirements you need to meet for earning your rewards, meaning it works wherever and whenever you shop, and there are no limits on how much you can earn.

Depending on your credit score, you may be able to obtain a credit line between $500 and $25,000 with the Upgrade card.

Staking and Interest Accounts

One of the ways to get free crypto is to have some already. With staking and interest accounts, you get paid just for storing your crypto.

With staking, you provide coins like Ethereum that are used to verify transactions on the blockchain. In exchange, you earn rewards.

Other interest accounts pay you for lending out your crypto to borrowers (similar to what banks do with funds held in a savings account). You then earn interest from the payments made by those borrowers to the platform.

Below, find out how to earn free crypto with both staking and interest accounts.

Stake Crypto

Earn Crypto Interest

Earn Crypto with Online Tasks and Surveys

Some platforms will let you earn crypto for completing simple tasks like surveys and watching videos.

Coinbase Earn Rewards

With Coinbase, you can earn crypto just for learning about crypto.

You can earn cryptocurrencies like Amp, The Graph, and Stellar Lumens while you learn more about them. Watch videos and take quizzes that usually take 1-3 minutes, and earn about a dollar a minute.

Toluna Surveys Rewards

If you like taking surveys online, you may be pleased to learn that Toluna, one of the more popular consumer research platforms, has partnered with NeoCurrency to offer crypto rewards.

Let Toluna know what you think about various brands and you can earn a $20 Bitcoin Digital Card for your efforts.

Bottom Line

Whether you're new to crypto or you've already got some coins sitting in your wallet, there are lots of easy ways to earn free crypto.

Ultimately, the sign-up bonuses and task-based rewards will get you started, but they'll only take you so far.

If you're really interested in building your crypto portfolio without spending money on it, cash-back rewards and interest accounts are your best bet.

They provide the easiest path to accumulating crypto over time, without dropping your entire paycheck on an investment.


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